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Age 42/Children 16/Friday Night.

"L! Noah! Come here right this second please!"

"Berry! Stop with the volume! I could hear you on Mars." L smiled at Noah's old joke as they met in the hallway and obediently rushed to their sister's room. They were all getting ready for a Cal Newsome's birthday party and the boys were already dressed.

Little Noah still had a Mohawk but was no longer little. He played the guitar, piano and football. He was six feet tall and, because of the strength training for his sport, a burly young man. He looked very much like his father facially and physically and wanted to be a rock star or a robotics engineer when he grew up. Or maybe both.

Facially, L had inherited Santana's more delicate features and higher cheekbones. He played the piano and the drums, but he already had a career. He'd danced on Broadway a few times and was dancing part-time with the New York City Ballet. After discussing the issue with his parents, he'd decided to defer dancing full-time until he'd finished high school because rules for minor children performers were strict and prohibitive and he might as well train while he could. He was 5'10" and had the lean, tight muscles dancing four hours or more every day had given him. His physique was nearly exactly like his Tio Mike's.

Berry was Berry. She already had a career, as well. Broadway. And diva. Professionally and privately.

She was only five feet tall but relatively undismayed that she was unlikely to ever be taller. She was back in school with her brothers after three years away now because her newest role was in a production that was only in workshop creatively. Her first year in high school! She looked nearly exactly like Rachel facially and physically except for the facts she was shorter and her dark hair was wavier.

The brothers arrived at her room. Noah asked, "Ssup, Ber?"

Berry had spread five outfits out on her bed. "As young gentlemen, I'd appreciate your telling me which one of these outfits will most catch the attention of Jason Threadwell tonight!"

Noah forced himself not to roll his eyes. Berry had set her sights and he and his brother were appalled. Jason Threadwell was a year older than they were, the quarterback on his team and a complete douche. He was also 6'4", which was just wrong even thinking about with his tiny baby sister. Noah eyed the outfits on the bed with the idea of covering Berry up as much as possible so he could actually talk to girls instead of worrying about Jason putting his catcher's mitt hands on her all night.

L felt the same way. He hated Jason Threadwell because his sister liked him and those feelings were apparently unreturned and almost seemed like entertainment for the boy. It was obvious to him that if Berry looked at Jason twice, the dude should have immediately been on his knees worshipping her, which would not only be right because she deserved it but then they'd be about the same height.

Jason was a moron but Berry was insistent and L knew they couldn't really do anything when she was determined so he said, "I think you should skip the skirts, Ber, because it's a barbeque and we'll be hanging out outside. You'll be warmer and you'll look casual and sophisticated with the black jeans rather than the blue and…some red flats and…that red sweater instead of the green. Red's really flattering with your coloring."

Berry beamed up at L even as Noah smirked at him and said, "Dude. You're so gay."

"Right. Said the bro who wishes he had girls all over him like I do."

"Said the bro looking at a bro with a barrette holding back his pretty blond hair."

Berry sniffed, "L is metrosexual, Noah Pierce, and that never hurt David Beckham so you both may stop bickering. That said, you're more typically male. As is Jason. Should I wear my hair up or down?"

L smirked back at Noah. "Burn. Way to go Noah. In the same category as Jason." He lifted one eyebrow just like his namesake and Noah wanted to strangle him. Berry was so oblivious about Jason's douche-status, she didn't even get the joke and they both wanted to strangle her. Par for the course. They were teen siblings.

Noah flipped a coin in his mind. What would look hot and how to avoid that. She was his sister. What was hot? He said "Down," just as L said, "Up."

They glared at each other as Berry beamed. "Up it is! Thank you! I'll be ready in fifteen minutes!"

As she closed the door on them, Noah punched L in the shoulder and hissed quietly as they walked down the hall. "The fuck? Up looks sexy."

L whispered, "I know. And whatever. She's not wearing a skirt and she's wearing flats because of me, dude. That piece of crap won't see her legs but when her hair's up and she's in flats, it'll be a mind-fuck for Mr. Girnormous because she's the size of a liter of soda to him and she'll look more intimidating than he thinks he is. She's our little sister but she's Beryl Pierce, too. He's scared as shit of her and we need to keep it that way."

