Angeal had slept in. After Genesis' frantic phone call that had been about steak he crawled back into bed with Zack. Zack, of course woke up and he didn't get to sleep for another hour. Not that he minded.

Especially not when he had woken up to the smell of breakfast and coffee. He folded the paper and looked over at Zack who was engrossed in his own paper - the funny pages. The puppy looked wonderfully happy sitting there, holding the paper and sipping his coffee. Angeal knew that they were going to be busy this afternoon as he had paperwork to catch up on.

And then there were the bills. There was a small stack on the kitchen table. Angeal always took care of the bills because Genesis didn't really know how to handle the money, just writing the numbers down, or would decide that he didn't want to pay something.

Sipping his coffee Angeal opened the first one. He had just paid off his credit card and was looking forward to seeing the zeros there at the top of the page.

Slowly he unfolded the paper and spit out his coffee at the large number at the payment due portion.

"What the hell?!"

Zack almost dropped his cup in shock. Never ever before had he heard Angeal swear! And he doubted anyone else on this planet had!

His lover held a piece of paper in both his hands tightly. So tightly he grabbed it that it was close to being torn in the middle. Carefully, Zack approached and laid a hand on Angeal's back, curiously looking over his shoulder.

"What's up? You won the lottery?" That thought actually got the puppy really excited.

Angeal started to shake as he read all the charges.

"I'm going to kill those two. The bed, pillows, sheets ... and," he couldn't read the name of the sex shop and the list of items there. Handcuffs and a nurses outfit.

All charged onto his bill.

Angeal scrambled for his wallet and looked at the cards there. They were all there but Genesis has done this before. Snuck things out of his wallet and put it back in there. Usually he intercepted the bill before he saw it for a month or two ... but this cost was outrageous.

Reading the bill wasn't easy, because Angeal's hands trembled so much. At the contents, Zack's cheeks flushed. "Well ... they just wanted to have some fun?" He tried to reason, rubbing Angeal's back in a soothing manner.

"They are always having fun," Angeal ground out as he stood up, dropping the bill to the table. "Sephiroth has enough money to buy their play things and so does Genesis. Why does he have to use my credit card?" He started to walk to the door with his hands in fists.

Angeal had no idea what he was going to do to them, but at least they were going to get a lecture!

"O-okay ... Maybe they accidentally thought it was their card?" Zack tried as he walked after Angeal who stomped to the elevator. Zack didn't want any more drama, things had just been so good! Angeal was relaxed because of their vacation and now it was all going to hell again. "I'm sure there's an explanation for this!"

Angeal pushed the button viciously. "Zack. They knew what they are doing! They always know what they are doing." Zack was giving him some large eyes and looked worried. "They need to stop this type of behaviour."

They really did. They were always doing things that were embarrassing and throwing him in the middle of it all. "You should go back to our place. Let me deal with them."


Zack didn't get to protest.

The door opened abruptly, after Angeal had pushed the doorbell a perceived million times. And there stood Sephiroth, with only a sheet loosely wrapped around his hip, his long hair hanging in his face, his expression majorly pissed off. It was easy to tell that just a minute ago he'd still been sleeping and was not pleased to be woken.


"Care to explain my credit card bill?" Angeal said and pushed his way in. He didn't care if they were sleeping. They had disturbed his sleep enough - he could disturb their's. "Where's Genesis?" He looked toward the room where Genesis stood in the bedroom door without a stitch of clothes on and rubbing his eyes.

"Care to explain my credit card bill?" Angeal made sure that he just looked at his face. "Why is there a mattress and a dress on the bill?"

Suddenly, Sephiroth's expression turned sober as his gaze shifted from Angeal to Genesis. He had all forgotten about that...

"Let's see ... Maybe because you sliced through my bed and mattress and I was in dire need of a new one," he finally said, crossing his arms over his bare chest, the muscles in his belly tightening. Genesis was still drowsy and caught on too slowly to be of much help.

No one took notice of Zack, who had slipped inside the apartment as well. Gaia, he just hoped they could solve this without any bloodshed...

Angeal turned back to Sephiroth and crossed his arms.

How was he to argue that? "You used my credit card behind my back!" He growled as he glared at the man. "And the sex toys would have never been part of the deal." Angeal did go smash on them ... not that they didn't deserve it.

"I'll pay you back," Genesis mumbled as he rubbed his eyes. Angeal wished that he would cover himself, but he was always the type to show his body. Genesis was quite comfortable being without pants. "I always do."

Angeal whirled on Genesis. "If you used your own credit card you wouldn't have to pay me back!"

Genesis rolling his eyes made him want to strangle him.

"Now that you solved that, leave," Sephiroth demanded, turning around to the open kitchen and starting to prepare the coffee machine. There was no way he could go back to sleep now, but at least he wanted coffee to have one joyful moment this morning.

Zack's shoulders sagged in relief when it seemed that Genesis wouldn't argue about paying Angeal. "Let's go back," he whispered, tugging Angeal's sleeve.

"It is not cleared up!" Angeal said. "You two are menaces!" He was still feeling very frustrated with all their antics. "I need a promise that it won't happen again from either of you." He also wanted them to promise not to have sex in public, grab each other, or cause another disaster ... ever again, but he doubted they would be able to do that.

