RWS/Shuffle-Book No. 1

Thomas and the City of Tokyo

Based on the Original (2009) Volume by: ThomasZoey3000

Version #2-Written by: ThomasZoey3000

Dear Friends,

Our dear friend, Thomas the Tank Engine was feeling a little grumpy as he was asked to go to Canada for a special event, thankfully he did calm after a while. However, a storm out on the ocean took our little blue friend to a different place, where magic and adventure and mysterious surprises are waiting round the next bend. When I finally got the chance to speak with Thomas, he told me all that has happened during his trip and now I am proud to share these stories with you.

The Author

Stories Included:

-Off Coarse

-Thomas and Primula

-The Friendly Group

-Courtney's Trouble with Trucks

-Saying Goodbye to Primula

Off Coarse

Thomas the Tank Engine was running nicely on his branch line. Annie and Clarabel were humming a little tune, the birds were singing and the sun was shining, life was great!

Soon Thomas rolled into Ffraquhar station on time as always. While the passengers were getting off, Thomas looked beyond the platform and saw a new set of lines already set up.

"Those workmen sure are working hard on the extension aren't they?" asked the fireman.

"They sure are," said the Driver, "those workmen have been doing a fantastic job ever since we heard about it. I just wonder..."

But he was cut off by someone clearing his throat, it was the Fat Controller standing near Thomas' cab.

"I wonder what I'm in trouble with now," thought Thomas to himself.

But the Fat Controller didn't look cross at all, in fact he looked more happy than cross.

"What can we do for you today sir?" asked the Driver.

"Nothing at all," he said, "I just came by to tell you that our Thomas has been asked to go to Canada, for one of those special 'Day Out with Thomas' events."

"Oh wow!" gasped the fireman, "he sure is a famous engine if he's being asked to go to Canada."

"Indeed," agreed the Fat Controller, "he is a celebrity all over the world."

The Driver happily agreed with the two men, I'm sorry to say however that Thomas did not.

"Oh botheration!" he grumbled, "I don't want to travel, I just want to stay home and work on my branch line!"

"Oh come on," said his Driver, "as I recall, when you were a young tank engine, you said you wanted to see the world and now you're telling me that you don't want to travel?"

"Can I really answer that?"


"Then my answer is, YES! I don't want to travel anywhere, especially not while there's all this construction work going on here."

"Well then," began the Fat Controller, "that's too bad, because I told them that I would send you there as soon as possible."

Thomas just groaned quietly. The guard's whistle blew and Thomas puffed away with an angry look upon his face.

Later that night when he got back to the sheds, Thomas was still feeling grumpy and he explained why to Daisy, Percy, Emily & Toby.

"I don't know why he couldn't have come to me before he told those people that I was coming."

"Maybe the Fat Controller just wanted to do you a small favour Thomas," said Percy, "besides you can't always get what you want."

"Quite right Percy," agreed Toby the Tram Engine, "you should be thankful that you are going to Canada, Thomas."

"What are you talking about Toby?"

"I'm saying that not all railroads speak the English language, so you probably won't be able to understand what they are saying and that could lead you into trouble."

"Indeed," Daisy cut in, "Hank told me about it, when I saw him at the junction."

"So you see Thomas," said Emily, "you should be grateful that the Fat Controller is sending to Canada, at least you'll get the chance to have some fun."

"Whatever!" huffed Thomas unhappily, "all I know is, is that I won't be enjoying my stay there."

"Just try," smiled Percy, "and don't worry about Annie and Clarabel, I'll look after them."

"Thanks Percy."

Later on, all the engines were sleeping, except for Emily, who was working the late shift, well, all except for Thomas. He was having a terrible time trying to sleep, his mind was always taking him back to his trip to York.

"I'm not going to enjoy this trip," he thought to himself.

He kept on thinking about this trip, until at last, he grew so tired that he finally went off to sleep.

The next morning, the Driver and fireman arrived to get Thomas fired up and get ready to go to the docks.

"It's way too early," yawned Thomas, "can't I just have some time to sleep, please?"

"Sorry Thomas," said his Driver, "but the Fat Controller wants you at the docks right away."

Daisy was being prepared for the early morning train for the junction, she promised Thomas that she would tell the others that he said 'see you later'.

Thomas thanked her, then he set off on his way for the docks. He was still feeling a little sleepy, but he still kept on puffing.

"I don't think we've ever gotten up this early before," said the fireman.

"Maybe so, but we have worked during the night when we used to pull the post train. Right Thomas?"

Thomas didn't answer at all.

Before long, Thomas arrived at the docks, Salty was shunting trucks around the yards and Cranky the Crane was loading up a giant ship. Standing close by, was the Fat Controller.

"I'm glad to see you Thomas," he said, "I know it's a little early, but you are doing this railway proud. Now remember, have a good time and be a credit to our railway."

"I'll try my best sir," said Thomas, trying his hardest not to let out a huge yawn.

"That's a good engine."

The workmen soon got Thomas attached to Cranky's cables, then with a loud groan and some complaining from the big crane, Cranky lifted Thomas off the ground into the hall of the ship. Once on board, the ship sounded it's loud horn and soon they were on their way.

