Title:Redemption (17/17)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Warnings: Slash, graphic sex, bottom!Dean.
Spoilers: Seasons four and five.
Word Count:6,572
Disclaimer: Not mine. The characters of Supernatural belong to Kripke and CW Television.
Summary: When Castiel brought Dean up from Hell, he lost his grace in the process and fell to Earth. Still retaining some of his angelic qualities, demons went on the hunt for him. He was saved by the Winchester brothers, who quickly learn his fall may have not have been an accident.
A/N: This story was originally written as an RPG, which explains any shifty POV's. A very special thanks goes to our beta,ladydefee. Feedback is appreciated!

This is the last chapter to the story, but mini sequels may follow.

He found Sam in the diner downstairs with his laptop open in front of him. Dean power walked over to him and shut the computer because what he had to say demanded more attention than anything else.

"I think he put me under some sort of spell, Sam," he began nervously, "You might be under it too. I don't understand it but-..."

Sam rolled his eyes before he interrupted him. "It's not a spell, Dean. People do crazy things when there in love," he sighed, not looking up from his laptop as he reopened it.

That did not help Dean relax at all. It was typical of Sam to brush off something so important. Dean shoved the laptop to the side and forced himself into his brother's focus of attention. "No, Sam. The spell is written on his back, I saw it myself. It has my name on it. And he won't tell me why. It's some sort of spell," he repeated. He was starting to panic now.

"Oh, that," Sam realized. "It's nothing bad, Dean. I don't know all the details but I think it just means that Castiel belongs to you now."

Dean stared blankly at his brother when he realized he knew about the tattoos. And what a weird thing to say, even for Sam. Belonged to him? What the hell did that supposed to mean? "Why should I believe you?" Dean challenged, needing one good reason. "How do I know you're not... just letting the spell talk for- wait a minute," he stopped instantly, "Did you say in love?"

Sam snorted. "Believe what you want to, I don't care. Call Bobby, he's been translating the damn things. And I guess it's love… I've never seen you act like this with anyone else before, not even Cassie or Lisa," he said irritably. His brother's love life was getting to be too much for him.

"Yeah, well, it's not what it looks like," Dean barked back, because love was a word that wasn't in his vocabulary. "I acted differently with them because oh, hmm, let's see… they didn't have big black wings and they didn't come down from Heaven. It doesn't mean I'm in love with him."

"Listen, I understand this is a lot to take in, but when you get your memory back it will no longer be an issue. Until then, I wouldn't say stuff like that in front of Cas. Wait a minute… did you say Cas has wings?" Sam raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Yeah!" Dean exclaimed, happy that his brother was actually listening to him about something for once. With wide eyes, he waved his arms up and down, flapping them as if to further illustrate what he meant. "Big black ones! It's like he can just whip them out of nowhere."

Sam smiled at Dean's excitement. "I guess that would explain your feather collection," he mused, his voice almost too low for his brother to hear. Then, just like that, he went into Geek Mode. "I wonder where he keeps them when they are away."

Dean frowned when his brother brought up his secret feather collection, but Sam changed the subject just in time. "On another plane. I don't know," he shrugged. He suspected most of the time they were on the same plane as their true form. He was grateful that Castiel didn't seem to do any of that stuff that Anna had a knack for.

Except for a few streetlamps and Bobby's kitchen light.


Those thoughts came streaming into his head with unknown origin and they made no sense at all to him. "He doesn't like to get them wet. That's why he didn't wanna get in the tub," he explained, but immediately, he realized what he had said and how it could be misunderstood and he stuttered to correct himself. "Uh... he's going through withdrawal. From his little drug addiction. I was trying to cool down his fever. That's why I was trying to get him in the tub."

Sam raised his eyebrows but decided not to tease his older brother right now. There would be plenty of time for that later when he had his memory back. "He's going through withdrawal already? Maybe that means he will get over it faster."

