Love Letter.

Summery: Once the first season of Total Drama ends, Geoff is left questioning where his relationship stands with Bridgette, are they together or not? So in a moment of madness he writes a Love Letter to her and shares it in a bizarre way.

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Chapter One: Fool For Love

It had finally ended, the first ever series of Total Drama had finally ended. There had been fights, friendships and…well more fights. But above all there had been love, and a lot of love at that.

The whole series saw some of the twenty two teens on that Island finding potential life-long partners in each other. And for everyone's favorite Party Boy, that was a definite given.

Geoff had found love on that island, and that love came in the form of a young surfer girl, Bridgette, their relationship had a few twists and turns such as Geoff trying too hard with her and Bridgette not trying that hard at all. However that day came when both of them were separated from each other and they both realized that they never wanted to be separated from each other ever again.

That day came when Bridgette was booted off the Island, all because of a skunk attack, that and the fact that the boys all felt threatened by her because she seemed to get on with everyone, so much to Geoff's dismay, she had received the most votes and had to leave that night.

Geoff, however, wasn't going to leave without making his mark; he had convinced himself to go up there and kiss her, leave his mark on her lips and hoped they stayed there until he returned to her again, he strode up to her confidently and choosing to ignore the angry calls from Duncan who was furious upon finding out that Geoff hadn't voted Bridgette off, he focused on Bridgette's Olive colored eyes and sunk deep into them.

However this moment didn't last long, for as Geoff got closer to Bridgette the skunk smell managed to over throw him, he was inches away from her lips when it all got too much and his brain went into some sort of meltdown. He chickened out; he turned on his heel and hid behind a rock.

He bid his farewells to Bridgette and hid behind that rock until he was sure that she had left.

When the sounds of the boat had finally left the Dock of Shame, Geoff let out a loud sigh as he slumped down to the ground, he felt like crap. How could he do that to her? He just left her standing there like a fool while he hid in fear.

He wasn't left alone to think for too long since Duncan, DJ and Owen had soon found him, they were not best pleased with Geoff's refusal to vote off Bridgette, so they grabbed him, stripped him down to his boxers, tied him into a sleeping bag and then strung that onto a tree, where he would remain for the night.

As a punishment for not voting of the girl that he could potentially love.

During that time, Geoff was left to think. He hung upside down from the tree in silence, it was pretty much impossible to sleep because of the position he was in, however the fact that he was upside down made the blood rush to his head, causing him to drop in and out of consciousness every few minutes.

It was incredibly uncomfortable for the poor boy, but Geoff knew why this had happened, it wasn't because he refused to vote Bridgette off, it was because he refused to kiss her.

And it wasn't just that, the fact that have had refused to kiss her wasn't because of the skunk smell that lingered around her, it was the fact that he was terrified. He was scared of the fact that if he kissed her there and then he would have been rushing into things, creating this surreal world for himself in which he and Bridgette were incredibly happy in, when that might not be the case at all, she might not even think all that of him, and getting her to kiss him was just an effort for him.

He had no idea if she felt the same way, he had made a fool of himself in front of her one too many times that was a given, but then again, she wouldn't of puckered her sweet lips, waiting for his lips to meet hers if she didn't like him back, would she?

"I'm an idiot" Geoff mumbled to himself before sinking back into a coma induced sleep for another few minutes.

Time apart was short lived for the pair, since Geoff was soon voted off for being too nice; despite loosing out on money he was ecstatic. The main reason being that he was going to see Bridgette again however when he got on that boat and sailed away towards his new destination he had several things running through his mind in the process.

'What if Bridgette's not there anymore?'

'What if she's still mad about this kiss?'

'What if she likes someone else?'

'What if she's not into me anymore?'

Geoff was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the boat finally arrive at the shiny new hotel that the other contestants were all staying at, suddenly all thoughts disappeared and the only thing he could think of was how amazing this place looked.

Not wanting to waste anymore time he jumped off the boat and made his way towards the hotel, in no time at all he was surrounded by his old friends; he was greeted by them and spoke to them for a while until he realized that something was missing.