Thomas' crew fastened their engine down to make sure he wouldn't move around, then they went back up to join the other passengers, as it was the rules of the ship. Thomas was soon alone, with only the mice for company.

"Well, I'm going have to try my best," Thomas muttered to himself, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to make new friends and maybe hear stories of their old lines too. Maybe it won't be so bad."

The boat trip lasted for a long time and by the second day, poor Thomas was feeling lonely and miserable.

"Oh well," he thought, "not long now."

What Thomas didn't know, was that soon - his destination coarse, was about to become one big muddle.

The ship's captain could see a huge storm raging across the ocean, he was worried that the storm might cause a great deal of trouble.

"Send a message out to the passengers to please be careful," the captain told one of his crew members, "I have a feeling that we're heading into one of the biggest storms we have ever seen."

"On my way captain," said the first mate.

He sent out a message and sent some of the other crew members down into the cargo bay to make sure that everything would stay in it's place. But by then, they were already heading into the storm.

"This is going to a wild ride," groaned the captain.

Inside the cargo hold, the crew members were doing the best they could and making sure that nothing fell on Thomas. That however was easier said than done, as the ship was bouncing about like a ball hitting the ground.

"I don't think I like this," groaned Thomas.

"I've never seen a firece storm like this," said one of the crew members.

"I've seen many rough storms before, but I must admit that is one of the biggest storms I have ever seen," said another crew member.

"Hopefully our captain can get us out of this storm."

"I hope so too," agreed Thomas.

The storm continued on for quite a while, the captain was doing his best. Whilst he was trying to get out of the storm, he was losing his sense of direction. He had no idea that his ship was heading the wrong way to the wrong destination.

"All clear," the captain called after they left the storm behind, "we are out of the storm."

"You see," said the second crew member, "I knew the captain would get us out of that storm, he's a pro."

"Yep," agreed the first crew member.

They searched all through the cargo hold, searching for any signs of damaged cargo. Thankfully there wasn't. They left after a while and left Thomas alone with his mice.

"Guess I'll go to sleep until we arrive," and so Thomas closed his eyes and went off to sleep.

The next day around mid-day, the ship finally arrived at it's first destination. The crew members got Thomas attached to some cables and he was soon lifted out by a loud grumbling noise.

"Why do I always have to do the heavy work?" the crane snapped angerily.

"Oh well," Thomas thought to himself, "maybe he's just a little grouchy like Cranky."

As Thomas was being unloaded from the ship, his crew were coming out. The Driver was happy to finally arrive, while the fireman was looking sick.

"That storm made me feel sick," he groaned, "I think I lost my stomach out there."

"Don't worry," chuckled the Driver, "I'll buy you lunch later."

The crane lowered Thomas to the steel rails with a little thump! Still, Thomas didn't say anything, he just waited for the crew to get him fired up.

When his crew came over, they watched the ship leave, then the fireman lit Thomas' fire, but he was a little concerned.

"Are you sure we're in Canada?"

"I'm sure," said the Driver, "one of the crew members said we had arrived. Why do you ask?"

"Because this doesn't look like it. I mean if you look at the flag, it's not Canadian."

The Driver looked and sure enough, they didn't see a canadian flag, instead it was a japanese flag.

"Maybe they have a japanese engine here," said Thomas.

"It would have to be on a three foot gauge line, cause that's what the steam engines were," said the Driver.

"Even so," said the fireman, "I'm having the strangest feeling that we're in the wrong location."

"Maybe the captain lost his sense of direction while we were in that storm yesterday," said the Driver.

"That explains a whole lot," groaned Thomas, "but if this isn't Canada, then where did we end up?"

"Well, I never thought I would say this, but I think we are in the famous city of Tokyo, Japan."

"Tokyo, Japan?" cried Thomas and his fireman.

They were in shock, but more importantly, they were wondering why they were sitting on standard gauge tracks, but that will have to wait till the next story.

Thomas and Primula

Within a few minutes, a Man wearing a dark blue suit came walking up to the cab. He spoke to the crew, but he spoke in the japanese language, so they didn't know what he was saying.

"Excuse me," called Thomas, "but can you talk in English, we can't understand you."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," said the Man in a heavy japanese accent, "I guess you haven't had the time to really learn our language. Anyways, I am glad to see our new shunting engine."

"Shunting engine? I'm sorry to disappoint you sir, but I'm not a shunting engine, I'm Thomas the Tank Engine." The man looked a little confused, "you know, from the television series...and the book series."

"Sorry, but I have never heard of you before."

"How is this possible?" Thomas thought to himself.

"Sorry, but we came here by mistake," said Thomas' Driver.

He explained everything about the storm and the captain's lost sense of direction out on the ocean.

"I see," he said after a while, "Well it can happen from time to time, I suppose. Still I am short one engine, so while I try to sort things out for you three, you are going have to work in the yards with Courtney."

"Who's Courtney?" Thomas asked kindly, "and if it's okay...can I ask what your name is?"

The man smiled, "Well Thomas, I'm the Man in the Suit, manager of the Little Tokyo Railroad and Courtney is our Japanese engine."