"You know, Sammy, I really don't need more bullshit than I already have to deal with. You know more about this. Refresh an old man's memory. Help me put the puzzle together," Dean attempted in frustration.

Sam sighed. "There's not really a lot I know, Dean. Castiel is the one that pulled you out of Hell. Heaven apparently laid siege to it to save you and they were actually losing. Cas's orders were to retreat but he stayed and the trauma of pulling you out caused him to lose a lot of his grace," he explained as he took a deep sip of his coffee. "We met him on a case. Demons had a bounty out for catching him alive. He was in a psych hospital when we found him and he recognized you right away. And, well, you two just sort of happened. Bobby thinks Cas was made into an angel/human hybrid for you. To help protect you."

Dean cut Sam off with a fist slammed on the table, the coffee almost jumping up in the air. "Alright, you know, I don't have to listen to this," he growled, and walked away before he could hear anything else, but not before he grabbed a bagel and bottle of water off of the table.

He needed to check on the angel, anyway. For all he knew, the dude could have snuck out in search of more pills or gotten himself hurt some other way. He stormed off towards the room but opened the door gently. The curtains were drawn and the room was dark, but after taking one step closer, Dean could see Castiel laying on the bed. He stopped dead when he noticed he was naked, wearing only his black tattoo and a revealing sheet leaving nothing up to Dean's perverted imagination.

Castiel's eyes fluttered open when the door opened. He made sure it was Dean before he shut them again. "Did I sleep long?" he asked.

Dean forced his eyes to focus when he realized Castiel was awake. "Probably more than you have in weeks, but no," he answered honestly. Still ignoring his nudity, Dean stepped closer to sit on the edge of the bed and looked everywhere but directly at the angel. "How are you feeling? Sit up, you gotta eat something."

Castiel rolled onto his back so he could sit up and the sheet wrapped around his waist. "I still feel too hot," he admitted quietly, looking at Dean through fever glazed eyes.

Dean looked down as Castiel sat up, but the sheet didn't fall. Instead, it lay loosely around his hips. "I see that. You know, you can't parade around in your birthday suit. We're gonna have to get you some clothes of your own once you've got a normal fever of one hundred eleven. Drink some water, it'll help. It won't make your wings all clumpy, I promise," he teased with a slight smirk on his face, raising the open bottle to Castiel's slightly parted lips.

Castiel's hands came up to take the bottle as he drank deeply, chugging it faster than any mortal could. When he couldn't drink anymore he placed it on the nightstand before he scooted back down the bed and lay down. "I know I am a burden to you, perhaps I should stay at Bobby's until this passes."

"Shut up, Cas, it's my fault you're like this," Dean whispered as he brought the thin sheet further up over the angel's body as if he were tucking in a small child.

Castiel stilled Dean's hand with his own. "My mistakes are my own."

Dean gently took back his hand and drew the sheets more comfortably over him. In general, he was fussing over him and attempting to distract himself from the heavier issue. "Listen, Cas, I don't remember much but I do remember once when you were in pain I gave you narcotics. You had to have learned this from somewhere. And I take it you don't watch much TV so..." He stopped fussing and looked down at the white sheets, the part that didn't cling to Castiel's body. "And you being human is my fault too. At least that's what I'm picking up on."

Castiel frowned. "That was my choice too, Dean, and I would always choose it."

Dean was starting to get angry again. "How was it your choice? Why would you ever choose this life?" he demanded.

"I thought my feelings for you were obvious," Castiel whispered, looking up and trying to catch Dean's eyes since the hunter seemed to avoiding that contact. He reached out and cupped his chin and forced the hunter to look at him. "I know I have wronged you, but I will not intentionally do so again."

Dean swallowed nervously when he finally had no choice but to drown in Castiel's blue eyes as if they had sucked him under like a tidal wave. He didn't think it could get more obvious than his name in Enocian on his back. He just still didn't want to admit it.

"No more pills, then." He hoped to get Castiel to promise. "And sleep a little more. You'll feel better if you do."

