After watching Season 2, I kept thinking to myself that Mike is one of my favorite characters, but they're butchering his story lines. So I'm giving him a more interesting one. :P The story starts all the way back at Preggers and will develop from there if I feel like this story is worth continuing.

Summary: Mike has always been one to blend into the crowd, not one to be noticed, but when he meets Kurt, he's inspired to take a chance and be himself, and they become best friends. But is that really all there is to it?

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I wish I could say that our first meeting was magical. I wish I could say that the stars aligned and spark flew clear across the sky. I wish I could say that the day we first met was absolutely perfect.

Far from it actually.

Being late to school is never easy. On a typical day, I'm usually there with 5-10 minutes to spare, but today, today of all days, when I have 3 tests, 2 quizzes, and 1 pointless emergency football tryout/practice, my alarm clock decides to play a prank on me. So there I was, sprinting to school to catch the first period bell so I can sit in a place that deep fries my brain till it's nothing more than a pile of steaming pan-fried noodles. But hey, who doesn't love a refreshing morning run? I mean all that bobbing and weaving around trash cans, mailboxes, and the occasional dog walker made me feel like I was in some high budget action movie. Psh, I wish. At any rate, I was doing a good job at keeping up my pace, and in a matter of seconds, I could see the institution of torture approaching in the distance.

Now this next part's kinda fuzzy actually. I mean it's understandable considering what happened, but I would have liked to remember at least some of it. At any rate, all I remember from these next few minutes was a loud scream and a large green blur speeding towards me and ramming into my side.

Then I blacked out. Terrific!

At any rate though, it's kinda fun, being delusional. Everything's all blurry and trippy, like one of those kaleidoscopes from the 70's or something. But the way your head feels never ceases to amaze me, like riding a roller coaster or something. It's fun! You should try it sometime.

But alas, the feeling never lasts and eventually the pain does sink in. All I remember is seeing white ceiling times blend in with glaring lights, swirling together hypnotically to make me feel both amazed and nauseous all at the same time. Seriously, I thought I was gonna blow some chunks.

Then something amazing happened.

I sat up, or at least I tried to for some odd reason, and a gentle hand rested on my shoulder and held me down to the bed. A sweet ringing chimed in my ear, and as I turned my head to see where the noise came from, I saw a figure standing over me. As my vision slowly adjusted, I could see a pale figure with a light rosy tint dusting its cheeks, milky chocolate hair framing a fragile face, and tiny yet brilliant sky blue eyes shining in the light. Of course, everything was still a blur, but my mind was still blown by such an amazing image.

"Am I in heaven?" I asked, dumbfounded by the figure that I was thoroughly convinced was an angel leading me away to paradise.

But all I heard was a light chuckle, light as air yet earthy enough to anchor me back to reality. "No, you're in the nurse's –"

I sat up quickly and tried to rub my eyes, but immediately I began to feel a little woozy. The hand that held me earlier once again rested on my shoulder, trying to keep me stable.

"Not so fast, mister! You need to rest-"

Before I knew it, I fell sideways towards and landed on something soft and fuzzy. It was very peculiar, like a cloud, but it smelled like perfume, hairspray, and for some reason, apples. It was nice.

As I opened my eyes, my vision now a lot more focused, I looked up and saw those sky blue eyes staring at me from a much closer distance. As my vision focused a little more, so did my thoughts and I sat up back on the bed, shaking myself awake and looked around.

I was, in fact, in the nurse's office. My stuff was neatly placed in chair in front of my bed, but my backpack had a strange tire mark stained on it. I looked over to the figure that so graciously helped me up and saw that this figure, this angel, was a kid, a petite, sweet smelling kid.

"Are you okay?"

I shook my head again to make sure I was coherent, and also to find my voice that seemed to be jammed in my throat, and meekly answered, "Yeah….ugh what happened?"

The same light chuckle chimed through my ears again. "Like I said before, you're in the nurse's office. You sort of got attacked by a runaway dumpster-"

My heads shot up as I heard this. "Dumpster?"

"Yes, I know it sounds funny, but trust me. I was inside the dumpster when it hit you."

Once again I had to do a double take. Either I misheard the words coming out of his mouth, or I was still delusional. "A dumpster? Why on Earth would you be inside a dumpster?"

"Well it wasn't a personal choice! I was thrown in. The football players, they've sort of made it a ritual to throw me in a dumpster every morning. At least the only things left in there were some apple cores."

I smirked and remembered the 'timeless pastime' that my fellow teammates recently adopted. "Yeah, sorry about that-"

"Oh know it's fine. I'm the one who should be sorry. I was late today, and if I wasn't, they wouldn't have had time to, you know…."

As he said this, I got better look at him and realized my original interpretation of my 'angel' was not too far off. His rosy cheeks contrasted with his moon white skin, which contrasted with his coffee brown hair, which all together made those sky blue eyes shine more brilliantly than I originally perceived.

I opened my mouth to say something, but the old school nurse came waddling in with a cold compress and a thermometer. "Oh good! You're awake."

The boy turned suddenly to the clock on the wall." Oh, well, I can see that I'm no longer needed. I've got to get to class, but feel better, okay? And, once again, I am so sorry about what happened."

