Standing in the coolness of the small hut, Francis shivered at how cold it really was. Noticing how close he was standing to Arthur, he smiled. Reaching out and just touching Arthur's shoulder helped him understand exactly how close they were. "That was unexpected." He laughed a little, only imagining the sour look on Arthur's face. They might as well make the best of it in his opinion, so they were alone in a small house...and it was dark and raining and no one could interrupt...

Arthur wished it were daylight outside so he could see his llsurrounding but of course was going to have no such luck. Any matches he had in his pockets were surely ruined from the rain so he couldn't even use that.

Lightening illuminated the room for a brief second, allowing Arthur a quick look around. He saw a dresser, a kitchen table and sink...and a utterly convenient.

"I guess we'll have to stay in here until the storm passes," As much as the thought made Arthur's heart race, he knew they had no other choice.

Nodding he agreed with the Brit. "I still love you Arthur." He said softly and looked around the small house, "I just wanted you to know that." he smiled, as another stike of lightening flashed and he could see Arthur's face for just a second.

Arthur's breathing became more shallow as he subconciously closed the space between them, looking up at where he thought Francis' face was. "You don't have to remind me of something I already know..." Their mouths came together almost instantly, although neither asked each other for entrance.

"I just thou-" he stopped as he felt the other's warm lips on his, shocked at first. Francis slowly wrapped his arms around the pirate's waist and pulled them closer together

Unsure of what to do, Arthur pulled them over to the bed, allowing Francis to fall on top of him. His hands began to undo the Parisian's shirt, revealing his smooth skin underneath. Annoyed, Arthur threw his hat to the side and pulled their mouths back together, starting to explore with his tongue.

As their tonuges clash for dominance, Francis slowly started to work off Arthur's shirt, having problems with the damn buttons. Finally getting the shirt off, he threw that down with the pirate hat that was now discarded. Pulling away from the other's lips he started to kiss down his sun kissed skin. To Francis, Arthur tasted like rum and salt-water.

Arthur moaned at the mouth on his skin and couldn't help but buck his hips a little bit, wanting to get to the main point of this quickly, but Francis had always loved teasing him and he didn't think this time would be any different. He reached down to undo his belt, barely managing to slip it off with Francis still on top of him. "You damn frog..." He whispered, discarding the Frenchman's shirt along with his own.

"Hm?" He questioned as he started to pull down Arthur's pants slowly, knowing how much Arthur hated this foreplay. "What was that?" he asked, stopping what he was doing, knowing this would piss him off even more.

Arthur growled in frustration and glared at the man above him. "I just wish you wouldn't constantly tease me..." Like he would actually admit that he enjoyed such things with Francis anyway.

"Aww...but its so much fun." He teased with a grin on his face.

Arthur blushed a little and rolled his eyes. "Just shut up and get on with it," Or he would get up and leave...

Knowing the Brit meant business, Francis went back to working removing the other's pants and getting those clunky boots off as well. "I hate all the layers you wear." he muttered finally getting his pants off and letting them join the pile of clothes that were on the floor.

"I wear so much clothing to prevent people like you from doing things like this to me." Obviously though, that plan hadn't worked out so well. Sick of things moving so slowly, he reached down and removed the rest of Francis' clothing and then went for his own boxers, watching as Francis' eyes lit up when he was finally naked. He felt the tension growing in the air and so he brought them in for a kiss again, starting to really need release.

"Francis...please..." He really hated to beg, but couldn't hold it in much longer.

Hungerly, Francis licked his lips as he kissed him with more passion and his hands snaked their way down to palm the other before taking the already semi-hard shaft in his hand and stroking Arthur slowly with a cat-like grin. "Yo ho, Yo ho, A pirates life for me," he sang.

Leaning over Arthur he kissed and sucked at his neck, marking the pirate as his own treasure.

Arthur moaned and bit his lower lip as Francis grabbed his cock, pumping it in a slow, steady pace until he sported a full errection. "Oh, Francis..." He panted, bucking into the other's hand to get more friction.

Smiling Francis moved down the other's body and stopped stroking him for just a second as he slowly started to suck on the other's cock with a grin. He hummed his nation anthum and started to bob his head up and down, having fun with this, as usual.

"Oh god," Arthur gasped as warmth surrounded him, sending waves of pleasure up his entire body. He grabbed the sheets and his toes curled in excitement. A part of him couldn't believe he was allowing Francis to do this but his body betrayed his thoughts, he really was in love with the Frenchman.

Francis continued to do what he was good at. After he had hummed his national anthum, he pulled away with a satisfying POP and a grin on his face. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked, kissing Arthur again.

