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Chapter 3: The Day After.

Geoff woke up the next morning in an awkward position; he was hanging out of his bed awkwardly with half of his torso hanging out of his bed, while the rest of his body was covered up in his bed by his duvet.

He raised his head slightly and scanned the room, it was midday and the sun's afternoon rays were pouring into the room and onto Geoff's bed, he sighed slightly and moved his body back onto the bed and pulled the covers over his head.

He was embarrassed, why did he send that letter last night? Sure the Radio host praised him and gave him advice for his problems, but how foolish would he look if Bridgette didn't actually hear that letter? Then he'd look like a prized fool.

He groaned to himself and rubbed his hands over his face, sure people that would have heard the letter last night would have never realized it was him, but at the same time it would stay with him forever, as a stupid thing he didn't when he was mourning the fact that he wasn't going to see his girlfriend for six months.

Right now it didn't seem too long, but yesterday it felt like it was going to be years until he saw Bridgette's smiling face again, and it made him feel sick.

Actually, thinking about her again made Geoff's heart sink, no, six months was far too long and he needed to see her now.

He was suck a fool when they left that he didn't even ask for her number or anything like that when they left, he was too frightened and scared that nothing made sense for him except to run away and never look back.

Well, he knew for a fact he wasn't going to run away for much longer.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Geoff didn't pay too much attention to it, if his family were smart then they'd realize that if he didn't answer then they would assume that Geoff was still asleep, it was possible, Geoff had once stayed in bed until 4 in the afternoon once before.

Then again, he did party incredibly hard the night before, and having a long sleep late into the afternoon nursing a hangover was simply God's way of telling him that he kicked ass last night.

However, the door opened, the again, Geoff's parents weren't the smartest in the book so he really should have known they would have strolled into his room.


He frowned, it was the gentle voice of his Mother, she was the smartest in the family, so why was she intruding on his rest? Still he took a deep breath in and answered her.


"I just wanted to make sure that you were ok? I cooked breakfast a while ago and normally you're the first one down" His Mother said as she peered in through his doorway.

"I guess I'm not hungry" Geoff mumbled.

His Mother sighed and perched on the edge of his bed and stroked the bed sheets a few times, "What's going on, Geoff? You haven't been right since you came home from that show? Is something bothering you?"

Geoff slowly pulled the covers off over his head and looked up to the ceiling, "I don't know…I guess so".

"What is it?" His Mother asked edging closer to her son with a concerned look on her face, "Is it the show? Do you regret going on it? Or do you miss it? Please tell me".

"I really don't know anymore, Mom" Geoff whimpered, "I just feel…I don't even know anymore, it's like something's really confusing me and it feels like I should have done a lot more then I did".

"What do you mean?"

"I mean…I feel weird and like I regret things…I think I'm not well or something" Geoff mumbled.

His Mother paused for a second and sighed, "Honey, does your chest ache?"

Geoff looked at his Mother bizarrely, "What do you mean?"

"Like here" She mumbled, tapping the area where her heart was on her own chest, "Does it ache?"

Geoff felt his bare chest and frowned, "Yeah…I guess it does".

"And does the slightest little thing make you feel upset?" She then asked.

Geoff paused, this was also true, ever since he woke up he had been pretty unhappy about the slightest thing, he nodded again, "Yeah".

His Mother smiled gently, "Don't worry; you're not sick, well…in a way you are, love sick".

Geoff looked at his Mother, "How can you tell?"

"Because I felt the exact same way about your Father when I was your age" She explained, "Let me guess, you're missing that girl you met on the island aren't you…Bridgette right?"

Geoff winced slightly at the mention of her name, "Yeah…I am… a lot".

"Oh Sweetie" His Mother said as she rubbed her son's arm softly, "It's ok to feel this way. It's normal; I suppose you really must of felt a connection with her to be this upset, haven't you?"

Geoff nodded again, "It just hurts thinking about her".

