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Ah, Summer: a time of freedom. A time of warmth and rest. A time where those still in their youth to take a break from their studies and frolic in excitement. Oh how he loves summer. He loves how the gentle breeze quietly caressing his face as the sun shines so intensely at the same time. He loves how the shadows of the trees in the park create the most beautiful shapes on his skin as he lies there, under a big oak tree in the park, simply admiring how wonderful life is. He loves how the remnants of spring still linger still, reminding him of wonderful times he had when the flowers were blooming after a frigid winter: all the laughs, all the smiles, all the good times that lasted through the unexpected rains that came in the spring as well. He loves how the sentimental tidings of spring perfectly meshes with the promise that lies ahead in the fall: Julliard. Yes, Julliard. His acceptance letter came in the mail just a few weeks ago, also bringing the good news of a full scholarship, which, of course, brought him such immense joy and happiness that was impossible to contain.

So yes, he loves summer, and this summer especially seems all the more sweeter. The rollercoaster ride that was high school had come to an end, a ride that was full of extreme highs and lows that greatly exceeded any other teenagers' high school experience. Bullying, drama, relationships, and revelations kept this young man intensely occupied over the past four years, and while it was grueling and intense, he lies there grateful for the growth that his experiences have brought him. He walked through fire, but instead of getting burned, he emerged stronger than he had before. A very important chapter in his life had ended. He now knows exactly who he is and where he stands. Now he gets to move forward in life, starting a new chapter of self-betterment in his life, while he gets to follow his dreams and make a life built around music and singing and dancing and fun and, most of importantly of course, love.

Yes, the sweetest thing about this entire situation is that he has found love. True love. The kind of love that people look at an admire and envy all at the same time. The kind of love that poets have written about and singers have sung about for countless centuries was here in his grasp, and while it isn't a conventional love, as defined by society, no one could look at the two of them together and say that their love wasn't true. Because it is.

Thinking of his love, he smiles. He sprawls out on the freshly cut grass and laughs at the tickling sensation that it brought. The same news came to his love from Julliard: acceptance in the fall with a full scholarship in hand. Just the thought that they both can see each other every day, enjoying the arts that they love so very much in a city that brings them nothing but pure joy and excitement just intensifies his smile.

All in all, he was happy. He was happy where his life was leading him, and he couldn't have asked for anything more.

Kurt Hummel skipped joyfully up the steps of the Chang household. He had a spring in his step and melody on his tongue that he couldn't even contain. He rang the doorbell and waited at the door, looking around at the clear day bathed in the golden glow of perfect sunlight.

Mrs. Chang opened the door and greeted the fair skinned boy as she had for the past year or so. "Kurt Hummel! What a pleasant surprise! It has been SUCH a long time since I saw you last!"

Kurt smiled at the joking tone in her voice. "Oh it has been far too long since I saw you last, Mrs. Chang, you are quite right! The past two days of my life have been so bleak without your wit and charm!"

They both smiled and hugged each other briefly before Kurt entered the house and removed his new designer shoes. As he proceeded down the hall, the smell of chocolate filled Kurt's nostrils instantly, widening his eyes to a frightening extent. Mrs. Chang saw this and chuckled.

"I just made a chocolate cake. Would you like some, dear?"

Kurt poked his head around the corner to see the cake in question cooling off on the counter with a jar of frosting just waiting to be eaten. He licked his lips, wanting to give in to temptation, but shook his head.

"As... tempting as that sounds, I'll have to say no. I have to watch my figure." Mrs. Chang raised one eyebrow and smirked. Though Kurt was actually quite serious about that statement, they both knew that his mentality wouldn't last long. "Maybe later, of course."

"Of course!" Mrs. Chang laughed as she walked back to the kitchen to work on some other tantilizing creation while Kurt proceeded upstairs. Then she had a revelation. "Oh Kurt, sweetie, Mike's not here. I sent him out to get a couple of ingredients at the market."

Kurt turned back and nodded. "Oh, that's fine. I'll just rummage around his room I guess, maybe help him with some early packing. You know how painfully unorganized your son is when it comes to stull like that."

Mrs. Chang let out a hearty laugh as she nodded. "Oh good luck with that!"

Kurt giggled and proceeded back up the stairs. He made his way down the hall and into Mike's room, which was as messy as usual: bed unmade and sprawled with sheets and clothes, floor littered with papers and books, desk crammed with empty green tea bottles, drawers open and nearly falling out of the dresser, trash overflowing with only God knows what. And Mike still wonders why Kurt insists on sleeping on the couch when he stays over. WHen they move into the same dorm at Julliard, Mike had better clean up his act, literally, or he will get a loud earfull from Kurt Hummel.

