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Chapter 1: Plans

Present Day
Sunday immediately following First Thursday, August

Garrett had the wheel of his white Maybach as they flew down I-5, south out of the city. He was very casual in a dark blue tee shirt that Seth had cut the sleeves off of and tattered denim shorts. Garrett's Native American husband sat beside him in shorts that were in slightly better repair and an open black leather vest. Seth wore no shirt beneath his vest and while his sandals were on the floor in front of his seat, his feet were not in them. The smaller man sat on his feet and sideways to more easily speak with the passengers in the back seat. The heavy gold Emirati necklace lay in plain view on Seth's dark, smooth chest. Emmett and Nasir were dressed alike in tight white tank tops, board shorts, sandals and their Louis Vuitton aviator sunglasses. The men in the backseat sat comfortably and held each others' hand where they rested on the rear seat console between them.

"What a beautiful day it is," Nasir observed. "Why did we not take the convertible?"

"Oh, the Maserati?" Emmett thought about the one convertible they had that would seat four. "I keep forgetting we have that car."

"I had it shipped here for you, Habibi," Nasir lifted Emmett's hand to his face and kissed it.

"The next time I head out, I'll take it," Emmett decided.

"It wouldn't have done today. It would have mussed my hair," Seth ran a hand through his long, straight, lustrous, raven hair.

"Okay, now somebody remind me to throw Seth in the lake when we get there," Emmett threatened.

"Keep it up. Your wedding cake is gonna be full of anchovies," Seth was casual.

"Oh, dear," Garrett was horrified. Emmett and Nasir laughed.

"Why is Edward getting in so late, anyway?" Seth wondered. "What the hell time is it on the other side of the country?"

"Chicago's not on the other side of the country, Sweetie," Emmett pointed out.

"I know where Chicago is!" Seth barked with furrowed brow.

"Speaking of the other side of the country," Garrett cut in. "Nasir and I were discussing at the store, that he has to get his office set up in New York this week."

"I'm glad you're not going until tomorrow," Emmett smiled at his lover. "It's nice to have you one more night."

"I have another meeting in New York at the end of the week, as it happens, and we rather thought how nice it would be if our loved ones could fly out and join us," Garrett suggested. "Perhaps we could all have dinner with Jasper."

"There's no way I could," Emmett stated. "My boss made it very clear. I can't have one more minute off for the rest of the year."

"You kids are on your own this week," Seth added.

"Well, we shall miss you and think of you fondly," Garrett concluded.

"You better do more than that," Seth warned.

"We'll jack off together and think of you fondly," Garrett amended.

"That's more like it," Seth approved.

"We will jack each other off and think of you fondly," Nasir tweaked the plan.

"Okay, wait a minute," Emmett held up a hand.

"I don't know, Emmy. That might be kinda hot. We could get them to do it on webcam for us and watch," Seth proposed.

The three other men in the car glanced at each other. "No," they said in unison. Seth gave a shrug.

"Oh!" Seth remembered. "Nasir, what time are you leaving tomorrow?"

"The noon flight," Nasir answered.

"Crap!" Seth made a fist. "Carla and Juan are bringing samples of the dishes I ordered for your reception for dinner tomorrow."

"Then I will take the red eye," Nasir was easy.

"Okay, good. Shew," Seth was relieved.

"Though really, if Emmett is happy, I am happy," Nasir squeezed his lover's hand.

"I'm happy for any reason that delays your departure. Now I get you for dinner too," Emmett smiled.

"I am happy too," Nasir smiled back.

Garrett drove them through busy little downtown Kent, past Lake Meridian and on into Covington. Once they passed the Covington Home Depot they knew they were very nearly there. Just past the middle school was the Methodist church that sat on the corner of the street into Edward's neighborhood. Garrett turned onto Edward's street and just as he did so, they encountered two women. They walked along the side of the street as there were no sidewalks in this community. They wore sunglasses and great floppy pastel colored sun hats, and each carried what looked like a big iced tea, but could just as easily have been a mint julup. The shorter of the two women pointed at the car and waved at them as they passed. Garrett waved back without even thinking.

"Who was that?" Garrett wondered.

"Edward's neighbor, Diane," Seth of course knew. "I have no idea who the other lady is. They look kinda funny in those hats."

"You know you want one," Emmett teased as Garrett turned into Edward's driveway.

"Who says I don't have one?" Seth made the others chuckle. His husband parked up close to the house, taking care not to block the garage. All four men opened their doors and climbed out of the car at once.

Emmett inhaled deeply. "I never get tired of smelling the air out here. Reminds me of Minnesota."

"Can we go to Minnesota for Christmas again this year, Habibi?" Nasir asked as they walked around to the trunk.

"Sure we can. With clothes warm enough for you this time, like we took to Colorado," Emmett answered.

"All I need to keep me warm is you," Nasir wrapped his arms around his partner. Emmett just smiled and kissed Nasir on his nose.

"Tell me about the snowmobile ride again," Seth quipped as he headed toward the house with his key. Garrett opened the trunk and they hefted out the food and iced beer.

"Well, maybe for the snowmobile," Nasir conceded to himself as he followed last into Edward's house. Straight into the open kitchen they went.

"Okay, somebody find me a big glass baking dish, or something like that, so I can put these steaks to marinate," Emmett began to unpack.

"He keeps one of those big pyrex lasagne dishes right down here," Seth opened the cupboard and pulled it out.

"That's perfect," Emmett placed it on the counter and set about unwrapping the steaks. "These look like good steaks, guys."

"We rather thought so," Garrett agreed.

"What can I do? Besides open us beers?" Nasir asked as he finished stashing them in the fridge.

"You should waste no time doing exactly that," Seth directed.

"Then I shall not," Nasir pulled out two Spaten, a Heineken and a Samuel Adams Imperial White. He made quick work of popping the tops.

"Here's to Edward and Jasper, and Edward coming home from Chicago with good news," Emmett held out his beer.

"I'll drink to that," Garrett agreed.

"Indeed," Nasir echoed the sentiment.

"Hear, hear, Emmy," Seth touched the neck of his bottle with the others and they all took a swig.

"We have a little while. Wanna go down by the lake?" Emmett asked. "Let me just cover this with plastic and stick it in the fridge. Anybody know where Edward keeps plastic wrap?"

In answer Seth just slid open the drawer next to where he leaned on the counter. The plastic wrap lay beside the aluminum foil.

"Thank you," Emmett snatched it from the drawer, pulled out a long piece and covered the steaks. Seth put the roll away while Emmett placed the glass dish of steaks in their marinade in Edward's refrigerator.

"Okay, c'mon. Let's go sit outside," Seth headed for the nearest sliding glass door to the spacious multi-leveled decks. He flipped the lock and pulled open the big, heavy door with effort. They walked out onto the deck. Emmett took a moment to uncover the grill and open it.

"Come sit at the table," Seth instructed further. The big, round glass patio table on the upper level of the decks could seat twice their number. They pulled out chairs and sat down, Emmett and Garrett on either side of Seth, and Nasir beside his partner.

"Let's make good use of our time. I hereby call the Emmy and Nasir Wedding Council to order," Seth announced.

"Little Chief Big Dick presiding," Emmett teased.

"And don't you forget it," Seth pointed at Emmett with his bottle.

"I never will," Garrett smiled. Seth just smiled back at his husband and took Garrett's hand.

"First, flowers. The florist is emailing me pictures this week of samples he's doing of table tops, our boutonniéres and your mom and Rosalie's corsages," Seth began. "You'll have flowers on the cake table and the bar and by the guestbook and so on too, but this will give us an idea."

"And in the library?" Emmett asked.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. There will be two big, grand arrangements at the top of the steps where you guys are gonna stand with Rosalie," Seth added.

"I'll forward everything to you, Babe," Emmett assured his partner.

"If you are happy, I am happy," Nasir took Emmett's hand and lifted it to his face to kiss again.

"I'll let you know in a second. Let's go back to the menu, Seth. What are Carla and Juan bringing for us to sample?" Emmett asked. "I want this event to reflect both our cultures as much as possible."

"I don't, Habibi. I want an American wedding. From what I have heard and seen, it is a much more joyous affair," Nasir protested. "Men and women are together and enjoying themselves. I wish so that I had been here with you all instead of at my horrid brother's wedding."

"Nasi, I'm proud of who you are. I'm proud of my Emirati husband," Emmett expressed. "Obviously, I don't want to do things like separate the women, but there are elements we can incorporate. Like in the menu. Right, Seth?"

"Take it easy, Emmy. I got you covered. Let's start at the door," Seth began. "I thought guests could be welcomed with dates and little cups of coffee. I remember that tradition at Nasir's house and I liked that. I thought that would be one way to honor his culture."

"I like that too," Emmett smiled.

"Though I will make sure these dates have been pitted. You don't want people wandering around looking for a place to spit pits. And then I thought we could also have lemonade available if someone does not want coffee," Seth continued.

"Excellent so far," Emmett squeezed Nasir's hand. "Go on."

"Okay, so from there guests will be directed through the mansion, out onto the big covered porch where the bar will be set up. We'll have Milan out there, or Kiril maybe," Seth relayed. "Anyway, when you two arrive, Gar and I will be on hand to recieve you and whisk you upstairs."

"We will arrive together?" Nasir asked.

"That's the German way," Emmett informed. "We should arrive together and walk down the aisle together too."

"I like that. Is that how it is done in an American wedding?" Nasir asked.

"No, but I like it too," Seth stated. He looked to his spouse, "I kinda wish we had done that now."

"That would have been nice, but I would not trade seeing you walk down that aisle to me for anything. I will cherish that memory for the rest of my life," Garrett leaned toward Seth and kissed him lovingly on his temple.

