Twelve Things I'd do for you



Chapter 1: Something Worth Holding On To

"O.K. Let me get this strait. You traveled all the way from Sacramento to Los Angeles so you could see the Nickelodian head Director and pay $10.00 to buy 'Invader Zim'." The receptionist said to the 16 year old girl. The girl was tall, pale, and had thick flowing brown hair. She wore jeans over her black boots, glasses over her hazel eyes, and a black trench coat over her Invader Zim t-shirt. Her Invader Zim T-shirt was black with Zim in rage yelling "PREPARE FOR SOME DOOM!" The girl's nick-name was Zim. Her friends called her that because she had the ego, attitude, and determination as Invader Zim.

"Yep." Zim replied to the receptionist's question. The receptionist gave a howling laugh and she pointed to the elevator.

"Oh...haha...that's good....go up the elevator to floor....hahahah....go through the door......hehheh.....down the....haha....hall." Using the last of all her strength the receptionist burst into laughter again. Zim, filled with rage at being laughed at, took the taco on her desk and shoved it in the receptionist's mouth.

"Shut your noise tube, taco-human!" she quoted. Zim walked away as the receptionist coughed and gagged. Zim took the elevator to the top level and walked down the long hallway through the door. There sat a plump man behind a desk. He didn't notice our heroine until she spoke.

"Excuse me." The man looked up.

"Um, I notice you're a real busy man and all I was just wondering if I could buy a show off your hands. Since it was just canceled and all." She put money on the table. It was a crumpled up twenty dollar bill.

"Which show is this?" he said calmly.

"Invader Zim."

"Young Lady, do your parents know you're here?"

"No sir."

"Where are they now?"

"You know where Sacramento is?"

"Yes." The man's mouth slowly dropped open for now he realized what Zim meant.