Note: I am trying to make the characters as Cannon as possible (other than I wrote in a few of my own characters). That means Blaine will NOT be obsessed with Harry Potter or break out into AVPM/AVPS/Little White Lie songs(until he does in the actual show). I know Darren Criss is amazing, And Darren may play Blaine but he isn't Blaine, and Blaine isn't Darren(but I don't have a problem with other fanfictions that do. I just recently read one where the characters where just too OOC that I couldn't keep reading it)./ Also I will be doing cut scenes like they do in glee going from one place to another. You have been warned. (Oh and i don't own Glee...i do own Kat and Blake though, but everyone knew that already right?)

She walked down the hallway headed for the chorus room, her medium length curly brown hair bouncing with each step of her walk as she continued on her mission. She stopped at the door and peered in. A man sat alone at the piano, he had to be the teacher "Ummm is this where you audition for Glee club?" she asked inquisitively walking into the room.

"Yes it is, go ahead and start whenever you are ready" the man said without even looking up. The girl smirked to herself, this man didn't know what was about to happen.

"Ok then I am going to sing I Can't Do It Alone from Chicago" she took a breath and started to sing.

"My sister and i had an act that couldn't flop,
my sister and i were headed straight for the top,
my sister and i earned a 'thou' a week at least, oh yea
but my sister is now unfortunately deceased,
i know its sad of course
but a fact is still a fact
and now all that remains is the remains,
of a perfect... double... act"

The teacher was frozen looking down, that voice, he knew that voice it was slightly different but unmistakable.

"watch this!
now you have to imagine it with two people,
its swell with two people,"

The girl began to do a pre-choreographed dance to the song.

"first i'd,
then she'd
then we'd
but i can't do it alone
then she'd
then i'd
then we'd
but i can't do it alone"

The girl danced around the room, the teacher seemed to be frozen in place. She knew he knew at that point she wasn't an ordinary transfer student to McKinley.

"she'd say what's your sister like
i'd say men,
she'd say you're the cats meow
then we'd wow the crowd again

When she'd go
i'd go
we'd go

then those ding dong daddies started to roar
whistled, stomped, stamped on the floor,
yelling, screaming, begging for more,
and we'd say
ok fellas, keep your socks on,
cause you ain't seen nothing yet

but i simply cannot do it alone

so what'd ya think huh?
come on you can say

i know you're right the first part is shit.
but the second part, the second part is really nifty,


she'd go
i'd go

then those two-bit johnny's did it around
to cheer the best attraction in town
they nearly tore the balcony down,
and we'd say :ok boys we're going home,
but before we go here's a few more partin' shots,
and this, this we did in perfect unison

now you see me going through it
you make think there's nothing to it
but i simply cannot do it... alone"

Once she finished he slowly looked up, it was the same shoes, pants, knee length sweater, smile and hair color. "Are you ok? Was I really that bad?" she questioned. The teacher shook his head.

"No no you were wonderful, you just look and sound so similar to somebody I know" that's when the girl started laughing.

"Oh you mean Kurt, yeah were cousins, well I'm Finns cousin now too but not by blood, well anyways I'm Katherine, Katherine Hummel" She said with a smile on her face. He grinned and held out his hand.

"Well welcome to the group Katherine, I'm Mr. Schuester" Katherine took his hand and shook it.

"You can call me Kat. So I was ok? I didn't completely butcher the song?" she asked actually a little worried. Mr. Schuester laughed.

"No you were great, and you can call me Mr. Schue all the other students do" he smiled at her. She just grinned and started singing the song again just as loud as before, she didn't get her schedule until just before she had headed to the glee class and because she had this next she was just going wait out the rest of the hour in here.

-In the hall-

The whole glee crew was headed to Mr. Schue's room for class. "Guys I gotta split for a few I will be right back, remember my cousin is coming today and might be in glee club with us" Finn said as he ran down the hall to wherever he had to be. As they rounded the corner they heard singing. They all froze with the same look of shock on their faces, they knew that voice. They looked into the room.

"It is Kurt, he grew his hair out and its curly, that's different, I guess Dalton has changed him" Mercedes said. Rachael huffed.

"He is probably asking Mr. Schue to help him with something for the Warblers." Rachael growled out. When the singing stopped everyone went into the class and clapped.