They walked down the hall and Noah thought about it and had to admit, "Good thinking, balleroony."

"Thanks, ape-paws."

This was completely harmless. The brothers were very different but loved each other fiercely and were united in a fraternal passion to keep douchbaggery from their sister. It sometimes felt like a losing battle because Berry, in her first and perhaps only year of high school, depending on her career, seemed to have a douche detector that completely baffled them.

But they could try. That there were four other females in the house who could have given Berry 'girl' advice and she chose her brothers didn't seem strange to any of them.

Flashback. Children 13.

Puck had given the boys 'the talk' when they were ten. Berry had gotten the talk from Quinn and told her brothers it had happened and that she never, ever wanted to talk about it. They completely understood. The children already knew about IVF and how'd they'd come into existence from nearly infancy but 'where do babies usually come from' had been a different discussion.

The boys got another talk when they were thirteen.

"So—okay." Puck was sweating. He handed two Cokes to the boys and swigged his own, wishing they were beers or maybe a tequila shot or three for him. "You know how babies get here…I mean, about sex."

L and Noah nodded frantically, hoping that would make their dad shut up and not talk. It didn't work.

"Sorry but I gotta tell you a little more, okay?" He took a deep breath and his obvious anxiety made the boys exponentially more anxious.

"What you always have to remember, is that sex can be fun but it has consequences. I want to get something out of the way quick. I don't know who you guys might have sex with one day. I get that sons might think for a lot of reasons a dad like me could be a shitbird about who. Not me, dudes. So maybe it'll be a girl or maybe a guy. I really won't care which one and I'll love you no matter what. That's completely over from now on. Promise. Straight or gay. You're my sons."

He took a deep breath.

"Sex. Okay. The main thing is you have to take care of yourself and take care of her or him. I won't drag it out. I have some booklets here you'd better read or fucking else and I'm not kidding because I'm seriously trying not to skeeve you guys too much. So you can read them and not have to listen to me instead because this is killing me too, okay?"

The boys nodded.

"Promise me you'll read them so you can get out of jail free about this?"

Noah and L smiled gratefully at their father and said in unison, "Promise."

Puck power chugged his soda. "Don't think I'm not quizzing you. Okay. You know how you guys and Berry got born, right?"

They nodded and Noah answered, "IVF."

"Right. You know how your sister Beth got born?" The two boys immediately looked at the floor. They knew.

"Right. I was irresponsible with your mother Quinn. She was irresponsible with me. Both of us were, guys, but when you're the guy with a girl and you both really mess up, it'll hurt her a million times worse than it'll ever hurt you. That's just true. I want to tell you that because you're my sons and it's on you, as men, if you ever have sex with anyone, to make sure you don't hurt someone. The booklets explain how not to hurt someone or get hurt yourself in a health way and you seriously need to know this stuff."

He took a deep breath. "Sex isn't nothing, dudes. When I was your age I sort of thought it was just something a badass did. Score with lots of girls. It was like a game."

He shrugged and finished his soda. "If you want to be as stupid as I was and want to look at it that way? Okay. It's just like football, Noah. You wouldn't just hit the field without your pads and helmet. Or like ballet, L. You wouldn't just run out and dance without stretching. It's just that easy but it's a decision you have to make. You have to protect yourself every time and remember it's not always like some fair ride you can jump on and have fun and forget. If you don't protect yourself, physically or with the whole feelings thing, people get hurt. You can get hurt or she or he can. It's something that can be forever for you and the other person if you don't protect yourself. The one thing I'll say you better write down in blood and I am so fucking not kidding?"

He stared at them and they nodded.

"People have sex for all sorts of reasons. Teen guys usually have sex 'cause it feels good and makes them feel badass but even guys sometimes have sex when they really just want a dumbass hug and to feel like someone really likes them."

