They're Still All Someone Else's.

Christina giggled at Judy as the darker haired girl walked, her hands busing with the bag in front of her for a few extra seconds. When she did turn around to go follow her friend, Christina found herself confronted with that dog that had seemed to be out to get her again.

Judy was now out of sight so she was alone with the barking beast.

The first thing Christina felt was fear. Not an overwhelming sense or anything, more a shock that had her taken back.

A calmness took over her for a few seconds, which the feeling that overtook her body by it seemed to shake her up more than the sharp teeth of the dog ready to attack her.

"Get back," she told the mutt, her voice stronger with just a hint of shakiness. Looking around for some sign of help, she looked more nervous.

Back to the dog, it barked, growled threatening some more.

That calmness came again, but different. It felt... angry. Christina felt her eyes squint, her body hum and she took a step forward. "No," she commanded.

Suddenly, the side of the pooch became slashed in bloody redness and yelped in pain and fear.

Christina became confused, sad and sickened by it. 'How did that happen? What did I do? How did I...' questions raced through her head.

The dog took several steps back before it tried to scare her again, growling and barking with much left force behind it once more. Her eyes were wide watching it, so afraid. Then it ran off, just before she heard a voice from behind her.

"It's always the quiet towns," the voice, a male, said.

Christina's head spun quickly around to face him, finding a strange but insanely handsome man in very close proximity to her.

He looked from the spot where the dog had scampered away from to look more at her and she felt her heart skip a beat or two.

"That's were the gruesome things happen," he finished.

With that, Christina's head ticked a little back into place and she felt something tugging at her that she couldn't quite make out. She knew it couldn't be good though. That whoever this guy was... something was off, wrong here.

"You know, like dog eats girl," he started again. His voice full of humor. His eyes... a strange want as he looked at her. He took a few steps closer. "Or, girl eats dog."

He'd seen... well, whatever it was that happened. She was sure he must have before but with that that was some sort of proof right. She was disgusted with herself all over again from whatever she'd done to the poor creature, scared and confused about it. About what would happen to her, especially now with some witness. And those prickly feelings were in ten fold with the issue of that very witness. He was... it was like he knew her and wasn't surprised or phased.

And that was just scratching the surface of that whole issue.

"Do I know you?" she blurted, feeling the need to say something, ask something... but that was the best she found herself able to come up with. Mentally kicking herself for it soon there after.

"Nah, not yet," he answered. Which, of course, didn't help her any. It only made everything seem all the more... off. Add that in with that same amusement in his tone and there you have it, creepiness in a bottle! He took a step backwards, smiling. "You have a good day." The unknown man took a beat to look down the road before spinning the rest of the way around and heading the other direction.

Christina wanted to call out to him, follow him... something. But she couldn't. She found herself frozen, unable to move, unable to speak.

"Who are you?" she finally whispered, several minutes later. He was long out of sight, disappeared off to who knew where and she was still as lost as ever.