And again, before I could say anything, he was gone. But even as he left, and as the nurse started asking her usually arsenal of questions while holding the compress to my head and shoving the thermometer in my mouth, I felt a tiny twinge deep inside my heart. It was faint, miniscule even, but it was there. Then I too looked at the clock and realized that I had my first test of the day next period.


Despite my anxiety for that day and all the treacherous exams that I had to take, it was not a bad day, at all. Everything just seemed so easy and the day seemed to fly by like a gentle breeze in the spring. I should get hit by dumpsters more often. But seriously, though, things just went more smoothly than usual. Everything's a blur, and I don't remember much, but hey, I survived. I do remember going out of my way to look for that kid that rescued me earlier that day. He seemed to have just vanished into thin air, but in any case, I only had football left to worry about that day, which I guess I can handle.

Football's okay, I guess. I'm mostly in it for three reasons though: my parents 'suggested' it to me (which with Asian parents means I was forced/pressured into it), my best friend, Matt Rutherford, is on the team, and I really need something to do in the off season for soccer.

Now soccer is something I absolutely love. The competition is steeper, but my teammates on that team are far more on the ball, no pun intended, and that means much more exciting games. We don't have many fans, but it feels good to play a sport and actually, you know, WIN.

But hey, c'est la vie. We can't all be winners… or competent… or, you know, have a brain….

But anyway, I'm carrying out business as usual: stretches, warm ups, tossing the ball around, and all that jazz. But suddenly I hear a voice, and not just any voice.

I turned around and saw the small petite kid from earlier talking to Coach Tanaka.

"My name is Kurt Hummel, and I want to audition for the role of kicker."

I heard snickers from the guys around me, pointing and making faces, but I just stood there, once again, dumbfounded. Figures that the one place I wouldn't expect to find this kid is right here on the football field.

Then Coach Tanaka yelled something at me and I snapped out of it. "Are you deaf, Chang? Get that ball over here!"

Looking down, I realized I was holding the ball and foolishly walked over. I smiled a hello to the kid, and he looked a little surprised at first and smiled back as I held down the ball on the floor. I looked to the goal posts, expecting him to kick the darn thing, but instead, he walked over to a stereo he brought, presses play, and walks back into position.

It takes a while for the music to start, but, much to my amazement, a familiar beat come on that everybody present instantly recognizes: Single Ladies.

And just when I thought that I couldn't get any more surprised, the kid starts doing the Single Ladies' dance. I was in complete and total shock, partly from the music, partly from the rarity of the entire situation, but mostly because I've never seen such smooth moves from a guy!

As the other guys laughed their lead-based heads off, the kid started dancing closer and closer until-


The ball flew across the field, straight through the goal posts and as literally everyone's jaw dropped, the kid turned and asked, "That's good, right?"


Last-in-last-out. Usually that's my philosophy for locker room change outs. I don't really have anything to hide, but I enjoy my privacy. So I help the equipment-boy bring everything into storage and I usually wait until everyone leaves to start changing. Nor for any reason in particular, but I just really want to avoid conflict.

So I wait in the bathroom, like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls…. What? It's a good movie.

As usual, soon as everyone's gone, I go to my locker and start shedding the armor when I hear a faint cough from behind me.

It was the kid. He stood there in a very luxurious jacket, very tight skinny jeans, and some very fancy looking boots. I don't remember whether or not he was wearing that outfit this morning, but I gotta say that he looked very stylish. Of course, that's coming from a guy who wears a t-shirt and a hoodie every day.

"Hello. How are you feeling? Are you okay?"

I nodded awkwardly, "Yeah, I'm doing alright. Thanks for, you know, helping me out this morning."

"Oh it's no problem. I mean, I sort of felt like I had to. The jocks usually just toss me in. I guess they felt the need to be extremely obnoxious this morning-"

"Yeah, about that, I'm sorry. Normally I try to get the guys to stop doing that but I was-"

"Preoccupied at the moment?"

I smiled a bit and nodded slightly. I looked down as he chuckled a bit. I don't know what it is about his laugh, but it just makes me feel, I dunno, funny I guess.

"You didn't tell me you were on the football team."

"Well I was a little out of it his morning, but you already know about that, so… um….Those were some pretty good moves out there,"

He smiled a little and a tiny glint in his eyes shimmered for a bit. "Thanks. I've had a little bit of practice."

"Well, I wish I could dance that well after just 'a little bit' of practice."

Another chuckle. "You dance?"

"Um, if you consider what I do in my room dancing, then yes, I do."

He chuckled again. "Well, maybe you can show me what you've got sometime, uh-"

"Mike, Mike Chang."

"Mike. It's nice to meet you. My name's Kurt."

I held out my hand to shake his, and the softness of his skin caught me off guard. It was like clasping silk in the palm of my hand, really high-quality silk.

There was an awkward pause, and he shifted quite a bit. 'Well, I just wanted to make sure you were doing okay. You were sort of delusional this morning. I guess I'll see you around?"

"Um, yeah, see you around."

As he walked towards the door, the twinge in my heart came back.

"You, uh, wanna go grab a pizza or something?" I really don't know where that came from. It just came out.

Kurt looked back and smiled. "Thanks, but I have glee rehearsals in ten. Maybe some other time?"

I nodded as he smiled again and left the room, but as I was left there alone, thinking about that day, I guess I would say it wasn't that bad. Not bad at all.

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