"Is she a three foot gauge engine?" asked the fireman.

"No," answered the Man in the Suit, "Courtney is our one and only standard gauge engine. As for the line, our tracks were supplied a few years back from the states, so we could operate the one and only standard gauge line, apart from the high speed train lines in the entire city of Tokyo."

Thomas was now amazed, "maybe this won't be a bad trip after all," he thought to himself.

"We'll be glad to pitch in and help," said the fireman, "but don't your coaches and trucks come with 'knuckle' couplings instead of what Thomas has?"

"Yes and no, we have both kinds of trucks, both sets come with both sets of couplings. Oh and I have been told that these trucks are friendly, so you don't need to bump them."

"Well that's different," said Thomas, then he heard the Man in the Suit chuckle quietly as he gave some instructions to Thomas' crew.

Thomas and his crew soon made their way to the shunting yards where all the trucks were waiting. They all looked at him...and smiled at him. Thomas smiled too, until he saw the japanese tender engine looking at him. She was a big engine with four front wheels, six driving wheels and two back wheels and came complete with smoke deflectors.

"Well, well, well," she chuckled, "this is suppose to be the shunting engine, I thought he was american and painted black."

"Your new engine isn't here yet," explained Thomas, "so I'll be working in the yards with you until he arrives and the little mess up has been cleared up."

"Whatever," she sniffed, "I don't care. I don't need a lot of help from a small engine like you."

"Are you sure? Cause the Man in the Suit told me that he was one engine short, so I guess you will need my help, like it or not."

Courtney snorted and huffed angerily away.

"Well," chuckled the Driver, "you sure have improved your attitude Thomas, you went from being all grumpy to being a happy engine again."

"All I really needed was some time to calm down and I got that on board the ship."

"That's good, now come on, let's get to work."

At first, when Thomas began shunting his trucks, he was worried that they would be horrid and make his shunting duties a misery. However as he shunted them, he soon found out that they were indeed well behaved like the Man in the Suit said.

"What do you think so far Thomas?" asked the fireman.

"Wonderful," he smiled, "I think this trip is going to be a good one."

Then Thomas noticed at the station platform, a young girl standing there and watching him work. She stayed for a minute, before she went off.

Thomas worked hard all day long, shunting carefully throughout the yards and putting them into many different trains. The Man in the Suit was watching from the platform and was indeed impressed.

"Very good Thomas," he said, "you have done a fantastic job, the best I've seen since this line was opened."

"Thank you sir."

"Now, I would like you and your crew to take a train of empty coal trucks to the warehouse distract and collect coal for you and Courtney. Now if you're not sure of where to go, ask the trucks."

"But how am I suppose to understand them if I don't know the japanese language?"

"Some of them speak english, all you need to do is ask."

After the Man in the Suit had left the yards, Thomas was backed onto a train of empty coal trucks.

"Excuse me," he called to the trucks, "but I need some help finding the warehouse distract, can you help me out?"

"Of course we can," smiled the first truck behind him, "we're always glad to help."

Thomas felt relieved at once and soon he was ready to go. The guard's whistle blew and Thomas puffed nice and slowly to the distract. The journey was a long one, but Thomas didn't mind.

The journey went past a huge shopping distract and past some neighbourhoods, then past a city park before it came to the city's main business distract and into the shops of the warehouse distract.

"We're here to collect the coal," called one of the other trucks.

"These sure are nice trucks," smiled Thomas, "I'm glad to be working with them."

The workmen wasted no time in loading the trucks with coal, using the help of a small crane.

"Are you new here?" the crane asked in the english language.

"I'm a visitor to be honest," said Thomas, "my name is Thomas."

"Nice to meet you," smiled the crane, "my name is Masuko, I'm actually new here myself. I was bought from a small company from the states a few months ago and I came to work here three weeks ago...don't know why."

"Maybe the captain of your ship lost his sense of direction like mine did."

"There's a high possibility, you never know."

Thomas smiled, he liked talking to this little crane.

Soon all the coal was loaded onto his trucks and he was ready to go back to the yards. As he rolled along down the line, Thomas spotted the same little girl watching him from the shopping distract.

"That's the second time I've seen her," he thought to himself, "she seems friendly, maybe I'll get my chance to meet her."

"Have you noticed?" asked the fireman, "that this line doesn't have that many crossings? In fact, the only crossings I have seen are threw the city streets of Tokyo."

"I was wondering that myself," said the Driver.

Thomas in the meanwhile wasn't thinking about the lack of level crossings, instead he was thinking about the young girl.

When they arrived at the yards, Thomas shunted his trucks into a siding, then Courtney departed with trucks full of cargo from the ships. The Man in the Suit came up to speak to them, "well done Thomas, you are doing a good job. Now I came by to tell you that you're going have to stay here for a while, as our new engine hasn't shown up yet and we can't in contact with the captain of the ship he's on."

"That's okay sir," smiled Thomas, "I don't mind, I quite like working here."

"Sir," called the Driver, "the fireman and I have noticed that you don't have many level crossings on this line."

"Oh, well that's because the ground is too bumpy for roads, hence why the railroad was put into place here."