"I wish I could have seen that," Nasir shook his head.

"They both smiled at each other with such love, everyone could see and feel it," Emmett commented.

"Like they always do," Nasir concluded.

"Yeah, Babe. Like they always do," Emmett smiled.

"It's 'cause we're in love," Seth leaned over against Garrett.

"Yes, we are," Garrett put his arms around his little husband. "Just like you two."

Emmett and Nasir just smiled warmly at each other.

"Okay, so back to me," Seth sat up. "Have you two given any thought to ushers?"

"What do we need ushers for when we have you?" Emmett asked.

"To greet your wedding guests, direct them to the bar, to the ceremony, to the reception," Seth recited.

"Do you mean to tell me there is something you do not wish to be in charge of?" Emmett asked with mock incredulity.

"I must direct from above, Emmy," Seth gave a sweeping gesture over his head. "I need men in the trenches. You had Simon and Wayne to assist you as ushers at our wedding."

"Well, I needed help. I had my hands full," Emmett teased.

"You are pissing off the person who holds your wedding in his hands. Keep it up," Seth threatened.

"What about Zack and Leo?" Nasir asked.

"Oh, that's a great idea!" Seth enthused.

"They said they were coming, right?" Emmett asked.

"You think they will do it?" Nasir asked.

"I'm sure they would be thrilled," Garrett assured.

"It seems an important thing to greet wedding guests. You are sure we don't do that?" Nasir asked.

"We don't do that," Emmett assured.

"How does it work in your culture, Nasir?" Garrett asked. "What happened at your brother's wedding, for example?"

"I will tell you and you will see why I want as little of my culture in this happy day as possible," Nasir began. "There are two aspects to consider. First there is the Nikah, which is a religous event. This is small and quick. Then there is the Walima, a social event. It is not always on the same day even, but Kasim's was. I was with my brother every step of the way. It was my place as his brother. If we had the concept of a best man, I would have been it. For the religious event, the Imam comes to our home and together we, the men I mean, go to the home of the bride. Father, Kasim, the Imam and me.

"There, as you might guess, we are received by her father and brothers, not her. We don't ever see her. The Imam announces that he has come to marry and he says the names of the groom and bride. In that case Kasim and Rania. This is all arranged in advance, of course. None of this is not expected. The bride is in another room with her mother and whatever other women there might be. Her father, with two witnesses, usually the bride's brothers, or uncles, or any two other male relatives, will go and ask her consent to be married. He must say this loudly and she must answer just as loudly, as it must be heard by the Imam and the groom and the rest of us. Her father and the witnesses will return and tell us what we already know, that the bride has given her permission and consent to be married to the groom.

"The Imam recites verses from the Holy Qur'an. The groom is asked if he accepts the woman as his wife and when he confirms this, the Imam declares them a married couple. The Imam has the groom sign the marriage contract and the bride's father takes it in for her to sign it as well, and the deed is done. Much of the rest of that day is usually taken with the transporting of the new wife and her possessions from her father's home to the home of the groom's father. As you know, they will live as a couple in his parent's home for a good six months or more so that she will become intigrated into his family."

"I'll sit with you Emmy! And when they come to ask if you'll marry Nasir, we'll shout it!" Seth tried to imagine them in such a setting.

"That doesn't sound like a very romantic affair," Garrett observed.

"It is anything but," Nasir confirmed.

"What happens at the Walima?" Garrett enquired.

"It is a dreadful affair, really. The men have their event and the women have theirs. The groom and the fathers and brothers all greet the men as they enter. This is what made me ask about it," Nasir explained. "It is considered very poor taste to enter without going down this receiving line. If someone is found to have done that they are very loudly scolded and told to go out the same way they came in and enter properly. Every one of us kiss each other and of course, no one there thinks anything of it. There is traditional music and dancing."

"The men dance with each other?" Seth asked.

"Not in the way you are thinking. There are two traditional dances," Nasir elaborated. "The first is the Ayyalah. It is performed by at least twenty five men, usually many more. It is like a stick and camel dance. Every man there is given a camel riding stick. We face each other in two rows. We link arms and wave the stick in front of us while we sway to the music and bob our heads like the motion of riding a camel."

"Do you want your guests, the men at least, to be given a camel riding stick?" Seth asked.

"I very much do not," Nasir stated.

"That might be the coolest thing ever," Emmett mused aloud. "What a novelty. I can guarantee no one coming to our wedding will have one. Or have ever even seen one, probably, for that matter."

"Do you want to do this dance?" Nasir asked.

"There will be alcohol involved. You just never know what might develop," Emmett stated.

"You said there was a second traditional dance?" Garrett asked.

"Yes, the Yola. This is an individual thing. It is primarilly a demonstration of our prowess at spinning a rifle. We even throw it high in the air and catch it," Nasir answered.

"Did you say a rifle?" Garrett was not at all sure he heard that right.

"A rifle," Nasir confirmed.

"Did you throw a rifle, Nasi?" Emmett asked.

"I am not proud of it," Nasir dropped his gaze.

"You are such a stud. Do you know how hot I am for you right now?" Emmett squeezed his partner's hand and rubbed his own crotch.

"Yeah?" Nasir looked up.

"Oh, yeah," Emmett leaned to give his lover a lingering kiss on his lips.

"I suppose it's a good thing there is no alcohol at an Emirati wedding if everyone is so heavilly armed," Seth commented.

"I was just thinking that, Sweetness," Garrett agreed.

"I want much alcohol and no weapons," Nasir stated.

"I second that plan," Emmett agreed.

"It certainly does sound like a very different event from anything in our experience," Garrett summed up. "Do the bride and groom not see each other at all? Do they just see each other at home?"

"There is one time when they see each other," Nasir informed. "At midnight, the fathers and the groom and his close relatives, the men I mean, obviously, his women relatives are already there, will assemble and enter the women's Walima. Ours is a casual affair, so we had on only our dishdashas up until this point."

"White ones?" Emmett asked.

"Yes," Nasir confirmed. "There is no rule about this, but in the summer months we always wear white."

"You are so hot in that," Emmett commented.

"You are sweet, Habibi," Nasir smiled. "What we do then, those of us who are intruding into the women's Walima, is put on our finest bisht. I wore my black one. You all know the one. You have seen it on me. The women are given plenty of warning that we are coming. Samira told me that in the women's wedding they wear sexy, revealing dresses and do their make up, because it is a place where they can, where it will only be them. So they are given warning that we are coming and they all put on their abayas and hijabs, or head scarves at least, and then finally we enter. There is a stage where the bride is sitting and she alone will be in a pretty white and gold gown. A very modest one, of course. The groom will sit beside her while the men who came in with him dance in front of them. The couple will have their picture taken like this and then we depart. It is all over. And what struck me most profoundly when I was there and saw Kasim beside Rania, is that neither of them smiled even once. There was not a hint of happiness on either of their faces. Never mind that this was my monsterous brother. That is just how it is for us. The groom and bride never know each other anyway. So now I think you see why I want this day to be an American wedding. Or German, is what I really mean."

"Okay, I don't want any of those things either, Nasi," Emmett assured, "but I do want to pay tribute to your culture. There are good aspects to it. I got you, didn't I? There are things we can do short of tossing rifles around," he smiled reassuringly at his partner. Nasir just smiled gratefully back.

"Which brings me to what we are wearing," Seth segued. "Have you decided on the tuxes?"

"Yeah," Emmett began. "I want to go with the white one you picked out with the red vest and the regular tie. I don't want bow ties and I want black pants."

"Perfect. I'll order it for you. What about us?" Seth asked further.

"You guys wear the black tuxes with the slate gray vest and ties. Same kinda ties," Emmett answered.

"Okay, but I'm gonna order myself a leather vest in that color. And I'll wear my bolo," Seth announced.

"This is a celebration of cultures coming together as much as anything else, so I'm fine with that. I like that idea a lot, actually," Emmett gave a nod. "My little brother from another mother."

"Aw. That's how I feel about you, Emmy," Seth leaned over on Emmett. "Now, what about you, Nasir?"

"I will wear the same thing Emmett does, will I not?" Nasir was preplexed.

"Babe, wear your dishdasha and your bisht," Emmett bid.

"I do not want to wear that," Nasir shook his head.

"You have no idea how sexy you are in those clothes," Emmett stressed.

"Perhaps Nasir could just wear the bisht in place of the tux jacket, along with his ghutra. Much like he did at our Oscar party that year," Garrett proposed.

"Would you be okay doing that?" Emmett asked.

"I will do that if you want me to," Nasir agreed with a nod.

"They are both easily removed after the ceremony if you should choose to do so," Garrett spoke his wisdom.

"He'll remove them after the ceremony all right," Emmett gave his partner a leer. "It's gonna be hard not to jump you right there at Rosalie's feet, dressed like that."

"Sweetness, add making sure they jack off right before the ceremony to our list of duties, so they'll be able to behave long enough to get married," Garrett quipped.

"Ha!" Seth drained his beer bottle. "We'll call that a plan. The tuxes and the whacking off. And now," he rose, "we all need more beer. I'll be right back."

"I am looking so forward to this," Nasir thought out loud. "Everyone we know, knows that we love each other, but I want to declare it before everyone. I always thought that my wedding would be just a horrific affair, but now I get to marry the one I love. It will be the happiest day of my life. Second happiest," he amended, "after meeting my Emmett in Vegas. And it means so much to me that you and Sethy will be by our sides, Garrett."

"There is no place else we would ever be, my friend," Garrett smiled.

"And Edward and Carson," Nasir added. "It will mean a lot to have them there with us too."