His face was sadder than they'd ever seen it but he smiled at them. "Never have sex with anyone when you aren't happy about it or if you can see the other person isn't really happy about it. If you're not happy, it'll feel good for a minute and then you'll feel like shit for a long, long time. If the other person isn't happy, it can make a world of hurt and you'd be scumbags if you took advantage of someone if she or he just needed a hug or to just talk but was maybe too confused or sad not to give you sex instead."

Puck crushed his coke can in his hand.

"Don't ever have sex just because. Have it safely and because it'll be fun for you and that other person. Fun for both of you. Better than that, because you love someone. Don't ever have sex just because you can. Sex isn't a joke. It's important. It's not nothing and it's not something you just do. I'm your father and you know I didn't have one."

Puck looked down at the floor and scuffed it with one boot.

"I'm telling you this because I didn't have a dad to talk to me when I was your age. I wish like hell I had. I love you and I want to be a good father and raise better guys than I was."

He took a moment before he grinned at them, "I know you hate this but I'm not fucking around here. I made a lot of mistakes when I was a young guy and I don't want you to look back when you're my age and feel like sacks of crap about some of the stuff you did, okay?"

They nodded as he handed them the booklets, "Read this stuff and if you have questions, you can ask me anything you want and I'll be as cool as I can be with you, okay? If you want to talk to another parental instead of me, I'd say in order of who would be best to worst? Girl Sam next, then probably San, because they'd be guys about it. Britts might be too much a little in your face because she just says stuff—no sugar-coat."

L snorted, "Was this sugar-coating?"

Puck shrugged, "Go ahead, talk to your mommy and you'll find out."

L and Noah knew exactly what he meant and smiled. "Then Quinn. Quinn would actually be perfect but she'd be a little scary. Rach is my Jew but she'd be last because if you think this shit was bad, you'd get an hour-long PowerPoint from her."

They boys looked at each other and snickered.

"Okay guys. Almost done. I think I should also tell you that sex is great but when it's not just fun, not just because you and somebody hot want to feel happy together? When it's because you love someone, you'll finally find out what all the shoutin's about. When you're in love, it's the real deal. That's it. Talk over."

Noah nodded as he took his booklet, kissed his father on the cheek and said, "Thanks, dad." Then he nearly ran from the room.

L smiled at his father's sweaty face and jerked his chin toward the door, "He's your namesake but, sorry, he's such a pussy. That was way worse for you than us, wasn't it?"

"Dude. Like you don't even know."

L held out a fist and Puck knuckle-bumped him.

"Thanks, dad. Just so you know? I'm pretty positive Noah and me are straight. But I'm pretty positive Berry is, too. That can't feel good."

Puck scowled at the thought of his younger daughter being straight. Beth's being straight was enough. This doubled the number of young men he had to terrify. Then again, the fact L and Little Noah were straight was a relief because he couldn't imagine having to scare off four sets of shitbird guys.

L smiled at him and looked exactly as if he'd read his thoughts. Puck thought he probably had. Little Noah was a little him but LQ was a mensch and Puck had known that since the day the kid could speak.

L kissed his cheek and hugged him, then left with his booklet in hand.

Puck smiled as he watched L leave and wondered at the idea of fatherhood. He thought about the doctor who'd delivered Beth. The guy had been right. He'd been a baby daddy then. Now he was a father. He liked that his sons were real dudes but still kissed him. He liked, when other kids their age were too embarrassed to be seen with their parents, not one of the four of them ever acted like that. He ran his hands through his hair. The kids had six parents and seemed happy. He'd only had one parent and that had been hard enough. They must be doing something right.


Noah, L and Berry walked into the family room and weren't surprised.

Their moms were so boring. Just sitting cuddled up in pairs. Watching a movie together.

They were movie stars and Broadway stars and pop stars and dance stars but they never went out and trashed hotels or drank too much and got papped falling out of limos. No commando shots, no botox, no plastic surgery. The kids didn't exactly want that but it was difficult enough to go to school being the famous children of four super-famous lesbians. Their mothers weren't even interesting super-famous lesbians. They only cooked meals and exercised in their gym or watched movies, SyFy and endless BBC mini-series. They played Wii, iPad and board games together. That was about it. Boring.

