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Ginny Weasley was just about to enter the great hall for breakfast when she noticed another decree almost completely covered by a pillar, it read:

By order of the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts:

Any punishment fulfilled not considered adequate by the teacher assigned may be repeated until the teacher feels the student has properly learned proper behavior.

Her teeth bared at this. She didn't know how long the sign had been there, since it was never announced, but she knew who exactly who it was meant for – Harry Potter. Ginny turned away from the sign and entered the great hall.

She was used to the aura the great hall now possessed. It was always full of depression, boredness, and a section of laughter added by the Slytherins. A small glance around the room quickly told her that their headmistress was receiving around 400 glares as she smirked her way through her colorful breakfast.

The scariest glare was, being delivered by the scariest person in the hall; Professor McGonagall - although Hermione's was a close second.

"'Good' Morning," Ginny said glumly, sitting across from her friend.

Hermione, unsmiling, murmured a brief 'good-morning' as she pushed the pumpkin juice towards Neville who asked for it two seats down. Her eyes never left Umbridge's toad-like face.

"You seem… more angry than usual," Ginny stated taking a bite out of an apple.

Hermione still never tore her eyes away from the staff table. She just nudged her head to where Harry was sitting, alone, staring forlornly at chocolate chip muffin.

"He's isolating himself again, Ginny. He didn't sit with us at Dinner, or all of yesterday actually. Ron is becoming irritable because he feels like Harry has abandoned us. It's like almost like their fight last year. He's depressed. He hasn't eaten in days."

Ginny stole another glance at Harry. He was only sitting four seats away. He showed no sign of hearing what they were saying.

Hermione sighed deeply. "It's that toads fault. I mean just look at Harry!" – several heads turned in his direction as she said this - "He's doing it again!"

"Doing what?" Ginny asked taking another bite, "He doesn't usually mope."

"No not moping," Hermione mumbled as if it were obvious, "He's blaming himself for everything that has gone wrong! Especially with the D.A."

"Harry can't seriously blame himself for what that Edgecombe girl did, And for everything Umbridge has done too this school?" Ginny said, her jaw dropping so far he apple dropped.

"He does it all the time!." Hermione said hotly, and then she became quieter, "I know this could never be true, but still, sometimes I wonder if he has given up."

"Nah. Don't say that, 'Mione" Ron said, arriving at the table looking, if possible, scruffier than usual. "He would never."

"I know," she noted, "Glad you're finally up." Hermione added disapprovingly.

Ron began to stuff his face with food, not even bothering to add it to his plate first. He was munching rather loudly; perhaps he was trying to be so annoying even Harry would tell him to shut up.

Hermione clenched her fist on the verge of snapping- "Can you please it like a civilized person?" She snapped, wiping her head round to glare at Ron.

"Tish, iz cimalived," Ron mumbled through his food. Ginny couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Hermione said sarcastically, "I didn't realized they changed the definition of civilized from 'polite and well-bred' to 'manner less schlep'!"

"Nammer Wesh!" Ron said again through his food, "Wo, wou cawling, nammer wesh!"

Ginny couldn't help but to break into a small fit of laughter. it was the first time she laughed like this since Fred and George left. Ginny continued to laugh as Hermione and Ron continued their pointless banter.

By now, most of the Gryffindor table were staring at the arguing 5th years, a feeling of 'normal' overwhelmed the students. Harry, however, hadn't looked up from his muffin.

Finally breaking free from her laughter, Ginny's eyes caught some movement among the staff table. Professor Grubbly-Plank had leaned in to ask what was going on, though her voice was inaudible, but she was pointed a finger at Hermione and Ron.

McGonagall however, made no attempt to whisper back, and answered not to her the other Professors question, but to something she looked like she'd been waiting to saw all day in a carrying voice,"Well you see, Dolores has decided that the Ministry that freedom of speech - even amongst the students - should be illegal. If she gets her way we will never be able to have opinions, and defiantly not have the ability to voice them."

Ron and Hermione had stopped arguing, and their attention - along with every other student except Harry - had been turned to McGonagall and Umbridge.