Losing the mouth on his member made Arthur a bit upset, but when he had Francis' lips on his again and was able to taste his own self, we was no longer disappointed. "Just...swab the deck already. Before I come and ruin everything..." He was extremely close to his edge, knowing just one touch could do it.

Smiling at the pirate lingo Arthur was using he couldn't help himself, "Aye, Aye Captian." He laughed and placed three fingers against Arthur's lips, "I cant swab the deck when my mop is dry." He smiled, having fun with this, but of course who wouldnt have fun with an extreemly sexy pirate?

Glaring, Arthur almost wished he could shoot Francis on the spot. "I'll have to help you with that then..." He took his tongue and ran it up one of the fingers, carefully coating it in his own saliva before sucking all three into his mouth, all he while his emerald eyes on Francis' sapphire ones.

"Good." He smirked and shivered just a little as he only wished it was his own shaft in Arthur's mouth instead of his fingers. Slowly pulling his fingers out of the other's mouth he kissed Arthur again.

Then, Francis placed one of his fingers to the other's tight hole, slowly entering, being far too eager and wanting to be inside him as fast as he could, so of course the softness that was usually there was gone.

The pirate moaned loudly at the intrusion and squirmed a little. It hurt more than usual, seeing how it had been quite some time since someone had last fucked Arthur. He felt Francis' tongue hot on his own, trying to make a distraction from the pain.

Francis smiled as he continued to kiss his pirate as he slowly placed another finger inside the shorter male, being more careful then he had before. "I'm sorry." he whispered, unsure of how much pain the other was in as he slipped in his third finger. Moving a little faster, trying to get Arthur ready. This was taking far to long.

"It's oka-aaah-y!" He shut his eyes tightly as he was stretched wider and wider. He gasped as Francis managed to touch his prostate, making his whole body shake suddenly. "I'm gonna-" His mouth fell open as he came, his seed covering Francis' arm and his own stomach. His moans began to fade as he rode his orgasm off, collapsing when he was done.

Francis bit back his lip at the sight of Arthur coming, which only made him even harder. Pulling his fingers out of Arthur he waited for him to be ready so they could finish. Smiling a little, he kissed Arthur softly. "Ready for me now?" he asked with a purr in the other's ear.

Francis' voice in his ear made Arthur flush a bright red and he felt himself growing hard again almost immediately. "A-aye..." He panted, sweat making his hair stick to his forehead.

Smiling, Francis lined himself up with Arthur's hole and slowly entered him, groaning at how hot and tight the pirate was. Once he was all the way in, he waited for Arthur to tell him to move. Softly Francis kissed him again, not wanting this to end anytime soon.

Arthur moaned when Francis filled him all the way, somewhat in a shock by the feeling and how much he missed this. He wanted more and quickly, holding his breath he leaned back and whispered. "Move."

"Aye, aye sir." He pulled back and slammed back into Arthur, groaning at the feeling he got from this. He continued at this pace for a while, "Oh god." he moaned out, "I've missed you." He kissed Arthur again.

"Francis! Yes, oh yes!" He was so wrapped up in the rythum that he couldn't think how to form the right words." fuck!" He moved to match Francis' thrusts, his member leaking more pre-cum.

Continuing the rythum they had now set, he reached down and grabbed Arthur's cock, and started to stroke him. " close..." He groaned into their kiss.

"Mmm...faster!" Arthur begged, jerking into Francis' hand again like he had done earlier. The thrusts became faster when Francis hit just the right spot, making Arthur scream in esctasy. "T-there! More!"

Francis moved his hand faster and hit Arthur's spot again, harder a few more times, until he came with a groan. He then continued to help Arthur work to come for the second time that night.

The pleasure was too much and Arthur came hard; much stronger than he had the first time. "Francis! I l-love you!" He screamed, his body finally giving up and going limp, not wanting Francis to leave him just yet. Oh man, Antonio had been right...

Slowly Francis moved to lay next to Arthur, "I love you too Arthur," He said softly, kissing his cheek. That was most likely the best sex he had ever had with, with anyone. Even Antonio, and Antonio was really good in bed.

Arthur sighed and looked at the rain, which still fell in sheets outside. Well, if anything good came out of this, nobody had heard them. Not that it mattered, they were both much too happy to care about anything else. He quickly kissed Francis passionately on the lips and whispered, "It's going to be a long sailing home, isn't it?"

Francis laughed in that annoying French way. "Oh ho, ho, ho." He nodded his head and smiled. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."

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