A Geek's Valentine

Chapter 1- The Before Time

Rodney had not cracked a smile all day and it did not look like he would anytime soon. He had been reviewing coding for a new shield array for the last four hours and everything seemed to be blurring into one messy blob of numbers. "You know I could use a little help here," he grumbled to the Czech scientist sitting on the other side of the desk.

"No way," Radek shook his head. "You told me that you didn't want me to screw up your precious work last night. Besides, I have a date tonight."

"You have a date?" Rodney asked, not hiding his surprise.

The smaller scientist gave his boss a dirty look, "I do. Why do you sound shocked?"

The physicist shrugged, "This is the first I am hearing of it."

"The Daedalus arrives today and I haven't seen Lindsey in a couple months," Radek explained. Rodney was the first person he was divulging the relationship to.

Rodney snickered, "Novak? The one who," he pretended to hiccup, "when she is nervous?"

"Glad you find that so amusing. Today is Valentine's Day in case you forgot," he reminded the man who was getting crankier by the second.

"I didn't forget. I just don't see the point of the day. Flowers, chocolate, high pitched squeals from the Ronon, Sheppard and Lorne fan girls wondering if one of them is going to ask them to be their Valentine. Seriously, are they a bunch of teenagers?" the obvious loathing of the situation came to the surface. The high school antics were not the real source of Rodney's foul mood, but it was an effective outlet for his anger.

"You are just upset because your date for the evening spends most of her day drooling, babbling and playing with her feet," Radek said with a smirk.

Rodney's eyes widened, "That reminds me. What time is it?" A quick look at his watch said he still had time.

"Late to pick her up?"

"I have an hour, but I since I am ready to throw the computer into the ocean I think I will get her now," Rodney was about to turn his computer off when an unexpected email arrived. After he opened the email all the crankiness instantly evaporated as if the foul mood never existed. The more time Rodney spent looking at the image on the screen the more the physicist's smile widened.

Radek stared at the other man, wondering what caused the instant mood change. "Rodney! Earth to Rodney. McKay," he did Whatever possible to draw the Canadian back from whatever stupor he was in.

"Sorry. Got to run. Something came up. Enjoy your date," Rodney patted Radek's back as he ran out of the lab as fast as he could.

Radek did not have much time to dwell on McKay's mood swing as Chuck radioed him that the Daedalus just dropped out of hyperspace. His day just improved tenfold.

A/N: Thank you for reading and please leave a review. This will be a three part story, with one chapter each dedicated to Radek and Rodney. I'm letting the resident geeks have a little fun. They deserve it.