My Crazy Narnia dream:

I was at home and Eustace was coming over to visit. (Which, in my dream was my cousin)

I was really excited because I never get to see him. So, anyways...

Me and my friend were talking on the phone, them Mum walked into the room and announced Eustace was here. "Ok, bye, gotta go, my cousinn Eustace is here." I explained to my friend. "Is that the one who's engaged to that girl?" She asked. "Yep, that's the one, ok, bye." With that I hung up. Then he walkewd into the room and logged onto my computer and we were on ebay looking at wedding dresses. Then Mum pulled out a photo album and showed Eustace my gratuation photos (I guess I gratuated in my dream) Thewn she left because she heard a rabbit was selling snowflakes. (I know right?)

"So, how's your egagement going?" I asked Eustace. "Actually, I broke the engagement." He said. "Really? Why?"

He then kissed me. "That's why."

Then I woke up because I had school!