And that was Bridgette.

He searched the crowed and saw nothing, and that made his heart sink, she really had gone, and Geoff never got the chance to tell her how he really felt about Bridgette.

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around slowly and came face to face with Trent, he had a small smirk on his face and pointed over to the bar where a few figures were standing.

"She's over there, man".

Geoff knew exactly what Trent meant, and without another word said he sped over to the bar, there he saw Courtney, Katie and Sadie all talking to a girl, that girl had blonde hair and was smiling gently at the three girls in front of her.


Geoff let a huge smile spread across his face as he gently pushed the three girls out of his way, letting him make an instant beeline to Bridgette, he wrapped his arms around her, making her jumped slightly but once she realized who it was, she wrapped her own arms around him incredibly tightly, as if she was trying to pull him in closer to her.

Then they both pulled away, and for a brief second they looked into each others eyes, Bridgette forgot to be mad about not getting her kiss, and Geoff forgot all about his fears form before about Bridgette not feeling the same way, and they both leant in and let their lips finally taste each other.

That first moment of connection was all the pair needed, from that moment on the two were inseparable, a moment didn't pass when they weren't together, and even when they were apart they talked non stop about each other or were even on the phone to each other.

Even during the hunt of the million when Owen sacrificed his winnings for the others to find, they stayed together for the entire thing, given they spent most of their time making out, they still loved being with each other, despite Bridgette causing Geoff a couple of major injuries it was all good for the couple.

Then it happened.

Bridgette and Geoff both found themselves being involved in the second series of Total Drama, much to the dismay of the rest of the campers there, needless to say everyone was annoyed about the second series, the people that were competing were annoyed because they would have to endure another season of Chris' crazy schemes and the ones who weren't competing were mad that they had instantly lost out on winning a million bucks!

However it all ended there for them all, for the next six months they had to go back home, bask in reality for a while before going back to the show, they all went back to Playa Des Losers and packed their bags, giving each other weary hugs and giving their enemies one last glare before leaving and going in their separate directions.

For this, it was going to be the last time that Geoff and Bridgette were going to see each other until the new season started.

Geoff nervously placed a hand behind his head and rubbed his head a few times before re-adjusting his cowboy hat, "So…I guess this is goodbye then?"

Bridgette slowly nodded, "Yeah…goodbye".

There was a long awkward silence between the two after Bridgette had said her goodbye, they both looked from each others eyes to their surroundings, and then to the car that was parked behind Bridgette.

The car that would soon take her home.

Geoff breathed out deeply and stuffed his hands in his pockets; he looked back up at Bridgette who was biting on her lower lip. She looked over to the car and then back up at Geoff.

"It's only for six months…right?"

"Yeah, yeah totally" Geoff replied, unsure of what to do next he reached up and his hand made contact with Bridgette's shoulder, he patted it twice, a little hard if anything and then lowered his hand.

"Take car, Bridge" Geoff said quietly as he turned on his heel and walked away from her as fast as humanly possible.

Once again, Bridgette was left alone, much like when she was rejected for a kiss back on the Island, she sighed miserably and picked up her surfboard and suitcase and climbed into the waiting cab, and then she left to go back to her home town.

In the meantime, Geoff had been hiding in the hotel that was close by; he skidded inside and breathed a sigh of relief, once again he had let his nerves get the better of him and he had hidden from love.

He just didn't get it, for the whole time they had pretty much gotten together they had been inseparable, they kissed every two seconds and barely came up for breath, they had been comfortable kissing in front of the cameras but the second they were turned off Geoff suddenly got nervous.

He wasn't playing up for the cameras…was he?

Geoff was so confused he didn't know what he was thinking, with a deep sigh he grabbed his back and left the hotel, there was only one way to find out and that was to spend the next six months without Bridgette, if he liked her so much then he would miss her, if he woke up tomorrow morning feeling nothing then that was good.

It all made sense to him, then again, his mind was so messed up anything would have made sense to Geoff at this moment.

The next day came and Geoff was back at home, it had taken him a short boat trip and a long car journey to get home, but once he arrived he greeted his family and was back in the comfort of his warm bed.

