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Kat waited for a response on the other end of the phone. She then heard a males voice speak up "Hey Kat its Puck, some of us were going to go get breakfast before school, wanna come?" he asked her. Kat thought for a moment 'When did I give Puck my number? Oh yeah it was in case we needed to practice, right'.

"Who is us?" she inquired. She knew she didn't want to be around Rachael too much. The girl seemed to have it out for her and she didn't know why.

"Well it would be a few of the football players including Finn and myself." He said. Kat thought for a little longer then agreed to go. Puck told her what restaurant to go to, they were meeting there at 7:20. She hoped into the shower and quickly got changed into a cute simple black dress Kurt had gotten her, 'The fashion gods would never forgive me if I didn't get this for you.' He had told her at the time. She finished getting ready and was out the door right at 7:00. She drove to the restaurant to see Puck waiting outside. She parked her car and Puck headed over to her. "You drive this?" he said in slight shock as Kat got out of her car. Kat looked at him and sighed.

"No I somehow got the car here without driving" sarcasm flowing through every word as she shut the door. She could see Puck looking her over trying to not be obvious. Kat started to walk in front of him then turned her head back slightly to see him. "What you like?" she questioned. Puck just looked away and kept walking. They walked into the restaurant and were motioned over to a table. They made their way over and Finn waved at her.

"Dude Finn you know her?" one guy said. "Is that your new girl, I mean she walked in with Puck dude" the same guy said slightly joking. Finn cast him a glare.

"Dude that's my cousin" Finn said slightly angered by the guy then he knew how to shock him. Right as Kat and Puck reached the table he smiled. "Actually she is Kurts' cousin" with that information half the table spat their drinks out and looked at her. She stood there while being inspected when she saw one football player in the corner and her heart and body froze. Instinctively she slightly moved closer to Puck who didn't seem to notice.

"Well I must say you do favor Kurt a lot." One of them spoke up. "But not in a bad way, not at all" he smiled at her. Kat was snapped out of her fear educed trance and giggled a little.

"You boys are too sweet to me" she grinned putting on a happy face even though she was unnerved by Karofskys' presence. Puck pulled out a chair for her and she sat down, he sat next to her giving Kat a small smile. She ordered something from the menu and glanced up to see Karofsky still looking at her. This time Puck saw as her knuckles tensed when she put down the menu. He looked up but didn't see anything except Karofsky glancing in their direction, but that was all. Kat picked up her phone and texted the first person she thought of.


Blake, Blaine and Kurt were sitting in the Warblers practice room waiting for classes to begin. Blake was sitting on a couch sipping on a coffee while Blaine was teasing Kurt about something on the other side of the room. Suddenly a phone went off, everyone looked at each other, they never got a text this early in the morning. The three boys looked at their phones in question. "Guys it's mine" Blake said. He saw it was from Kat and smiled to himself. He opened it and his smile faded 'At breakfast with Puck, Finn and some other football players. Karofsky is staring at me from down the table. Words of advice? :(" it read. Blaine noticed Blake's change in mood.

"You ok?" Blaine asked worried. Blake just nodded and typed back. Blaine looked at Kurt for information and Kurt just shrugged his sholders. "So who was it from?" he asked trying to get some information.

"Kat." He said flatly. Blaine looked confused, shouldn't that make him happy. Blake sighed "She is having breakfast with Puck, Finn and some other football players" he took a long pause and looked at the carpeted floor of the practice room. The other two boys knew what was coming. "Karofsky is there, staring at her." He grunted. "I don't know if I'm worried about her or jealous that they get to eat with her." Blake got up and started pacing around the room his mood changing quickly. "I don't like this feeling. I'm angry with her but I have no reason to be. She isn't my girlfriend I don't own her, she's not property" Blake started rambling. Kurt just stared in awe at the kid. Blaine leaned over towards Kurt.

"He always does this when he doesn't know what to make of a situation." Blaine whispered. Kurt 'oh'd' in response watching the smaller boy pace about the room.

"I don't even know if she likes me like that. Maybe she just wants to be friends, I mean we've only just met." Blake sighed. Blaine got up and hugged his cousin.

"Blake calm down. She isn't dating anyone. She's having breakfast with her cousin and some friends and a jerk happens to be there. She is going to the dance with you tomorrow remember." He said trying to keep the younger boy from pacing again. Blake took a deep breath. That was right, she had said yes to him. Blake just looked up at his cousin.

"Thanks Blaine." The boy smiled. Kurt just watched and laughed to himself a little. Blake would flip if he knew Kat was dancing with Puck for a song, so he decided to keep that to himself. The bell rang signaling all students that classes were about to start. The Trio split up going to their classes for the day.


Kat was sitting in her 4th period class being bored to tears. She pulled out her phone and looked at the last text she had received. 'Well I bet you look so good you make all the boys stare' she laughed to herself, those were his words of encouragement to her, not the normal motivational words but it worked. She had needed a laugh like that and he was right, all the guys had stared at her, mainly Karofsky and Puck. She knew Puck had to have seen something because every time he saw her in the hall and Karofsky was near Puck payed close attention to her reactions. The lunch bell rang and she headed to find Mercedes, who she ate lunch with every day. She was walking down the hall when she felt a hand on her arm. She quickly turned to see Puck standing there. "We need to talk" he said with a harsh tone and slight urgency in his voice. Kat sighed.