"Will you lay with me?" Castiel asked, his eyes pleading.

Dean was still lost in the oceans of his eyes and he knew he couldn't say no. "You know, you're puppy eyes are worse than Sam's," Dean muttered affectionately, but nonetheless stripped himself of his jacket and shoes and grunted as he laid down on the bed. He didn't know exactly how tense and restless he was nowadays until he allowed himself to relax. Dean reached for the cool, damp cloth on the bedside table and dabbed Castiel's forehead with it soothingly. "Close your eyes, sweetheart," he whispered, low and intimate, and the name had come out of its own free will. It had come out of a hidden part of Dean that had surfaced suddenly in the moment.

Castiel smiled and snuggled closer to Dean before he allowed his eyes fall shut.


Dean hadn't meant to fall asleep. He convinced himself he wasn't tired, but he must have dozed off not long after Castiel had closed his eyes. He woke up with his arm around Castiel's middle and he felt the soft rise and fall of the angel's breathing. He shook himself awake and took back ownership of his arm, noticing that Castiel was actually wide awake. He cleared his throat nervously and rubbed his eyes.

"Hey, Sleepin' Beauty, how's the rehab going?" he asked, but knowing that none of that would make sense to the angel, he rephrased, "How are you feelin'?"

"I feel much better," he told Dean just as his empty stomach made itself known with a growl.

Dean grinned when he heard the healthy signs of a hungry stomach and no fever when he felt his forehead. Sam was right. Castiel came out of it quicker than any human could have. "Aw, I forgot to feed you. I brought up a bagel and everything. I guess I don't take very good care of my pet angel," he teased lightheartedly.

An hour later, they had dressed and found Sam in the local library before heading to the nearest diner to grab a bite to eat. Sam looked at the menu before saying, "There's not a lot of choices for Cas here."

At first, Dean gave Sam a confused stare. It took a second for him to remember that Castiel turned his little angel nose up at eating meat. He also had one hell of a sweet tooth, which Dean could remember as adorable.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot," he snickered. "He can munch on the veggie Greek salad. Sound good, Cas?" he turned to Castiel to ask, but before the angel could answer, a waitress walked up to the table.

"Can I help you-" She was cut off when met with Dean's surprised look. "Oh, hello, Dean. And I was just about to call y'all gentlemen. Of all the things I'd call you, I wouldn't choose that." She winked flirtaceously.

Dean immediately went into a different state of mind and gave her his best grin. "Melanie, I didn't know you worked here. I guess you're just multi talented."

Castiel didn't really understand what was going on but he knew he didn't like it. Instead of saying anything, however, he picked up the menu and attempted to hide behind it. Sam just groaned.

That earned Dean a flirty giggle and a roll of the eyes. "Oh, you know it, Baby," she teased, and Dean looked her up and down slowly with the same cocky grin. As usual, Dean wasn't thinking, at least, not with his Upstairs Brain. Otherwise, he may have taken notice of his brother's annoyance and Castiel's jealous anger he was trying to hide behind the menu.

The waitress giggled again and took out her pad of paper, chewing her gum noisely. "So what'll it be tonight?" she asked Dean, her tone suggestive.

"I'll uh... have your number," Dean teased back.

Sam suddenly couldn't take it anymore. He kicked Dean under the table, and when he got Dean's focus on him, he nodded towards Castiel who looked like he was trying to disappear entirely. Dean's mouth opened in a gasp of pain when he felt his brother's foot kick him back into reality.

"Ow! Dude!" Dean exclaimed. The waitress looked from one brother to the other with an amused grin and raised her eyebrows.

"We will have a Greek salad and two cheeseburger plates," Sam told the waitress shortly, having lost all patience.

"Alright well... I'll have that right away for ya," she laughed before walking away.

Right, Dean thought after his leg stopped smarting.Real life, not porn. Especially not with Sam and... Castiel. Shit. He looked over to his angel who was still trying to escape. He saw that the menu was reversed. "Cas... it's upside down," he whispered.