The next day, Thomas worked hard and did a fantastic job, which made Courtney jealous. Thomas didn't care what she thought at all, he proud to be doing a good job.

Then at around lunchtime, Thomas was parked in a siding beside the station, while his crew was treating to lunch by the Man in the Suit. As he waited for his crew to return, Thomas got the chance to meet the young girl as she walked up towards him.

The young little girl had light purple hair with two pink tails and she had a small toy cat in her arms. Plus she had pointy ears, but Thomas hadn't noticed them yet.

"Hello there," he said in a friendly way, "my name is Thomas, what's yours?"

"My name is Primula," she said in a quiet, shy way.

At that moment, a young boy with black hair and a teenage girl with orange hair walked up beside her, "I'm sorry," she said quietly, "I just wanted to see the blue engine."

"It's okay Rimu," said the orange haired girl.

"Wait," interupted Thomas, "I thought her name was Primula."

"It is," said the boy, "but some of us call her 'Rimu', it's a little nickname she has."

"Okay I understand. Oh and I'm Thomas the Tank Engine, I'm honored to meet you two."

"It's nice to meet you Thomas," said the girl, "I'm Kaede Fuyou."

"And I'm Rin," said the boy.

It was then, the Man in the Suit and Thomas' crew returned from lunch, "ah," smiled the Man in the Suit, "it's good to see you three again, I see you've already met Thomas."

"We have," said Kaede, "he is a friendly engine."

"He is indeed, and he's already proven quite a useful engine, even if he is visiting us until I make arrangements for him to go back to his railroad."

"There's no need to rush sir," said Thomas, "I don't mind working on a fine railroad like yours and maybe I can get to know my new friends a little more."

"We would like that," smiled Kaede.

"Okay then," said the Man in the Suit, "but this is only for a while Thomas, until my new engine arrives."

Thomas happily agreed, then he set off back to work.

Throughout the entire day, Thomas shunted more and more trucks around the yards and took more than five trains to the warehouse distract.

At the end of the day, Thomas was parked inside the sheds where his new friends were waiting for him.

"We hope you don't mind if we talk to you for a bit," said Kaede.

"I don't mind at all," smiled Thomas, "you're more than welcome into the sheds tonight."

Rin and Kaede smiled happily, while Primula stayed quiet with a small frown on her face.

For almost an hour, Rin and Kaede told Thomas some of their stories and a bit about their lives in the city, until it was time for them to go. They all promised to visit Thomas as often as they could and promise to introduce him to more of their friends. Thomas was indeed looking forward to their next visit.

The Friendly Group

Thomas was settling very nicely in the Little Tokyo's yards, the trucks and coaches were always arranged in their proper sidings, knuckles and chains in all. The deliveries were always on time and there were no compliants, which made the Man in the Suit very happy, despite not having his new tank engine on the railroad.

The trucks and coaches were indeed good company, especially as the trucks were different from the trucks on Sodor. Thomas however enjoyed the occasionial visit from his new friends, Rin, Kaede and Primula.

"Have you all lived here all your lives?" Thomas asked.

"Rin and I have," answered Kaede, "Rimu moved in with us a month ago."


"Yes," she answered in her quiet way.

The only one who didn't like Thomas being around in the city of Tokyo was Courtney the Japanese Engine as she complained bitterly about Thomas being in the yards, but no-one really payed any attention to her. Well, all except her crew.

"I don't like him," she sniffed.

"And why is that?" asked her Driver.

"He's just becoming too popular around here. If this keeps he'll never want to leave and we'll be stuck with him all the time."

"But you must admit," said her fireman, "that Thomas sure has improved the yards since he came here. It might have been an accident, but I think it was a good thing for the railway."

"Well I'm sure the new engine can do the shunting better than this blue show-off."

Courtney's Driver and fireman decided to say no more on the subject, mostly cause they knew that Courtney was indeed a stubborn engine.

Thomas was enjoying his stay on the Little Tokyo's line and talking with his friends, but he was missing his home.

"Don't worry Thomas," said his Driver, as they were pulling up to the warehouse distract with a train, "we'll be going home soon, uh...whenever the new engine arrives."

"Do you think I will get the chance to meet the new engine before I go?"

The fireman chuckled, "maybe we will, but who knows when that will be."

"Guess we'll have to wait and see," the Driver agreed happily.

Thomas chuckled quietly to himself as he rolled into the city's main business distract.

Soon he was having his trucks loaded up by Masuko and they were having a little talk about their homes, and in Masuko's case, he spoke about his old home for a while.

"All I was known was, was 'The Crane', so you can see why I like having a name."

"I can understand," smiled Thomas, "another engine friend of mine said that everyone should have a name, it makes you feel like one of the family."

"Yes, it feels great to have a name...say Thomas, did you know that some of the japanese names are also the names of flowers."

"You don't say," Thomas was interested, "can you tell me some of them?"

"Well there's the popular name 'Sakura', it's actually a cheery blossom, then there's 'Kaede', which is a maple tree."

Thomas was surprised when he heard that name, "I happen to have a friend named Kaede."

"You mean the beautiful orange haired girl with the red ribbon right?"

"You've seen her?"