Santana paused the movie and said, "Curfew. 11:30."

They all rolled their eyes.

Brittany said, "For real? Eye rolls? Disrespect mami time?"

All of the children immediately said, "Sorry, mami."

Brittany nodded and smiled at them.

Rachel said, "You look very handsome, guys, and you look very pretty, Berry."

Berry smiled at her mother. "Thank you. I'll teach Jason Threadwell!"

Quinn tilted her head. They all went to Noah's football games. "He's the quarterback—that really tall guy?"

Berry answered brightly, "Yes!"

Santana groaned as Quinn gave Rachel a sour look, "See what you did? Déjà vu all over again." Rachel play-smacked Quinn on the arm and said "You dated him, too, missy." Quinn rolled her eyes because she could and pointed between Noah and L, then at Berry. "Eyes on the prize, young men. Or call me."

They nodded.

Berry stamped her foot. "We already have security protection. I don't need handling at the party!"

Rachel stood and put a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "You don't. You need people who love you, Berry. You have brothers. I had no one when I was your age. Quinn, Brittany and Santana kept me safe at a party when I was sixteen and your granddaddy Eric and granddad Jacob taught me after that it was safety first, happiness second. Your brothers will always keep you safe. It might not be fun for any of you but they will."

"I know. I know. But Cal's parents are going to be there, Mom. It's at his house with his parents! We'll be drinking soda or punch! We're not going to a barbarian teen kegger party."

Noah saw this was only an issue because it was cutting against the grain of Berry's pride so he said, "What MR is saying, Ber, is what's the 13th commandment?"

L thought for one second and said, "Nobody hurts Berry!"

Santana smiled and agreed, "Exactly. So say we all?"

The boys said, "So say we all."

Berry was bitter but wasn't particularly upset about having her own commandment. She smiled.

Santana said, "We gotsa movie going so time to get going, younger people. Called the car for you. It's out front. Have fun and call for it when you're ready to come home."

The children all kissed their mothers in turn before leaving.

Cal Newsome was a football player. Sorta. He was a kicker. His parents had money. Actually, everyone in their school had money if they were attending their really exclusive private school. He was a nice enough guy and there wasn't really any huge reason not to go.

The Pierce-Lopez kids were always invited to parties but rarely went to them.

Depending on the mix of kids who might be there, it could run from a little awkward to very awkward. There were more than a few famous people's kids at the school and nearly everyone had divorced parents or sets of step-parents. Actually, it was weird if someone's parents were still together. But no other kids had two sets of very intact-couple mothers on purpose and a dad and a step-mom. No one had four super-famous parents. Everyone on the planet seemed to know their mothers. Everyone could Google them. Magazine racks? There they were. It was strange to walk out anywhere feeling like they needed to gird themselves for anything.

To add to the focus of being four stars' children, two of the kids were slightly famous themselves. Berry had performed on Broadway three times and was quite well known. All of their classmates had seen L in his movie, which he'd had to sit through at their school because it was required viewing. For tolerance. For diversity. That had been mortifying for him. Everyone knew he danced for productions and companies far beyond the scope of most teens. There were multiple tumblrs dedicated to either or both of them and some included Noah.

Berry adored the attention and high school was a way to experience what she'd missed having been tutored at home and at work for years. L liked high school well enough but hated the attention. He already had a career path and had to put so much time into training for it, he felt very apart from the other kids at school.

Noah laughed it all off and at both of them because he was, as he put it, the only really 'normal' person in the house. But it was true. He was having the most normal experience of all of them. He liked high school and he liked being a popular guy. Despite this, when they were in the same room, they tended to stick together because they all felt the equal weight of fame and of their unconventional family. As triplets they also formed, without even necessarily planning to, a natural and insular clique.

They took deep breaths and Noah rang the doorbell. The brownstone door was answered by a man who asked their names and checked a guest list. Noah rolled his eyes as the man found their names, smiled at them and stepped out of their way, saying "Follow the music. The party's in the garden."

They passed through a damned impressive home and out into the evening air. It was a beautiful garden and there were food tents, rows of chairs and tables, a live dj and a temporary dance floor. Most of their school seemed to be there.