"Hem hem" came the sweet voice which made many want to puke. "I'm sorry you find it appropriate, to inform the school of our, contradiction, Minerva. As much as this pains you to hear, you helped me prove my point very well."

McGonagall was truly livid.

"You see, Minerva" Umbridge carried on in her false sweet of a tone, "opinions can be dangerous, and so can lies and fantasy's, and desperate cries for attention," - this made many people twitch in anger - "can have a negative effect on their classmates - or excuse me - those around them."

Hermione shaking with rage, trying desperately to keep it in. Ginny - along with the majority of the school - involuntarily glanced at the moping Harry, who was oblivious to what was going on around him.

"Sorry to needlessly waste your time, children" Umbridge squeaked, in a foolish attempt to get the students on her side. "I can assure we will fix these problems very soon."

"What 'problems' is she going to fix? The only ones I see are the ones she's created," Ginny said looking at Ron and Hermione but stealing glances at Harry, "like giving people such harsh punishments for the littlest of things. Luna told me she mentioned that she missed the DA meetings, and Umbridge gave her detention for the week, not to mention she gave Harry detention with her and made him do lines. I mean Harry didn't do anything, he hasn't mentioned it or well… hasn't even been talking."

Hermione turned from another death glare back to Ginny, "Wait, did you say she made him do lines for something he hasn't done?"

"Yeah, and it must have been a long time because I saw him clutching and rubbing the back of his hand."

"No. No, she can't do that! It's completely unfair, unreasonable!" As Hermione said this she leap up from the table and went to Harry quickly even thou only Neville, Dean, Colin, and Seamus were between them.

Harry didn't acknowledge that she was there, or looked up when she had grabbed his right hand and analyzed it angrily.

People were beginning to turn their heads not to see what Hermione was doing, but to see if Harry would be free of his depressing trance for just a split second. She stared at the back his hand. The words I Must Not Tell Lies was still there from earlier that year. But now more words covered the back of his hand making his was up his arm. I Must Not Tell Lies was carved into his skin at least four more times, along with other messages like, I Shall Do What I Am Told, I Deserve This, and Umbridge Is Always Right. Hermione pulled back his sleeve, and by now even the staff table was looking over to where Hermione stood examining Harry's arm angrily. The messages were carved half way to his elbow, although bruises covered the rest of his arm. The last message that had been written was Hem Hem. At the last message Hermione gave Umbridge a death glare that surpassed McGonagall's by a landslide.

All the teachers looked only a tiny bit shocked and McGonagall look absolutely horrified, like Hermione she resumed to giving Umbridge the death glare. From across the Hall Malfoy and the other members inquisitional squad were smirking and laughing with each other at the sight of Harry and his arm. Ron started with his mouth open, not realizing what physical pain Harry had been put through, and was sure there were much more bruises hidden by this robes.

"I thought he was doing lines, what was she doing to him?" Ginny asked Ron full of shock and concern.

Ron didn't look at her when he responded, "Umbridge has a special quill, and whatever you write won't come out on paper, but come into your skin."

"That's torture!" Ginny said repulsed and rather loudly.

"Yes, it is, but the Headmistress," Ron hissed at the word loudly too, "finds it a suitable for of punishment."

Hermione had pulled back down Harry's sleeve and grabbed the other arm muffin still in hand. Harry was lifeless just staring at the spot where his muffin once was. Hermione had pulled that sleeve back to see that his whole arm was a nasty dark shade of purple, with brown and yellow blotches here, and there.

She gaped, her mouth hanging open, surpassing another rage that was ten times the fury as the last. All the Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws all gaped too. Some of them had some painful punishments with Umbridge but none as bad as Harry, none of them actually had bruises from her – yes someone was whipped here and there – but none of them were being tortured to an extreme level that Harry was. It looked like dark magic; probably a lot of the Cruciatus curse, but beating him like you were a muggle was just outrageous.

Hermione noticed a little liquid like crimson. His bangs were combed to cover his forehead, where the crimson was. Without letting go of his arm, she reached to move his bangs away, but suddenly Harry moved, getting his arm free and grabbing Hermione's just as she was about to move his bangs, he gripped her arm firmly and pushed it away, pulled his sleeve down, and gave her a look that said 'sit down, now'. He turned away back to his empty plate, pure agony in his now lifeless green eyes.