"Yep, I've seen her. Although I don't get out of the shops very often, I do see her with some of her friends."

"Interesting," smiled Thomas, "so what about the other japanese names?"

"Well there's quite a few, granted I don't know them all but it's still quite a lot to name and would take a long time to tell. Still I'm sure that you'll learn about those names sooner than you think."

Thomas smiled as he watched Masuko load the last of his trucks, then with a blow of his whistle, Thomas set off back for the yards.

Once back at the yards, Thomas arranged his trucks in the dockyards and puffed back to the empty sidings, where Kaede and Rin were waiting for him.

"Hello you two," smiled Thomas, then he noticed four other girls behind them, "who are your friends?"

The four girls walked up to him, "I'm Sia," said the red haired girl.

"I'm Nerine," said the sky blue haired girl, "but you can call me Rina if you want."

"I'm Asa Shigure," said the green haired girl.

"And I'm Mayumi," said the grey haired girl.

"It's an honor to meet you all," then he asked, "I hope I'm not insulting you here, but I was wondering about the length of your ears."

Sia and Nerine knew Thomas was talking about their ears. They both smiled to each other, then they looked back to Thomas.

"Well Thomas," said Sia, "we're not from earth, we come from two different realms. I'm from the Realm of the Gods, you tell by the length of my ears, they are long, but they are still short."

"And I'm from the realm of the demons," said Nerine, "you can tell by the length of my ears, they are longer than Sia's ears."

"I see," said Thomas, a little puzzled.

"Our realms are alot like earth," said Sia, "but they are different, mostly because we can use magic and powers."

"But how did you come here?"

Nerine was more than glad to answer that question, "ten years ago, a portal was opened up to earth. It was sent from both of our realms as a way to come here to earth, ever since the people from both of our worlds have come here and even live here now. Sia, Rimu and I moved here a month ago, but living here feels like home to us."

Thomas just smiled as Nerine finished explaining.

"I think you forgot something Rina," said Mayumi, "you forgot to mention to Thomas that you and Sia are princesses."

"You're princesses?" Thomas asked in surprise.

"Yes," said Sia, "but we would like to be treated like any other teenage girl."

"I understand perfectly."

Then he looked over to Asa, she had a big smile on her face, "how long have you known Rin and Kaede?"

"I've known them for a few years," she smiled, "ever since Kaede came into the cooking club classroom in Junior High, we've been the best of friends ever since."

Then she walked up to Rin and slapped him on the back, which knocked him to the ground.

"That's a little harsh, isn't it?" Thomas' Driver asked.

"Not really," giggled Asa, "I always slap Rin on the back, just for fun."

Thomas was doing his best not to laugh, even Rin showed a small smile as he got back to his feet.

After a long day's work, Thomas puffed slowly into the sheds which he and Courtney shared. It wasn't a very big shed as it had only had ten stalls and a small turntable outside.

Courtney only scoffed angerily and looked away from Thomas.

"You know you should be a little nicer towards others, especially visitors. If you continue to keep up this little bad attitude of yours, then you'll never get any friends and you'll always be alone."

"I have my crew to talk to," she sniffed.

"Not if you're always being horrid to others, they'll eventually ingore you and that will cause trouble out on the rails."

Courtney didn't say anything back and so the sheds went silent again.

The next day, Thomas and Courtney were hard at work, either hauling goods to and from the warehouse distract or shunting the trucks in the main railyards or in the dockyards, where a giant crane stood above them. He didn't look friendly and didn't say anything to the two engines as he loaded and unloaded the trucks.

Everything was going like clockwork and the Man in the Suit was impressed.

"Well done you two," he said happily, "you actually completed all the work that needed to be done earlier than planned. You have both done me proud."

"Thank you sir," said the two engines in unison.

The engines were indeed pleased, especially Courtney. She looked over to Thomas with a small smile on her face, deep down though, Courtney was starting to wonder if maybe she was wrong about what she said about Thomas.

Later that night as the two engines were being brought into their sheds, they could see Kaede, Rin and the rest of their friends coming over to their sheds.

"Hello again my friends," smiled Thomas, "what brings you all here?"

"We're here to see you of course," giggled Asa, "we also brought along some food for your crews."

"Would that be okay?" asked Kaede.

"Sure it is," smiled Thomas.

"That food sure smells good," said the fireman with an excited tone in his voice.

So once the two engines were parked inside the sheds, the crews helped set up some boards in front of the engines and help with setting up the picnic blankets and setting up the food.

Then they all sat down to enjoy the food, and whilst they did that, Thomas told them some of his stories from Sodor. From misadventures, to the visiting engines like 'Stepney', 'Fling Scotsman' and even 'Wilbert'.

"Sounds like you've had some interesting adventures," said Rin.

"I guess so," Thomas chuckled.

"I've had an interesting adventure too," said Courtney. Everyone looked over to her in a surprised way, "it happened shortly after I arrived here on the railroad when I had my trouble with trucks."

Everyone went quiet as Courtney began her story about her incident with the trucks.