Kurt sighed and carefully proceeded to clean up a bit. In a short half-hour, he was able to clear the floor and the dresser but everything else just seemed like a lost cause. The bed literally looked like a mishapen monster that could consume the young man if he wasn't careful, so he hesitantly poked around the bed, picking up what he thought was safe, before he accidently tripped over something, he couldn't even tell what it was, and bumped his knee straight into the bed frame, causing him to fall over on the floor in pain.

After writhing on the floor in agony for a good five minutes, he opened his eyes and saw a notebook under the bed. Curiousity peaked, he reached out and grabbed it. It was fairly dusty, and after Kurt blew off the dust, he could read the words scribbled on the front: Memoirs of a Humble Dancer.

Quite interested, he opened the book and started reading:

"I wish I could say that our first meeting was magical. I wish I could say that the stars aligned and spark flew clear across the sky. I wish I could say that the day we first met was absolutely perfect.

Far from it actually."

Mike trudged through the front door with countless bags of miscellaneous food items in his arms. He grunted as he made his way down the hall and set them down on the front counter where his mom was quietly waiting for him.

"Ugh! Here you go. That's everything on the list!"

Mrs. Chang raised an eyebrow after glancing at the bags. "Did you get milk?"

Mike opened his mouth to say, 'Of course!', but after thinking about it for a second, he realized that he had forgotten and face palmed himself, hard, on the forehead. He had just spent two hours at the store, gathering everything his mother needed, well almost everything, in an hour and a half and waiting in line at the single open register for another half-hour.

Mrs. Chang smiled and patted her freakishly tall son on his head. "It's okay, we can get some later." She proceeded to unload the bags of necessary food stuffs when she remembered something. "Oh, by the way, Kurt's in your room cleaning up a bit."

At that name, Mike perked up and practically sprinted up the stairs and into his room. He planned on tackling the smaller teen and smothering him with kisses, expecting Kurt to be wearing rubber gloves and an apron as he usually does when he comes over to 'tidy up' and to see his room immaculate as it always is after Kurt has his way with it. Instead, Mike froze at the sight before him. Not only was his room still half messy (not the outrageous part), but Kurt was sitting on his mess of a bed, right in the middle of it all with his legs crossed and reading Mike's journal.


Reading. Mike's. JOURNALLLL?

Mike's head exploded. He instantly dove for the book, attempting to get it back, but Kurt Hummel was too fast for him, still a ninja like always, and quickly did a series of movements that ended with Kurt sitting on top of Mike and his arms, making him completely immobile. And Kurt didn't even look up.

As Mike struggled beneath him, Kurt smirked. "You and I both know that it's useless."

Evidently, it was. No matter how hard Mike tried, he couldn't get out from under the sheer weight of Kurt pressing down on him, which was surprisingly very intense. And while Mike continued to shift and struggle, Kurt just sat there reading the sweetest words ever written about him and sighing with awe and admiration. Mike, of course, was completely oblivious to this, as the only thoughts in his head were: "Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy Crap!"

This situation continued for another half hour or so, and by that time, Kurt had gotten to the beginning of Junior year, right around the time Kurt's dad was in the hospital. Mike had given up the fight about fifteen minutes ago and was just lying there in agony that seemed to intensify with every second. Suddenly, Mike found a hidden reserve of energy and managed to throw Kurt off of him. Kurt went flying and landed on a pile of clothes that had been sitting on the floor. Mike got up and attempted to lunge at the smaller boy, but Kurt was already out the door, nose still buried in the book, by the time Mike could act.

Mike went into the hall and looked around. There was absolutely no sign of Kurt anywhere. He literally turned his entire upstairs family room upside down, then proceeded to the other rooms upstairs before flying down the steps and checking every possible place downstairs as well. He zoomed past his mom in the kitchen, who just continued cooking and laughing at the thought that this situation reminded her of a very similar situation that happened years ago when he and Matt Rutherford were around ten years old ('Mike really needs to hide his journals in better places,' she thought).

After triple checking the entire house, Mike gave up and plopped down on the living room couch in defeat. He buried his hands in his face for a moment, trying to rationalize the situation. He tried to recall what he wrote in that tiny notebook those many months ago, hoping that he didn't write anything too embarrassing, but everything he remembered was all too embarrassing. All the rants about how cute Kurt was and how jealous he was of Blaine and Finn at one time or another just made him cringe.


Mike looked up to see Kurt Hummel standing there, journal in one hand, other on his hips, with the sweetest smile on his face and a slight glint of tears in his eyes. Mike shot up and instantly opened his mouth to try and explain himself, but nothing came out. Kurt just shook his head and chuckled a bit and came in closer. He rested his hand on Mike's shoulder, guiding him to sit down as he knelt in front of him and handed him the journal. Mike looked down at it, checking it for some odd reason, but Kurt used his hand to raise Mike's chin so that their eyes met, faces inches away from each other. Kurt then gently cupped Mike's face, his touch sending shivers down Mike's spin and then back up to his brain, causing everything to go numb and hazy. Then Kurt kissed him with so much tenderness and so much passion and yearning that Mike felt as if his whole body was going to overheat.

