B's pov

I watched Quinn slowly drove us into a parking place his motorcycle growling loudly filling the parking lot with echoes.

I laughed at his smug grin at the looks his bike got, then he turned to me kissing me repeatedly, making my heart quicken.

"Slow don't Parker, don't forget who she picked." Edward said glaring at Quinn as he pulled me off the bike, and away from Quinn.

Quinn rolled his eyes as he slid off his bike, and threw Edward a low growl as he watched Edward's arm slid around my waist.

"And you should watch what you touch in front of me." Quinn hissed, and slapped Edward's hand with a force that would have broke a human's hand.

Edward hissed at him.

"Guys please calm down, not today." I said frowning.

They both turned at me at that with huge smiles.

"Happy Birthday Bella." They both said at the same time looking overjoyed.

"Shh." I said putting my hands on both of their mouths.

They both seemed to shiver at that, and I felt their lips planting kisses all over my hands.

"What's wrong with you babe, birthdays are the best." Quinn asked taking my hand from his mouth and kissing it before intertwining our fingers.

"I don't know I just don't like all the attention, and gifts." I shrugged, and melted as Edward chuckled.

"You make no sense you know that Bella." Edward said kissing me gently on the lips.

Quinn pulled me away from Edward with a hiss, and Edward narrowed his eyes at Quinn.

"So Bella you're coming over to the house today right?" Edward asked looking at me with a hopeful smile.

Quinn grinned at me with excitement, and eagerness.

I groaned.

"I don't know, there's going to be no presents right?" I asked biting my lip.

"Sorry Bella we can't really promise that, just come please." Quinn said giving me his best bad boy smile that made me blushing.

"Well ok, but people better not be making a big deal of this." I said looking at the both of them seriously.

They both nodded, with a knowing smile, and began pulling me to class.

Edward and Quinn made sure that they were in all of my classes, with just a smile, and a lot of money, they also somehow made sure our lockers were right beside each other, me being right in the middle.

"So where is everyone?" I asked looking around for the Cullen's or the parkers.

"They are at home, don't you know it's healthy to ditch now and then." Quinn shrugged with an innocent smile.

I rolled my eyes at that. Something told me something was going on, and I was going to find out what.

School was extremely short today and I was pleased to say that Edward and Quinn hardly fought at all, it was a miracle, but I still didn't know what was going on.

"So come on Bella let's get to shit-faces house already." Quinn groaned with an eager smile.

I sighed as I looking at them both sitting on me couch.

"Why do we have to do over right now?" I asked looking at the clock, trying to figure out an excuse to not go yet.

"Because all my siblings are missing you like crazy." Quinn said rolling his eyes.

"Not to mention my siblings as well." Edward said throwing a glare at Quinn, then looking at me with an adorable smile.

"Alright fine, let's go." I sighed, and before I could say anymore Quinn had crashed his lips to mine with excitement, but quickly let me go as Edward ran over and did the same.

"Then come on." He grinned, and began pulling me out of the house.

This was going to be fun.

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