Courtney's Trouble with Trucks

A few years back, the people of Tokyo needed a new way of getting supplies from the dockyards to the main warehouse distract and back to the docks. At first, roads were put into place, sadly as time went on, there were a huge number of complints about damage caused to the supplies and people were all demanding for better services.

To add on top of the trouble, the lorries and cars were too slow in getting the supplies to their destinations on time. So the people decided to build a railroad which is the main railroad to this day. The Man in the Suit was placed in charge of the whole project as he ordered new tracks from the United States and watched and helped with the work of placing the tracks into place.

Then after working for a grand total of six months, the Little Tokyo Railroad was built.

Courtney was built shortly after the news of the railroad went out, it took a while to build her, but she was finished on time and brought to the line at around the time of the grand opening. On that day, she gave it her all, pulling two passengers coaches behind her and giving an offical test run of the line. When the test run was over, people were pleased and agreed to make the Little Tokyo Railroad to be Tokyo's one and only standard gauge short line.

As time went on, trucks were brought in from the United States and England. The trucks from the States were kind and friendly, while the other trucks were indeed a bunch of troublemakers, as all trucks normally are.

"We'll find a way to play our tricks," they snickered to each other, "just wait! Just wait!"

They would have to wait a long time as they had english style couplings instead of knuckle couplings like Courtney, so they were left in the sidings while Courtney took other trucks.

Although the line had passed it's trail runs and was perfect, there was one bad section that went along by the water's edge, hence why they called it 'The Water's Edge'. Try as they could, the workmen just couldn't make this line safe for Courtney, so they decided to close this section until further notice.

Originally this section was a huge drop to the water, but after the construction work began, the workmen placed plenty of earth beside the line as to help de-railed engines stop before they fall into the waters.

The Man in the Suit wasn't pleased to close this section off, "I was hoping to use this as another route," he would say.

"It's better if you don't use the line at all," said one of the workers, "since you do have one engine, if she comes off the tracks near here, then you will have to close the line for a while until she's back in service."

The Man in the Suit sadly agreed and told this to Courtney and her crew.

"Should I find out that you have used the section," he said sternly, "then I will leave you in the sheds and shut down the railroad till your repairs are done and you learn a lesson."

"I promise you sir," said Courtney with a worried tone in her voice, "I won't let you down."

"I certainly hope you do not."

Then he walked away, Courtney continued to look worried, "what if we make a mistake and go onto the Water's Edge?"

"Don't worry Courtney," said her Driver, "we'll be taking extra care as we work, so there's really no need to worry about this, okay?"

"Well okay, if you say so."

Courtney started to feel a little better, sadly she had not counted on the troublesome behaviour of the english style troublesome trucks.

The following morning, Courtney's Driver and fireman came in with some english style couplings.

"We need to take some of those trucks to the warehouse distract today," explained the Driver, "which is why the Man in the Suit wants us to use these."

"They are only for this run," said the fireman as he climbed the steps to the cab, "you'll be back to your knuckle couplings later today."

"That's good, still...I don't trust those trucks."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, they keep looking at me with that look on their faces, like they want to push me off the rails."

"That's a little doubtful," said the Driver, "but even if they try that, we'll be on our guard and be ready to stop them."

It didn't take long for Courtney's Driver to install the temporary couplings to the front and the back of Courtney, then the japanese engine and her crew set off to collect the trucks.

"I hope they will stay good, I hope they will stay good," Courtney muttered to herself.

Her worries turned to a relieved sigh as she was coupled to her trucks, then she puffed away to the warehouse distract with supplies for them.

"Maybe this will be easy."

Alas, she still had no idea of the true trouble coming towards her.

"Wait till we return, we till we return," they whispered to each other.

They giggled quietly to each other, trying their hardest not to let their engine and her crew hear them.

Once at the newly built warehouse distract, Courtney's crew offered to help the workers unload the trucks and load them with supplies for a ship awaiting at the docks.

"We've had plenty of good luck so far," said one of the shop workers, "I sure hope that nothing goes wrong."

"So do we," agreed Courtney's Driver.

The work took a grand total of thirty minutes, but that didn't bother anyone at all, well almost everyone - the trucks were tired of waiting and wanted to have some fun.

"Wait till I give the signal," said the leading truck, "and no sooner."

"Understood," said the other trucks.

At first, all was going well during the run to the dockyards and Courtney thought she had everything under complete control.

When she got to the dockyards, she shunted her brake van into the sidings, then she began to shunt her trucks towards the line that lead - to 'The Water's Edge'.

"Easy does it Courtney," said her Driver, "one wrong slip and we'll be on the bad line."

"Cautious and careful, cautious and careful," she muttered to herself.

They were soon side by side with the mighty ocean liner, this was the moment the trucks were waiting for, "Push! Push! Push!" shouted the lead truck.

The trucks bumped right into each other and pushed Courtney down the line at great speeds.

"Stop! Stop!" she cried.

The crew were surprised by what was going on, but they did all they could to stop the runaway. The Driver first tried to apply the brakes, but they were doing no good aganist surging trucks.

"Maybe we should push aganist the trucks," said the fireman, "that could work!"

So the Driver opened the regulator and Courtney began pushing with all her strength aganist the trucks.

"Stop, please stop!" she cried again.

