Greek Brunch

Maggie finds herself intertwined with Kiriakis family, despite her best objectives to stay away. I don't own Days. Slightly AU if you read spoilers. Rated T for language and situations.

"Damnit," Maggie cursed when Parker started to wail. She put down the Chez Rouge paperwork and went into Parker's room. It had been two weeks since Chloe and Parker moved in. Maggie's famous patience was wearing thin.

"He won't stop cry! He wants Daniel," Chloe cried as she held the baby rocking back and forth.

Maggie wondered how much parenting Chloe actually had done in Parker's six months of life. Even Melanie learned to stay calm with the baby when he was upset.

"Chloe, you need to calm down. The baby is upset because you're upset," Maggie said, taking Parker from her, "Hello, little man. How are you? Did you wake up?"

Parker settled down as Maggie started to change his diaper. Meanwhile, Chloe fled the room.

"Your mother needs mental help. Yes, she does. She does," Maggie talked under her breath to the baby cheerfully. Parker gurgled. "I'm so happy you agree with me."

Chloe was in the kitchen, eating cereal.

"Chloe, could you make a bottle and feed Parker while I shower?" Maggie asked.

"Sure," Chloe said.

"I'll be right back, o.k.?" Maggie said.

Maggie showered quickly and called Phillip.

"You need to deal with Chloe," Maggie said bluntly.

"What's wrong? Is Parker o.k.?" Phillip asked.

"Yes, Parker's o.k. because I make sure he's o.k. Chloe's not able to take care of him. You need to deal with this," Maggie said.

"I'll be over after breakfast," Phillip yawned.

"NOW, Phillip. Get off your ass and deal with this fucking situation now," Maggie yelled, starting Parker crying again.

"I'll be right over, ma'am. I'm leaving now," Phillip said.

Victor looked amused. "What did Maggie say to you?"

"I've never heard Maggie swear before," Phillip said, shocked.

"She does have a way with words," Victor smirked.

"I'd better leave now," Phillip said.

"Bye, Phillip," Victor said.

"Bye, Dad."

"So brunch?" Julie asked. Maggie shrugged. "Maggie, this is your first date since Mickey…."

"I wasn't going to let Vivian stay on the island. And it's not a real date," Maggie snapped.

"Ah, yes, because she's such a joy to be around. Because she has been such a friend to you," Julie said skeptically.


"What happen to 'It has only been eight months since my husband's death'?" Julie asked.

"It's just brunch. Actually I offered dinner and he counter-offered brunch," Maggie said, laughing.


"When Victor offered to have brunch, I thought he was making a different offer," Maggie blushed.

"Oh. How do you feel about that?"

Maggie shrugged. "I never consider…"

"Really?" Julie raised her eyebrow.

"Actually, Vivian said the most ridiculous thing to me," Maggie said.


"She said I use my widowhood as excuse while I knew Victor was falling in love with me," Maggie said.

"Mmmm…" Julie took a sip of her coffee.

"Of course that's ridiculous. I encouraged Victor to try to make his marriage work," Maggie exclaimed.

"But you knew the marriage wasn't going to last. And while you protested how it was too soon, you did encouraged him to be your friend knowing his feelings," Julie said.

"I'm not a good person," Maggie groaned into her hands.

"Well, out of the three of you, I'm betting most people would nominate you for sainthood," Julie quipped.

"It's just brunch."

"You just took the mother of his grandson in, you're the AA sponsor of his other grandson, and great-aunt of a granddaughter and you consider his daughter-in-law your daughter. Oh, but it's just brunch. Because if it doesn't go well, you can cut all ties," Julie said sarcastically.

"Well, thank you for pointing out that I'm royally screwed either way," Maggie retorted.

Julie smirked at Maggie's turn of phrase. " Victor would be happy to help you accomplish that goal."

"Julie! We aren't just going to hop into the sack, so to speak."

"What if it goes well?"

Maggie took a sip of coffee. "I don't know."

"Are you considering dating him?"

"I don't know."

"Ah. Well, what do you know?" Julie asked.

Maggie bit her lip. "I'm very attractive to him and I'm drawn to him. I'm having dreams about him…"

"So when you just said you've never considered…."

"I might be lying to myself," Maggie said.

"That's never good."

"I know."

"A little advice?" Julie said.

"Sure. Why not?" Maggie asked.

" Go to brunch with the idea of it's just a meal with a friend. If you happen to kiss him, so be it. If you happen to have sex with him, which is out of the question, according to you, so be it. Use protection and get tested," Julie said.

"That's really mess-up advice, Julie," Maggie said.

"But it's good advice."

"Mmm, I might consider it," Maggie said.

"When is the date?"

"The brunch is in two days. I have no idea what to wear or how to act. It's at his house, with all the family interruptions possible," Maggie groaned.

"Well, you could change it," Julie pointed out.

"I just need to talk to him. We need to figure out some things out. Which isn't going to happen if we keep getting interrupted," Maggie said.

"So have it here."

"We get interrupt here too. By Chloe or Melanie or you, " Maggie said.

"Well, you could get a motel room…."


"Call Victor and move brunch here. You do better on your own turf. And cooking can be very sexy," Julie said.

"It's a thought."

"But I thought Chloe was happy to stay with Maggie," Phillip said.

"Maggie isn't happy. If Maggie isn't happy, then Maggie shouldn't have to put up with your responsiblities. I think we need to sit down discuss the situation with everyone," Victor said.

" Isn't it when Maggie isn't happy, your love life gets complicated? By the way, when is your brunch with Maggie?" Phillip snarked.

"Two days."

"Good luck. Maggie Horton's no pushover."

"Believe me, I know," Victor laughed.