I'm writing this story to symbolize every hateful thing I've ever felt. I'm warning everyone who's reading this ahead of time, if you personally know me, or have any sort of feelings of friendship or romantic toward me, and you think you may be hurt, don't read this story. It's going to be hard enough for me to write it, but I think it's the best way for me to get it out, all the pain and suffering I've gone through in my life. Some of it will be actually based on my life, some of it will be twisted around, and some of it will be made up. I'm not saying which parts are which, only to protect myself.

A Coma
Chapter 1

There were three things sitting around her as she continued writting her letter to all the people that she could have ever thought that she could trust:


I thought my world was the greatest thing of all. Everyone thought that I'm this perfect little rich kid with no flaws and that nothing's wrong with me. But you're all wrong. I go through hell everyday of my life. My parents put me through hell. Both verbal and physical. My mother yells at me and my father beats and has even sexually raped me, that's why I refuse to go out with a man.

That takes me to the people at school. When they see me with my close friends, they never see me with guys because I simply do not trust them. They call me names like "dyke", "homo", "lesbo", and "carpet muncher." You all don't seem to realize that those things bug me, they get to me a lot easier then they would other people.

Well, the fact of the matter is, You're all right, I am homosexual. I don't like men, I never did, I never will, I don't trust them. Not after what my fater has done to me.

I can't take anything anymore. To all the people that actually care about me, I'm sorry I missed everything, graduation, prom, missing everything. See you on the other side...All of you.

Haruka Tenou

She folded up the letter and sealed it in a plain white envelope, labeling it, "To: Everyone." She placed her pen neatly back into her desk drawer, she always kept everything in her room to military clean conditions.

She stood and picked up the few acid pills that she had stolen, the bottle of vodka she took from her father and the retractable switch blade she got from her trip to England.

She popped a pill into her mouth and swallowed it dry. It didn't go down all the way. She opened up the bottle of vodka and drank a few swallows of it. It burned, she hadn't realized how much it would actually burn the inside of her throat. She was determined to do it. When Haruka was determined to do something, she was going to do it.

Her fifth pill, and she was almost through her bottle of vodka. She started to feel the effects of the mixture. Lightheadedness and dizzyness were consuming her. She had to hurry, that way she could make sure that her parents could not bring ner back to this world.

She picked up her knife and popped out the blade...

"What was that? It sounded like glass." Mrs. Tenou said to her husband, who was hidden behind his paper.

Both of them walked upstairs and enter their daughter's room. The room was unusually quiet, an erie quiet, no sound of breathing. there was a piece of glass spotted at the foot of the bed.

When they walked around, they saw their one and only child laying in her own blood. Some of her blood was mixed with a clear liquid and some form of pills as well as glass and a switch blade.

Mrs. Tenou slowly rolled Haruka over, seeing that she had severed veins in both or her wrists. She also saw that in was vodka that she had been mixing with probably some kind of drug. They had to get her to a hospital, she was already having convultions.