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Amy was falling. Falling fast and in pain. Whatever had hit her had faded long ago, but the effects could still be felt.

"Whoever did that is gonna get it...," she mumbled. Suddenly, light broke around her. She tried lifting a hand to shield her eyes, but she was going too fast.

That's when she crashed into the water.

She opened her eyes, which were closed since the impact. Light was fading fast, and she knew she had little time before she hit bottom. It can't end like this, she thought as she sunk further.

It doesn't have to.

Amy almost gasped, but she would've died if she had. Who are you?

I am your dark side, all your fears, anger, hatred, even depression.

Amy frowned. What are you doing here?An image of a creepy smile found its way into her head.

Saving you.

Amy suddenly noticed the lack of water around her. She sat up and breathed in. You're wondering why I revealed myself to you. Amy nodded. My appearance was trigged by the blast that sent you down this far. As for your current location, I teleported us here so we could have a proper conversation. Amy frowned. But I can't see you. A second later, a plume of darkness rose from the ground, revealing...


Except it wasn't Amy, she never wore gothic clothing or had red eyes. She also didn't have a dark aura around her that made people shudder with fright. Then again, the water was cold...

"Better?" Amy nodded, still too shocked to speak yet. Dark Amy sighed and began to explain.

30 minutes later...

Amy sat down and pondered the information given to her.

"So there are these people-" "Beings." "-beings called Chaos Guardians. And they protect Chaos energy and make sure it doesn't leak into the world." "Exactly. However, they aren't limited to just one planet, or even one universe. They exist everywhere there is Chaos energy." Amy nodded, finally realizing the scope of things.

"And I happen to be one." Dark Amy sighed. "Yes, although your powers were unrealized. Your friend Tails discovered his abilities much sooner." Amy stood up.

"So how do I unlock my potential?" Dark Amy smiled.

"I possess you."

Tails had carved out an excellent cavern home that could serve as his HQ for however long it was needed. He had called Cosmo and Damien to come and see.

"Nice place you got here," Damien remarked as he explored the newly made cave. He suddenly stopped and stared at the hole in the ground.

"What is that?" he asked nonchalantly. Tails sighed and explained the run-in with Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy. Damien sat back in a stone chair made convincingly like a real chair.

"This means her potential will be realized. Chris will be very pleased about this." Tails stood from a similar chair.

"When will I get to see him?" Damien sat silently for a while, then stood.

"He will see you now." They were all enveloped in a bright light and vanished.

Amy looked upon Angel Island with a new outlook. She was floating above the island on two demon wings, with talons at the tips and a veiny look to them. They were a very dark red. She opened her eyes, revealing not only red eyes, but dragon pupils as well. She threw her head back and laughed (guess, guess, guess) demonically.

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