"My brother is really looking forward to it, I can tell you that," Emmett relayed. "It's all he can talk about," he switched to a mimicking voice. "I never thought my gay brother would get married. I never thought I would get to stand up for Emmett."

"What will the seating be like?" Nasir wondered. "I don't want Sonja split from Carson. Or Jasper from Edward for that matter."

"I saw Seth's seating chart. We are all at a table for eight. Not to worry," Garrett assured.

"Hey, you guys, guess what time it is," Seth returned with four fresh beers that he placed on the table.

"What time is it?" Emmett bit. In answer Seth unbuttoned and unzipped himself. He let his shorts fall to his ankles and stepped out of them. He shrugged out of his leather vest and stood before them naked.

"We know how you got your name, Little Chief Big Dick. You don't gotta wave it at us," Emmett teased.

"Har, har. The time now is," Seth picked up his Heineken, "hot tub time."

"Seth, it's broad daylight. What if someone sees us?" Emmett asked.

"Who's gonna see us? The trees shield us from that side," Seth pointed. "The deck does on this side. And the only person who might see us from the house is Edward."

"What about from the lake? That wooded area over there is a camp. What if some kids are watching us with binoculars or something?" Emmett asked.

"Then they came out to see nature. They just might get to see some," Seth stated.

"Okay. I'm sold," Emmett stood up, untied his board shorts, pulled the velcro fly apart and let them fall. He peeled his tank top off over his head with one hand. "Let's go. I'll get the cover," Emmett gestured. He and Seth set off, naked save for the thick gold of Seth's necklace, Emmett's bracelet and the rings on their fingers.

"I'm for any function that causes them to get naked, Garrett," Nasir stood up and pulled off his tank top.

"Indeed," Garrett did the same. He and Nasir added their shirts and shorts to the pile of clothes on and about Edward's table. "Oh, I'll just get us some towels and be right behind you," Garrett patted Nasir on the back.

A step off the deck and down a short path of paving stones led to the stand alone gazebo which contained the hot tub. Nasir joined them by the time Seth had the tub turned on and Emmett had removed the cover. They all climbed in together.

"Where did Garrett go?" Seth asked.

"Here he comes," Nasir pointed. Garrett carried an armload of towels as he came down the decks and stepped off onto the stone path.

"Is my guy sexy or what?" Seth kneeled on the seat and leaned on the side of the tub as he admired the sight of his naked husband walking casually toward them. Garrett set the towels down on the bench that ran along the rail of the gazebo and climbed in with them.

"Well," Garrett put his arm around Seth as they settled in together, "at least it's not snowing on us."

"I guess it has been a long time since we four did this," Emmett realized aloud.

"Okay, so, we're all set on the tuxes," Seth picked back up. "I'll make an appointment for us all to get fitted. Oh, what about your brother?"

"I'll take his measurements," Nasir spoke up.

"Ha! I was just gonna say that!" Seth laughed.

"I'll have Sonja get him fitted for something, if he hasn't been already, and email me his measurements," Emmett gave the solution. He then paused to give his partner a smirk.

"He is very nearly as hot as you, Habibi. I cannot help but notice," Nasir smiled and shrugged.

"I know, Babe," Emmett rubbed his lover's furry knee under the water. "I'll measure Leo and Zack."

"I will help you to do that!" Nasir enthused.

"Ha! Those boys will never be the same," Seth laughed. "I'll put them in the same tuxes. We'll just get them a different boutonniére," he continued. "I just assumed you wanted Dane to be your photographer."

"And you would be right, but a point of order, Little Chief. This conversation started out about the menu. When are we going to get around to actually talking about that?" Emmett asked.

"I'd tell you to keep your pants on, but I see that you can't, and didn't," Seth was flip.

"And it was your idea," Emmett added.

"Here's what Carla and Juan are bringing for dinner tomorrow," Seth listed. "On the German menu there will be weinerschnitzel and jägerschnitzel."

"Oh, jägerschnitzel is one of my favorites," Emmett squeezed his lover's thigh. "You had that chef make that for us for dinner in Telluride, remember, Nasi?

"I do. I like it very much," Nasir nodded.

"What else?" Emmett prodded.

"If I might continue," Seth deadpanned. "Spätzle, potato salad."

"Not just German potato salad, but Hessian style kartoffelsalat," Emmett interrupted again. "There are different ways to make it, depending on what part of Germany you're from. All the Germans who will be at this event are Hessians."

"I have given them your exact instructions, Emmy. You won't be able to tell it from your mother's," Seth asserted.

"I won't tell her you said that," Emmett gave a grin.

"No," Nasir shook his head.

"We'll also have red cabbage," Seth continued.

"Rotkohl," Emmett translated.

"Oh, yes. We had that too. I like your mother's best," Nasir thought back.

"Cucumber salad," Seth went on.

"Gurkensalat," Emmett did it again.

"Brötchen," Seth paused. "Would you care to translate that?"

"That's already in German," Emmett gave Seth a small splash on his chest.

"Now for our Arabic menu in honor of the Emirati groom," Seth continued. "We'll have hummus and moutabal with flatbreads, as you specified, Nasir. And tabouleh and those kibbeh things."

"What's kibbeh?" Emmett asked.

"It is a wheat shell that contains lamb and mint and other spices," Nasir explained. "They are little torpedo shaped things, deep fried. I like them with tahini for dipping."

"That sounds good," Emmett approved.

"Now what you have to do is decide if you want a buffet set up, or for people to be served at the table," Seth instructed.

"Arabic cuisine does not lend itself to be individually served," Nasir pointed out. "Everything we eat is placed on a large platter for the table, or, more often than not, where we are sitting on the floor. The hummus and moutabal especially is far more attractive that way."

"I also wonder if we shouldn't have another meat dish that is not red," Garrett pointed out. "A chicken option, or fish."

"You're gonna be hard pressed to find a German recipe for chicken. My people eat beef, on the rare occasion we're not eating pork. And I want no pork at our reception," Emmett was firm.

"Potato salad," Seth pointed out.

"What?" it took Emmett a moment. "Oh, with that one exception, I mean."

"Majboos," Nasir gave a nod with his clear solution to the red meat issue. A clear solution that no one else understood.

"Go into slightly more detail, Nasir," Seth prompted.

"One of my favorite meals, actually. You can do it with pieces of chicken and spices wtih almonds, cashews, pine nuts, onions, dates and raisins. It is served on a mound of basmati rice that was prepared in the chicken stock," Nasir explained.

"That sounds really good," Seth enthused. "I'll have to make sure Carla knows how to make that."

"My favorite majboos is with goat, but chicken is good too," Nasir added.

"And I think we'll stick with chicken," Seth concluded.

"It does sound good," Emmett agreed. "The chicken version, I mean. I would like to try that."

"I think for this event we want boneless chicken breasts," Garrett suggested. "Or perhaps boneless breasts and boneless thighs."

"Good idea, Honey," Seth patted his husband's thigh. Garrett leaned back against the side of the tub with his arms extended along the rim. He felt Seth's hand grip his thigh as lust became plain on the Native American's face. Garrett smiled and spread his legs wider. Seth moved his hand up his lover's inner thigh until he felt Garrett's balls against the back of his fingers.

"Council is concluded," Seth announced.

"Should we smoke a pipe or something?" Emmett teased.

"I'm gonna put something in my mouth in a minute, but it won't be a pipe," Seth stated. He let his fingers play gently against Garrett's nuts in their loose, smooth sac. Seth was overcome with desire for his husband. He moved to straddle Garrett's lap and ran his hands up and over Garrett's shoulders, up into Garrett's thick, rich hair, where he twisted it in his fists. Seth forced Garrett's head back with his grip in the bigger man's hair and slowly ran his tongue up Garrett's throat, over his adam's apple, and up onto his scruffy chin. Garrett in no way resisted. When Seth wanted control, Garrett was only too happy to give it to him. Seth had not once made him sorry.

"You're gonna put something in your mouth, or someone?" Emmett asked with a snicker.

"Just you watch," Seth ran his tongue carefully over the hairs on Garrett's chin. Garrett let himself give a sigh. The feel of the Native American python that grew against his abdomen hastened his own erection. Garrett brought his hands to cup the dark buttocks in his lap.

"Mmm," Seth felt Garrett's mast flex against his balls as he took Garrett's chin in his mouth.

Nasir scooted up closer to his partner and pulled Emmett's near leg up over his. Both men reached for the other's nuts at the same time. Nasir kissed along Emmett's broad shoulder while Emmett nuzzled into Nasir's dark hair. Their cocks grew as they fondled each other.

Seth moved himself up just a little and began to hump his big bone against Garrett's body as he covered Garrett's mouth with his own. Garrett moaned into Seth's mouth as his lover's tongue forcefully invaded his own mouth and the big python crawled up his chest. He kneaded Seth's buns and let his fingers play at his little lover's hole.

"Hmm," Seth tightened his grip in Garrett's hair as he plundered the bigger man's mouth. His lover's fingers at his entrance made him crazy. Garrett welcomed Seth's tongue with his own.

Emmett and Nasir gently brought their lips together. They moved slowly against each other with soft, wet kisses. Nasir sucked at Emmett's bottom lip as their hands wrapped around each other's hard shaft. Emmett let his tongue trail along Nasir's upper lip as they began to stroke each other at a slow pace.

Seth let go his hold in Garrett's hair as he broke their kiss. The darker man did not move away, however. "Honey, stop fingering me," Seth spoke against Garrett's mouth.

"Why?" Garrett continued to tease Seth's entrance with the fingers of one hand while he took hold of Seth's balls with the other.

"Mmm. I mean it. You're making me wanna get fucked," Seth protested further.

"We wouldn't want that," Garrett kissed the corner of Seth's mouth while he continued to play with his lover's hole.