"Oh, I know its bad now, but trust me, it will get so much better, the time will pass and before you know it you'll be back on that show" She explained.

"But I want to see her now-."

"Geoff, listen to your Mother" She said sternly, "You have to trust me on this, take it from experience, these feelings that you have right now will go away in time, there's a chance they might not go away but that's a good thing too because it shows that you really do care for this girl, but for the moment you need to concentrate on some other things, like your friends, schoolwork, things like that. If you do that then time will fly by and you'll be on the next flight back over to Muskoka once again, and it will pay off because when you see each other it will be this magical experience that the two of you will never forget…that is, if you still want to be with each other".

Geoff sighed and took all of this information in, "I guess I do really love her, but I'm worried about her, what if I go back in six months and she's got someone else? What if I'm more in love with her than she is?"

Geoff's Mother pursed her lips and continued to rub Geoff's arm, "Then she's not worth the wait, but don't decide that right away, because you never know, Bridgette could be at home right now being consoled my her own Mother because she's feeling the exact way that you are".

Geoff slowly nodded and sat up, "Thanks Mom".

His Mother cupped his face into her hands, "Hey, it's what I'm here for…now, how about I treat you to something? Tonight at dinner I'll make your favourite? Mac and Cheese? How does that sound?"

Geoff smiled happily, this was the happiest he had felt all day, "That sounds awesome" He replied.

Geoff's Mother was just as good as her word, she went out during the day and picked out the ingredients to make her famous Mac and Cheese, the one dish that sent Geoff weak at the knees whenever he ate it, it was mouth watering and so delicious it could make the harshest person in the world soften and melt like butter.

She cooked it to perfection and served it to the rest of the men in the house, being the only female in the house was a little hard but at the same time it gave her an odd sense of power, they listened to her and respected her and made her feel like she was the Queen of the house, no one compared to her and that was the way it will always be.

Plus no one else could cook like she could, without her there was no food. They had to be nice to her!

Their meal ended and now the family all sat in the living room in front of the TV, they weren't really watching it, it was just creating a bit of background noise and left them to chat about their days and keep up the normal family way.

However, that was all about to change.

The doorbell rang a few times and Geoff's Father got up to answer the door, they knew it would probably be their neighbour or someone like that since they lived in a very tight nipped neighbourhood, everyone knew and liked each other and it was custom to say hello every once and a while.

This was not the case tonight.

Geoff could hear his Father chatting to someone by the door, but he sounded surprised and a little confused, he craned his neck round to see the front door, and the last part of the conversation made him question what was happening.

"Do I know you? Hang on…you were on that show with my Son!"

Geoff leant up slightly and looked back up at the door, just as this was said, Geoff's Mother also got up to see who was at the door, she took one look at the door and spun on her heel and rushed back to the living room.

"Geoff, your Father wants you" She said with a beaming smile.

Still very confused with what was going on he got up and walked over to the front door, his Father turned around and smiled at him as he walked up towards him.

"Someone's come to visit you" He said as he stepped away from the door, revealing someone looking at Geoff curiously, his bright blue eyes locked straight onto her olive ones and they made his heart beat wildly.


Geoff rushed straight to the door and gasped, "Bridge? Oh my God, how…how did you get here?"

"It took a while" She mumbled, "I left late last night and spent the entire time on the phone to the producers of Total Drama, I was trying to persuade them to tell me where you lived, obviously they told me otherwise I'd be wandering around Toronto like a lost ferret" She said with a nervous giggle.

Geoff slowly nodded, this was all to surreal for him, last night he was depressed about Bridgette not being here, her suddenly standing in front of him felt like the weirdest situation in the world.

He was so sure that it was a dream that he reached out and gently nudged Bridgette on the shoulder; she jerked backwards slightly, a little alarmed by him actions and frowned at Geoff.

"Hey! What was that for?" She snapped at him.

"I don't know" He mumbled, "I just…I wanted to know that you were real…I guess".

Bridgette sighed, "Well….you could've given me a hug or-."

