I Just Like Playing With Them. That's All.

"Quit worrying. You're Like Tokyo worrying about the welfare of Godzilla."

Boyd looked longingly down at the liquor in his cup as he spoke with Kingston about the dear daughter. The old man was close, very close, to wearing on his nerves. He'd been trying very hard not to go down this road thanks to all Kingston had done for the girl but that would only carry him so far. Sometimes the old man forgot about that.

The demon was also restless as he had grown tired of babysitting him, making sure he wasn't going to do something stupid and ruin their plans. He had to take care of business here before he followed Christina to the sleepy little town they were discussing. The longer it took here, the more his aggravation grew.

It began to show in this conversation. Some of it part of the act, some purely true, just his annoyance at still being away from the girl.

He was due to leave tonight and Christina's pretend father be damned if he was going to screw that up. He had his place, he played his part. Now he needed to do as he was told and let go.

Christina was in His hands now.