"Genesis!" He turned to his naked friend who had wandered into the kitchen and picked up his phone. "The bill is 20 000 gil! You need to control your expensive tastes on my credit lines."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes, but then shrugged. If it made Angeal leave he'd promise about everything. "Promise. Now leave." 20.000 Gil was a lot though, and the General wondered how Genesis would come up with that.

Genesis rolled his eyes. He had this discussion at least five times before. He flipped through his phone looking at his bank balance. He had a lot of money from the apple juice recipe royalties but no one needed to do that. His recipe was the best in the world... not that Sephiroth could drink it, which was a shame. That was when he noted that Angeal's fan club had sent out a notice.

He absently opened it up and couldn't help but roar with laughter, even though he knew that everyone was looking at him funny but he couldn't help it. The picture that was there was sexy and obviously supposed to be private. Sephiroth looked at him like a mad man as he held up the picture to show him.

"What ... Don't show me that!" The General was still a bit touchy about anything to do with Angeal; especially his penis.

"What is it?" Zack peeped, looking over Angeal's shoulder to have a look, not able to suppress his natural curiosity. When he saw the picture of a sleeping Angeal, presenting his impressive manhood to the camera he turned alarmingly pale and then furiously red.

How had that happened?!

He had given Cloud the picture thinking that the blond would keep it to himself! How could the fanclubs have gotten their hands on it?!

Genesis giggled, he couldn't help it as he admired the picture. "It looks like the training has done wonders on your thighs, Angeal. I don't remember them being so muscular and you do desperately need to manscape. It's a forest down there." He admired the photo for a moment more before his phone was ripped from his hands.

Angeal gaped at the picture of himself on the phone. How did that even happen?

He got his answer when he heard Zack bump into an end table while backing away from him. "Zack! Do you have anything to do with this?" He was appalled that this was sent out by his fanclub and to everyone. There were already over a thousand responses about how honourable his penis looked!

"Zack!" He watched his young lover give him a small laugh, look nervously at the door and run.

Angeal forgot all about his frustration with Genesis and Sephiroth and went to go deal with Zack and the fact that he must have taken the picture when he was asleep.

With a little squeal Zack dashed down the hallway to hide under Angeal's bed. Oh, Angeal must be so mad! And Zack cursed himself for giving Cloud the picture. He didn't think that Cloud had deliberately fooled him, he would never do that. But someone must have searched the blond's cell phone (and Cloud had a tendency to lose it all the time or forget it in the cafeteria) and thought it to be a bright idea to send the picture viral!

Finally he reached the apartment and went for the bed, hoping that Angeal wouldn't find him here. But being still had never been one of Zack's strengths, so when he moved to peek out from under the bed to see whether Angeal had followed him he was instantly spotted by the man.

"I'm sorry," the puppy whimpered, hiding again.

Angeal's anger melted at the large puppy eyes and how nervous Zack was. Angeal was still holding Genesis' phone with the picture displayed. "You took this picture?"

The pathetic little nod melted his heart. He couldn't stay mad at Zack for long but now there was a picture of his dick for the world to see and he couldn't let that slide either. "Get up and come here."

Hesitantly, Zack crawled out from under the bed and got closer to Angeal, who didn't look as mad anymore. "I didn't want for that to happen, I swear! It was just... you were sleeping, and I thought you looked so beautiful, so I took the picture and I wanted to just keep it for myself so I could look at it when you are away on a mission and I feel lonely but then Cloud was so down and I wanted to cheer him up and he asked if he could have a picture of you and he looked so sad that I couldn't say no, so I gave it to him and then someone must have stolen his phone and I'm so sorry!" Breathless, Zack wrapped his arms around Angeal's neck and buried his face into the man's shoulder. "I'm sorry Angeal!"

The SOLDIER First Class wrapped his arms around Zack and sighed. He really was turning into a softy when he couldn't stay mad at Zack for having such a big heart... and then calling him beautiful.

"I can't let you get off easy for doing that," he said, keeping his voice stern. Why was giving a picture of his dick to Cloud a good thing? He didn't want to think about that. "You are going to have to be punished." While he said that Angeal ran his hand down Zack's back and rested his hand on his bottom and squeezed.

Angeal's voice and his touch had Zack actually shiver and go weak in the knees. Also, he yelped out a shameful moan. "Punished?" he asked weakly, but not letting go of Angeal, even though he sported a rock-hard boner.

"Yes, long and hard," Angeal said and put his hand through Zack's hair, and tugged it to the side so that he could nip at his throat. "It is going to take me a long time to forgive you." Another excuse to have Zack trapped in his bed ... there wasn't anything better.

The phone that had his picture started to ring, but he tossed it aside. He had his hand full of a very excited puppy and that was more important at the moment.

Meanwhile, Genesis was tapping his fingers angrily on the table as he used Sephiroth's phone to try to phone Angeal. "Seriously. He barges in here, makes all sorts of demands and now he is too busy playing with his puppy." Sephiroth had put a cup of coffee beside him as he gave him an agitated look. "I have a lot of porn on there and he better not delete it."

"We can always make new porn," the General shrugged, sipped his coffee and gave Genesis a meaningful smirk.

"Actually... let's start now," he declared, put his cup down and lifted his squealing boyfriend up to carry him off to the bedroom, never forgetting to give his ass a long, loving squeeze.

That is the end of Unstable folks.

Keep an eye open for more collaborations between BMIK and Soyna in the future..