Disclaimer: I can honestly say that my memory is a little fuzzy about what happened last night, but I'm pretty sure that Stan Lee got me to sign over the rights to X-Men: Evolution to him in a darkened room filled with smoke and poker tables. Remy LeBeau might have made an appearance, but that might just be wishful thinking.

A/N: I'm not into self-deprecation or anything, I promise. When I say "I'm such a terrible person for writing this instead of updating Social Status," I really mean that I truly feel bad for taking so dang long. Just so that's clear.

I'm such a terrible person for writing this instead of updating Social Status.

Dis is true.

Aw, c'mon luv, tha body-owner's doin' tha best she can!

Stop callin' Indy luv. An' if she's dat hard up fo' "best" she should jus' ask us fo' some o' ours.

Okay, I get it! Ask for help from the muses…

*cringes under glares* Or not….

Anyway, this is a little one-shot that details some various ways my favorite couples could have begun their relationships. See if you can guess which is which. There is one that follows canon, and one that I made up for each couple.

It began, as all good relationships do, with screaming, fear, and paralyzing insecurity, someone getting knocked out, someone else panicking, and by the time everything got sorted out, a very annoyed little old man.

It began the way everyone's relationship should: at a warehouse dock, surrounded by friends and enemies, explosions, and each trying their best to take the other out.

It began the way all great relationships do, when he snuck up on her, tackled her to the ground, made the mistake of letting her get her bearings, and then got his rear kicked all over the institute grounds.

It began like all epic relationships do, with fire, fury, attempts to throw each other off of a bridge, and amnesia.

It began like all perfect relationships do, with a kiss, unconsciousness, some innocent walls being broken, and the destruction of several previously uncorrupted minds.

It began, as a the great relationships do, with a wink that got him thrown through a window, and an apology that was forced through tight lips, and laugh that she really hadn't intended to let out, and a blush he tried to hide but couldn't.

It began, as all normal relationships do, with a date; the jealousy, misunderstanding, eye rolling, and sputtering just came with the territory; the terrified waiters just came with the fangs.

It began as all classic love stories do: boy meets girl, girl snarls, boy smirks, girl's father attempts to kill boy, boy escapes, girl catches him, boy surrenders, girl smirks, and they all live happily ever after.

A/N: To recap, my top four favorite couples are featured in this, so if you don't know, go check out my profile.

Technically, since Kyle doesn't appear in Evo, both of the Lyles were my own version. But who cares?


You're such a sweetheart, luv.

*dodges hex with ease born of much practice*