Not Mine, All Belong To Someone Else.

He was still on a high from finally meeting Her as he walked through his new home when the doorbell rang. A tiny part of him had this hope it would be the beautiful blonde, having tracked him down, but he knew he wouldn't be so lucky.

And he was right.

Instead he found two older women, a brunette and a curly redhead. And they'd brought muffins. Oh, boy.

The redhead introduced herself as Amber Hargrove, the other woman as Sarah Parker. She came here for him, the talkative one. She wanted him, there was no question of that. What was going on with the other... he wasn't quite sure at first, the name was ringing some bells as was her very presence. But there had been a lot of that going on and he had plenty of business being tended to so a littler scatter brained was allowed from time to time.

This was only the beginning, as he also told the two women. He still had time to get everything in order and set in place.

He did his best to remain polite, though he wasn't exactly feeling social, least of all towards the two of them... at least that's how it was until the bomb was dropped on just who the brunette was. Amber mentioned she was from the church and a little bit of this, a little bit of that came clicking in to place and his mood shifted.

He smiled, put a lift in his voice, stepped closer to the one in blue. She seemed a little frazzled which was humorous, though not more than the emotions rolling off the forgotten woman who kept trying to worm the attention back on herself. He had to fight from laughing at the pathetic display.

He hooked his arm with Sarah's before she could protest, not even bothering to look Amber's way again, offering to show her around. She stuttered so before he could lose her, he continued leading her away, asking questions about the house, town, herself.

She was no Christina, not by a long shot, but this little meeting could prove to be useful anyhow. And he could always go find the blonde anytime he felt the need.

For now, Mrs. Sarah Parker would just have to do.