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Pairings: Cedric Diggory/Harry Potter, eventual (maybe ^_^) Tom Riddle/Harry Potter

Warnings: Adult themes, violence, language, and slashly goodness.

Summary: AU/No-Magic/Werewolf/Slash TR/HP Everything was going great. I've got a great family, my boyfriend and I are in love, and I've been accepted to my dream college. Then all of a sudden some guy barges into my life, setting flame to everything I thought I knew.


Chapter One: In Which, I Dub Thee…Cream Poof.

I'm going to give you the facts. As in no room for discussion or debate: it is what it is. There is no better way to start off your morning. Trust me; I've been starting mine here for the last three years of my life.

Getting up at the butt crack of dawn is, I will admit, a very daunting task. And forget about it being a 'morning person' thing, because it really is crazy to be up so early. I swear, the only person up and functioning properly before the birds even start singing, is God. But I guess God was lonely because He gave this woman named Molly Weasley the wicked idea to make this little bakery called Slice of Heaven.

See, I work there. Yea, I'm sure you're thinking it's pretty gay for an eighteen year old, high school senior to be working at a bakery. I've heard all the jokes before; my current nickname at school is Cream 'Poof.' But guess what…I am gay. So no offence taken! Anyway, back to Molly.

She is the epitome of goodness and I promise you'll never find another woman like her. Well, besides your own mom…if you have a good mom. But I don't, and haven't for quite some time now. See, when I was about two years old, my family and I were in a bad car crash. I was the only survivor, and after being pulled from the wreckage, patched up (I had a weird cut on my forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt) I was sent away to live with my mother's 'family.'

I put a lot of sarcastic stress on the word family when I talk about my Aunt, her husband, and their obese whale-child Dudley. Bottom line, my mother's sister is NOT what you would really consider a family. They hated me, and made sure to tell me every day of my life. My presence in their household was nothing short of a dreadful misfortune, and they made me work day till night to make up for it. I was an indentured servant, but with no possibility of ever lifting my sentence.

The earliest memories of my life were nothing short of hell. I had no idea that this wasn't what a family was supposed to be like, and for a long time….I truly believed that there was something wrong with me, and that I deserved everything I got. And by the time my cousin Dudley saw a boy kissing me in the school yard day; life got even worse.

Punishment was always severe and quick. Sometimes it was going a number of days without food, or an extra amount of chores that I couldn't possibly finish. Being locked up all day in my cupboard became popular too. Oh yea, that's where I lived. In an old creaky and spider infested cupboard underneath the stairwell. After the incident however, corporal punishment became the best way my Uncle thought he could take care of me. Nights that had once been filled with tired hand, sore knees, and/or a hungry stomach, where now filled with getting acquainted with my Uncles belt.

It seemed that everyday my perpetual hell was getting hotter and hotter. The chores, lack of food, and frequent beatings, left me very small and practically malnourished, and my lack of good social skills kept me silent at school. I went by rather unnoticed, but I liked it that way. After all, it's easier to not say anything when you have no one to talk to. But when Dudley was kicked out of boarding school, the only sanctuary I had was stolen from me. They had this sport see, which they called 'Harry Hunting,' and yours truly was the prey.

After one rather rigorous round with Dudley and his goons after school, I had an accident and slipped while running. My arm broke, and it had been the most painful thing I'd ever felt. After recess I walked back to class, determined to not anyone know what was wrong. But my teacher noticed when I raised my right hand instead of left. I was quickly rushed to the nurse, and while we awaited the ambulance that was to come, I had a breakdown.

I don't really know what happened, but I just kinda…told the nurse everything. She kept asking me questions, and I didn't know how to respond, and I'd never been good at lying, and well…I'm sure you can guess what happened. The first case of child abuse the school had ever seen. Well as you can imagine, the principal of my school didn't take kindly to that, and tried to hush up the whole affair.

I don't know why she loves pink so much, but Dolores Umbridge is the devil's overseer, and therefore her color should be red. Instead of doing what she should have done and protecting me; she blamed me for what happened. She persuaded the police to not further their investigation, and when she was certain the reputation of her precious school was secure, she turned her sights on me.