"Emmy," Seth rose up and leaned on Garrett's shoulders. He kept his hardness pressed against the bigger man's chest. Seth looked over at his best friend when he did not answer. Emmett and Nasir's kiss had deepened. Their tongues caressed each other while they stroked each other's cocks.

"Eh, hem! Emmy," Seth called again.

"Hm?" Emmett did not break the kiss he shared with his lover.

"Are you looking for me in Nasir's mouth? I'm over here," Seth was flip.

Emmett broke the kiss he shared with his partner and looked over at Seth with a flat stare. "I have a big, hard, Arab dick in my hand right now, and the tongue that goes with it in my mouth, and you want me to pay attention to you?"

"Yes. Now answer me this," Seth demanded. "I seem to remember, high in the mountains, amidst cold and snow, two certain someones sucked us off in another hot tub. Our hot tub, actually."

"I remember it well," Emmett confirmed.

"I do too," Nasir agreed with a smile.

"Care for a repeat performance?" Garrett asked.

"Stop playing with my butt!" Seth gave his lover a light slap on his shoulder. Garrett only smiled and moved his hand from teasing Seth's hole to between their bodies to caress the dark serpent's head.

"I was thinking, Emmy," Seth proposed. "That we even the score."

"Oh, now, I'm all for that, Seth," Emmett agreed.

"And the first thing I wanna do with you tops, is play with your butts," Seth moved back from Garrett to give him room to get up. He didn't move too far as Garrett held onto his cock.

"Should we be afraid?" Nasir asked.

"I am very much not afraid," Garrett stated.

"Over the side. Butts in the air," Seth dictated. "Over here, Nasir. Side by side, please."

Garrett stood up on the seat of the tub with his knees bent and leaned over the side. Nasir took the same position next to him.

"There we are," Seth moved in behind Garret and rubbed the twin, pale globes of his husband's ass.

"Yeah, sexy," Emmett agreed as he massaged Nasir's glutes.

"Oh, you got a furry tushie, Nasir," Seth reached over to rub the darker, hairy, Arab cheek.

"Thank you," Nasir smiled back at Emmett and Seth.

"Okay, you play with that one," Emmett moved Seth's hand away.

"Oh, I will. Let's rim 'em good, Emmy," Seth leaned down, parted Garrett's cheeks with his hands and ran his tongue through his husband's crack.

"Umm," Garrett could not hold back his moan.

Emmett squatted down behind Nasir and leaned in to kiss along the dark, furry crack as he kneaded his partner's buns. "Spread your legs wider, Nasi," Emmett bid. "Yeah, like that," he spread Nasir apart like Seth did with Garrett and ran his tongue around Nasir's furry hole.

"Yes," Nasir sighed. He began to relax until Emmett's tongue washed directly over his hole. "Ugh."

"Ugh, me too," Garrett echoed as Seth's tongue lapped at his entrance. "That feels so good, Seth."

Emmett lowered his chin right into the water to lick from Nasir's balls, along his perineum, right up into his crack and over his hole.

"Hoh," Nasir let his eyes roll back in his head and Emmett did it again.

Garrett's hard cock did not escape Seth's notice. He wrapped his hand around it and began to stroke Garrett in time with his laps at the soft, relaxing hole. Emmett did the same with Nasir's long bone as he zeroed in on the dark, Arab opening.

"Huh!" Nasir arched his back and lifted his head as Emmett impaled him with his tongue.

"Is he fucking you with his tongue, Nasir?" Seth asked.

"Ugh, yes!" Nasir cried his answer.

"Would you like some of that too, Honey?" Seth gave a soft kiss on Garrett's left cheek.

"Say yes, Garrett!" Nasir urged.

"Yes, please," Garrett answered. Seth lowered his face and licked over his lover's hole one more time as he began to stroke him again. Then he shoved his tongue inside Garrett.

"Oh!" Garrett closed his eyes as he felt Seth's tongue move inside him. Nasir and Garrett both had a hard time holding still while their lovers jacked them and fucked them with their tongues.

Seth realized, with his mouth over Garrett's hole and his tongue as deep inside his lover's body as he could get it, that he just didn't do this often enough. He really liked it when Garrett licked his ass. And this very much gave him a sense of power. Seth liked anything that, during sex, gave him a sense of mastery over his husband's body.

For his part, there were few times when Nasir felt the genuine urge to get fucked, but Emmett's tongue in his ass was rapidly driving him there. Emmett drove his tongue into his lover's body with quick stabs and then alternated by sticking his tougue as far up Nasir's ass as he could and holding it there. He was rewarded frequently with a deeply sasitfying moan from Nasir's chest. Emmett's attention was taken by a hand on his shoulder. He pulled his tongue out of Nasir to look over at Seth. The smaller man stiffled a giggle as he had clearly thought of something very funny.

"Hey, Emmy, wanna switch?" Seth asked in a casual voice.

"What?" Nasir lifted his head and looked back in horror. He wasn't sure what upset him more. The prospect of Seth's tongue in his ass, or Emmett's in anyone else's. There were a lot of things Nasir was prepared to share with Garrett, but this was not one of them. Emmett and Seth both looked back with bemused grins.

"Relax, Nasir. They're teasing," Garrett put a hand on Nasir's shoulder to pull him back down.

"Just for that," Seth lowered his head and clamped his teeth down on Garrett's left cheek.

"Ow!" Garrett cried out with a laugh. It hadn't really hurt. Not really.

"I can't believe you just bit him," Emmett commented.

"I'll kiss it and make it better," Seth puckered up and kissed the flesh of Garrett's cheek sweetly.

"More to the right," Garrett bid.

"Like this?" Seth kissed Garrett's left cheek again, closer into his crack.

"Better. Further right still," Garrett continued to direct.

"In here?" Seth asked and gave another kiss right in Garrett's crack.

"Lower," Garrett made one last correction.

"You mean, here?" Seth gave a kiss and lick right on Garrett's hole.

"Oh, now it's all better," Garrett sighed. Seth stuck his tongue up his lover's ass and took up stroking him again. Emmett gave a chuckle and gave a lap over Nasir's hole on his way down to the smooth Arab stones. With his chin in the water Emmett sucked one of Nasir's eggs into his mouth while he jacked the long bone under the water. He massaged Nasir's left glute with the strong fingers of his free hand.

"Ugh," Nasir and Garrett both closed their eyes and relaxed into their lovers' ministrations. Seth loved the feel of Garrett's ass cheeks against the cheeks of his face while he fucked his lover with his tongue. Emmett liked to swirl his tongue around Nasir's testicles as he held each one in his mouth, but he wanted more of that furry Arab ass. Emmett let his lover's nut slip out of his mouth and slowly ran his tongue up Nasir's perineum, into the hairy, wet crack and right into Nasir's relaxed hole. At almost the exact same instant, Emmett and Seth reached between their own legs to give their own neglected, but very hard bones a stroke.

Seth was then struck with another great idea. He pulled his tougue out of Garrett's body and stood up behind him. Seth laid his hard cock in Garrett's crack. It fit like a footlong in a regular bun.

"Mmm," Garrett looked over his shoulder and smiled.

"Oh, I like this," Seth held himself in place and began to thrust through Garrett's crack which was slick with his own spit. "Try this Emmy."

Emmett stood up next to Seth. "Okay, stand aside."

"Try it with that one," Seth giggled and gestured with his head.

"What, this one over here?" Emmett pointed at Nasir.

"Yeah, that one," Seth loved that game.

"Yeah, I'd say this one looks pretty nice," Emmett laid his hardness in Nasir's slick, hairy crack. His big dick, while not quite the size of his little best friend, fit much the same way on Nasir that Seth did on Garrett. Emmett held himself wedged into his partner's wet crack with a thumb and used his hips to move his post back and forth. "Oh, this does feel good."

"Let's fuck 'em!" Seth enthused. Nasir and Garrett looked at each other and shrugged.

"I don't think so," Emmett shook his head. "We don't have any lube," he held up a hand. "And before you say anything, we are not going to ransack Edward's house looking for some. Besides, that's a bedroom activity as far as I'm concerned."

"I might remind you that the first time you topped that beautiful man you are very nearly in right now, was in a tent in the Arabian Desert," Seth pointed out.

"It was a bedroom tent," Emmett countered.

"I don't think either of us are in any position to object just now," Garrett looked over his shoulder.

"The plan was to suck you two off and we're gonna stick to it," Emmett stepped back. He pulled gently on Seth's arm. "Give Garrett some room, Sweetie. Flip over, you guys."

"We will not object to that either," Nasir conceded as he and Garrett both rolled onto their backs on the wide ledge of the tub.

"Oh, yeah," Emmett much appreciated the view. "That's what I'm talkin' about," he leaned forward over Nasir and ran his fingers through the Arab's trimmed chest hair as he gripped his lover's pecs. Emmett trailed his fingers down Nasir's body, over his flat, toned, furry abdomen, parting to avoid the long, quivering Arab snake, and down to cup Nasir's balls. Beside Nasir, Garrett flipped onto his back as well.

"Mmm," Seth crawled up his lover. He let his long hair lay over Garrett's chest as his lips found the prone man's right nipple. Seth slowly laid himself down on Garrett as he gently suckled and ran his tongue the hardening nipple.

"That's nice, Seth," Garrett loved it when Seth laid on him for any reason. His cock flexed where it was trapped between their abdomens. Garrett ran his hands over the smooth, dark back as his little lover teased his nipple. "Ah!" Garrett closed his eyes as he felt the nip of Seth's teeth.