Berry pulled L down to her height, "Can you do the polite for me and say hello to Cal? Hannah and Abbie are already there with Jason."

"Sure." All three kids had exceptional manners.

She already had her star face on. She'd seen her target, which wasn't hard. He was the tallest boy there and her bestie Hannah and second bestie Abbie were trying to keep him occupied. As she strode toward Jason Threadwell, L said to Noah, "I'll do the etiquette crap. Look out—three o'clock. Your bud cockblocker Charlie's about to hit her. Go first!"

Noah looked and smiled, "Thanks dude." Noah gave Charlie a pointed look and the guy jerked his head at him. Charlie had been about to pounce but he gave Noah a thumbs-up as he approached a girl named Antonia they thought was smokin' hot. Noah had seen her hotness first and they had rules that meant first meant first try. Noah didn't just think she was hot. He sort of secretly thought she was really funny and sweet and smart, too.

L found Cal, thanked him for the invitation and wished him a happy birthday from the family. He exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes as he scoped the party. His eyes fell upon two ultra blonde kids he'd never seen before sitting in a corner off by themselves. He sighed. Quinn had taught them to always extend themselves to people no one was talking to but he, of all of the children, had really taken it to heart so he excused himself from Cal, crossed the garden and introduced himself.

The children stood and the shorter boy said in slightly accented English, "We are honored to meet you, Quinn Pierce-Lopez. I am Andor Fjelstad and please may I present my younger sister Astrid?" She was Rachel's height. Rachel was exactly 5'2" and so was Astrid. She was wearing huge glasses and seemed incredibly shy if the deep blush on her cheeks was any indication. She was also wearing clothes so deeply uncool she shouldn't have been let out of the house in them. She only nodded at L and tried to smile up at him.

Andor continued, "Caleb's father gave us this party invitation because his father works with mine. We are newly imported from Norway, so to speak, and will be at your school now. I am your age and my sister one year younger. It is kind for you to talk to us. No one else has."

L wanted to snap at that. That wouldn't do. He looked from the Norwegian kids to his sister doing her best with Hannah and Abbie and Jason surrounded by a few boys and Noah doing his best with Antonia all by himself. Typical.

"It's very nice to meet you. Please let me introduce you to my sister first, then my brother."

Andor blushed, "To meet you is such an honor already. My sister and I have seen your movie many times and it touched us both very deeply."

L smiled down at them and channeled all of his mothers, "Thank you very much. That's so kind of you to say and I'm so grateful you watched and enjoyed it. But you'll find out quickly I'm no movie star. I'm just another teenage boy. My brother Noah," he pointed, "the boy with the Mohawk, is really another teenage boy. How about my sister first?"

"We'll be interrupting. It's an imposition."

L smiled. "No worries."

L glared at Jason, "Excuse me, Jason. Just gotsda do the intro thing. Jason, George, Andrew, Hannah, Abbie, Christian? We have new kids at school. They're from Norway and their names are Andor and Astrid Fjelstad."

L so very infrequently insinuated himself into social situations it was always unnerving but the kids all accepted it and introduced themselves to their new schoolmates. The Norwegian kids were a little gobsmacked and L felt it. He finally said "Astrid Fjelstad, this is my sister, Beryl Pierce-Lopez."

Berry shook the girl's hand and greeted her with her show smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Astrid." She turned to Andor, who was completely overwhelmed and lowered his head slightly. "I am Andor Fjelstad and honored to meet someone I've seen many times onstage when I have traveled here with my father. It's difficult to believe I'm meeting you. Thank you for the privilege of your acquaintance."

Andor Fjelstad was 5'5" and a handsome young man. He had nearly white blond hair, bright and glacial blue eyes almost like Tio Ryk's, and as Berry shook his hand, Jason Threadwell completely disappeared for her.

Berry smiled at them all. "Andor, Astrid. Let's have some punch, shall we?" Hannah and Abbie smiled and immediately made themselves scarce. Thank GOD Berry had someone to take her mind off that gigantor Jason Threadwell. They were thrilled they could stop talking to him. That said and done, they both wished L wasn't doing his weirdly-nice thing with the new kids. Half the girls at school were smitten with Noah. All of them were smitten with L. He smiled and was always sweet but he was so unapproachable.

