This is just something I felt like doing out of boredom so don't be surprised if I take a long time to make new chapters. Don't own naruto (And I think the same goes for everyone on this webbsite) anyway this is a powerful naruto with bloodline story.



The Day of the Kyuubi Attack.

Okay I'm skipping this since everybody knows what happened the only difference is that in this story Minato sealed both the yin and yang parts of the kyuubi's chakra into naruto and the Uzumaki are descendants of the third and oldest child of the Rokudou Sennin that inherited the his soul. So the youngest brother got the sage's body, the older got the eyes and the eldest child the daughter got the soul. I think this fits seeing as chakra is made from physical and spiritual energy and both the senju and uzumakihave something special about there chakra.

Six years after the Kyuubi Attack.

It was a normal day for naruto as he walked down one of the streets of Konoha. If people were not glaring at him they were ignoring him naruto wasn't sure with he preferred, His thoughts on the matter was cut short as a hand graped him and he was pulled into an ally before being knocked unconscious.

Narutolater woke up in the middle of a large forest from thepunch of his kidnapper. ''Well it seems the little demon brats finally awake'' came the taunting voice of a young man with red eyes and shinobi uniform and just seeing the three tomoe in the eyes naruto knew it was an Uchiha. ''Now that you are awake I can begin getting a little justice for all the Uchiha's that died because of you''. Just as naruto was going to respond the Uchiha silenced him by putting his hand over his mouth and then with his other hand pulled a syringed filled with something red that he injected into naruto's chest near the heart. ''This was hard to get but its just perfect for killing little demons you see this the blood of the Shodaime hokage so it will stop that annoying healing that you have and kill you as it did those children that Orochimaru used it on so how dose it feel to know your going to die you little hell spawn?'' TheUchiha says as he brings naruto up to his eye level something he regretted directly after as naruto reached out and clawed at his face with his hand drawing blood as well as damaging the left eye. The Uchiha immediatelydrops the boy who runs of while trying to wipe of the red liquid that had gotten onto his face and in his eyes when he clawed the Uchiha. Back with the Uchiha the man was trying to decide if he should go after the boy or return home and make sure his eye wasn't damaged to badly in the end he decided that the brat wasn't worth the trouble as returned home to get some aid for his eye and keep his other on his best friend Itachi who has been becoming more distant from the clan recently.

As for naruto he have found his way back to the village and was now resting in his bed not knowing the effect this event would have on his life.

Inside the Kyuubi's Seal.

Inside of the seal the Kyuubi was awake and at work dealing with the new DNA his host now had in his body both from the injection and the blood that he got in his eyes. At first the fox was just going to try and destroy it but that was easier said then done, also the Senju DNA gave of a calming feeling that fox found he enjoyed so in the end he decided to use the situation to take care of three problems the first was making his stay here more enjoyable thanks to the senju DNA, the second was keeping his host alive and third make it so that Madara would have more trouble with extracting and controlling him then he can handle. All of this wouldn't be to hard as not only are the DNA of the Uzumaki, Uchiha and Senju responding very well to each other but out of all the Bijuu it was the Kyuubi's chakra that was the most suited for affecting living things even if it was most often used harm and not heal.

It was also during this time the Kyuubi managed to pull naruto into the mind-scape in order to have a talk with his host. ''Huh? Were am I?'' naruto said as he appeared in what looked like a sewer. ''Over here kit come we have some things to talk about'' came the loud booming voice of the fox. A moment later naruto was in front of the cage holding the Kyuubi. ''Kyuubi... I take it that you are sealed inside of me and that is the reason for all the nice names I get called from time to time'' Naruto says a somewhat bored tone as he looks at the giant fox. ''What an iinteresting response but I'm not that surprised after all Ive been with you your whole life so Ive always known that you are far smarter then you let on'' the fox says while looking down on his container. Naruto just smile in response before asking ''So Kyuubi-sama for what reason did you want to talk to me for?'' as he sits down in the water, Kyuubi grins before saying ''First of all call me Kyo and I was wondering if maybe we could find some way to make our stay together a bit more enjoyable for the both of us''. Naruto simply smiles some more as he says '' Please do tell for I'm all ears''. ''Kit something tells me the two of us are going to get along just fine'' Kyo says before he and Naruto continue to talk all night long.

Outside the Seal.

As Naruto is busy talking with his new friend his body is experiencing some changes nothing much just getting a lttle bit taller, nails and teeth becoming more like an Inuzuka's however his eyes changed a lot first a sharingan appeared in his left eye and a rinnegan in his right before they both faded and then came back in each other places after that they changed again turning into gray-ish red rinnegans with three tomoe on each of the second circle after that it looked like somekind of thin second layer grew and covers the eyes from view before taking the appearance of an normal rinnegan except it has a clear sky blue color after that the eyes finally returned to normal. That night for some reason naruto smiled as he sleep all the way to the morning.

Okay that's the first chapter or prologue or something like that. Anyway here some info on naruto's new eyes.

First of all the reason for the second layer was to hide the so nobody would be able to guess it has the sharingans abilities by seeing the tomoes.

Secondhaving the rinnegan active dose not take any chakra and it is always at least half way active behind the layer so as not to lose it's connection to any 'paths' naruto might have but the sharingan will take chakra also the rinnegan and sharingan can be activated separately and when they are it can be seen even on the second layer looking like a blue rinnegan.

Third Naruto's rinnegan will more powerful and advanced then nagato's because Kyuubi helped put together the DNA how it is better is something you will have to wait and see.