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Note/Warning: This is my fourth Fanfiction so I am sorry it is not up to par. I decided that I wanted to do something with Fox. She is an amazing character and I'm sure she had certain thoughts when it came time for her to pull the trigger and kill them all, herself included.

Note: I don't have a Beta Reader, so please alert me to any grammatical errors or if my sentence structure is off and it urks you. I seem to be catching them rather quickly along with realizing I keep forgetting a word or two. I'm getting better, though. Promise. I just really want to try and do this on my own.

Word Count: 353

Standing there was not a hard thing to do, in-fact, she felt it natural. The skull of each one of her friends in the fraternity piercing with a strong silver bullet. Even though she knew life was realistic and one day she would die, she didn't know it would be so soon. Now. When she heard that Sloan had lied to them, her heart grew angry. Everything she believed in was a lie, fake, non-excitant. Her mind raced, her heart was clenching painfully.

"Is that true?"

She had asked. But she couldn't take that it was. His reasons where flawed. He was using them for profit. It was unforgivable. Bring her gun to her left hand, she pulled it back and swung her wrist out. The curve of the bullet as it left the chamber so beautiful and precise that no one had expected it. Now, all her friends where dropping one by one. She hesitated for just a moment, and transferred the gun to her right hand. A flick of her wrist and she threw her gun to Wesley. The sleek look of the barrel, the grooves shinning in the dim light. The shape of the tattoo wrapped around her right thumb made her smile. She remembered when she got it. It was when she grew up and learned all about this fraternity and had finally became one of them. When she was new, and she had a lot to learn.

Even now though, she felt stupid and inexperienced. She had failed to look into what should have been. But she knew now and that's all that mattered. As the gun landed in Wesley's hand, she knew Sloan had left in the confusion. And although he left, Wesley would catch him and make her proud. As she looked at the boy, no, man, she smiled, the bullet curving around the last bannister towards her. Her full lips mouthing a "thank you" as it entered her right temple and came out her left. Her final thought was freedom and the last thing she saw was a man determined to fulfill his destiny. Darkness.