Returning Home


A story by Scott Sparr

Chapter 1

Hide and Seek in the Havens

A sleeping hobbit lay motionless beneath the tall, sturdy trunk of a white willow tree while flowers of gold and grass of green danced all around him. The hobbit's face, stained with mud, held an innocent smile. A small weed peeped out of the hobbit's teeth.

"Sam!" a voice called from behind a few bushes. The sleeping hobbit did not budge. Laughing, the voice called out once more, this time from beside the sleeping hobbit. "Sam, you old sleepy head, wake up!"

Slowly opening his heavy eyes, Sam quickly remembered where he was and immediately jumped up. Brushing off his chest, the warm smile had left his face.

"Oh…hullo, I'm sorry, master Frodo, but the pesky forest fairies sung their lullaby's and I couldn't help it." Said Sam nervously as he rubbed his eyes profusely. Frodo was standing in front of him, smiling with a peaceful feeling all about him. Frodo's head was slightly angled as he looked on Sam with a questionable gaze. He shook the feeling off.

"It's all right, Sam, but I've found it, I've found the button! That means it is now your turn to find the button after I hide it." Frodo said anxiously as he extended his arm forward and opened his hand to reveal a large bright red button. Sam reluctantly took the button from Frodo's hand and began to speak quickly.

"Oh, I've never been good at this game o' yours, Frodo. Finding the button is always the hardest part. Do you think maybe I could hide it again and you look for it, instead? I'm gettin' very tired from the voices of the fairies and I should like to rest some more." Sam said, trying to keep his eyes open. Frodo's serious glance returned, but was shook off once more.

At that, Frodo laughed again. "Ahh…Sam Gamgee, if that wasn't just Bilbo's words coming from you mouth! Frodo paused and look at Sam, realizing that he seemed to look more tired than usual. "Okay, Sam." He laughed once more. "Let's go back home."

Sam and Frodo gathered their packs and began the long hike through the forest to return to their shire-styled home in what is commonly called the Grey Havens. This forest was as many shades of green as one could think of and had anyone ever wondered in, they became peaceful and were cured of any weariness.

"Frodo, do you think that sometime you should ever like to return to the shire, if only for a day or two?" Sam asked suddenly, still looking at the ground. "I know I could find quite a good many tales to tell my great grandsons and granddaughters." Frodo's smile quickly vanished from his muddy face. Frodo looked up from the ground and gazed at the treetops as his curly hair dangled like grass in the wind just above his eyes. Sam halted and turned to Frodo, yet remained silent, as Frodo continued walking and passed him by.

After a long pause, Frodo sighed, turned, and his gaze met Sam's, he spoke slowly.

"I don't think I would want anything more, my dear Sam."

With that, the two hobbits, who were very young at heart here in the havens, continued their long walk in a silence. Whether the silence was due to recently discovered desire to return to their old home in the shire, or the two hobbits had simply become tired from the singing of the forest fairies, I do not rightly know.

Chapter 2 A Comfortable Surprise COMING SOON