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The following day, Tuesday, before school.

"Ugh, I hate getting up so early in the morning for school. Especially when it's not mandatory," Lucas said to Mairead, who was rehearsing her audition song. She glared at him like he asked her what her bra size was. She wasn't falling for his pretty boy charm.

Lucas shrugged it off and looked over to Ezra, the new kid. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. He was a bit pale and timid. He was looking at his sheet music while bobbing to the music in his head. "Eric, err… Eon?" Lucas nudged Ezra's soldier, not knowing his real name.

"It's Ezra. But what?" he said, looking annoyed too.

"What song are you singing?" he smiled, trying to get his spirits up.

"Alibi, by 30 seconds to Mars. You?" he replied, giving a half-hearted smile.

"Paper Planes, by MIA but…the This Centaury's cover version." He looked toward the chorus door.

Ezra looked back at his sheet music and then his heart sank. "Ezra Cain?" Mr. Coleman asked, poking out of his office. Ezra was the first one to sing. Shit.

He got up from sitting against the wall and everyone said good luck, even though the correct term would have been, 'break a leg.'

"Alright Ezra, go when you're ready." Mr. Coleman casually said.

Ezra picked up his guitar and began to strum, making the soft musical sound.

"No warning sign, no alibi
We faded faster than the speed of light
Took our chance, crashed and burned
No, we'll never ever learn

I fell apart, but I got back up again,
And then I fell apart, but got back up again,

We both could see crystal clear,
That the inevitable end was near
Made our choice, a trial by fire,
To battle is the only way we feel alive

I fell apart, I fell apart, I fell apart,
I fell apart. I fell apart,
But got back up again."
He finished smiling.

Mr. Coleman sat at his piano, looking at Ezra, smiling too. "Welcome to glee club."

Ezra let out a sigh and thanked him, then left the chorus room promptly.

"Before you go, can you send in…Megan Carter?"

"Sure thing. Thanks again."

Before long, Megan was in the room, her blonde locks were shining in the blinding lights above.

"Whenever you're ready, Megan."

"Of course," she said with a smile, and Mr. Coleman started to play the piano.

"Mozart was crazy.
Flat fucking crazy.
Bad shit, I hear.

But his music's not crazy,
It's balanced, it's nimble,
It's crystalline clear.

There's harmony, logic,
You listen to these.
You don't hear his doubts,
Or his debts or disease.

You scan through the score,
And put fingers on keys,
And you play.
And everything else goes away.
Everything else goes away.

And you play 'til it's perfect,
You play 'til you ache,
You play 'til the strings or your fingernails break.

So you'll rock that recital,
And get into Yale.
So you won't feel so sick,
And you won't look so pale.

'Cause you've got your full ride,
And you're early admit.
So you're done with this school,
And with all of this shit.

And you graduate early,
You're gone as of May,
And there's nothing your paranoid parents can say.

And you know that it's just a sonata away,
And you play,
And you play.
And everything else goes away,
Everything else goes away.
Everything else goes away."

"Congratulations Miss Carter, you're in!"