"Can I help you?" Dr. Zero snapped as he watched the dark skinned nurse fidget with the handle bars on the wheel chair. "In case you haven't noticed I am breaking bad news to this family and it is not the best time to stop and bother me."

The nurse nodded, looking as if she was about to leave before taking out her small pager, her blue eyes narrowing as she read what it had to say. "Dr. Zero, there's a problem in the morgue." She announced. This caught Clarks and the others attention.

What kind of problem? Because if they are playing practical jokes again I will skin them all alive." The doctor snapped, grabbing the pager out of her hands, his brow furrowing as he read it. "Oh…this changes everything…nurse, could you please show this family out? I have to go help down stairs."

"What's going on?" Clark finally asked as Doctor Zero began to jog away from the room, heading straight to the elevator that would bring him to the morgue.

"A slight malfunction, our top physician was about to do an autopsy on a young boy when all of a sudden he just passed out. The nurse down with him said she saw someone standing nearby, but when she looked whoever it was is gone. And the deceased patients' heart is now beating."

"Who's the boy?" All eyes looked upon the nurse as she put her pager away, brushing a strand of black hair behind her left ear.

"I can't tell you that. It's confidential. Now if you would please follow me, visiting hours are over and I must attend to the other patients."

"I'm staying here." It was Clark who finally spoke up as the room filled with a pregnant pause, his arms were crossed and he involuntarily took a step closer to Bruce's bed.

"Mr. Kent my orders-"

"Superman, Justice League founder, sub-code: 8799823B." As he spoke he sounded almost hostile. "I am staying, unless of course you feel that you are strong enough to make me move."

"Superman…what are you doing?" Conner looked over at his 'father' like figure, confused as to why Superman sounded so on edge, and why importantly he was refusing to leave Batman's bedside.

"Batman is my teammate and my friend; if he is injured I stick by him no matter what. That's how it always has been and that's how it's staying. I want you all to go back to Mount Justice, I know it's going to be hard, but you need to rely on each other for this rough time. I'll send Captain Marvel to check on you later."

"But Superman-"

"Aqua Lad do not question me. Now go." There was a slight growl to his voice as he moved yet again closer to Batman, reaching out and taking his now gloveless hand in his. It was obvious that the subject was over and done with.

"Fine, but we expect to know what's going on." Superboy snapped, following his team out the door, anger rising as he heard Miss Martian start to cry again. His heart hurt so badly he wanted to break everything…

+++ Midnight, Gotham Hospital+++

As the clocks hands struck twelve Clark Kent found himself pacing by Bruce's bed. He was conflicted beyond belief, the kryptonian in him screamed that he gets into bed with Bruce and make sure his mate was safe, the more reasonable, also known as Clark side screamed right back that he should let the Doctors and Nurses do their jobs and that waking him up would not be the best thing for him.

"Stop pacing Clark, you're giving me a headache." Bruce's weak voice cut the silence like a knife, causing the kryptonian to jump, spinning on his heels to see the other sit up. Or at least try to sit up. Clark was over at his side in the matter of seconds, helping him sit up and placing his hands gently on his shoulders.

"How long have you been up? Are you ok? Should I get you some pain killers? Are you hungry? Do you want me to-"

"Clark, shut up please." He sighed at the hurt look on Clarks face, mentally rolling his eyes. "I'm fine Clark; honestly, I just need to think for a moment. But if it makes you feel like you're helping, I'm cold, so warm me up."

Bruce scooted over in the hospital, flinching slightly as his back brushed against the mattress. Clark sat on the bed, wrapping an arm around him, careful of the others injuries.


"Tell me what happened to Robin." It was an order, one that only a dead man would ignore. "Now."

"Well when you collapsed and we got Robin out from the Jokers old hide out we brought the two of you to the hospital. And yes Bruce I took you out of your costume first." Bruce made a small grunt. "Robin was declared dead at five… but somehow in the Morgue they say his heart started beating. He's in the ECU right now. But they say if tonight goes well he should be able to leave that unit by tomorrow night." Bruce nodded, his eyes showing he was deep in thought. Finally he asked the question Clark was waiting for.

"What of Red Hood?"

"Dead, and burnt to ashes. I'm sorry Bruce."

"It had to be done." Anyone else would have thought that Bruce was indifferent about his sons' re-death, but Clark knew just from the way Bruce said it, that he was hurt beyond all belief.

"Get some sleep Bruce, I'll stay up in case something happens." A grunt was his answer as Bruce moved closer to him, resting his aching back against the others chest. Clark watched Bruce's eyes close and listened to his heart beat drop into a lull as sleep over took him. The damage was done, not only to Bruce but to Dick. He only hoped the young boys 'wings' weren't clipped…

+++four months later+++

"Pass it here! Come on! Me! MEMEMEMEME!" Kid Flash was starting to bounce on his toes as he waved his arm up in the air, trying with all his might to get Superboy to pass the basketball to him.

"Will you shut up?" He snapped, dribbling it twice before shooting it to Miss Martian who giggled lightly. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood today, even Superboy believe it or not. And who wouldn't be, after all, Robin was finally coming back to the team after four months of rigorous re-training and physical therapy, and some heavy duty mind wiping by Martian Man Hunter. It was agreed by everyone that it would be best if Robin forgot all about Jason and the abuse he was put through.

"Come on you two, play nice. We want everyone in a good mood when Robin comes back." Miss Martian cheered, tossing the ball into the hoop, clapping in excitement when it went in. "Yay! I did it!"

"Good job Meagan, glad to see you finally make your first basket." The ball dropped from the Martian girls hands as she turned around, spotting Robin standing in the door way. "Miss me?"

Just like that all hell broke loose, well in reality it was really Superboy and Kid Flash pushing and shoving each other, trying to get to Robin first to hug him.

"Robin!" Superboy yelled, picking up the red and black clad side kick, hugging him tightly, though not too tight to hurt him. "Robin I missed you!"

"Dude! Share!" Kid Flash demanded, clearly wanting to hug Robin as well.

"It's good to have you back Robin." Aqualad informed, standing off to the side lines, arms crossed, a small smile on his tan lips.

"I don't know how I got hurt…but it's good to be back." Robin smiled, and for the first time in the past few months he felt as if he found what was missing from his life. His team. His family.

"Yeah. Who knows." Kid Flash forced a laugh. "Now come play with us!"

A large smile formed on Robins lips as he nodded. "Prepare to get your asses handed to you!"

Because even if you try and clip a birds wings, the feathers will regrow and muscles will re attach, and said bird, will fly again…


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