Hermione tried to speak but caught sight of Ron who also gave her a look that read sit down. She did so giving a sadden glance at Harry and a murderous one at queen toad.

"Dolores," said McGonagall completely flabbergasted, "What sort of punishments have you been giving?"

"Well Minerva," she said giving a slight chuckle to her voice, "I base the punishment to the crime, and considering on how Potter's been acting, he deserved every bit of it."


"HEM, HEM!" Umbridge shouted trying to get Hermione to shut up.


The students and teachers looked absolutely stunned. Miss Hermione Granger, yelling, and disrespecting a teacher – even thou Umbridge deserved no respect. McGonagall looked rather pleased. Snape seemed to look expressionless although inside him he was overlooking the fact of who was saying it, just glad that it was said.

Umbridge stood up. "Miss Granger, shut your rude and ungrateful Mud-blood mouth of yours and sit down this instant! 50 points from Gryffindor!" She was obviously like the Malfoy's in that way, using mud blood like a curse word. "DETENTION! TWO WEEKS! Same for you Mr. Potter! Expect yours will be held with me in my office, like they always are. Oh, and don't forget to come to the detention you have planned for today already."

"What did he do to receive this detention?" McGonagall asked standing up glaring at her.

"Showing up for his previous detention two seconds late, that just wouldn't do." She replied sweetly. A sickening smile spread across her toad like face.

"TWO SECONDS?" Ron shouted standing up too. Ginny; Neville, Colin, Dean, Seamus, Luna, Nigel, Hannah, Justin, The Patil Twins, a few other Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors stood up too; most of them were members of the DA. "YOU TURN HALF OF HIM PURPLE BECAUSE OF TWO BLOODY SECONDS?" As Ron shout this an uproar rose from the three houses that were on Harry's side, and not just from the people standing up, some of the professors made gestures of agreement but not large ones, clearly afraid of losing their jobs.

"SILENCIO!" Umbridge shouted, waving a wand in a swift movement. The hall fell silent. Students began sitting down, Ron pulled Hermione down and Ginny followed. "Good. Now that that's over, a reminder to all students with detention, it will be held in the Owlery Supervised by Mr. Filch, at 11 o'clock tonight until completion. Also the Inquisitional Squad higher members may assist me if they desire in Mr. Potter's Detention which will be held today during all breaks, and at 11 o'clock as well in my office. But you can only assist me tonight at 11 o'clock."

Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, grinned, all being higher members they were sure not to miss out on a chance to see Potter's Pain.

Uproar began again and another silencing charm silenced them once more.

"Hem Hem. Perhaps, Potter you would like to show your class mates what will happen if they continue this behavior?" she asked staring at Harry.

He didn't move. Not even pretending that he heard. His back was to her.

"You will look at me and respond when I am talking to you Potter!" she demanded but Harry didn't move.

"I'm Warning you!"

No movement came.

"That's IT POTTER!" she screeched, "IMPERIO!"

The whole room – even the Slytherins – gasped in shock at what Umbridge had just done. Harry made a small jump in his seat; his hands fell to the table.

She moved her wand slowly and fiercely, Harry had a fighting look on his face as his head was forced to turn and face Umbridge. A hard, blazing, fierce look of pure hatred and despise covered his face. He had learned how to resist the curse last year from Barty Crouch Jr., disguised as Moody, but Umbridge meant it with all her might that it was extremely hard to resist.

She made him go a bit higher so that he leaning upward.

"Dolores, we NEVER use unforgivable curses as a punishment." said McGonagall boiling with rage, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to report you to the Minister. As much as he wants Potter punished and shut up in all but this is something I believe even Fudge would not approve of this."

"I am the headmistress Minerva, and I find this suitable." Umbridge said trying to keep control of a fighting Harry. "The Minister said to do what I had to do to keep the students – especially him – in line. Anyway all messages are read before sent or brought to the students, all fire places monitored, and if you try to go there yourself..." she raised her wand "Incarcerous!" she shouted, and one of the many doilies that were used on the long buffet trays flew up and began to strangle Harry, who immediately tried to yank it off. "Or the students get it." Harry began to turn a light shade of purple, which quickly turned a darker shade.