When they finally broke the kiss, Mike instantly fell back on the couch and stared off in a very, VERY, intense daze.

"Wow." That's all that he could say.

Kurt rolled his eyes and pulled Mike back up by the shirt so that their eyes could meet again. Kurt put one hand on the journal. "This has to be the sweetest thing that I have ever read in my entire life."

Mike couldn't help but blush, look down, and shift awkwardly, just like a seven year old who had their first crush. He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to think of what to say. "Yeah... well... you know... "

Kurt smiled, put his hands on the back of Mike's neck, and held his face like a centimeter away from Mike's. "I love you so much right now."

Mike smiled. "I love you too."

Then they kissed one more time, forgetting that Mike's mother was in the next room beating some eggs for some fried rice or something. A few seconds passed, and she was about to cough to break the two apart when Mike's dad just walked in. He didn't even need to cough. His aura just sent a signal to both the hormonal teenagers practically eating each other's faces in the middle of the family room. Kurt and Mike just stared at Mr. Chang giving them a very awkward and intense leer that made an already awkward situation even more awkwardly awkward...




After a couple more seconds, Mr. Chang just shook his head. "Yeah, I can get used to the idea of my son being in love with another man, but I can NEVER get used to seeing that every day." Mike and Kurt just blushed. Mr. Chang shrugged and walked away, shuffling in his pocket as if he were looking for something. When Mike and Kurt thought he was gone, they laughed for a bit before a box flew across the room and hit Mike straight in the eye. "Don't forget to use protection!"


And the embarrassment just had to continue...

The streets of New York were bustling with shoppers. It was the first week of December, and shoppers were endlessly hustling and bustling from store to store in excitement, anticipation, and stress. The holidays were fast approaching, yet despite all the chaos, everything just seemed right. The Christmas feeling of joy and laughter filled the air as carolers sang and men dressed as Santa Claus rang bells asking for donations to charity, which were well responded to this year. The lights and decor of every store just intensified the feeling as coffee shops and bakeries wafted the smell of gingerbread and mocha to attract customers. For most people, it really was the perfect time of year.

For most people.

Rupert Landon silently walked down the street. The cold hadn't been as intense this year in New York; it barely reached freezing, but Rupert felt endless chills up his spine as he walked. It was so cold. So cold.

With every step, the chills just grew worse, and a pain in his heart grew more intense, causing his ears to ring louder and louder. His sadness had brought him so much pain that he couldn't even keep his eyes open. Tears started to form in his eyes, and before he knew it, he was running. Running from his problems. Running from hate. Running from everything that tormented him until...


Rupert fell backwards and landed flat on his behind. The fall wasn't too bad, but the pain still persisted. he just sat there for a moment, paralyzed in sadness until he heard a voice.

"Are you okay, young man?"

Rupert looked up. A tall, smartly dressed Asian man stood above him holding out his hand in an attempt to help Rupert up. Despite all the distorting colors around him, the man's dark, chocolate colored eyes were the first thing that caught Rupert's eyes. They held so much warmth and vivaciousness that made Rupert weak in the knees and blush.

In a daze, Rupert took the man's hand and got up, never breaking contact with those captivating eyes, and nodded. "Yeah, ahem, yes sir, I'm fine. Thank you."

The man smiled. "It's no trouble, no trouble at all."

Then something caught the man's eye. "Are you okay, young man?"

Rupert suddenly remembered he was crying. He wiped his tears from his face and shook his head. "Oh, yes, yes, I'm fine. I'm..." Rupert couldn't bare to finish. He most certainly was NOT fine, and he couldn't bring himself to lie again.

The man looked at the boy curiously. "You look like you need someone to talk to."

Rupert was about to decline, not wanting to seem weak, but he couldn't help but nodded sheepishly.

The man patted the boy on the back and gestured to the side. "Come on, I'll buy you a hot chocolate or something."

They went inside a Barnes & Noble and walked to the line at Starbucks. Surprisingly, the line was pretty short, so the two ordered a couple of hot chocolates and sat down at a nearby table. They sat there for a couple of moments before the man spoke again.

"So what's troubling you?"

The boy sighed. "Normally, I wouldn't be dumping my feelings out on a complete and total stranger but..." Rupert got slightly choked up. "I have no where else to go."

The man offered the boy a handkerchief. Rupert took a moment to compose himself. After a deep breath, he looked at the man. "I-I just recently... c-came out to my family."