Emmett ran his hands up the strong, darkly furry thighs and bent to give soft, wet kisses on Nasir's swollen eggs. He brought one hand to gently cradle the long Arab bone as he trailed kisses up Nasir's length along his sensitive cum tube. Nasir closed his eyes and relaxed into the sensual contact of his lover's soft, attentive lips on his cock.

Emmett held up his lover's rock hard penis and looked on it with adoring eyes. "Has there ever been a more beautiful dick?" he wondered aloud.

Seth at last relinquished Garrett's tortured nipple. "I can think of only one," he quipped as he lifted himself and moved down Garrett's body. "And look, here it is!"

"But, Seth," Emmett put a hand on his best friend's dark shoulder as he presented his lover for examination. "Look at this long dick. Look how Nasi's foreskin doesn't even roll completely off his head when he's hard. He's fucking perfect."

"You know," Seth considered. "That is a beautiful dick. I'm not gonna say it's not. But, and I'm glad you used the word perfect. Let me show you perfection," he cradled Garrett's erection in the palm of his hand and held it up just as Emmett continued to do with Nasir. "Look at this smooth, magnificent cock. Note that even hard, my husband's foreskin still covers him almost completely. You can just see his tip, and the slit I will be drinking from shortly, peeking out."

Nasir and Garrett looked at each other and shared an amused smile while their partners presented them and extolled their attributes.

"I can't begin to tell you how much I love sticking my tongue into Garrett's sleeve and move it slowly around his head," Seth continued. "And he tastes just fantastic."

"Why don't you show him, Sweetness?" Garrett bid.

"That's a great idea, Honey," Seth agreed.

"I like to do that too," Emmett agreed. He closed his fingers around his lover's cock and pulled up only slightly to roll more of Nasir's skin up onto his head. As one, Emmett and Seth lowered their heads and stuck their tongues into their partner's foreskin. Nasir and Garrett both closed their eyes and let their heads roll back. Emmett and Seth's tongues probed their lover's cowls and moved back and forth on the hard snakes' heads.

"Thats feels good," Garrett raised his arms over his head and stretched out as his lover made sweet, gentle ministrations to the head of his prick.

"It does," Nasir agreed. Emmett was certain, as he washed his tongue slowly through the eye of his lover's serpent, that he could taste precum. He moved his hand down, which rolled Nasir's foreskin down off of Nasir's head and his tongue. Emmett moved back just a little to watch as he stroked back up. Just as he hoped a bead of drool welled up in Nasir's slit.

"Check it out, Seth," Emmett gave his partner's cock another stroke. "I love how Nasi leaks."

"He is leaking," Seth observed. "I like when Garrett leaks too," he gave his husband a long stroke and precum oozed from Garrett just as it did from Nasir. "Just like that. See?"

"I do see," Emmett answered.

"And my honey's honey tastes so sweet," Seth ran his tongue through Garrett's slit. "Mmm," Seth licked his lips. He tilted Garrett's erection in Emmett and Nasir's direction. "What to ty some?"

Everyone knew Seth was teasing at that point and the three other men laughed. Nasir took hold of himself with one hand and reached for Emmett's head with the other.

"Take me in your mouth now," Nasir instructed. Emmett looked into Nasir's eyes with a twinkle in his own as he obediently leaned forward and closed his mouth around the head of his lover's penis.

"Good idea, Nasir. Let's stop them talking," Garrett gripped himself at the base of his prick and pointed it at Seth's mouth.

Emmett pulled his mouth back off Nasir's dick to ask his best friend a question to which he perfectly well knew the answer. "Can you take your man all the way down your throat?"

In answer, Seth demonstrated that he very well could.

"Ugh," Garrett let his eyes roll back as Seth swallowed him down. Emmett gave Nasir a long lap up along his cum tube before he took the long pole back in his mouth.

"Hoh," Nasir had a similar reaction as his bone sank down his lover's throat. Emmett joined Seth in pressing his lips and nose into his lover's trimmed pubes. Side by side, nine inches of Arab and eight inches of Caucasian were lodged in their partners' throats.

"Ha, bibi!" Nasir's muscles tensed as Emmett began small, deep, siphoning sucks on his buried prick.

"Oh, Seth, just like that," Garrett put a hand to the side of his little lover's face as he felt Seth's tongue move on his sensitive cum tube. Seth held Garrett down his throat and moved his tongue against the straining organ.

After a moment, both Emmett and Seth needed air and pulled up enough to draw a quick breath through their noses. Both men relished the feel of their lover's throbbing cock in their mouth. Both men enjoyed giving the man they loved pleasure as their lips moved up and down their lovers' hard shafts. Emmett and Seth were both very hard themselves and again reached down to jack their own neglected members. Unlike when Nasir and Garrett blew their partners in the hot tub in Telluride, and allowed their competitive natures to take over, Emmett and Seth took their time. Emmett massaged Nasir's engorged rod with his lips as he slowly drew his mouth up and down the hard post in a leisurely suck. With his free hand he took hold of Nasir's stones and tugged on them gently in their smooth sac. Seth used his free hand to lift Garrett's nuts to that he could feel them on his chin each time he went all the way down on his lover's mast. He sucked Garrett slowly, drawing his mouth all the way from pubes to glans each time. Emmett and Seth both cherished the soft moans they elicited from their men as they made love to them with their mouths.

Nasir reached down and put a hand to the back of Emmett's head, just to encourage him, at first. With subtle pressure from his fingertips, Nasir urged Emmett to go faster. Which only made him stop.

"No, Habibi, go faster," Nasir begged. Emmett let go of Nasir's balls and took hold of the straining Arab cock as he slowly pulled his mouth up and off of it.

"I don't think I will," Emmett gave a lick on Nasir's frenulum. "I think I'll just lick you," he did again. "And tease you a little bit," Emmett slipped his lips over the head of Nasir's meat and drew them back off. He alternated between licking Nasir and teasing his head.

"Ugh," Nasir moaned in frustration. "Please suck."

Seth pulled his mouth off Garrett to see what Emmett was doing to his partner. "Like this, Emmy," he instructed and then took Garrett's dick back in his mouth. Seth proceeded to demonstrate his skill at sucking cock. He took the most of Garrett as he bobbed his head on his lover's throbbing joint.

"Oh, my God, yes! Just like that!" Garrett's entire body reacted as his skilled little lover sucked him expertly.

"I might do that," Emmett continued to tease Nasir's tip with his lips. "In a minute," he moved his tongue up and down Nasir's frenulum for a moment, "or two."

"Seth, help me," Nasir pleaded.

Garrett looked down as his lover pulled his mouth off of his aching cock. "No, don't stop!" Garrett begged. Seth paid his husband no mind as he abandoned him to help their closest friends.

"Emmy, put your mouth on that dick," Seth commanded as he stood up beside where Emmett knelt on the hot tub seat between Nasir's legs.

"What, like this?" Emmett played as he took Nasir back in his mouth.

"Yes, like that," Seth took hold of Emmett's head and drove him down on the long Arab spike.

"Yah, Allah!" Nasir let his head drop back as Seth pushed Emmett down on him. Seth let Emmett move his head back up some and pushed him down again. Emmett would have laughed, were his mouth not full of the cock that, in truth, he craved, as he let Seth pretend to force him.

"That's enough of that," Garrett sat up and grabbed Seth's arm. He pulled Seth away from them and back to himself. Garrett held up his leaking tool and laid back as he pulled Seth's head back down where it belonged. Seth was only too willing to allow Garrett to push him back onto his drooling spike.

"Ugh. Yes," Garrett felt his length slip into Seth's mouth and down his throat again. "Sorry, Nasir. You're on your own."

"I'm fine now," Nasir sighed as Emmett's mouth rode his pole. Seth pulled up and began to bob his head on Garrett as well.

"Huh," Garrett held both hands on Seth's head, but knew better than to try to control his blow job in any way. He ran his fingers through the long, sliken hair.

"Emmett, that feels so good," Nasir murmured as his lover's lips massaged his shaft. Emmett and Seth both took up tugging on tightening nutsacs as they sucked their lover's with skill and jacked their own dicks beneath the surface of the water.

"Ugh," Garrett began to squirm beneath Seth.

"Hoh," Nasir also could not keep his body still. Emmett and Seth both knew, not only from the way their lovers writhed and moaned beneath them, not only from the way their testicles pulled up to the base of the throbbing organs, but from the thick precum that flowed ever more freely into their sucking mouths, that they drove the men they loved ever closer to orgasm. The signs that they pushed their lovers to the brink turned both Emmett and Seth on such that they stroked themselves faster without even realizing it.

"Ugh. My God, Seth, I'm so close," Garrett moaned. Seth maintained a constant pace as his mouth rode Garrett's throbbing post.

"Me too, Habibi," Nasir tried once again, with a hand to the back of Emmett's head, to make his lover suck him faster. This time Emmett heeded the silent urge and picked up his pace. His lips clutched to the throbbing post and his tongue maintained a constant massage on Nasir's sensitive cum tube as he sucked his partner with abandon.

"Guh! You are going to make me come," Nasir cried as Emmett's relentlessly bobbing head drove him to the very edge.

Garrett got there first.

"Seth! I'm there!" Garrett's eyes were wide and unblinking. Seth Seth felt the rigid bone become even harder as his lover shuddered beneath him. He felt Garrett's cum tube expand against his tongue.

"Ungh!" Garrett threw his head back as he blew out into Seth's sucking mouth.

Nasir was close behind. Emmett took him deep and gave quick, powerful siphoning sucks. Emmett thrilled to the fact that as Nasir's long bone grew bigger and harder still, as usual, he could taste Nasir's semen a moment before he actually came.

"Haa. Yah!" Nasir arched his back arched as he exploded in Emmett's throat. Nasir and Garrett both thrashed as their loads blasted into their lover's gulping mouths. Emmett knew to hold his head still as Nasir's jizz gushed into his mouth. Seth continued to suck as his mouth rode Garrett's spurting prick.

