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Pairings: Cedric Diggory/Harry Potter, eventual (maybe ^_^) Tom Riddle/Harry Potter

Warnings: Adult themes, violence, language, and slashly goodness.

Summary: AU/No-Magic/Werewolf/Slash TR/HP Everything was going great. I've got a great family, my boyfriend and I are in love, and I've been accepted to my dream college. Then all of a sudden some guy barges into my life, setting flame to everything I thought I knew.


Chapter 4: In Which, Shit Hits the Fan

Undoubtedly, this is the man Cedric was talking about. The Vargulf.

The air is too thick, I feel like I'm choking. It's like someone is trying to force a wad of cotton down my throat. It takes up entirely too much space; blocking my airways. I need to breathe, and these shallow pants that I'm reduced to aren't giving me the amount of oxygen I need to sustain life. I wonder if his presence is only affecting me like that…or does everyone else feel it too?

I fight against the strong compulsion that forces me to keep my eyes trained on the man walking towards me. The adrenaline that was just previously coursing through me seems to have frozen in my veins upon his entrance into the park. I try to focus on menial things, that will keep me grounded, but it seems impossible. He has my full attention. The only other thing my mind can comprehend is the loud thud of my heart resounding in my ears. It's deafening. Does he hear it too? I imagine he can't, but some part of me knows better.

Nothing escapes his detection. Not my obnoxiously loud heart, not my quiet gasps for breath. Not the warmth he draws from within me that travels up body and spreads across my face in blush. Nothing. I don't like that. And I let him know by narrowing my eyes at him as he reaches his destination and stands directly in front of me. Why is he so close? No doubt an attempt to break my resolve and force me back. But I won't back down. Not from him, or anybody else.

My nose is practically touching his chest. I can breathe again. And it's only because of him that this is possible. A part of me is thankful.

The other part…not so thankful.

My senses are instantly enveloped by the natural smell that is him. It's a heady scent that makes my mind dizzy while the heat in my face blooms like a virgin on her wedding night. He smells like juniper… wild juniper that's fresh, cool, and minty.

I don't realize my eyes have closed until he chuckles, and the spell over me, brought upon by the close proximity of his presence, is broken. I'm back to glaring, but it seems most ineffective now that I have to look up him. He towers over me. Even more than Cedric who's around 5'11. If I could hazard a guess, I'd wager this guy to be around 6'2. I hate people that make me fell puny. Then again, this man probably makes even the highest mountain feel puny. It's just…him, and the naturally domineering and dominating presence he possess. I hate people like that too.

There's no mistaking the blatantly obvious; he's in charge. He knows it, everyone else knows it, and he expects everyone to act accordingly. Out of my peripheral I see the blonde on one knee, bowed down. The… big dogs…creatures…wolfs, are pressed low to the ground. Their eyes are downcast too. Is it like…a mortal sin to even look at this guy? Well I don't give a bloody rat's arse; I'll continue to stare him down until…well I'm not exactly sure about that part yet.

Quiet suddenly, I feel a warm hand grip mine. I don't know why, but I figured he wouldn't touch me; as if I were a leper or something. I'm beginning to really not like that he keeps proving me wrong. There's no point in resisting as he pulls my hand that is still clasping the pen, down, away from my vulnerable neck.

"There, there now. No need for the dramatics," he murmurs in a soft voice, his hand still gripping mine. "It's a beautiful night…no need for bloodshed." Something about the way he says that lets me know that for him, every night needs some bloodshed. The fear and disgust that should accompany this last thought surprises me by not manifesting. Instead, I can only think about the way his had feels around mine. Oh great; my common sense has left the building.

"I'm not being dramatic." My voice comes out low, but steady. Go me. "Let Cedric go. You don't need him…you need me."

That damn smug look is back across his face. "Well aren't you a rather conceited one," he says while bringing up his free hand and caressing my cheek. "I'm afraid you haven't fully grasped the situation you're in. You belong to me." The heat of night is suddenly doused with the ice cold water that is his words. I belong to him?

How the fuck, does another living organism belong to another person? This Vargulf bloke is out his bloody mind. I don't…wont, belong to anyone. My time of being someone else's lapdog was over when I left the Dursleys. And even then they made sure to make me feel like I never belonged to them. Hell, I didn't even belong in their household as far as they were concerned. As always I have trouble reigning in my expressions, and my obvious displeasure at his words makes an appearance on my face. His eyes grow stormy and I'm suddenly very aware of his hand on my cheek. Apparently he isn't accustomed to people not being instantly brainwashed by him.

Against my will I tense up when he leans down toward me. His breath is on my ear, and for some reason there's a sense of déjà vu that accompanies his action. It's hard to focus on the words he's saying when I can feel his lips on the shell of my ear. Gods, I'm blushing again. "We can do this the hard way, or the easy way," he whispers.

What a mood killer. I'm choked up all over again and can't seem to breathe right…again. I really hate that this guy scares me. Truly I do. The last person I was afraid of was my uncle. A lot of time has passed since then and I've grown a lot from the scared and unsure boy I used to be. But this guy brings it all back, front and center.

But I don't want Cedric to be hurt anymore than he already is. And I don't want to go against this man…because he will win. I'm sure of it. Any other person I'd be willing to go head to head, toe to toe with; but not him. There's a reason the blonde, his lapdogs, and my boyfriend are bowing to him like he's some kind of evil war god. Whatever he is, because after tonight I'm pretty sure he's not normal, I'd rather not find out firsthand.

Giving in is surprisingly easy. Maybe it's his hand that is rubbing soothing circles into my cheek with his thumb, or the arm that's now wrapped around my waist, trapping me against his hard body. Not sure, but it's working so I won't question it.

The night's events are taking its toll on me. Maybe shock? Maybe. Either way I'm suddenly really tired and drained. I just want to fall into a coma and sleep for a thousand years. But since that's impossible I settle for leaning against the broad chest in front of me and breathing deeply. Weird, that I should feel warm, safe, and content in the arms of a man who was the cause of my distress in the first place. "Everything will be ok?" I murmur into his shirt. I can't even find the strength to be irritated with myself for the childish way my question sounds.

"I'll take care of everything," he assures me, and my heart swells with trust for this man because somehow I know…just know, that he really will take care of everything. There's nothing for me to worry about anymore. It feels like a great burden has just been lifted off my shoulders, but before I can even thank him, or request that he seal the deal with a pinkie promise, I feel knives pierce my shoulder.

No, not knives; teeth. Just like before at the Shrieking Shack in the parking lot…

It's him.

Suddenly it all comes rushing back to me in a split second; that night. It was him.

And that's the last thing I remember before everything turned black.


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