"Maggie, Maggie," Victor groaned as Maggie stroke his back.

"Victor, please, please," Maggie kissed Victor.

"Are you ready?" Victor asked.


"I think reviewing helped," Victor said.

"I think we have very good chemistry," Maggie said.

"You are wonderful. We should do brunch more often," Victor teased.

"You just like me for my cooking skills?" Maggie feigned hurt.

"You have other skills," Victor said, nuzzling Maggie's breast.

"I'm very happy you like my other skills," Maggie said.

"Maggie, what happens now?"

"I'm assuming you'll spend the night and we go from there. Do you need pajamas?" Maggie asked.

"Do I?" Victor kissed Maggie.

"Ah…probably not. Although we should probably move to the bedroom…"Maggie said.

"That would be better for my back. Do you want to sleep in guest room?"

"This is you, trying to be sensitive, isn't it?" Maggie laughed.

"I am."

"Honey, Mickey's and my bed is in Nashville. I didn't feel comfortable sleeping in it without Mickey and Sarah always loved the rosewood. So I bought a new bedroom set."


"So you will be the first man in my bed," Maggie said, watching Victor's reaction.

"Really?" Victor drew Maggie closer.

"Mmm-mmm. So try not to ruin it for the men that are coming after you," Maggie said dryly.

"There will be no other men," Victor said, chasing Maggie up the stairs.

Maggie simply laughed.

"Your phone's ringing," Victor said, as he drew random designs on Maggie's back afterwards.

"It is. Should I answer it?" Maggie asked.

"If you don't does it send out a search party warning to the Hortons? Are they going to show up here and bust you?"

"They aren't that bad," Maggie said lightly.

Victor gave her a look. Maggie laughed.

"O.k. Maybe they are. But they love me."

"I love you. Especially your…"


"Your smile. I was going to say your smile," Victor protested.

"Right. My smile."

"And other things," Victor admitted, nuzzling Maggie's neck.

"Other things?" Maggie asked.

"I'm extraordinary fond of your hips, your hair and your eyes," Victor said, kissing Maggie.

"Mmm. Is that all?"

"You're fishing for compliments! Maggie!"

Maggie blushed. "I just feel a little insecure right now."

"I want you. I always want you. I remember being at parties and watching you and Mickey. I thought Mickey Horton was the luckiest man in the room," Victor said.

"He was. We were. Why do I feel comfortable with you? I shouldn't. It has been less than a year."

"I don't know. But I'm going to enjoy you. This is such a gift at our age," Victor said.

"It is. But sooner or later we need to get back to real life," Maggie yawned as she snuggled closer.

"No, we'll just go on a long vacation," Victor said.

"With our businesses to run and your family, the vacation would last two days," Maggie giggled.

"No, we'll go to Greece and you'll only pack one small suitcase," Victor kissed Maggie.

"Because I won't need many clothes?" Maggie said.

"I love the way you think. "

"Let's do dinner first," Maggie said.

"I'm looking forward to dinner. Brunch turned out so well," Victor smiled and kissed Maggie.

"It did, didn't?" Maggie snuggled closer and closed her eyes.

Victor held Maggie close and smiled contently. If brunch turned out this well, he couldn't wait for dinner.