Jason was completely surprised Berry left him. L smirked and made the slightest of 'fuck you with horns' sign at the larger boy with one hand as they moved to the punchbowl.

Score QUINN! Noah thought as he watched Jason cockblocked. Noah felt like life couldn't get better. He turned to Antonia and smiled.

Andor and Berry immediately began talking and were so obviously hitting if off that it left L with Astrid, who said "You don't have to stay here with me, Quinn. You must have many friends at this party. I'll be alright by myself. Andor won't leave me alone for very long."

L looked down into her eyes. She was so tiny and so uncool and not beautiful in any conventional way but pretty in a slightly unusual way. A pretty and nearly pixie-ish, unusual way.

"I have friends, sure, and a brother and a sister and after we find out what sort of food's going to be on the grill, I'll introduce you to them."

"Ah yes. You're a vegetarian."

"How'd you know that?"

"You're very…well. You're…"

"Wait-a-second. Are you a fan of mine?"

She took a deep breath and exhaled it. "Yes."

L nodded and held out his hand, "Okay. Let's stop right there. Hi. I'm not Quinn Pierce. I'm L Pierce-Lopez. Nice to meet you."

She shook it. "I'm Astrid Fjelstad."

"Would you honor me with a dance?"

"I would but I apologize. You're a dancer. I don't know how to dance."

L smiled and shrugged. "Then you're lucky I am a dancer. And I promise I won't let you fail or fall."

She really was no dancer. But he held her and guided her through many songs. Different songs, fast and slow. He was completely committed and sometimes shook her body gently and said things like, "Loosen up, Astrid. It's only me. I'm the pro, girl, and errybody knows it. We can look as stupid as we wanna."

She'd never had anyone except her parents or Andor touch her gently or even firmly with kindness. In slow songs, he taught her to waltz. During fast songs, she tried her best but found herself laughing nearly hysterically because he was almost lifting her and shifting her and moving her through the songs. She was completely entranced because he was smiling down at her and sometimes nearly choking with laughter she knew was not at her but with her as he supported her moving around him. It was the most unexpected and joyful, magical evening of her life. He was perfect.

When they'd finished because the DJ announced the food, he bowed to her and said, "Remember this. That's what guys lucky enough to ever have dance partners like you do, Astrid. They bow knowing they were lucky to share your company in dance. Thank you. And now we're going to find out what me and my bro and especially my sister can eat. You won't take pictures and you won't talk on Facebook or twitter or anything else because we'll be friends sharing a meal, right?"

Astrid smiled up at him, pulled out her phone and tweeted:

AstridFjel: About to have party food with LQuinn! #calparty

"Is that okay?" She showed it to him and asked before she sent it.

He looked at it. It was sweet and it meant something to her. Connection. L pulled out his phone and said, "Absolutely. Send it, grrl, and hug up with me." She was breathless as she hugged him and he took a picture of them both.

He tweeted "LQuinn: AstridFjel 'Bout to help me find veggie food! Dancing = food. We're starving teen animals. (url to pic) #calparty

NoahPL: People? LQuinn AstridFjel eating ALL the veggie stuff. Trying to get in the game! antoniaj helping #calparty

antoniaj: I'm scared, peeps. Vegetarian bros R fierce! (url to pic of Noah and Quinn scowling over buffet) #calparty

LQuinn: NoahPL: Snooze, you lose, big bro. Boo-yah!

NoahPL:LQuinn: But who got the last of the marinated asparagus? Boo-yah!

LQuinn: NoahPL: Right. That was so manly I can barely stand it

NoahPL:LQuinn: WTFE and STFU blondie

LQuinn: NoahPL: Dude. We're text-tweeting standing right next to each other like R and S

NoahPL:LQuinn: U…R…right and thass just wrong. Eat—turn your phone off. Wait. Don't—B's mad! Bye!