"Kurt dude we have missed you" Puck said slightly with enthusiasm. Even though they weren't close he still cared somewhat for the kid. A voice that clearly didn't belong to their Kurt answered them.

"Well I'm glad Kurt has such good friends but" The person spun around it was a girl she wore the same style of clothes her hair was the same color, she had the same smile but her face was different. "I'm not Kurt, I am Katherine, Kurt and Finn's cousin, but you can call me Kat" she smiled. All the guys looked her over, she was actually pretty decent. "Finn!" she shouted over the pile of people standing in the middle of the chorus room. He smiled and walked over to the crowd. "hmmm ok let me see here" she looked over the crowd again, she pointed at the boy with a Mohawk next to Finn "You must be Puck the bad boy, which makes the cheerleader there Santana" She moved her finger to point at the girl, she then moved it to another one of the girls" That makes the blond one next to you Quinn and next to her is Sam" her finger glided to the blond boy and kept going. "That means the guy next to him is Mike and in front of him is Tina" She pointed at the two who just looked at eachother. "That makes the boss man in the chair Artie and behind him his gal Brittney" Arty made a gangasta hand movement while Brittney just laughed at him. "That makes the Brunette trying to set me on fire with her eyes Rachael, and that means the awesometastic Mercedes is right there" Kat smiled triumphantly as everyone awed that she knew them. "Kurt gave me the low down on everyone while he was here, and from what I understand Mercedes and I should become great friends" She smiled at the other girl. Puck leaned over to Finn.

"Dude your new cousin is hot" Finn just shot Puck a look of 'don't even try it'. Mercedes smiled.

"I think we're gonna like this new girl" she went up and hugged Kat. That's when Kat remembered something that might be important.

"I'm going to see Kurt at Dalton after school so if anyone wants me to relay a message I would be happy to" She smiled "Oh and can somebody on the football team who is NOT Finn please show me who Karofsky is, just so I know" she made puppy eyes and Puck raised his hand. "Aww thanks Puck." Suddenly the bell rang, Puck held out his arm for her and she took it "Shall we?" she said playfully. He nodded and led her down the hall a pissed Santana watching them. Puck led Kat through the hallway cat calls being made towards her because she was new meat. Suddenly Puck stopped and pointed at a boy putting his books away. 'So this is the ass who was torturing Kurttykins.' She thought to herself. She gave Puck a look that said she was up to no good and walked over in Karofsky's direction. She pulled a pencil out of her pocket and dropped it on purpose. She went to pick it up back turned to him when he spoke.

"Well look who is back, the girly boy grew his hair out so he could look like a real girl how cute." He forcefully grabbed Kat (who he thought was Kurt)'s shoulder and spun her around and pushed her up against the lockers. She looked at him with a mixture of curiosity and anger in her eyes. He carefully looked at her and realized she wasn't a he. "Oh I'm, sorry I thought you were somebody else" she glared at him.

"Oh who did you mistake me for?" she questioned with fake sincerity in her voice. Karofsky looked at her not sure where she was going with this.

"Just some loser faggy kid" Karofsky said like it was no big deal. This set Kat off like a pissed off wasp.

"Oh really? Well I hope that remark wasn't in reference to Kurt because I'm his Cousin Katherine, You buddy better not cross me if you know what is good for you because I don't take kindly to people who threaten and abuse my family, I may be a girl but hell hath no wrath like a woman's scorn. You'd be smart to remember that, and don't ever let me hear you use slander words like that ever again" Kat said half yelling then walked back over to Puck who had watched the whole scene go down.

"Damn girl you got spunk and stand up for yourself I like that" He smirked, Kat just giggled.

"Nice try Puck but Kurt told me about you, a LOT about you" she then walked off to class, Puck left aimlessly standing in the halls.

"I will get her one of these days" he said to himself then he too headed to class. After school Kat walked to the parking lot where parked was a black Lamborghini Diablo. Kats birthday fell on the cutoff date for school, so she was always the oldest kid in her grade. She got into the car while every guy in the parking lot stared at her. She drove all the way to Dalton just to see her cousin; she adored Kurt they were one year apart (well she considered him a year older) and oh so close. She pulled into the guest parking lot and went inside. She went up to the front desk where hopefully she could get some information. They made her sign in and get a guest pass before she could do anything; after she signed in she had one question.