Summary: Lucy Heartphillia is thrown into a deep slumber meant to last until she is rescued by her "prince charming", she is left in a tower guarded by a fearsome dragon. Somehow, things don't go according to plan. Natsu/Lucy + multiple other pairings

A/N: AU(ish) fic, set in a world of magic but it's not necessarily the "Fairy Tail" world okay? Erm, I hope you enjoy ^_^

The Dragon's Ward


"And that, my dear, is how your father and I met and fell in love," Lucy sighed happily as she slammed a thick brown book shut before staring at her seven year old pink haired daughter who sat on her bed looking very much awake. Lucy sighed again, she wasn't even sure how she had gotten cajoled into reading her their story, she knew it always kept her awake rather than put her to sleep like she had hoped.

"Aw man, Dad was such a jerk wasn't he?"

"Language, young lady…"

"…but so were you, so I guess it works out- oww!"

Lucy had sharply tapped her daughter on the head with the large book, she did not need someone, a seven year old in fact, telling her how foolish she and her husband had been in their younger years. Though now she thought back on it, she was glad they had acted that way towards one another, otherwise she wasn't sure she would've gotten the chance to fall in love with him…

"Okay Irie, you need to get to bed now. Fire…out," she pointed sternly at a medium sized fire inside the large fireplace that stood on the other end of the room. She and Natsu had once made the mistake of allowing her to keep the fire blazing in her room as she "slept", needless to say, there wasn't much left of her room by the next morning. Irie eye's gleamed happily and she quickly hopped out of bed and dashed to kneel in front of the fireplace. With a deep intake of breath, she inhaled the fire into her small mouth and gulped it down quickly before licking her lips and bounding back into bed. Their daughter had not only inherited Natsu's trademark pink hair, but she had also gained the same Dragon Slayer powers as he. With two hyperactive Dragon Slayers in her home, Lucy practically had to walk around with a bucket of water to put out all their fires.

"That was a good one," Lucy said, sounding impressed as she started to tuck Irie into the covers, "now you go straight to sleep if you want to go to the Guild tomorrow, understood?"

Irie nodded and closed her eyes immediately. Next to her home, the Guild was her favourite place to be and she never missed a rare opportunity to visit all the colourful characters that worked there.

Once she was sure that Irie wasn't going to run out of bed and cause havoc, Lucy quickly pressed a kiss against her forehead and then tiptoed out of her room, leaving the door ajar slightly.

"You told her our story again, huh?"

Lucy jumped slightly as she felt a pair of warm arms wrap around her waist and pull her towards a hard chest, "stop creeping up on me like that," she moaned, twisting her body around so she was facing her husband full on. She didn't think she'd ever get tired of just staring into his eyes, "hey," she mumbled quietly, still staring into his eyes. He been on a mission with Gray and Erza for the past week and this was the first time she had seen him. Despite being a King, he had decided that he could never give up the Guild and therefore went on missions every other month or so.

"I missed you both," he muttered, pressing his lips against her cheeks as he started moving backwards, feeling his way back to their room with his keen dragon senses. Lucy had already wrapped her arms around his neck by this point.

They walked in silence until Natsu hit their wooden door and kicked it open with his foot, in a flash he had scooped Lucy up in his arms and dropped her gently on their bed.

"So…how was the mission?" she asked, sitting up on her elbows as Natsu crawled into bed beside her, she positioned herself so she lay across his warm chest and began tracing the muscles that ran across his abdomen.

"It was alright," he grinned sheepishly, "I may…or may not have set Erza on fire," his grin turned into a wince as he remembered the beating Erza had given him once she awoke to find her long luxurious hair was now a red and burnt birds nest. Lucy let out a loud chuckle of laughter, imagining correctly the reaction Erza would have had to find her hair burnt off. She was surprised that Natsu was even able to walk.

"How were you and Irie, did you two have fun?"

Lucy rolled her eyes, she loved her daughter and would gladly do anything for her, but her hyperactive nature rivalled her fathers and it was often difficult to keep her entertained with anything for more than five minutes, "well let's see, she burnt down one of the stables, got into a fight with one of the messenger boys - who I might add was 16 years old - oh and she also managed to burn the fourth floor bathroom down. How she managed that with all that water in there, I have no idea, but she did it," she paused for a moment remembering how Irie had come downstairs to casually tell her mother that their bathroom was on fire, as if it were nothing, "Levy and Juvia came over on Thursday. Levy brought Cain and Juvia is getting so big, oh my goodness she looks like she's about to burst!"

"Yeah, Gray was telling me…he was getting worried about leaving her for the mission, but she convinced him to go…"

"Mmm, well Irie had fun playing with Cain, God knows what trouble they got up to though. After they left she kept moaning about having nobody to play with most of the time. I think she's hinting that she wants a baby brother or sister," she laughed, not thinking that what she had said would have any significance. There was a silence for a moment before Natsu rolled over, pinning Lucy to the bed with his hands.

"Natsu, what the hell are you doing?" she asked, pretending to be mad, but failing terribly as she saw the hungry look in his eyes.

"Irie wants a brother or sister," he mumbled, lowering his head to her neck and lathering it in hot kisses that made her squirm underneath him. He didn't stop kissing her until he had made it back up to her lips where he hovered precociously above her plump lips, "I say give her what she wants…" he finally said, with a mischievous grin before he dropped his lips upon her own and claimed what was rightfully his. Lucy giggled into the kiss as her legs involuntarily wrapped around his waist in anticipation of what was about to happen.

She may not have married the Prince of her dreams. But she wouldn't want it any other way.


LAST AUTHORS NOTE: Oh my God, so this is the end huh? I actually got a bit emotional when I finished typing this. I never thought I would get so many positive reviews about this, so thank you everyone who reviewed, favourited, and alerted this story! I wanted to end it a bit fluffy and I thought this was a good way to end it. Irie is actually a character from another manga by Hiro Mashima called Monster Hunter Orage, and she has pink hair and reminded me of Natsu and thus, she was born!

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EDIT: Okay hi, I'm just adding this in since a few people reviewed the same thing. I'm well aware that Hades has his own version of "Fairy Law" but I chose to omit it from this story because I felt it would make him too powerful, and this isn't really the type of story focussed on action and fighting skills. That's exactly the same reason I opted to cut out Bluenote and Gildarts from this story. Also, I know Hades is technically older than Makarov but hey guys, this isn't canon is it? *shrug* I do always start off every chapter by saying this is an AU(ish) fic, which means there will be minor discrepancies from time to time. Also, I got my first flame on this story and I got a bit sad. Okay that's all ^_^