A Coma
Chapter 6

"I'm out." Haruka was basking in the rays of the sun and twirling around in her freedom the day she was released from the mental hospital. She no longer had to live with her parents, no more thoughts of being raped or killing herself. Only happiness with Michiru.

"Yeah, now you've gotta go back to school." she nudged her taller lover, a smile on her own face. "Would you like to drive home, dear?" she offered Haruka the keys to the car. That's all she had to say, was the word drive and Haruka was bouncing off the walls with excitement. She hadn't been driving in several weeks, she missed the feel of the wind through her short blonde hair, the rumble of the road under her feet. Driving was her thing to do...

Hours later, Michiru's parents had gone out to dinner, mostly to give them the night alone. They were laying together on the sofa, just enjoying each other's company, Haruka against the back of the sofa, Michiru against Haruka. Haruka's hand was over the smaller women's shoulder and their hands were connected.

"Just promise me that you'll never ever pull a stunt like that again. I thought that I lost you." Michiru kisses their connected hands.

Haruka had a near death experience, she swore never to do it to herself again, no matter how hard her life got, she would never let anything in her life take over to the point that she had to kill herself to get rid of all the problems.



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