Rupert braced himself for a disgusted look or an awkward reaction from the man, but he just sat there, listening intently with an empathetic look on his face. Rupert was slightly surprised, but then continued.

"They-They didn't take it to well." At those words, Rupert flashed back to a few moments earlier, a slap to the cheek, and touched the spot on his face where it still stung as if it had just occurred.

The man just took a sip of his hot chocolate and sighed. "Yes, well, I've been there."

The boy shot a surprised look. "Really?" The man nodded. "But you don't look..."

The man smirked. "Gay? Really?"

Rupert blushed at his outburst. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I mean... Um... You're very handsome!"

Rupert would have face palmed, but he was too frozen with embarrassment to do so. The man just smiled and laughed softly. "It's okay, It's okay. I get it. You're a little frazzled right now, and I can understand why. Coming out is not an easy thing, especially if your parents are... less than receptive to the idea."

Rupert looked down. "It's funny. Just last week we were laughing and joking in front of the TV, having fun, and now, well, they sort of kicked me out."

The man sighed again. "Like I said, I've been there. Do you have any place to stay?"

Rupert nodded. "Yes, I have a friend who has a spare room. He says his mom doesn't mind. He's cool like that. I mean, I've known him for forever, so..."

The man smiled. He examined Rupert with a knowing gaze that made Rupert's heart thump louder and louder.

"Listen," the man said. "I know it may be hard to believe someone when they say 'I know how you feel,' but I really do know how you feel. You see, about five-six years ago, I was in the same boat. Young, gay, kicked out on the streets and hating every minute of my life. I was lucky, though, because I had friends who completely supported me through it all and luckier still because my parents actually warmed up to the idea shortly afterwards."

Rupert's eyes caught a glint of hope. "It's not an easy road, but it's been braved countless times before. Right now, life may seem bleak and horrible, but it really does get better. I know that's cliche and outdated, but really, it does. I went from being kicked out of my house to getting a full scholarship to Julliard."

Rupert's eyes sparkled again. "Julliard? Really?"

The man smiled. "Yes, really. Are you interested in Julliard?"

"Yes! Of course! I love performing! I mean, I'm still a freshman, but I mean, I would love to go to Julliard."

"Freshman, huh? So you must be, what? 14? 15?" Rupert nodded. "Well, you have plenty of time to sort things out. Just keep at it and I'm sure you'll be fine."

The man looked down and rummaged through a large coat pocket. He pulled out a hard cover book: Memoirs of a Humble Dancer: A Coming Out and Coming of Age Story by Michael Chang

The man gave it to the boy. "I wrote that mostly in high school and recently got it published. I've been that lonely insecure boy that everyone talks about when they come out, and I just can't bear to think that there are more people out there feeling the same things that I felt, because they were horrible, horrible things. Just read this book and know that it gets better."

Mr. Chang got up. "I'm sorry I couldn't talk more, but I have an audition to go to."

Rupert got up too. "Oh, of course, of course." He paused. "Thank you so much, by the way."

Mike put his hand on Rupert's shoulder. "No problem. If you ever need any advice, whether it's about Julliard or just life in general, my number's in there."

Rupert raised an eyebrow. "Do you have this ready just in case you meet a nice guy or something?"

Mike laughed. "No, I just happened to have that in my pocket today." He smiled. "Take it easy, okay?"

Rupert nodded. As Mike left the store, Rupert couldn't help but smile.

Rupert walked down the summer streets of New York with a spring in his step. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and... well the sewers still stunk like crazy, but hey, it is New York.

Rupert couldn't help but smile though, as he walked hand in hand down the street on this lazy after noon with Brandon. His Brandon. His sweet, sarcastic, lazy Brandon. Why he ever fell for that pasty pale skin or those dreamy cerulean eyes was beyond him, but hey, c'est la vie.

As they continued to walk, something caught his eye as he passed a bunch of posters on a wall. He backtracked and stood amazed at what he saw. It was a poster for a new musical production of Singing in the Rain, one of Rupert's favorite musicals. But what really caught his eye was the name headlining the poster and the photo of an extremely attractive man on the front.

Brandon came back over. "Hey what's keeping you?" As Rupert pointed him to the poster, the name caught Brandon's eye. "Michael Chang? Isn't that the guy you ran into who wrote that book that you love?"

"Yeah! Oh my gosh, we have to see it! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!"

As Rupert jumped up and down, Brandon laughed. "Okay, Okay! You madman! I'll take you to see it!"

"Yay! Who has the best boyfriend ever?"

Brandon made a mock-pensive face. "Hmmmm... You?"

Rupert smiled. "You know it."

Then Brandon kissed him square on the lips.

Yep, it most certainly does get better.

The End!