"Mmm," Emmett's mouth flooded with his lover's copious emmission and he gulped it down. Nasir could not take being sucked through his orgasm, but Emmett gently caressed the sensitive and pulsing cum tube with his tongue. Seth happily drank his lover's sweet juice from Garrett squirting hose.

"Oh, my God," Garrett whimpered as he continued to unload in his lover's talented and yet sucking mouth.

"Allah," Nasir echoed as his cream sprayed powerfully to the back of Emmett's throat.

Emmett and Seth both jacked themelves the entire time. The sounds their lovers made, coupled with the feel of Nasir and Garrett's hard, pulsing, unloading cocks in their mouths, and the smell and especially the taste of the cum they so craved, combined with the action of their own fists, brought them to the brink as well.

"Mm! Mm!" Emmett moaned with his mouth full of cock and cum, as he was suddenly on the very edge himself. Nasir looked down as Emmett quickly pulled his mouth off of him and stood up. He understood at once as he saw Emmett's hand pump his big dick

"Nasi, fuck! I'm coming!" Emmett cried out. Even as Emmett spoke Nasir was in motion. He was not about to let Emmett's love juice go to waste. Emmett let go of his throbbing mast and took hold of his lover's head. Nasir impaled himself on Emmett's big, thick cock just as the bigger man crashed over the edge. Nasir felt the big dick's prominent cum tube expand against his tongue almost immediately.

"Ungh!" Emmett held fast to Nasir's head as he erupted in his lover's mouth. Nasir thrilled to the forceful blast of molten McCarty. He began to suck the thick, gushing organ. Nasir knew his lover liked to be sucked through his orgasm. Emmett stood in a wide stance and tried to be as still as possible. He could not help but flex his hips as his thirsty lover gulped his seed.

Seth was only seconds behind. He pulled his mouth off of Garrett's still oozing cock and stood up. Garrrett knew what was happening.

"Gar, shit!" Seth only held his formidible weapon in a tight grip, but had fisted himself to the brink. Garrett moved just as quickly as Nasir did. Seth's hand fell away as Garrett's mouth engulfed him. The massive King grew ever larger and stretched Garrett's jaw. Garrett had managed to slip his lips down eight of the ten Clearwater inches before Seth's nuts cracked.

"Eyah!" Seth threw his head back as his jizz blasted down Garrett's throat. His knees gave out, but his lover was prepared. Garrett knew that his little husband could not come standing up. He held Seth steady with both hands on the dark, bare hips as he gulped hot Lakota cream.

Nasir was not sure if he was really sucking Emmett through his orgasm, or if his partner was fucking his face through it. Either way he liked it and he had what he wanted, mouthful after mouthful of Emmett's sweet and generous load. Nasir ran his left hand up Emmett's strong body to his pecs and gently pinched the bigger man's right nipple.

"Ugh, Nasi," Emmett loved it when his lover did that. Nasir gave slow gentle sucks on the spurting bone as his lover's spunk flowed into his mouth.

"Hah!" Seth's spunk gushed into his husband's mouth. He trembled in Garrett's loving and sure hands. Garrett happily drank the torrent of semen as it poured from the fat, long, dark Native cock.

"Umm," Garrett moaned his appreciation as he gulped down the dark skinned man's load. He knew few pleasures in life than feeling his beautiful little husband come in his mouth and drinking his essence.

Nasir slowed his pace, but continued to gently suck Emmett's still rock hard big cock as the bigger man's cum just oozed forth. Emmett stood finally still and dropped his hands from Nasir's head. Nasir looked up into Emmett sated crystal blue eyes as the muscular chest panted above him.

"Wow, Babe," Emmett cocked his head and smiled down on his lover. He put a big loving hand to the side of Nasir's scruffy face as the Arab continued to nurse on his yet hard dick.

Garrett continued to hold Seth up as the weak man's spurts of jizz gave way to a steady flow. Garrett suckled lovingly on his husband's huge organ until Seth was spent. Only then did Garrett relinquish the big, dark python. He looked up at Seth with a smile. "Thank you. I didn't expect that."

Seth looked down on his husband with glassy eyes. He put a gentle hand to Garrett's face. "You're welcome," Seth spoke weakly. Garrett carefully lowered his limp lover to take him in his arms. Seth allowed himself, safe in his husband's arms, to go limp as a ragdoll. Garrett was entirely unable to resist his hot little lover and covered Seth's mouth with his own. Seth closed as he welcomed his husband's tongue into his mouth. He loved that he could taste himself in Garrett's mouth.

Nasir brought his hand to his mouth and wrapped it around Emmett's still hard cock. He wanted to make sure he milked Emmett of every drop he had to give.

"Fuck, you guys," Emmett expressed.

"I know," Seth agreed from Garrett 's arms as Garrett broke their kiss.

Emmett slowly pulled himself free of his lover's reluctant to let him go mouth. He leaned down over his partner. "You are one sexy man, you know that?"

"You are telling me?" Nasir found that remarkable coming from the sexiest man on the planet. Emmett put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down. Nasir's own cock showed only the slightest hint of deflating. His orgasm was now well past, but the turn on of Emmett all but bucking his cum down his throat, kept him erect.

"Mmm!" Emmett at once noticed the fairly thick glob of spunk that had oozed from Nasir and clung to the head of his prick. He wasted no time in taking the long Arab bone back in his mouth. Nasir gave a sigh as his lover slowly and gently sucked on him.

Garrett rose from the side of the tub and with Seth in his arms, lowered them both into the water.

"C'mon, Babe," Emmett at last let his partner's spent, but very happy cock out of his his mouth. "Let's get back in too."

Nasir sat up and climbed back down into the water with his family. Emmett paused to take Nasir's head in his big hands as he pulled their mouths together.

"Mmm," Nasir moaned contentedly as Emmett's tongue probed his mouth. He stood with his eyes closed in the center of the hot tub, with his hands on Emmett's hips as they shared the taste of each other's cum. "It's my job to kiss you like that," Nasir observed when Emmett finally broke their kiss.

"Next time quit fucking around and do it!" Emmett teased.

"I will!" Nasir returned.

"Sit down with us, boys," Garrett urged as he turned Seth around to hold his husband's back against his chest. Emmett and Nasir did so and they all four relaxed in the afterglow of their lovemaking. They all sat in one pile. Seth leaned against Garrett, who leaned against Emmett, who leaned against Nasir. They caught their breath and recouperated in the warm water.

"That was hot, you guys," Emmett stated as he gently caressed his partner's bare shoulder.

"I very much enjoyed it," Nasir agreed.

"Edward's home!" Seth nearly jumped up, all his energy restored.

"He is?" Emmett turned to look.

"Give Edward a minute to breathe, Sweetness," Garrett restrained his enthused little lover with a hand on his shoulder.

"What does he need a minute to breathe for?" Seth demanded.

"Just relax. Lean back on me," Garrett pulled Seth to him. "Edward will be out presently, I'm sure. He can have your attention then. I want it now."

When Garrett put it like that, Seth could not refuse. He held the arms that wrapped around him from behind and leaned his head back on Garrett's shoulder. Seth gave a sigh as he relaxed and Garrett held him even tighter. Seth was content, but not for long.

"What could be taking him so long? He must see we're out here," Seth made a fist. "That's it. He's had plenty enough time to breathe, now he needs to start talking," Seth pulled away from Garrett and this time his husband let him go. Seth climbed out of the tub and headed for the flagstone path, streaming a trail of water behind him.

"Sweetness, wrap a towel around you," Garrett bid.

Seth stopped and turned with a puzzled look on his face. "What for? It's Edward," he gestured toward the house.

"Wrap a towel around you anyway," Garrett urged. Seth realized this was far from an unreasonable request and snatched a towel from the pile. He wrapped it around his waist as he charged up toward the house.

"I sure hope everything went okay," Emmett wished aloud. "Better than okay."

"I do too, Habibi," Nasir kissed Emmett's muscular shoulder.

"Seth will take one look at Edward's face and know," Garrett had the utmost faith in his husband's powers.

Seth charged out of Edward's house the same way he charged into it. "He's gone!" Seth cried. He stood on the top deck with his arms outstretched. "I can't believe it! His bags are in there, right inside the door, but he's gone!"

"Where do you suppose he went?" Emmett wondered.

"Where is his cat?" Nasir shared his thought.

"Oh, yeah. Probably with the neighbor. Seth," Emmett called, "he probably just went to get his cat."

"What? Now?" Seth was beside himself.

"He'll be back in a minute," Emmett called back as he stood up in the tub. "I think we've been in this tub plenty long enough," he climbed out and picked up a towel. "I'm gonna light the grill."

"Good idea," Garrett endorsed as he and Nasir cliimbed out as well. Emmett handed them both a towel and all three men walked up toward exasperated Seth, wrapping their towels about them as they went. Emmett walked over to the grill, lit it and shut the lid for it to warm up.

"I'm gonna get the steaks out. Who wants another beer?" Emmett smiled.

"I'll help you," Nasir followed his partner into the house.

"I'm sure Edward won't be but a moment, Sweetness," Garrett smiled at Seth and ran a hand down the back of his head.

"If he's not, I'm gonna smack him so hard he'll get a speeding ticket in Portland!" Seth blustered.

Emmett emerged from the house first with the still covered glass dish with the steaks in one hand and his fresh beer in the other. Nasir was close behind with three more beers. Emmett set the dish on the side shelf of the grill and took a swig of his beer.

"Let's just sit down and wait for him," Garrett pulled out a chair at the table again. Seth, Nasir and Emmett took the same seats as they did earlier. They drank their beers and waited.