Castiel blushed and put the menu down on the table and stared at his hands instead of looking up and anyone else.
Dean couldn't see that. The angel was giving his hands the beaten puppy look at its finest. He sighed deeply. It had been just another one of those drunken nights at the bar of the motel, and that girl, who called herself Melanie, had helped soothe Dean's loneliness and artificially filled the aching void in his soul left behind by Castiel if only for a few hours. It had just been for fun. A distraction from the heavy weight on his shoulders and the impending doom ahead of him.

"That was just... an old friend," Dean said into his beer, trying to brush it off, but only made it worse.

"I am not naïve," Castiel replied quietly.

Dean pursed his lips and rolled his eyes, no longer apologetic. If Castiel was going to make this difficult, that is exactly what it will be. "Well, Wifey... you stole my memory and left me, of course I was gonna catch some tail in your absence," he accused angrily.

"I should have stolen your overly stimulated libido, as well," Castiel let slip out. He hadn't really meant to say it that loud and Sam tried to hold in his laughter.

Dean clenched his jaw, pretending to be interested in the desert menu, even if he was staring at it like he wanted to kill it. "Oh, Baby, I have a feeling you'd miss that more," he growled viciously, "I'll have you know she was a great lay, and didn't fuck with my memories of it afterwards."

Castiel bit his lip to prevent from saying anything else and they were instead surrounded by tense silence until the waitress came back with their food. She left with a wink for Dean, which ended up making Castiel lose his control.
The glass pitcher of water she was holding exploded. Castiel looked away sheepishly as she yelped.

Both brothers visibly jumped and Dean watched in shock as the floor and the waitress became drenched. The waitress was equally as shocked, and looked down at herself cluelessly. An older man who Dean instantly knew had to be the manager stormed over. "Melanie, what is wrong with you? Go clean yourself up," he commanded, and she gave him an angry, defiant look before storming off.

"I'm sorry, Sirs, I'll have a fresh water pitcher and new waitress for you shortly," the manager told them sympathetically before walking off. Dean snickered, but there was nothing funny, nothing at all.

"Real mature, Princess," Dean growled, "All you did is make her tits visible through her white top. Thanks for that."

Sam was just taking a sip from his drink when his glass shattered, too. "Seriously, Cas?" he glared, aggravated as he cleaned himself up with a napkin.

"I apologize, Sam," Castiel said as he moved his salad around with his fork, none of the food actually making it into his mouth.

The manager came rushing over again. "Oh, another accident... I'll get you something to clean up with and a fresh glass of water..." he insisted.

"It's ok, we're leaving," Dean glared before rising up, not willing to sit here and argue in public with Castiel who obviously couldn't keep certain things under control. Leaving a twenty dollar bill, he stormed out of the diner.

Sam followed Dean and Castiel lagged slowly behind. "I think I'll head back to the motel and check out the pool," Sam went with the first excuse that came into his head before he practically ran off.

"You provoked me," Castiel explained. He knew Dean had slept with others, but it was another thing to watch it happen. "What if I had taken a lover while we were apart and then rubbed that fact in your face like you just did me?"

Dean instantly softened at that thought, because it simply hadn't occurred to him that Castiel could have hooked up with someone, too. He couldn't handle that thought. Dean grabbed Castiel by the shoulders firmly and glared into his eyes. "You didn't. Did you?"

Castiel stayed stubbornly silent at first but he couldn't lie to Dean even it a part of him wanted to. He knew his silence was almost as bad so he kept his mouth shut and eyed him defiantly.

Panic gripped Dean and he shoved Castiel firmly against the brick wall of the building that had only been right behind the angel. "Castiel!" he growled angrily, but his voice softened as he covered his body with his gently like a lover. "Tell me you didn't." His voice was begging now, pleading.

"It hurts does it not? Thinking of me sharing myself with someone other than you," Castiel pointed out. "But of course I did not. But maybe I should."