My Aunt and Uncle had to have a meeting with her. To this day, I don't know exactly what was said, but I know the after effects were horrible. For the rest of that school year, I served detention with that pink bitch. She made me carve the words 'I must not tell lies' into the back of my hand. That was the last time I attempted to tell anyone about what was happening to me for awhile. Things progressed in this same manner until the summer preceding my freshman year of high school.

Now understand, I knew nothing about my parents besides what my family told. Apparently they were nothing but drunken hipsters who couldn't hold a steady job, and as their spawn, I was certain to follow in their footsteps. Oh how right they were.

A letter came in the mail one day…addressed to me. I had never received mail before. But it came from this school, Hogwarts Schools of Arts and Sciences. Turns out, my parents weren't drunken hipsters. My mother had been a great dancer, and was about to join the prestigious London Royal Dance Academy. My father was a painter. One of best, and was the youngest person who was ever invited to have a showcase at the Paris Museum of Modern Art. And I was there son… put down to attend the same school they had since my birth.

I was so excited that I didn't even care about my family's betrayal. The picture they painted of nothing parents that lived life as drifters, were to shallow in my mind to hold onto any longer. Even the strongest of lies won't prevail in the face of truth. I finally had an escape. And as crazy it was; my family was excited to. Not for the obvious joyful reasons like me being accepted to an amazing school with a full ride scholarship. No, they were more stoked about me being away for nine months out of the year. Well… that worked for me too.

So, I went to Hogwarts School of Fine and Liberal Arts. And that's when my life finally seemed to take a turn for the better. I had never thought about dancing or anything like that. But at school, it all just came so…naturally. I took after my mother. At least that's what all the professor's there told me. And it was great, for once there was something I liked to do, and fuck, I was even great at it! Dancing became my everything.

While I was there, I met my best friends Ron and Hermione. Ronald Weasley is Molly's youngest son. He got accepted to Hogwarts for his instrumental skills. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, classical piano; you name it, Ron knows how to play it. And if he doesn't it won't take him but about two weeks to learn. I promise he learned how to play one of those classical Japanese guitar thingys in two weeks flat. Ron is a master at everything music.

Next, is Hermione Granger. Please don't let her bushy hair fool you… she's a genius. And I mean really it; like her IQ is in the high triple digits. She's attending Hogwarts for creative writing. Although that's her focus, Mione could write anything and it would be golden. Books, screenplays, computer manual, you name it and she'll make a literary masterpiece.

We've been stuck to each other for years, and as gay it seems; they're the family I always wanted. But like any family, they aren't blind to the things that happen to their family members. It didn't take long for Hermione to get suspicious about stunted growth. And although somewhat unobservant, even Ron didn't miss the way I normally shied away from people that I didn't know. Combined with my refusal to every go back home for the Christmas break, they found me out by the spring semester of my sophomore year.

I was sixteen when they confronted me, and much like my experience with the nurse; I couldn't lie to them and everything just came out. But this time, the outcome was much better. At Hogwarts, I was surrounded by people that actually cared about me. Well, besides the Point Master Severus Snape. But that's to be expected with the history him and my father had. I certinatly don't hold it against the big gliding bat. But I had a very sturdy group of people who I found out loved me and cared for me, and were ready to assist me in any way possible.

The best possible way we all decided was emancipation. The next year I would turn seventeen, and due to the strenuous condition in which I had been living, it didn't take much more then the Headmaster of Hogwarts (Professor Dumbledore) vouching for me to have all of my parents assets given over to me before my eighteenth birthday. The process was tedious and took a lot of opening up, but with my friends behind me; I got through it alright.

The only thing that I needed was a sort of chaperone, and that's where the wonderful Molly Weasley comes in.

Although I never went to my home for the break, most of the time I spent it with the Weasley's. After meeting them my freshman year, they really took to me. And in turn, I fell I love with them. Ron's parents are everything I imagined a real family was supposed to be like. They're caring, concerned, loving and warm. I promise; I'm never happier than when I am at the Weasley household. But I was still withholding a very crucial aspect about myself back from them.

