It's been too long Fanfiction. Way too long.

So, after thousands of days it seems, I have been working on this amazing plot.

The title of the story is called 'Solo'. It's based in Ohio and is kind of like Glee, but it's a competing choir against New Directions. I'm thinking it's going to be in the small town of West Carrollton.

Basically, it's the same plotline of Glee, except it's set towards the way fans of Glee think it should happen.


The Basics-

Full Name:

Age: (be high school appropriate)



Hometown: (try to be generally in the Ohio area. Kettering, Centerville, Moraine, Miamisburg. don't want too many out of staters)



(what does your character look like? What do they wear? Eyes? Hair? Height? Ect.)


(How do they act? What would they do in normal situations? What are they like?)


(just a little drabble on their background.)

Audition Song:

Voice Range:

Hey! So, introducing a few more characters! I'll probably introduce mine for you guys. Ok the OC's that I have accepted so far are:

NOTE: If your OC is not on this list, that does not mean I won't use it. Take your OC and beef it up a bit. It'll better your chances of getting picked. And of which, I have three more spots open, not including mine.

Congratulations to:

ZxZ Fic Hunter:

Alexander Aaron

Cola-Flavoured-Sherbet :
Megan Julianna Carter

andieeee :
Andrea Suzanne Cuellar. (Andie)

.Silence :

Full Name: Ezra Jace Cain

Hell Devil 13 :

Billie Ryan Barker

GleekMe1135 :

Dane Anthony Harrison


Mairead Johnston