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Okay, full summary-ish-thing:
Arthur Kirkland is homeless and out of work when his short temper gets him fired. Sick, tired, and cold, Arthur is found by Alfred F. Jones, another young man trying to find his way in the big city of Cleveland. Offering Arthur a home and love he has never experienced before, the two find themselves growing closer and closer to each other. Will love blossom or will life stand in their way?

Long story short; I have no clue what the hell I'm doing...
This is not related to my other USUK, Snowed In. This, on the other hand, is AU and human names will be used.

Warnings: Swearing, Yaoi (boyxboy; boys in love), probably more stuff but you get the idea.

To say that Arthur Kirkland hated his job would be a terrible understatement. Yes, Arthur Kirkland hated his job, but it was much more than hate. He hated his job more than terrorists, people who said his cooking was bad, and even more than French people. And he hated French people a lot.

What in the world could make Arthur Kirkland hate his job so much? Why, it was probably the fact that Arthur had just graduated college and had a shiny diploma on the wall of his crummy one room apartment and yet had the worst job ever. Although Arthur Kirkland had a major in business and had graduated at one of the top in the class, he worked at the worst place in the world. Arthur knew first hand that you did not get out of college and jump right into a well paying job with benefits and started a wonderful life with a beautiful wife and adorable children. At least, most didn't.

Arthur had applied for and interviewed for as many jobs as he could find. First he tried for the business jobs that he maybe should have gotten given his degree. Then, he tried for some less desirable jobs such as working at Boarders. It really wouldn't have been that bad a job. It definitely wasn't a career, but it could have gotten him started.

But he didn't get those jobs either. With the last of his savings running out, he had to find a job quickly. So he applied for the last job he could find. Unfortunately, he got the job.


McDonald's was the worst place in the world to work. Not only did you get payed minimum wage that barely covered the cost of the apartment, you also had to work around idiots and serve idiots. You had to cater to every idiot's need no matter how absurd and stupid it was. Some people didn't know where they even were.

"May I have a Whooper?"

"No you may not! This is bloody McDonald's! If you want a bloody Whooper, you have to go to Burger King, you twat!"

Of course, Arthur could not loose his temper like that. One of the first rules of McDonald's was to keep a smile on your face and be very, very kind; even to the stupidest this world had to offer.

On this particular day, Arthur was working the drive thru as he did every Tuesday and Friday. Sighing, he typed in one woman's order, fingers flying over the pictures. Working the drive thru-or any register for that matter-was an insult to his intelligence. Any idiot could press picture buttons. He was a bloody business major!

"That will be five sixty-seven," the Brit sighed, "Please move to the next window." The next window was his where the woman would get to see his face. The other worst part about working at McDonald's? No matter how bad you hated your job, you had to put a smile on the face. "If you don't, it will make the customers sad," his boss had told him, "And if the customers are sad, you get fired." He said it harshly, but with a smile on his face. Yes, his boss was creepy. Yet another reason to hate his job.

Working at the drive thru for ten hours was tiring to say the least. Everyday, you had idiots who asked the dumbest questions.

"Do you have onions?"

"No, the bloody onion truck blew up. Of course we have onions you stupid American!" Again, Arthur could not loose his temper, but he certainly felt like he would by the end of each day. At the end of his shift he wouldn't talk to anyone just to be sure he didn't shout at someone. On Fridays, he would just take his paycheck and leave only mumbling a quick thanks.

"Here's your paycheck, Mr. Kirkland," his boss said with a smile. Always with a smile. Arthur shuddered and accepted the envelop that held thee hundred dollars. After taxes that would leave him with about one hundred.

"Thank you, sir," Arthur mumbled taking the check and bolting out of the store. His apartment was only a few blocks away, so he quickly made his way to the crummy run down apartment building he regretfully called home.

The second he got in the door, he saw the building owner waiting in the lobby. Waiting for him, the Brit quickly noted. He knew the man was waiting for him.

"Ah, Mr. Kirkland," the man said gruffly making his way over to him, "Nice to see you. Come, I have some things to discuss with you." The owner was a gruff, tall man. He was obviously sleazy and Arthur wouldn't be surprised if he was a member of the mafia or something.

He led Arthur to his small office in the back. He took a seat behind the desk, leaving Arthur to stand as there were no other chairs in the room.

"Mr. Kirkland, it seems that you are late on your payments," the man said.

"I just got my paycheck today, sir," Arthur piped up in a quiet voice that tried to be firm, "I can make the payment today." The man just tapped his fingers on the desk and shook his head.

"That won't do, Kirkland," he sighed, "You're always late with your payments. Every single month. What am I supposed to do about this? I run a business, boy. This isn't some game or something I do for fun. You're a business major, are you not? So, you should know the predicament I'm in." The man paused and studied the British boy. Arthur shuddered at the gaze, knowing this man knew far too much about him. "If you can't pay, I'm afraid I'll have to kick you out."

"But, sir!" Arthur shouted, "I can pay! I have the money right now! Please, just give me one more chance!"

"I gave you a second chance last month," the man growled, his voice rising, "Actually, it was more like a fifth chance. You have one day to vacate your room. Take your sentimental shit, but I'll be taking your paycheck and the furniture."

"But I payed for that furniture!"

"Oh, so how about I sue you then?" the man smirked.

Arthur cast his eyes down to the floor. "Yes, sir," he sighed refusing to let the tears pricking his eyes spill over, "I'll be gone tomorrow." With that, he turned to leave.

"You should thank me. For my kindness, you know?"

Arthur said nothing as he left the room. The man glared evilly at his back.

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