But the trucks didn't care what she was asking them, they were in no mood to care and were determined to de-rail Courtney.

"Almost there! Almost there!" cried the trucks.

Courtney's fireman looked back and noticed they were getting closer and closer to 'The Water's Edge' and at the speed they were going, there was no way to stop their engine.

"Bail out!" cried the fireman.

The Driver looked back and knew the fireman was right, so he put on a little more speed into Courtney and jumped out, followed by the fireman.

The trucks were now starting to get tired and the long load was going slower, but not slow enough as they reached the bad section.

Courtney started to tilt from side to side, she was getting more and more worried - then disaster! There was one part that was the worst of the enitre line. As soon as Courtney rolled over it, she tilted to the left.

"Oh HELP!" cried Courtney.

There was nothing she or anybody could do as the japanese engine fell flat on her left side and rolled down the embankment towards the water. Thankfully she stopped before she fell into the water.

The Driver went down the line to get help, while the fireman stayed with Courtney, dumping the fire out and checking for damages.

Since there were no other engines on the line at the time, workers had to tow the breakdown train to Courtney, which wasn't easy. Before that however, they had to get the trucks out of the way, then got the crane in place.

"Snap my hook," gasped the crane, who was named Nora, "don't worry Courtney, we'll have you on the rails in no time."

Nora was as good as her word as she soon had Courtney back on track.

When she was brought into the sheds, the Man in the Suit scolded her badly as he thought the incident was her fault, "I told you not to use the line and yet you do! You will stay in the shed until I say so!"

Courtney was upset, too upset to say anything back. Thankfully though, they had other ways of keeping the line going, mostly using lorries with special train wheels.

However the truth got out that it was the trucks that had caused the accident and the Man in the Suit soon scolded them. He went to see Courtney and told her he was sorry. Sadly the japanese engine wasn't so forgiving at this point.

"There is only one I can trust," she thought to herself, "and that is myself."

"And that is the whole story," said Courtney as she finished telling her tale.

"That's horrible," gasped Kaede.

"It's like I always say," said Thomas, "you can never trust trucks, except the ones here. Still I would like to know how they became better behaved trucks."

"That's easy to answer," Courtney chuckled, "after the scolding they got from the Man in the Suit, the other trucks and coaches and even getting a good bumping from me, they soon learned that being behaved trucks is better than being troublesome."

"And yet, it's never easy back home," Thomas muttered.

Courtney could only smile, she liked this little engine, "maybe I was wrong about him," she thought to herself, "And maybe I was wrong all this time about not trusting others. Thank you Thomas."

Although she didn't say it to Thomas, he knew excatly what she meant and gave her a happy wink, before going back to talking with new friends.

Author's Note:

This story was inspired by a picture seen in the book 'Train Wrecks' by 'Robert C. Reed'. The engine in the picture was shown on it's side on an embankment, just above the water, near Cedar Point, Pa., date is unknown.

Saying Goodbye to Primula

Work proceeded as normal as both Thomas and Courtney went back and fourth along the line with their trucks, and on special occasions, they would take passengers on tours of the line.

Everyone enjoyed the runs and would often say to the Man in ths Suit, "you are running a wonderful railroad, we'll be sure to tell all of our friends all about this fine line."

That of course made the Man in the Suit very happy, as well as the two engines and their friends as well.

Although he was proud with all the progress the railroad was making, Thomas was mostly thinking about his young friend Primula. He was wondering why she always looked sad whenever he saw her.

A few days after Courtney had told her story, the new tank engine had finally arrived - with a little surprise of his own. As there wasn't just one engine, there were two...twin engines. These engines had come with big boilers, tall funnels, big cabs and six driving wheels and the words 'Pennsylvania' on the side of their boilers.

"I only ordered for one engine," said the Man in the Suit, "why did they send me two?"

"You got a good deal sir," said one of the engines, "you got two engines for the price of one, I guess our last owner never mentioned that."

"No he did not. Now which one of you two is number 2469?"

"That would be me," said the same engine.

"Very well then. Now I understand that you don't have a name, would you like the name, Li?"

"I would be honored sir, thank you very much."

Then the Man in the Suit looked over to the other engine, who was number 2470.

"What am I going to do with you?"

"Maybe you can send him to work at the warehouse distract," suggested Thomas, who had just arrived with some supplies, "Masuko was telling me this morning that they do need a shunting engine for their shops."

The Man in the Suit looked at Thomas with a small smile on his face, "that's a great idea Thomas, I shall phone the manager down at the warehouse distract and see if he needs an engine."

He went to his office - and in a few minutes, he came out of his office with his smile still showing, "the manager does need an engine, so I'll send number 2470 there, but before you go, I will give you a name. How about Ken?"

"I would like that sir, thank you."

So Ken was sent off to work at the warehouse distract, while Li went to work in the yards, shunting trucks for Courtney. People came by the dozens, day after day to see the new engines whenever they could, they were indeed impressed with the two engines.

Ken impressed his manager so much that he was offered him a brand new coat of dark blue paint for his boiler.

"It's not only as a reward for all your hard work," his manager said, "but it'll be easier to tell you and Li apart."