Yes, it hurt. It hurt more than Dean would ever even attempt to admit, to anyone, even his Cas. The thought of someone taking his angel churned his stomach and turned him violent. "I didn't know you existed, dammit. I only... I only just realized within the last day that you do." He held down that anger, because he was tired of it. "You left me with a hollow feeling in my chest, and I didn't know what to do with it, so I drank and tried to find you in the wrong places. I already told you they meant nothing."

"I am here now, Dean," Castiel said, still angry, "I was sitting right beside you while you spoke with that harlot."

Dean gripped his own hair in frustration. "I'm... I'm all screwed up, okay? I slept with that girl two nights ago. It was before you came back and I didn't know what to think, considering I still don't remember everything about us! And for your information, I know that the only reason you came back was because Sam tricked you into it. Otherwise you never would have."

Castiel wasn't going to allow Dean to make him feel guilty, so he reversed their positions until he had Dean pushed against the wall and was crashing their lips together. Shocked with the suddenness of the kiss, Dean moaned heatedly into it and tangled his hand in the angel's messy black hair. Yes, this is it... this is what he had needed. He tasted home in Castiel's mouth, and all anger automatically melted away, overpowered by something much stronger.

The second he felt Castiel pin him harder against the wall, Dean's legs spread a little, enough to press his growing hardness against the angel's hips. "Take me here. Right now." His voice was rough and spoken directly against Castiel's lips, unable to pry his own off of him as he panted heavily against them. He just couldn't get enough, he couldn't get closer, and fuck, he missed him so much. "Baby, I need you. Make me remember," he pleaded into his mouth, his hands wandering restlessly.

Castiel moaned as he rested his forehead against his. "Too public. Hold tight," he warned before he flew them to the motel room in a blink of an eye. He growled as he pushed Dean onto the bed and made quick work of divesting the other man of his clothes.

"Goddammit, Cas, warn me before you zap us!" Dean growled, but his voice was thick with lust. He was already rock hard by the time his back collided with the mattress and the only thing he could think about was flesh on flesh. He fought off Castiel's clothes and his own, all but ripping the fabric and thankful that he had given the angel baggy sweats and not jeans to complicate things.

Castiel kissed him apologetically, forgetting that traveling like that was second nature to him but to a human it had to be uncomfortable. As soon as they were both naked, Castiel pressed their groins together and moaned at the feeling of his wings unfolding uncontrollably behind him. He pulled back from the kiss to look down at Dean. "I will make you forget about every other lover you have ever had," he promised him. This time, however, he would not use his powers to do so.

Dean arched his back when he felt their naked cocks slide against each other and heard the soft fluttering of wings. When he opened his eyes he saw them above him and he was overcome. He pulled Cas closer to him and spread his legs around his hips, needing it to happen soon. There was plenty of time for foreplay later. He had waited too long for this. "Make me forget and make me remember... now..." he demanded, and gripped his hair tight as he attacked his mouth in another kiss.

Castiel had to still the urge to just push into Dean. "We need…" he began, and he remembered the bottle of lube in Dean's bag, he used his powers to make it appear on the bed. "I need to prepare you."

Dean shook his head. He was starving for it. He needed to feel complete. Not thinking straight, Dean tried to kiss away any ideas of waiting. "No, I don't need it," he pleaded, and thrust his hips up against Cas.

Castiel did not know enough about the human body to know that this was not a good idea. He only wanted to make Dean happy. So he hesitantly lined himself up before pushing slowly into Dean's body. The hunter's nails dug into Castiel's shoulder and cried out as a mixture of pain and pleasure coursed through his body.

"Wait, wait..." he panted, and with a palm on his lover's chest, he pulled him out and impatiently reached for the bottle. He made quick work of lathering up Castiel's erection before lifting his hips and sliding his own slick fingers into himself. He moaned as he did so, scissoring himself open even as his body resisted, frustrated that he couldn't take Cas as easily as he wanted to.