She was immediately cut of but Geoff grabbing hold of her body and pulling her straight towards him, causing her to sink into his arms. He hugged her cold body tightly, she was frozen and had obviously been wandering the streets for a while trying to find here, and he made it his mission to get her warm again.

Bridgette slowly returned the hug, her small arms wrapping around Geoff's neck and her hands rubbing the top of his back delicately.

Then, she said a few words that made him smile.

"I heard your letter".

Geoff pulled back from the hug and looked at Bridgette with his mouth wide open, "You did? But…how? I didn't think that you would, it was such a lucky chance I didn't even know you would be listening to that station".

Bridgette shrugged her shoulders, "I couldn't sleep and it was the first radio station I found, I heard that letter and…I don't know I guess I knew it was from you because of the story you told".

He reached out and caressed Geoff's cheek softly, "It was the most beautiful thing I think I have ever heard in my life".

Geoff smiled and clasped hold of her hand gently, "Really? It took me ages to write that, I really didn't think it was good enough".

Bridgette shook her head, "no, it was perfect just the way you wrote it".

Geoff smiled again, he could hear his heart beating hard against his chest like it was ready to burst out of his chest, he gulped nervously and placed his hands on Bridgette's shoulders.

"Bridge…I made a fool out of myself. I should have said some things to you before we left but…I was scared and I chickened out, I shouldn't have done it I should have done what I'm doing now and told you everything". Geoff explained, he was trembling with every word.

Bridgette slowly nodded, "What is it?"

"I love you" Geoff said loudly and clearly, "I love you, Bridge, I have done since I saw you that first day on the Island, I don't want this to be some TV hoax thing, I want it to be real, I want to you that guy that makes your world rock and I won't forgive myself if I ever hurt you. You're special, Bridge, and I never ever want to let you go like I did a few days ago ever again".

Bridgette was taken aback by all this; she swallowed hard and looked back at Geoff who looked scared out of his mind.

"So…what do you say-."

He was cut off by Bridgette pressing her lips against Geoff's, it was filled with passion and it was something Bridgette had held back for all the days she had been away from Geoff, she missed his sweet lips and everything about him, she missed how her body fit naturally against hers and how soft his hair felt whenever she ran a hand through it.

She pulled away and rested her hands on Geoff's chest, "Did you ever think that every kiss I gave you was my way of telling you that I'm crazy about you?" She asked him.

Geoff shrugged gently, "I don't know…I guess I'm stupid that way".

Bridgette laughed, "You're not stupid, but I guess you should know that I am just as in love with you as you are with me".

She leant her head against his chest, "I want to be your girl, Geoff. You're that one guy that I think could make everyday special. And just like what you said, if its making me feel this way then I don't want to let you go".

Geoff beamed happily, he wrapped his arms around Bridgette's waist and kissed the top of her head, "So…we're official, right?"

Bridgette nodded, "Right".

The two pulled away and Geoff noticed the bag on her back, "Hey…are you going back home tonight?"

Bridgette shook her head, "I was going to find a hotel or something to stay in".

"No way!" Geoff said a little alarmed, "You're staying here with me! I can drive you back in a few days; I just want some time with my girl".

"But…won't you parents mind?" Bridgette asked.

"Of course not, dear!" They both heard a voice from the living room, and it sounded like Geoff's Mother, "You can stay here for as long as you like!"

Bridgette giggled gently, "Thank you!" She called back, "But, I don't have that many clothes".

"So?" Geoff said, "You'll only be seeing me, Babe, I'm no one special".

"That's where you're wrong" Bridgette said, as she pulled Geoff closer to him, "You are special. To me you are anyway".

"I could really get used to that" Geoff said as he placed his lips against hers once more.

Suddenly, that letter he sent didn't seem to be ridiculous after all, it had gotten Bridgette back into his arms and that was the best thing he could ever ask for in his life.

When the rain is blowing in your face

And the whole world is on your case

I could offer you a warm embrace

To make you feel my love…


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