MsBerylPierce: LQuinn, NoahPL, AstridFjel, antoniaj: I'm reading you. I'm hungry! You're eating things only I can eat. I find myself displeased. #calparty

LQuinn: MsBerylPierce: U got the last of marinated asparagus B. Huge vegan plate saved for you. By me & NoahPL. Natch. Who loves ya? #calparty

LQuinn: By the way and fyi? MsBerylPierce is a very small vegan anaconda

NoahPL: LQuinn; MsBerylPierce: Ruh roh! Truth!

MsBerylPierce: LQuinn: NoahPL: I resent that! And yet the platter my insolent brothers saved me does look yummy! (url to pic of an enormous plate of food) #calparty

MsBerylPierce: Andor doesn't have a twitter account. Hmmm. Here we are! (url to a pic of MsBerylPierce, Andor, NoahPL , LQuinn, AstridFjel, antoniaj scrunched in at a table) #calparty

MsBerylPierce: Birthday Boy Cal Newsome! Calnew, MsBerylPierce, NoahPL, LQuinn, AstridFjel, antoniaj and Andor! (url to pic of everyone around a table) #calparty

Calnew: Best birthday ever, everybody! Thank you! #calparty

On the ride home…

AstridFjel: LQuinn, MsBerylPierce, NoahPL, antoniaj You were so kind. Thank you so much

LQuinn: AstridFjel Thank you. Bowing and you know why

MsBerylPierce: AstridFjel No. Thank you and Andor for such a lovely evening

NoahPL: AstridFjel Thank YOU. Andor? Badass? Don't think you're staying off twitter long, bro

antoniaj: AstridFjel: Gotta get ready for school! We gotta go shopping tomorrow! Call me, new girl!

Antonia was hot but she actually was smart and funny and she knew a girl who needed fashion emergency help when she saw one. She was also nice enough to act like she wasn't helping.

Quinn, Noah and Berry felt confirmation about Antonia with one tweet. They smiled.

Their mothers, father and step-mother read every tweet. When the children came home, their mothers smiled as they pretended to be asleep. It was 12 and the kids had broken curfew. They'd let them think they got away with it.

As soon as the kids arrived in the darkened house, they smiled at each other because they knew their parents were awake.

L hugged Berry and kissed her on top of her head, "Sweet dreams, estrellita."

Noah said, "No hogging the sister, bro. Gimme." He gently pulled her out of L's arms, hugged her quickly and kissed her head. "You were badass tonight, Ber. Prettiest girl there by far."

She beamed up at them and stage-whispered. "Thank you Noah! Thank you L! You were the nicest men at the party. As per usual. I love you both and hope you have a fully restorative sleep!"

She turned, semi-marched away and her brothers sighed. Very, very Berry.

L shoulder-bumped Noah. "Antonia's cool."

"Been knowing that. What about that Astrid?"

"What about her?"

"Smaller glasses, better clothes, she'd be cute."

"She's cute exactly the way she is."

Noah snorted. "Knew it. You like her and Berry likes that Andor guy. You think he's okay?"

Noah noted that L didn't deny the Astrid thing as he said, "I think he's perfect. He's respectful and nice and he's really short for a guy."

Noah nodded, "Mad love for the respect and the nice but the short nails it for me."

"Right? When it comes to guys, I want Berry's two-bite brownie size."

They shared a long, silent moment.

"That sounded totally gay, dude."

"Yeah. It did. Whatever. Go to bed, rock star."

"You too, balleroony."

They gave each other a one shoulder guy hug and went to their rooms.

Texting, 15 minutes later

Santana Lopez: They're home safe and sound and sounds like they had fun
Noah Puckerman: Tks 4 telling me. Frm tweets, I smell teen spirit
Santana Lopez: Me, too. Kiss Sam for me
Noah Puckerman: I'll kiss her for me—not you—I know you
Santana Lopez: You're just worried a kiss from me would be…transformative
Noah Puckerman: Whatever, Optimus Prime
Santana Lopez: As hobbs would say? NOAH!
Noah Puckerman: !

A/N Next Chapter? Faberry, and much younger.