"Can we do this later Mercedes is waiting for me and I'm hungry" she pleaded to the older boy. Puck rolled his eyes.

"Ok but right after your done were going to have a talk ok?" he said it sternly, Kat knew he was serious. This means he had seen her reactions to Karofsky and didn't like what he saw at all. Kat walked into the lunch line, when she got her food she sat with her newest friend.

"So girl what happened yesterday? I know 'Personal Problems' don't cause that reaction" Kat was getting nervous. She then remembered the other event.

"I was just really freaked out" Kat got closer to her friend "Puck got a hard on during practice, I didn't know how to deal with that, I freaked myself out and was embarrassed to go back" she said quietly. Mercedes went wide eyed and laughed a little.

"Are you serious?" she asked eating her last bite of food. Kat nodded.

"But don't tell anyone, he doesn't know I know." She made the 'shh' motion to her lips. Kat finished up her food and excused herself telling Mercedes she would see her in glee club and walked out of the cafeteria to be greeted by Puck waiting outside. "You wanted to talk to me?" she questioned. Puck nodded and pulled her into an empty hallway.

"What happened between you and Karofsky?" he asked slight concern in his voice "You act the same way Kurt did, flinching and tensing up when you even see him" he looked at Kat who was looking at the ground "If you are worried about him coming after you like he did Kurt I doubt that. Football players don't pick on girls much so there's nothing to be scared of." Kat kept looking down and walked away a little till Puck grabbed her hand stopping her from going further. "No we have to talk about this" Kat looked at him. He had seen that look before. Kurt had that same look the week he started going down hill. Then it clicked, Karofsky had already done something. "Kat what did he do?" Puck said louder, getting closer to the girl. She sighed and shook her head.

"It's nothing, can we not talk about this id rather forget it ever happened" she looked at him. Hoping he would drop it, but that wasn't Pucks style. He continued to get closer.

"No, we can't, you need to tell me" he said. She shook her head.

"I can't and I won't. This is far bigger than you think Puck" she was getting serious. Puck could see it in her eyes.

"Well all I know is whatever Karofsky did to you he did to Kurt cause you have the same look he had before he went into his downward spiral. And I'm not going to let that happen again." He said looking right into Kats eyes. Kat felt her heart race a little. She looked away scared she would start blushing. She had never had a guy care about her like this. "So will you tell me please" He asked again. Kat opened her mouth when a voice called out sending chills down Kats back.

"Tell you what?" Kat turned to see Karofsky staring at her. She froze in place again the blood in her veins turning into ice.

"Nothing really" Kat said. A little panic in her voice. She looked at Puck who was looking at Karofsky.

"I know you have done something Karofsky but she won't tell, I will find out and when I do you better be ready" Puck said pointing at him. Kat looked at Karofsky again who had a smirk on his face.

"Do you like her or something Puckerman, is that it?" Karofsky said in a taunting manner. Puck got slightly angrier glaring at the boy. Karofsky then walked to Kat and leaned down to whisper in her ear "Don't think he can protect you. He can't be around all the time, and if he gets into a fight he will go back to Juvy, face it, you are alone in this, nobody can help you" he then walked off. Kat didn't move, she just stood there to scared to make any movements.

"What did he say?" Puck asked. Kat just looked at him.

"He said not even you can stop him, that you would go back to Juvy." Kat said flatly. The bell rang and she headed to her next class. It was all a blur till she was in glee club. She looked around at everyone, smiling brightly while inside she wondered what Karofsky was up too. Kat was snapped out of her thoughts by Mercedes.

"Hey arn't you going to show me your dress for tomorrow night?" she asked. Kats eyes lit up.

"Yeah" she pulled out her phone, there was a unread text from Blake. She opened it, it said 'Hey did you survive breakfast? Please tell me I don't have to find another date?' Kat laughed a little and replied. She then pulled up pictures of her dress and showed them to Mercedes.


Blakes phone buzzed with the new message he got. He was waiting around for warblers practice to start. It was a reply from Kat 'Yeah but it was kinda weird. Had a confrontation with him in the hall though, Puck was involved. Secret is still safe and I'm still a cover-up target. The world is rainbows and sunshine" Blake frowned. He typed back 'Wish I could help you, but even though I'm not there remember you are not alone in this' he got a reply a second later 'Karofsky begs to differ, apparently I am alone and nobody can save me from him.' He sighed. 'Well damsel in distress I will slay the dragon for you one day' he sent the message grinning hoping to cheer the girl up. The reply he received made him think he succeeded.

"Hey Blake why is Kat texting you a smiley face hmmmm?" Blaine teased his cousin. After the mornings bad start he hoped things were better. Blake just sighed and looked up at Blaine.

"Karofsky confronted her and Puck in the hallway, he told her nobody can protect her from him" Blake said this with a mocking undertone. "I can protect her" he then mumbled under his breath. Blaine sighed some his cousin was always the hopeless romantic wanting to save the princess from the bad guy, and he finally found the girl that needed him.

"I know you will" Blaine said with a soft smile. He looked across the room to see Kurt's face contorted into a painful expression as he stared hard into a book that rested in his lap. "Now Blake if you will excuse me i believe my tutorial services may be needed elsewhere" Blaine said as he slowly started making his way over to Kurt.

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