Castiel's eyes were glued to Dean's hands working himself open. "I did not hurt you, did I?" he asked worriedly.

Dean watched Castiel watching him with a knowing smirk. "No, Baby, of course you didn't hurt me," he soothed, and moaned when his own fingers found his prostate. He reached up to capture Castiel's lips again in a fierce kiss as he rubbed that hidden part of himself. "I bet I could get you off just by fingering myself, huh? Maybe we should try that sometime," he teased, because there were a lot of things he wanted to try with his angel. A whole lengthy list of things.

No apocalypse could stand in his way.

Finally, it was too much, and he slid his fingers out of himself. "Back inside," he demanded immediately, spreading his legs wider around his hips and bringing him closer again. "Come on, Baby..."

Castiel was even more hesitant than he was a few moments ago and he slid just the tip of his cock inside of Dean and stayed there. "Okay?" he panted.

Dean grunted when the head of Castiel's cock breeched him. "It's ok, you won't hurt me," he assured, automatically adjusted his hips to try and sink Cas further inside of him. "Don't stop or I swear I'll turn this thing around and slam myself down on you," he whispered threateningly against the angel's lips.

"You are not in control here," Castiel told him firmly and slammed into Dean as if to prove a point. He moaned when he was suddenly completely surrounded in Dean's tight heat. "You feel so good," he admitted gently.

Dean cried out and smiled when he got the reaction he wanted out of his angel, the dominant side of him that he would always submit to. He moaned and clenched around him when he felt himself being filled to the hilt, his body still underprepared but the feeling of completion was too good. Yes, this is what he had been searching for, waiting for.

"Yeah?" Dean panted against his lips with a cocky smirk. "I may have wandered... but this I keep tight for you." His voice was deep and raspy with need and one hand came above his head to grip the bedpost and brace himself for Castiel's thrusts.

Castiel pulled back out and this time he pushed slowly back in, angling for that special spot inside of Dean. He was determined to make Dean come over and over again and stay inside him the whole time. Now that he knew his body reacted differently than Dean's in his recovery period, he was determined to use that to benefit his lover. "You will not be wandering anymore," he said, kissing and sucking on Dean's pulse point as he set a slow, teasing rhythm.

Dean arched his back and cried out again when Castiel's next thrust found his prostate, and his own leaky cock twitched between both their chests. "No, not when I- mmmm!" He was finding words impossible now. "Not when I have my angel," he smirked as he panted heavily, watching his lover's wings shining blue from the sun that was streaming through a window.

Castiel reached down between them and stroked Dean's cock in time with his thrusts. Dean arched his back and tried to raise his hips to thrust up in time to meet Castiel's. "Mmm, baby you're gonna have to do this more often then..." he smirked, and braced himself with a hand still clutching the bedpost and another tangled in his lover's hair. He felt like he was being split in two, but the pleasure greatly outweighed the pain.

"I want you come for me."

As it on cue, as if the angel controlled his control effortlessly, Dean felt himself tighten up and slide closer and closer to the edge. "I'm so close... Cas, harder..." he demanded, and he felt the head of Castiel's cock strike his prostate, each thrust bringing him closer and closer until finally his body thrust up violently against his. He shot his cum onto their chests as he cried out so loud he expected to break a few windows of his own.

When he closed his eyes against the tidal wave of orgasm, at first Dean could only saw stars. But with it came a storm of memories, as if he was finally led to the part of his mind that had been so closed off to him. He remembered every second of it now. He remembered what the tattoos meant and he heard that voice in his head over and over again telling him that Castiel was made for him, brought to him, by God himself.

Overwhelmed, his eyes opened wide to Castiel's. "Oh my god..." was all he could choke out.

Castiel was still hard inside of Dean and it took all his will power not to come when Dean clamped down on him.
"What's wrong?" he stopped to look down worriedly.