I think I've always know that I liked boys. I just didn't know there was a name for it until I got to high school. Coming out was the hardest thing I'd ever had to do. Even in today's liberal society, loving someone of the same sex is still one of the greatest taboos. And for the first time in my life, I had something that I didn't want to lose; even if that meant hiding who I really was.

It was Hermione again (of course) who figured things out first. If she wasn't so set on writing novels, I think she'd make a great detective. I had never had an actual girlfriend. The massacre of a kiss I had with this girl named Cho Chang, apparently didn't count towards anything. After that, my total lack of interest in girls was a little more…noticeable to Hermione. She waited until my junior year, when everything with the emancipation was taken care of before unloading her findings on me.

Now I'll be honest; I'm a proud gay person. Not particularly flamboyant or queenish as others. I mean, it's not like you'll see me in drag anytime soon. Well besides Halloween. But it took me awhile to get that comfortable with my sexuality. I spent a good portion of my life getting the 'freak' beaten out of me, and there are just some things that no amount of time can heal.

I was still really afraid of the Weasley's reaction. But my paranoia (although warranted) was highly misplaced, and as always, the Weasley's gave nothing less than their undying love and support. Even Ron, who generally likes to stick the safe things, didn't really flip about it. He did warn me against getting hot and heavy in his room however. And of course I've obliged since neither me nor-

"Well, lookie who I see. I swear Harry, you could set you alarm clock by that boy."

I turn away from my pound cake batter, and see a swirl of shimmering bright red hair round the corner with a saucy smile and wink on her face. Ginevra Weasley, Ron's sister and the Weasley clan's only daughter. She used to have a diehard crush on me, and I was worried that my being gay would hurt her the most. But girls are weird and to Ginny as long as another woman didn't have me…she was happy.

I laugh because I know exactly who she's talking about. The door chimes and I go back to swirling my batter masterfully, not even bothering to look up when I see the soft shadow of a person standing at the counter. It's a fun game we like to play, our morning courtship if you would.

"Excuse me?" The voice is warm, like the butter I spread on Mrs. Dolly's coffee cake every morning. In through my ears, the sound of it travels throughout my body, exiting finally when I breath out because as corny as it sounds…my man leaves me speechless.

It's always hard to keep a straight face at the beginning, but I normally try really hard, and today my practice has paid off. Although my eyes are focused on my current task, he knows he has my undivided attention.

"Can I help you…sir," I ask with a sound of vague interest in my voice. Man I'm pretty good at this! If I were any good at speaking with my mouth, I think I'd have what it takes to act. But I like speaking with my body through dance instead, so I'll leave the acting to him.

"Yes I think you can. You see, I'm looking for someone. Wild black hair, pretty green eyes. Likes to bake. Oh, and he dances too. Maybe…you've seen him?" There's a hint of teasing laughter in his voice, but he's much better than me and remains composed when I finally look him in the face.

What a nice face. I send a silent prayer to my imaginary patron god of the gays, and stare boldly into the handsome visage and warm brown eyes that stare back at me. Ah, I can see…the slight upward tilt from the side of his mouth. I knew he was laughing.

"Maybe I have, maybe I haven't." My response sounds haughty, even to my own ears.

"Well if you do, could tell him…tell him I'd really like to take him out sometime. You know just a lunch date or whatever he wants." Even though we make up a scenario like this just about every morning that my boyfriend Cedric Diggory comes to pick me up from work and drive me to school; I still marvel at how smooth he is, and my hearts beats fast like it did when he asked me out for the first time. Seems like such a long time ago when in reality, it's only been five months. September will forever be my favorite month.

He's moving closer now, leaning over the counter slowly and only stopping when the sandy brown bangs that rest on his forehead are in contact with my sooty black ones. I don't even try to fight off the involuntary desire to rub my nose against his, and I love him even more for letting me. Lord knows even after all this time I crave the simplest forms of physical contact like a crack addict.

"I'll be sure to pass on the message…and…scene." The pretend moment of destined lovers meeting for the first time is over, and we laugh to ourselves. We are so stupid. But it's a fun little thing we do all the time, and as weird as it might seem, we just can't help it. I mean come one…we're artists!

Now that I think about it, I can't even remember how we started our little morning ritual. I blame it on Cedric though; he studies theatre performance at Hogwarts so it's probably his fault.

