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Betwixt And Between: Redux

She's too old for him. Actually, not really. He has a thing for older women. One of the reasons he's never dated Rose (and because he didn't like red hair and freckles). But, to the rest of the world, she's too old for him. He's of age, sure, but he's still in school. Why would she ever want to date someone that she can't see for almost nine months of the year?

On the day of her wedding to his git of cousin (who is actually a very nice man, and not a git at all) – which he had been invited to – he is moping around Malfoy Manor, where he has grown up. He doesn't want to see his dream girl entwining her life with someone else's. Scorpius Malfoy has too much pride.

The wedding starts at two. It's two-fifteen right now. He throws his clock at the wall, and runs his hand through his hair as it shatters. Any minute now, they'll be saying 'I do!', and he'll have lost her forever. Stupid Metamorphagus! He's frustrated. What does Teddy have that he doesn't? Oh, yeah, about eight more years of experience. And a job. His own house. His own life. Everything a woman like Victoire wants in a husband, obviously.

There's a loud banging on the front door. He can hear it echo through the house, even in his third-floor room. He's the only one home; his parents are attending the wedding, and the house elves have been given the day off. He doesn't want to answer the door, so he covers his head with his pillow, hoping the person will go away. No such luck. The pounding is insistent, and finally he gets fed up. So he storms downstairs and yanks open the door, ready to give the intruder a piece of his (weary) mind.

Instead, he's stunned. It's her. Victoire Weasley is standing on his doorstep, clad in a wedding gown, her hair and make-up done, looking even ethereal than usual. Right now she should be at her wedding ceremony, being tied to his cousin 'till death do them part'. But instead she's right in front of him, robin's egg blue eyes locked with his own silver ones.

Why is she here? Why is she here? Why is she here? His mind's replaying the same thought over and over, and he can't seem to force any words out of his mouth. He feels dumb, just staring at her like this. But he can't convince himself to stop.

"Scorpius," she breathes, like a little moan. She's happy to see him. At least, he thinks she's happy to see him. He can't really tell. Her face is telling him nothing. It never tells him anything. He's learned to read her through her small movements. He's been studying since that first day on the train, six years ago. She will always mesmerize him.

"What…what are you doing here?" he asks. His heart's beating at overdrive, like it always does when she's near him. She affects him like no one else ever has. And she will continue to affect him like this as no one else ever will. He can say, with totally certainty, that Victoire is it for him. The woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life. Now, if only she felt the same about him.

"I chose you," she breathes again; another little moan. Why does she have to do that? It's distracting. It makes him think of…things…that he wants to do to her. Things he'll never be able to do to her. She belongs to his cousin…wait, what did she say? He asks her with his eyes, raising one eyebrow in that way that very few people can.

"I couldn't marry him," she sighs. He's intrigued. What happened? He steps out of the doorway and grants her access into his home. She steps inside, and kicks off her killer heels. They're death traps, so why has she been wearing them? Today just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

He leads her into the living room, and she sinks into the loveseat. Scorpius heads to the kitchen and comes back with tea and cookies. They're the only two things he knows how to make, but that's okay. She likes tea and cookies. He raises his eyebrow at her again as he falls into his favorite armchair. He doesn't trust his own voice right now.

"I finally realized that I've never really been in love with Teddy," she explains, "I just thought I was in love with him, because that's what my family expected of me." He smirks a little. He's always known that something is a little off between the two of them. And now she's telling him so. Today is getting better already, so he prompts her to continue with a nod of his head.

"You actually caused me to figure it out," she confessed. This is met with two, not one, raised eyebrows. "I started thinking at Christmas. After you gave me that painting. For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about you in a…different way. It's like I suddenly realized that you weren't a little boy anymore. You're going to graduate in a month, and you'll be out in the world, just like I am. We'll kind of be equals." He's never thought about it like this, but he likes the idea of being her equal, if only because it means he has a chance.

"You're very attractive, did you know that?" she asks him suddenly. He's startled. He's heard it many times at Hogwarts over the years. But he's never expected to hear it from her. He's wished for something of the sort to slip from her lips, and be directed towards him. But he's never actually thought it'd happen.

"That's why I left Teddy at the altar," she admits, continuing on, like she'd never even commented on his appearance. "I want to try to have…something…with you. If you want me. We don't have to jump into anything. Just one date at a time, if that's what you want." She's holding her breath. She's afraid he's going to say no! He chuckles at the idea of him turning her – his perfect dream girl; a one-eighth Veela – down. It's preposterous, honestly!

He still doesn't trust his voice, though. He's afraid that, should he try to speak, only a squeak will come out. And she'll lose all feelings that she has/had for him. What kind of a grown man squeaks?

He does the only thing he trusts his body to do. He stands up and glides towards her. She's biting her lip. Even more attractive. He's standing in front of her now. He's leaning down, closer, closer, closer…then their lips meet.