Dean blinked up at the angel, his angel, in every sense of the word. He couldn't speak at first, still too overwhelmed with the force of that orgasm and the memories that had just come back to him. He still felt Castiel hard inside of him, not knowing why the angel hadn't come.

"I remember everything," he finally breathed, and brought Castiel's lips down to his to prove it.

Castiel moaned into Dean's mouth excitably. "Please, forgive me," he whispered brokenly.

Dean couldn't pry himself away from his angel's bruised lips. He shook his head but dived into his mouth again. "I'm never going to forgive you. You left me. And you weren't ever going to come back. I needed you and you just..." It was too much, he kissed him again, hard and passionate.

Castiel made a whining noise and he couldn't help but thrusting again. Dean had meant every word, but his need for Castiel outweighed all and there was no denying it. Dean broke from the kiss only long enough to graze his hand along the soft feathers of his wings.

"God, you're so beautiful. Every inch of you is perfected for me, you know that?" Dean growled against his lips as he arched his back and felt him move inside of him.

"Yes, for you," Castiel panted.

Dean was hardening again faster than he thought was possible, even for him, as Castiel's cock struck against his sensitive prostate. One hand grasped Castiel's waist which was deliciously sticky with drying cum. Dean swept enough up to lick it off his finger and moaned at the taste of himself mingled with Castiel's sweat. "Tryin' to make me cum again? Twice before you do? Three times? Mmmm!"

"Yes, always," Castiel admitted, his wings shaking.

Dean lost it again. "Oh god, Cas..." His hips began to thrust up to meet his, his cock leaking again. "I'm gonna make you cum inside of me." He bit on his earlobe gently after whispering huskily directly into his ear.

Castiel moaned, knowing he was already on edge. He bent one of Dean's legs up so he could thrust deeper inside of him. "You want my seed inside of you?"

Dean thrilled when his leg was stretched and the thrusts hit his prostate harder. The headboard was slamming against the wall now, the mattress protesting underneath them, but all Dean could hear was his lover's voice and the sound of their heaving breathing interchangeable with one another's. "I want you to cum deep inside of me, filling me up... mmm I wanna feel you," Dean pleaded, feeling his own second orgasm creeping up on him and he knew he'd have less control this time.

Castiel's hand went back to stroking Dean's erection, desperately wanting to bring him off before he met his own little death. "Come with me then," he whispered.

There it was again. The demand to come that Dean couldn't resist. He cried out he coated Castiel's chest and his own, his cock twitching as he rode out his orgasm. "Come on, Baby..." he begged, needing to feel him empty himself inside of him.

Castiel growled as he came hard and filled Dean up, and in that moment, Castiel finally felt as if he were complete after weeks of feeling as if he had left a part of himself here with Dean. He all but collapsed on top of his lover.

One light bulb burst while the other only flickered and died, and Dean came again when he felt himself being filled with his essence that coated him from the inside and soothed his soreness. Still, he hoped Cas would never move out of him. His wings had outstretched even further during his orgasm and now that they were both exhausted and collapsed on top of each other, Dean couldn't keep his lazy hands off those feathers.

Overwhelmed, the hunter searched for the right thing to say. "I love you," he whispered roughly against his lips. He hoped that Cas won't expect him to start saying that often, because it had never been easy for him and he had never said it to another person besides his own family.

Castiel smiled. "I know," he assured him, "I love you, too."

Dean rested his forehead against Castiel's and his hands continued to pet and stroke his wings, lovingly and worshipingly. "Good. You'd better," he smirked, and his breathing finally slowed almost down to a normal, healthy rate.

Castiel's whole body shuddered under Dean's touch. His wings were a very sensitive part of his body. "I am glad you remember now."

Dean thrilled at the shudder he earned from his attention to his wings and knew they must be a big pleasure zone for Castiel. He felt the strength of them under his fingers and knew they were no flimsy things. They were as powerful as they were beautiful.