"STOP IT! STOP IT! CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING? YOU'RE KILLING HIM, STOP IT! PUNISH ME INSTEAD!" this time it was Ginny who stood up yelling at Umbridge. Ginny leaped across the table, knocking over several bowls of porridge, and knelled beside Harry trying to pry the dollies from his neck.

Hermione, Ron, Neville, and the other nearby Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, jumped up and rushed toward him.

"I'll stop when you all sit down, and do not make anymore outbursts or we just go right back to this place." Said Umbridge a bit more coolly, feeling back in control. The students ran to sit, not where they were before but squeezing in so that Harry would be free from strangulation sooner.

"Good." She said releasing Harry from himself. Harry – who began to return to his sickly pale color – lay on the floor his hands; one clutching his chest the other clutching his forehead – the blood, the scar – gasping for air, and gasping in pain. Snape stood up along with Sprout, Grubbly-Plank, Sinatra and Vector, who were all slowly followed by the rest of the staff.

"Punish you, instead…?" Umbridge said full of mock in her shrill voice, "Hmm… now where have I heard that before…?" Umbridge's soulless eyes moved down from Ginny… to Harry. The Staff and students eyes fell on Harry. Hermione's face grew into sudden realization at what was really going on here.

"Now, Potter, it's time to answer the question that was so rudely put off by your classmates," she said raising her wand making him get onto his knees. "Would you like to show your class mates what will happen if they continue this behavior?" she was slowly calming back down to her normal horrible self.

Harry closed his pained eyes and shook his head once. The crimson was in a thin path past his eye making him appear to have a single tear of blood coming from his right eye.

"So," Umbridge said raising her wand higher, "are you excited for your detention Mr. Potter?"

Without warning, slowly Harry stood up breaking free of the Imperious Curse staring directly at Umbridge his face was full of fury yet quickly calmed into a fierce smirk. "Do. Your. Worst." He said breaking it up so each word was its own sentence. The crimson line was all the way to his chin making the tiniest of drops to the floor.

Students all around just started at Harry then flickered there's eyes to Umbridge then back to Harry. Some were assured that Umbridge hadn't truly broken Harry, giving them hope.

"Oh believe me Mr. Potter, I will." She said lowering her wand, "Detention, after breakfast." She said and Hermione had to put her hand over from Ron's mouth to keep him from shouting his protests. "Your all dismissed." She turned and stalked away, heading to her office to get ready for the brief yet brutal detention with Harry.

The Slytherins were the first up, they were leaving the hall talking, and laughing as they had come to power in this school. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and the other nearby members of the D.A. rushed to Harry but Harry turned on his heel and hastily left the Great Hall.

Hermione called out his name trying to get him to turn around, but he never did. Harry vanished from view in the direction of the Gryffindor tower to quickly get his things for his classes before going to the Headmistress' office for another painful detention.

All the members of the D.A. – minus Cho and Marietta – were left in the great hall standing in an open group facing the doors leaving the great hall.

"What do you suppose that was all about?" Seamus asked.

"It wasn't obvious?" Hermione said as she turned around then so that she was facing the group causing all eyes to fall on her. "Did you not hear what Umbridge had said?"

They all looked at her some trying to remember, others not bothering because they knew their eyes were busy starting between the two not bother to listen.

Hermione sighed, "She said—" Hermione's expression changed as she looked passed the huddle of people. Filch was coming their way. "We will find a way to continue this later. It's best that none of us get detention got it?"

Ernie answered for the group, "Alright, Hermione but how are we –"

"HEY!" Filch yelled coming towards them, "No gatherings of more than three! Don't make me notify the headmistress. Go on, Scram!"

At that the D.A. broke off in different directions, not fully understanding what Hermione had said, but would do their best to not get detention. Although some of them may not be able to control themselves, they'd try. They'd try for Harry's sake, although no one other than Hermione knew why.

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