And waited.

"I'm gonna kill him," Seth muttered under his breath. "What could he possibly be doing? What neighbor has the cat, the one next to Rosalie and Maggie?" he began tapping his foot rapidly on the deck. Emmett found it hard to suppress his amusement at Seth's fuming.

"Think now about what each of you would like to say at his funeral, because I'm gonna kill him!" Seth went on.

"Lakota people don't need fire or pipes. Just look at the smoke coming out of Seth's ears!" Emmett gave a great dimpled grin. Seth slowly turned his withering gaze on Emmett.

"Habibi!" Nasir recoiled and pulled Emmett back against him. "You take your life in your hands!"

"I'm gonna murder all four of you!" Seth declared.

"All four of us? What did Nasi or Garrett do?" Emmett asked.

"Nasir's good for it. Something smart will come out of his mouth in a minute. And it was Garrett's brilliant idea to give Edward a moment to breathe. Breathing being defined today as running away!" Seth ranted. He gulped down his beer and turned his head. "Well, finally!" Seth jumped from his chair and charged into the house.

"How does he do that?" Nasir wondered.

"I don't ask," Garrett took a casual swig of his beer.

"I've known him all of my adult life and I learned not to ask a long time ago," Emmett stated.

"Should we go protect Edward?" Nasir asked.

"Edward chose to fetch his pet," Garrett observed.

"Yeah, he's on his own," Emmett agreed. Nasir just nodded and took a swig from his own bottle. The three of them sat there for a quiet moment until they could stand it no longer.

"Okay, time to go in," Emmett left his empty bottle on the table as he rose and headed for the house. Nasir and Garrett both took a breath and followed.

"Are you still alive, Eddie, or should we call 911?" Emmett called as he walked into the house. He heard nothing and was slightly apprehensive until he walked around the corner to find Edward with his arms around Seth and the smaller man's face pressed into Edward's chest.

"I decided to spare his worthless life," Seth grumbled into Edward's chest, "but only long enough for him to tell us what happened in Chicago."

"Good thinking," Emmett stepped up to them and took Edward and Seth both in his arms. Nasir and Garrett came around the corner to find their partners holding Edward.

"Now here is a sight I will never get tired of seeing," Nasir put his arm around Garrett's shoulders. "We were a little concerned for your safety, Edward, when the Emira found out you had been to the house and left again, but I see you managed to redeem yourself."

"Not quite yet," Seth and Emmett both let Edward go, "but he's about to. Honey," Seth turned to his husband, "would you take charge of the grill and get the rest of the food out while Emmy and I help Edward unpack?"

"But Emmett usually," Nasir began to protest until he felt Garrett's hand on his shoulder.

"Of course, Sweetness. Nasir and I will be out on the deck. Come join us whenever you're ready," Garrett smiled. Nasir shook his head as he turned to follow Garrett. He couldn't believe he didn't get that right away. Seth led the way toward the master bedroom. Emmett picked up Edward's bag, put his arm around Edward, and together they followed Seth.

"I'm reasonably sure we can take our time," Garrett said as he and Nasir walked into the kitchen. "They will need some time to deconstruct all of the events in Chicago, whatever they may be."

"However long it takes, Edward can only benefit from Emmett's love and Sethy's wisdom," Nasir agreed.

"Let's leave them to it, then," Garrett concluded. "I'm sure we'll hear a summation of the important points as soon as they emerge," he opened the refrigerator and began to pull out the rest of the food for their dinner alfresco. Garrett saw to the couscous and broccoli salads while Nasir busied himself with setting the table. They took their time and once that was done just stood by the grill, in their towels, with their beers and gazed at the lake.

"You are staying at the St. Regis again?" Nasir asked.

"I love it there," Garrett confirmed. "I wouldn't stay anywhere else."

"You can stay with me," Nasir offered.

"Well, now, you can stay with me, if you like," Garrett countered. "I can expense the St. Regis. If I stay with you I can't just throw my towel on the floor when I'm done with it."

"Who says you cannot?" Nasir challenged.

"I wouldn't feel right about that. That's no way to be a proper guest. Come stay with me and we'll throw our towels on the floor together," Garrett put a hand on his best friend's bare shoulder.

"I am staying at the Loews Regency, by the way, so we could throw our towels on the floor either way," Nasir informed.

"Ah, but will you be in a suite?" Garrett made the point.

"They don't reserve a suite for me," Nasir answered.

"I always stay in a Fifth Avenue suite at the St. Regis. We'll have much more room. It even has two full baths, so we'll never be in each other's way, even if we have to get ready for work at the same time. Though, it does only have the one king bed," Garrett pointed out.

"Then I shall sleep with you, my friend," Nasir smiled.

"I'm quite sure we can do so and behave. Seth and Emmett do it often enough," Garrett pointed out.

"What! Emmett sleeps with another man?" Nasir tried maintain his facade of outrage, but Garrett just laughed at him and Nasir quickly joined in.

"I told you the day we met, those two are a package deal," Garrett took a swig of his beer.

"I would not have it any other way, Garrett. I love you both," Nasir put his arm around Garrett and pulled him close.

"We feel exactly the same way. We're one family. We both married, or I did and you soon will, two kindred souls. The universe separated them, but they found each other anyway. I don't think either of them could do without the other. And we would not likely have ever met were it not for them," Garrett waxed philosophical. "I have never in my life had a friend as close as we are and I am so grateful for that every day."

"You are very eloquent, Garrett, and I completely agree. I have never had a friend, at all. I could never let anyone know me like that. So, what I share with you is very special to me," Nasir stated. "You are the brother that I should have had," he squeezed Garrett's shoulder. "We can all even play together like we just did in the hot tub," Nasir gestured toward where the tub that never told it's secrets, sat in it's gazebo.

"We didn't really play together. We each played with our partners. We just did it in very close proximity," Garrett corrected. "Again."

"You are right," Nasir nodded. "That would be most strange indeed. When they were rimming us and Sethy said 'let's switch', for a second I almost believed they would."

"You may be sure they both got quite a kick out of that," Garrett smiled.

"We should webcam them from New York and let them watch us jack each other off. That will teach them," Nasir took a swig from his bottle.

"That it would," Garrett laughed. "Although," he considered, "that might be a slippery slope. There's no telling what my husband might want us to do next!"

"You make a good point, Garrett. Let us not go there," Nasir patted his best friend's back.

"I'm glad we have a few minutes alone, Nasir. I always enjoy you," Garrett stated.

"I do too," Nasir smiled. He put his arm around his shorter best friend again and they stood together in companionable silence for a moment.

"You know, I've been thinking of some way to help Seth's people," Garrett confessed.

"Seth's people?" Nasir asked as he let his arm drop. He took a step so that he could look more into Garrett's face as they spoke. "You mean his tribe?"

"I do," Garrett confirmed.

"The tribe that turned their back on him, including even his own mother?" Nasir put the matter in perspective.

"The same," Garrett confirmed again.

"Why would you want to do anything for them?" Nasir did not understand.

"You saw how his people live, Nasir," Garrett pointed out.

"It is terrible. I have never before seen such a thing. Is it any more than they deserve, such hateful people?" Nasir posed.

"I can understand how you would say that," Garrett nodded. "They are pretty hateful about us, but I don't find them to be so in general. Now that makes me wonder how they got to be that way. We know Seth and his sister to be wonderful people. Their people were peaceful herders. You have heard Seth tell the stories. They went so far as to cherish and revere their two spirit bretheren. I have to ask myself what happened between then and now and I can find only one answer. It is the same reason they live in such abject poverty."

"What is that?" Nasir did not see it.

"European settlers. My people, if you will," Garrett answered.

"You are only responsible for what you do, Garrett," Nasir put a finger on the white man's bare chest to make this point.

"Right, I agree completely, Nasir. But when you think about it, European settlers invaded their lands, pushed them back, killed the vast majority of them, and gave them this little piece of forsaken place to call their own, without any hope of it's own economy. Then we sent in missionaries to save the heathen savages, as if our religion was any more valid than theirs, and imposed that on them too. The tribe's attitudes, their hate and intolerance, were imposed upon them every bit as much as their place and economic situation was. And I really can't fault them for that, Nasir," Garrett shook his head. "Just terribly unfortunate and a damn shame is what it is."

"Poor Sethy," Nasir's heart sofened at his best friend's words.

"Indeed," Garrett nodded. "Sometimes, Nasir, I look at him, at the kind, sweet, loving man he is, and I just want to cry for what he has been through. I love him so much."

"He loves you too, Garrett. You know that he does," Nasir put a hand on Garrett's shoulder.

"Of course I do. He makes me feel it more completely with each passing day," Garrett assured.

"What would have happened if it were not so with Sethy's people?" Nasir mused. "Would he have fled at his first opportunity? Would he have found Emmett? Would he have found you?"

"If there is one blessing to have come from this terrible situation, that is it," Garrett conceded.

"His world is a much better place with you in it, Garrett, for so many reasons," Nasir stated.

"He very much does the same for me. I know you know how I feel," it was Garrett's turn to put his hand on the darker, bare Arab shoulder.

"I know exactly," Nasir gave a firm nod. "Emmett is my life."

"We are so much alike. Nasir, I have done much research, quietly of course, into Seth's tribe and their reservation since we were there for his father's funeral," Garrett confessed. "I was horrified to learn how many freeze to death every winter from the inability to heat their homes, from the inability to afford the cost of heating oil. The winters are so harsh there."

"That is terrible," Nasir agreed. He well remembered his small taste of a Minnesota winter he experienced just the once.