"Not all the memories were good. Sometimes I think there's more bliss in ignorance," he admitted sorrowfully, because his last memory of Castiel was anything but pleasant. Well, the sex was. But the knowledge that he would never see him again... He was going to work very hard to make sure he never had to go through that again.

"I am sorry. I thought I was doing what was best, I thought it would better keep you safe," Castiel whispered regretfully, kissing Dean's neck softly. "Even Gabriel said I was being an idiot. I should have listened."

Dean was surprised. Gabriel, the trickster who had spent so much time trying to kill him? Maybe he wasn't so bad, now that his little brother was with Dean.

The hunter kissed Castiel again deeply, not wanting to hear any more apologies. What was done has been done, and now they were together again, and none of that matters now. "You don't know yet how to be what you are... you're only just now having these emotions... and you're one stubborn sonofabitch. But you're also used to being a soldier of God, and not having room for argument." It was the closest thing to accepting an apology as Dean was going to get. His hand came to cup Castiel's cheek. "Next time you'll know better, hmm?" He kissed those lips again, his tongue tasting him. "I need my little nerdy guardian angel more than ever now, so don't you go disappearing again."

"No more disappearing," Cas promised. "Lucifer's been building up his army, I have killed off many of his Generals but not all of them," he admitted.

Dean blinked at Cas, knowing that he shouldn't have been surprised. It wasn't like Cas was going to sit on his cute little butt while Dean continued on fighting against the apocalypse. He should have known Cas had been up to something. But it ended now.

Dean shook his head and kissed his lips again, his hands still caressing the feathers. He thrilled when they seemed to puff up as if responding to his soft caress before laying back down flat. "No more doing that. You're not the only one who has a job to protect. No one's gonna hurt my angel."

"I was making good progress," Cas protested, not understanding the problem.

Dean was secretly very proud of him. Out there on his own, his drugged up, depressed angel still kicked ass. But he didn't think he could let Cas go out on a hunt by himself like that ever again. "I'm not gonna try to get you to stay locked away while Sam and I are gone anymore, but I'm also not gonna let you go off by yourself, either. We will fight together. We will protect each other. And that way, we can get through this." His hands slid between his back and his wings to caress the tattoo, tracing the lines without needing to see them.

He stroked Castiel's hair now, running his fingers through it, loving it when it was messy just as much as it was when it was well groomed and combed to perfection. He found it soothed him just as much as it probably soothed Castiel. His other hand still stroked his wing. "Sometimes... I wonder if none of this ever happened... this apocalypse shit... if you would still be given to me." He whispered up to the ceiling. "I guess it's one good thing about it. If there is anything at all."

"I would have found my way to you eventually, with or without the Apocalypse," Cas mumbled, because of that, he was sure. He was meant to be with Dean, he was made for him, and knowing that got him through too many long, lonely nights over the past few weeks.

Dean was a realist. He wished he could think the way Castiel could about fate, but he didn't know if he believed in such things, even now. "Yeah, but, maybe you wouldn't have even been created if none of this happened. Or maybe it would have just happened differently," he shrugged. "Anyway, it doesn't matter."

He turned his attention back to what did, and continued to run his hand through his thick black hair.

"I suppose not," Cas agreed, murmuring against Dean's chest where he had laid his head down. He used his fingers to trace Dean's skin lightly.

Dean relaxed even further under Castiel's fingers and he concentrated on the feeling of still being filled to capacity with his angel. He smirked when he thought of something and opened his mouth to share it out loud. "So these things come out when you're horny? Like a... wing erection?" he teased, stroking the feathers to show what he was referring to. "Can you control them?"

"No," Castiel admitted as he felt his face heat up. He was embarrassed at the thought and thankful Dean couldn't see his blushing. "They have a mind of their own, at least in concerns to you."

Dean grinned devilishly. He shifted and moaned when he moved against Castiel. "So I can get them to come out whenever I want?" he taunted.

Castiel didn't want to give Dean anymore ammunition than he already had, so he let his silence answer him.


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