Another drabble - dark and angsty this time. Thanks to my dear evieeden and Alverdine for checking over this one for me.

Pairing: Sam/Leah

Prompts: holding hands, 'secret'

4) Secret - Leah & Sam

Please no.

His words are a wrecking ball. Even after his unexplained disappearances, his refusal to confide in her, she'd still hoped. She'd thought the visit from her cousin today might relieve the tension that had settled over the house, but he'd barely muttered a greeting before vanishing again, his face grey.

"I'm sorry, Lee-Lee. I can't." The nickname she once thought so sweet now conjures a surge of bile.

Tears threaten to spill, but she blinks them away. She won't cry for him any more.

"Get out."

And he does. Somewhere in the distance, a wolf howls.

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