"I was thinking of sending an endowment to the Council of fifty thousand dollars, to be used for the express purpose of heating the homes of those who cannot afford to do so," Garrett admitted his plan.

"Will you tell Sethy?" Nasir asked.

"I do not think I will," it was clear how much that bothered Garrett. "I just don't know what he will say and I can't very well go through with it if he forbids it. It is enough to know that I can do something to help his people. I think at heart they are a good and noble people, in spite of what my people have done to them. I want to do this."

"Garrett, I will match it," Nasir took hold of his best friend's arm. "And we will keep this between us."

"Well, thank you, Nasir. I know they can use every penny of it. Seth and I are just as fortunate to have you as we are Emmett," Garrett closed the gap between them with one step and wrapped his arms around Nasir.

"I feel the same way, Garret. I love all of you," Nasir held his best friend tightly and pressed his scruffy cheek to the shorter man's temple.

"I do too," Garrett rubbed the Arab back a moment before he pulled back. "I wonder if I should get these strips on?"

"They have had quite a while. Sethy can put anything right in this amount of time. If they are not out here by the time the steaks are done, I will go get them," Nasir stated.

"You have yourself a deal, my friend," Garrett lifted the lid of the by now very hot grill. The steaks gave a most satisfying sizzle as Garrett placed them on the grill.

"I am going to get a fresh round of beers ready," Nasir headed into the house and took their empties with them.

The timing was nearly perfect. Garrett flipped their steaks and was just about to tell Nasir to go get them when they emerged from the house. Seth, Edward and Emmett walked out in that order and all hand in hand. Edward had changed into comfortable shorts and a loose tee shirt, in which he still looked sexy, while Emmett and Seth still wore their towels.

"Excellent timing, gentlemen. The steaks are no more than a minute from done," Garrett announced with a smile.

"You two will be happy to hear that things went very well for Edward in Chicago," Seth declared. Edward was not able to keep the smile from his face as he relived the memories again in his head.

"I didn't count how many times he and Jasper damn near kissed each other. When he comes for the wedding, Edward and Jasper will have a pow wow and I am confident that their relationship will progress to the next level," Seth assured.

"The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken," Emmett made light in a deep, serious, booming voice.

"Oh, shut up," Seth gave Emmett a wave.

"You look like a man who could use a beer, my friend," Nasir stepped up to Edward with a frosty cold Blue Moon.

"I'm very sure I do," Edward gratefully accepted the bottle and the hug that went with it. Nasir patted him on the back and let him go to take a good pull on his beer. Garrett handed Emmett and Seth their fresh bottles.

"Thank you, Honey," Seth smiled sweetly at his husband.

"Yeah, this sure is service. I could get used to this," Emmett stated.

"Oh, no. My taking over the grill from you is an emergency service only. I gladly defer to our grill master," Garrett handed over the tongs with a slight bow.

"Well, when you put it like that," Emmett took the tongs from Garrett.

"Yeah, get over there and make yourself useful," Seth pushed Emmett with a hand on the small of the bigger man's back. Emmett just chuckled as he stepped up to the grill and checked the steaks.

"Goddamn these look good. I'm starving. Grab a plate, guys. These are as done as we want them," Emmett shut the grill off. "C'mon, Eddie. You first."

"Some host I am," Edward picked up a plate.

"You're only a host if you invite guests. We're not guests, we're family," Emmett placed Edward's steak on his plate. "And you didn't invite us, we invaded."

Edward just smiled and turned toward the table. His smile faded when he noticed the clothes strewn around on chairs and the deck. "Oh my God, please tell me you guys didn't change up here on the deck," Edward expressed.

"We didn't," Seth walked over to the table with his own steak to join Edward.

"Why are all your clothes scattered all over?" Edward asked as he sat down.

"We didn't change into anything," Seth made the very fine distinction.

"You just got naked," Edward got it. "Seth, I have neighbors."

"We should have thought about that, Edward. I apologize," Garrett took a seat beside Seth.

"No one was looking," Seth dismissed. "Besides, if they had been, the view was damn fine," he ran his hand up and over Garrett's bare shoulder. Garrett only smiled at his husband.

"We kinda misbehaved in your hot tub too, Eddie," Emmett confessed as he and Nasir joined them. Just as soon as they were seated Emmett placed his foot atop Nasir's equally bare foot.

"Of course you did. I'm terrified to expose Jasper to you guys," Edward teased.

"Please, we've known him even longer than we've known you. He knows how we are," Seth stated.

"I am sure we can fit him right in," Nasir chose his words for their double meaning.

"Ha! Good one, Nasir," Seth laughed. "We'll fit him right in, Edward. We'll fit you right in too," he reached over to rub Edward's inner thigh.

Edward took Seth's hand from his lap and put it on the table. "Eat," he commanded. "The only person I want rubbing on my leg is Jasper."

"I'll be sure and tell him how good it feels," Seth picked up his knife and cut his steak.

"Oh, Nasir!" Edward suddenly remembered. "Hey, congrats on the new job, buddy!"

"Thank you," Nasir smiled. "I know I am going to love it. And more importantly, the company is sponsoring my green card. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that I have that."

"Yeah," Emmett agreed and took his lover's hand.

"Will you still pursue the asylum request?" Edward asked.

"Absolutely," Emmett gave the answer. "I'm not taking any chances with this guy. If we don't have one, we'll have the other, and preferably both."

Nasir just smiled at Emmett and squeezed the hand that held his. He felt very loved at that moment.

"I was rather hoping for a quiet, reflective evening with my cat, but it is nice to come home to close friends and a great meal. Thanks, guys," Edward expressed.

"You're our brother, Eddie," Emmett put a hand on Edward's shoulder.

"You think we could keep them away?" Garrett smiled.

"The Emira especially," Nasir added.

"Last time I was on this deck I found myself wishing that I had my feather with me. Today all I want is a tomahawk," Seth spoke to himself. "And that I had paid attention in scalping class."

"There's a scalping class?" Emmett laughed.

"No," Seth admitted, "but right now I wish there had been!"

"What is it about my back yard that gets you so in touch with your roots?" Edward asked.

"I don't know," Seth thought about it. "I guess it's that your back yard is so full of nature. And people who are asking for it."

Nasir took a big bite of his steak. Seth was so much fun to tease. He loved all of these people. "Edward," he finished chewing before he continued, "your trip was good?"

"Nasir, it was so nice just being with him, I can't even tell you," Edward was sincere.

"I can think of one thing that would have made it nicer," Emmett wagged his eyebrows.

"Well, yes, obviously I would have loved it if that had happened," Edward agreed.

"No," Seth shook his head. "They were not ready for that step at that point, Emmy. I do think they are moving ever closer to that point, though. Mark my words, all of you. There is more good in store in September than Emmy and Nasir's wedding."

"From your lips to God's ears, Sweetie," Emmett expressed the desire they all felt.

"Edward, I wish nothing more for you than to know the I joy I have with Emmett, and Garrett has with Sethy, with Jasper," Nasir took Emmett's hand.

"Thanks, Nasir. You all know that's what I want too," Edward nodded. "This was fantastic, you guys," he leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach. "I should go out of town more often," Edward gave his trademark Cullen smirk.

"For a trip like this one, that's fine with me," Emmett stated. "Every weekend if you like."

"To spend time with him, Em," Edward shook his head. "I don't think there is anything I wouldn't do."

"I know, Eddie," Emmett put a hand on Edward's shoulder. "Hey," he remembered, "you think your little brothers would consider being our ushers?"

"Oh, hell, they'd love it. You want me to ask them?" Edward asked.

"Would you mind?" Emmett requested.

"Not at all," Edward shook his head.

"Hey, who wants to hop back in the hot tub?" Seth asked.

"You guys are scary in a hot tub," Edward teased.

"We took care of that earlier," Emmett stated. "All we wanna do now is relax."

"I don't know," Edward expressed his doubt. "I probably need to keep my sister out of there or she'll get pregnant. Might pop out a teeny weeny dark baby with extra long hair."

"Your sister should be so lucky," Seth flipped his extra long hair over his shoulder.

"Eddie, c'mon. You know us better than that. We swallow," Emmett told what they all already knew.

"Like he doesn't," Seth waved a hand.

"I don't! It depends on who I'm with, Seth," Edward protested.

"We're talking about Jasper," Seth looked at Edward pointedly.

"Then, yes, I would. As often as he would let me," Edward expressed.

"C'mon, Sweetie. The guys got everything out. Help me clean up. The light's fading fast," Emmett began to gather plates into a pile.

"How about I build us a fire down by the lake?" Edward offered.

"That sounds nice, Edward," Garrett liked that idea.

Edward watched Seth get up from the chair next to him. "Do you suppose I could persuade you to put some clothes on?"

"Certainly you could," Seth pulled his towel from his waist and handed it to Edward. He walked naked over to the chair on which his and Garrett's clothes lay, picked up his shorts and stepped into them. Seth returned to the table as he zipped up, to gather what Emmett left, and followed the bigger man into the house. Edward just shook his head.

"I love when he does that," Nasir expressed.

"I do too, I confess," Garrett agreed.

"I'll go get the fire going," Edward rose from his table and headed down the decks toward the lake.

"Perhaps we should take our clothes into the house to put them on," Garrett suggested.

"I will take Emmett's inside to him," Nasir followed Garrett from the table. "Though I much prefer him with nothing on."

Garrett just chuckled as he carried his clothes and Seth's leather vest into Edward's house.

The two couples sat with Edward around the small fire for well over an hour. They listened to more details about Chicago and shared more plans for the wedding. They did not stay late as they knew Edward was due on the mountain at the crack of dawn the next morning. They each hugged Edward tightly, none more so than Emmett who deliberately went last and longest, and headed home to the city.