Normally the second Geoff lay his head down on his soft pillows he was out of the night, Geoff loved sleep, it was the best way to end one great day and start another, but for some reason tonight all was not well.

Nothing was comfortable now, he just guessed that it was because he had been so used to sleeping on that old rough mattress back at Camp Wawanakwa, this seemed so nice it was a bizarre change.

Then again, he managed to sleep perfectly fine back at Playa Des Losers, and he was pretty sure that their mattresses weren't all lumpy and rough like the Camp, they were actually pretty comfortable.

Then it clicked, he knew what was so different about his sleeping pattern now, for the past few weeks at Playa Des Losers he was never alone when he went to sleep.

There was always that blonde surfer girl that was fast asleep next to him that made it all the while.

Remembering this made Geoff groan loudly and cover his face with his hands; to be honest Bridgette had been on his mind since he left Muskoka, she had been on his mind when he came home and all the way through dinner Geoff would have rather been with her.

He had to admit it now; he was a fool for not saying goodbye to her properly, or not telling her how he really felt for her.

He should have kissed her, he should have held her and told her that she was going to be on his mind until they saw each other again; he should have invited her to meet his parents, but worse, he should have clarified everything between them, meaning confirming their relationship for real instead of sucking face every time they met.

What if she'd already forgotten him? What if she was back home right now with one of her surfer friends and telling him how much he meant to her, and how she could rely on him?

Geoff knew he could never forgive himself if that was the case, if she turned around next season and announced that she had a new boyfriend, he would happily jump off a cliff.

He groaned again, "I'm an idiot" He cried out, a little louder this time, he knew that he wasn't going to get any sleep tonight, that was most definitely a given.

The hours passed and Geoff was still lying in his bed wide awake, he could only think of Bridgette, and thinking of Bridgette made him worry about what she was doing now?

He sighed again, he needed her, he really needed her, it was like he was back at Camp when Bridgette had been kicked off and he spent his first day without her singing soppy love songs in the confessionals while sobbing hysterically.

He rolled over onto his back and placed both of his hands behind his head and closed his eyes for a brief second, if this was the fantastic thing that people called love then why was it so effing painful?

Realizing that there was absolutely no way of getting to sleep tonight unless he did something, Geoff reached over and tapped the little radio on his bedside table, in times like this he would turn on his small radio and plug his earphones into it, he had always told his parents that it was broken and that it was there for decoration, but in reality it did work and was tuned to the most soppiest romance station in the whole of Canada.

This was Geoff's guilty pleasure, whenever he couldn't sleep or when he just needed to chill out he would turn on that radio and old classic songs would fill his mind until he fell into a peaceful sleep.

He put the volume on very low so only he could hear it and closed his eyes, waiting to drift off into that well needed sleep, however another good forty minuets passed and Geoff found himself still wide awake, he pouted to himself and grabbed his cowboy hat that was sitting next to him and pulled it over his eyes.

He didn't realize that the clock had passed into the new hour, and a new segment had started on the radio station. A woman's voice filled Geoff's ears making him push his hat off and sit up slightly.

"Hello to all my listeners, if you're listening to this I'm assuming that most of you can't sleep".

Geoff frowned and looked over at the small radio as if it was talking to him, he pressed his ears to the speaker so that he could hear her every word.

"Well, that's what I'm here for, if you've got a romance issue that's stopping you from getting your well needed rest then let us know, we are always willing to help, whether its to say your sorry to that special someone or to proclaim your undying devotion to a certain someone then send us a letter, if you're lucky enough it might get read out on air and that person might here".

Every word that the Radio host said seemed to echo in Geoff's ears, and then suddenly it all made sense!

He knew that there was the risk that someone from his school might hear it or that Bridgette herself might not hear it, but it was always worth a try, right?

So, he climbed out of his bed and hurried over to his computer, he turned it on and waited for it to load; every second that passed seemed to make Geoff even more impatient than the last.

Yes, Geoff was going to write a Love Letter to the radio station, in hopes that Bridgette would hear it and come rushing to be back by his side once again.

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