AU fiction that is passionately romantic and devastatingly dark. Travel inside the lives of the famous Lightwood family, and their dark little secrets. Watch as a forbidden love is laced together by ribbons of glass torn apart to shatter, but slowly put back together again with the blood on their hands. Very dark, but deeply romantic. Think of Alec as a Prince of sorts about to be made King, and Magnus the ruler of the Underworld where the forgotten go-leader of the rebellion.

Introduction and Plot.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Brittany, I'm a single mom who thinks she can (I think I can I think I can) I work full time at a local law firm, and spend my evenings at home relaxing with a good book. I read so much that I am always inspired, but Cassandra Clare's world really really really wrapped me up. I of course do not own any of these characters, and though I do write a good deal at my job I do not do it professionally. Bare with me please. This is a relief to me, a way to unwind, and I hope you enjoy it. As you will learn I have a very deep relationship with my mind and often get carried away with my over-wording things. I'm a very visual author and if it gets too much please let me know.

This story will take place in the modern day, though as you will learn the Lightwood world is a very old fashion one with a seat at the House of Lords, they are as close to royals as they can get, so think of Alec as a Prince of sorts. The family is poised and though they are looked on as having the perfect life, they are not as perfect as they seem. Without giving too much away you will see a reflection of my historical based stories though this is very much in present day.

The government has overstepped their boundaries by putting limitations on pretty much everything, and the people suffer greatly from it if they are not 'flawless' so think of this as a less severe Nazi Germany. So what happens when one of their Lords falls in love with not only a downworlder, but a man…for shame.

Though this is not my first fan fiction, it is my first Mortal Instruments one, and I respect Cassandra Clare so much its ridiculous. I love how down to earth she is and how supportive she is of her fans. I really encourage you to go pick up her books, as they have inspired me and motivated me to write for the first time in years. She will go a long long way I have much faith in her. So I simply borrow her characters and do this for my own sanity not profit. Fanfiction is just fun no?


I have a very deep dark secret twisted side that will in fact come out later, but I hope in a tasteful way. Really I'm the type of writer who just 'goes with it' so please leave feedback. I'm not sure what a 'lemon' is as I've been out of this fanfiction world for a while, but if it means adult themes then there will be that too.

Please read with care, and welcome to my little Dark-Lightwood world.