"Indeed," agreed Masuko, "it's getting harder for me to tell which one of you two is which."

Ken could only chuckle, "I can understand, most people have mistakened me for my brother many times, so getting my boiler painted blue sounds like a great idea to me."

Although Thomas was pleased to finally meet the two tank engines, he was still mostly thinking about Primula.

"I wonder why she is always sad," he thought to himself.

In the late afternoon, he decided to talk to both Kaede and Rin to get some answers.

"We don't know why she's always sad, for that matter we don't know why she's always quiet," said Rin.

"She doesn't say that much about herself," added Kaede, "all we know about her is that she's related to Nerine and she has a passion for cats."

"Which makes me wonder where her toy cat came from," said Rin.

"But I think she has another interest now," Kaede continued, "the love of trains, like you Thomas."

Thomas blushed a small shade of red when he heard that.

As he continued working over the next few days, Thomas could see what Kaede was talking about, as he would often see Primula watching him from the platform. She wouldn't move an inch, she wouldn't look anywhere else, her eyes were always focused on Thomas.

"I think she might have a crush on our Thomas," chuckled the Driver.

The fireman laughed along to that, but Thomas didn't, mostly cause he wasn't paying any attention to them.

Thomas looked back over to the platform, only to see Primula walk sadly away with Rin and Kaede.

"I wish I could help her," sighed Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas' chances to help cheer Primula up came sooner than he had orginally thought.

The next day, Thomas was brought into the yards as the Man in the Suit wanted to talk to him, "Thomas, I would like to thank you for all your great services, you have done me proud as well as your controller."

Thomas smiled brightly, then he noticed the Man in the Suit looking serious, "however, I did say that you were to stay here until our new engine arrived, and since he has arrived, I am ready to send you off back to Sodor."

"I understand sir."

Then he heard some little cries coming from behind him. It was Primula, she had heard everything.

"You're leaving?" she cried as tears poured down from her eyes.

Before Thomas or anyone else could say anything, Primula had run off. She ran as fast as she could go.

"Sir," Thomas said quietly, "I need to go talk to a friend, would that be okay with you?"

"Of course it is, but don't take too long."

Thomas' crew got their little blue engine turned around, then they chugged along the line, all three of them shouting out Primula's name as loudly as they could.

"Looking for one little girl," groaned the Driver, "is like trying to find a needle in a haystack."

Thomas knew his Driver was right, but he wasn't willing to give up. So he continued his search, until at last he could see her.

Primula was sitting on a rock that sat beside one of the many sidings on the line, Thomas was switched over to the siding and stopped beside the little girl. Primula looked over to Thomas with tears in her eyes and an even sadder look than she ever had before.

"Why did you run away like that?" asked Thomas.

"I didn't want to say good-bye," sobbed Primula, "why do you have to go?"

"Well I'm needed back on my branch line real soon, besides the Man in the Suit has got Li in the yards, so he won't be needing me here."

"But I need you here. I've never met someone as kind as you before and I..." Primula couldn't finish what she was saying because she started to cry some more.

Thomas felt sorry for the little purple haired girl, then he had an idea. A great idea on how to cheer her up and to make her smile too.

After a while, Primula did climb into Thomas' cab and Thomas puffed off light engine to the docks where all his new friends were waiting for him.

When he came to a complete stop, Primula came out of the cab running towards Rin and broke down in tears again.

Thomas cleared his throat and spoke in a kind soft way, "I have had a lot of fun working here, I got to meet so many wonderful friends during my stay here, I really enjoyed talking with all of you...especially Primula."

The little girl looked over to Thomas with a tear-soaked face, but looking a little confused.

"I really enjoyed your company too Primula, just like I enjoyed everyone's company."

"You mean it?"

"Of course I do."

"Thank you Thomas," Primula started to calm down a little bit, then came a big surprise - Primula started to smile, then she ran up to Thomas, jumped onto his buffer beams and gave him a big hug. Thomas blushed happily as Primula hugged him for a couple of minutes.

Once she got off the buffer beams, Thomas spoke up again, "I would also like to say that you guys are always welcome to visit the Island of Sodor and my branch line any time you want."

"That's wonderful Thomas," said another voice, it was the Man in the Suit, "now I would like to let you know that you and your friends from Sodor are more than welcome to come here whenever we need the help or for special occasions."

"Thank you very much sir."

Then he looked over to Courtney, she looked right at him and gave him a wink. She didn't need say a word, Thomas knew what she meant to say, so he winked right back at her.

Soon the workers had all the cables attached to Thomas, the crew had put the fire out and got on board the ship, then the crane at the docks slowly lifted Thomas off the ground.

"Good-bye everyone! I'm going to miss you all!"

"Good-bye Thomas!" everyone called to him, "we're going to miss you too! We'll see you soon!"

Thomas could only smile, especially as he saw Primula still smiling at him. Then there came a chrous or cheers and whistles as Thomas was lowered into the hall of the ship, but before he was placed inside, he called out "I'll be sure to tell everyone about this lovely railroad and the city too and I promise to come back someday!"

I'm sure Thomas will keep his promise, I think that Primula knows, he most certainly will.

The End!