Nothing Belongs To Me. Darn It.

She was hurting. He could feel it. She was angry. He could feel that too.

Boyd closed his eyes, let the world fade away, let there be only her, his connection to her. It was a buzzing, a feeling of numbness, evil and want.

Her powers were growing, rapidly. She didn't understand them, didn't know how to control them, and he loved it.

His head tilted back, his arms stretched out beside him and began to feel a burning warmth spread throughout his body. He could taste the fire, feel the flames, smell the gasoline. Blood raced through his veins as he imagined the chaos she had in her head, in her hands. He knew it wouldn't come to be, not exactly, but it was a start. And a damn good one at that.

She was locked in to him just as he was to her, though she didn't know it. This early in the game she wouldn't even realize it. After she came back down she wouldn't exactly remember it. Not yet. Boyd wasn't worried though, there was plenty of time to balance things out, explore the options to bring this world down.

He helped her, fed her just enough of himself, testing the waters though.

He felt coolness mixed in with the burning, smooth like glass. He felt burning in his eyes, a wetness, like tears. Confusion and pain tugging at his heart.

Then, blackness. And she was gone.

Boyd smiled though. That had been fun.