"You ready to go yet?" He nods at the batter. Ever the considerate one, my Cedric. He knows I hate to leave things unfinished and doesn't make a fuss when I tell him I need about thirty more minutes. Mrs. Weasley comes from the back kitchen and spotting my boyfriend, doesn't waste any time swallowing him in a hug. She fusses over him (like she does just about everyone) and leads him to the back where he can wait on me. I beam at her, thankful yet again for having her as my mother figure.

Time is of the essence and although Cedric will wait on me, he really is impatient. It takes about five more minutes to finally get the pound cake batter into the right consistency before I put it the oven. Ginny is here, so I know she'll take it out when it's finished before she heads off to school as well. With a kiss to Mrs. Weasley and Ginny, and the promise that I'll be home for our weekly Friday night dinner, I grab Cedric and we head out the bakery.

In the car I pull out some butter croissants; Ced's favorite. As always, my talent with an oven is rewarded by a heavy snogging session that leaves both of us breathless. On the way to school we chitchat about the upcoming day. I have Point class with my nemesis Master Snape, rehearsal for the upcoming Graduation Showcase, and a meeting with Headmaster Dumbledore. It's a shame the day probably won't go by fast enough.

I've been looking forward to this meeting for the past month. With high school's impending end in just about two months, college has been on my mind lately. At first, I never imagined anything happening after I graduated high school…at least of me. I mean, yea I love dancing and I'm good at it, but until my parents assets were turned over to me, the idea of paying for my continued education was inconceivable. But even with the funds to pay for it, the idea of college only started to appeal to me when I learned more about my mom and her dream to attend London's Royal Academy.

The Royal Academy is one of the most prestigious ballet schools…in the world. Ranking in the top ten, people kill to even get an audition there. Ok, the killing was an exaggeration on my part, but you get what I'm saying. To know that my mother was given a full scholarship there is something that really keeps me motivated. She worked really hard for her opportunity, but died before she could see it out. And I could be presuming too much, but I feel like…it's my duty to finish what she started.

So for the past couple of months, I've been meeting with Professor Dumbledore and he's been giving me private lessons, gearing me up for the upcoming preliminary auditions. Crazy huh? That you need an audition, to make it to the real auditions. Blimey it's overwhelming.

Lost in a steady flow of conversation, I hardly even realized when we pulled up in front of the school…well, castle really. The place is enormous, and even though it's a high school, Hogwarts is big enough to put any university to shame.

I feel a strong warm hand grip my smaller one, and feel some of the tension I had in my shoulders disappear. Words of reassurance and comfort flood my ears as the smell of Cedric's cologne floods my nostrils. As always, I feel my heart rate calm back down, and when I open my eyes, his are staring at me with such an intensity that I want to explode.

But I don't.

Instead we get out of the car, and my hand finds his again as we meander towards the school. One more kiss, before we part ways until the end of the day. When Cedric asks me about hanging out with him after dinner tonight, I can barely refrain from leaping up and down with joy. There's nothing like wanting someone, and knowing that person wants you in return. Even after five months I never get tired of being wanted by him. I never will either.

And it may sound like something a stalker would say, but I guess love has that effect on people, because I could bask in the light of Cedric's smile and be content for the rest of my life. I have never felt this way before, and while some say that it's just an infatuated phase; I know our love is real. Fuck everyone else. Nothing exists but us.

We haven't really talked about it, but I know that Cedric is trying to go the Accademia dell'Arte in Italy. Even with the foreboding distance that is going to be separating us soon, I have no doubt we will sustain this…magical…thing we have between us. Really, I can't imagine another pair of people feeling anything akin to what we do for one another.

"I'll see you after the meeting. We have an extra hour of rehearsal since Neville can't fucking seem to remember his lines, so hopefully it'll be close to the time your meeting is over."

"Sounds good. Now kiss me," I demand childishly. There is a brief chuckle before I feel lips upon mine, and my inner brat is soothed.

"You're so spoiled."

"And it's your entire fault. Now another." I pucker up my face again in an almost comedic fashion. More laughter and then…

The bell rings. Time for class.


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