So, here's how it all began... You were a wolf demon and part of Koga's tribe and one night, the night of the full moon, Koga told everyone that they were going to play seven minutes in heaven right inside the den after they went hunting. You didn't exactly want to play but you went along with it anyways because after all, Koga was the pack leader and it was best not to piss him off.

So after the hunt, Koga had everyone sit down in a circle around a bag made of wolf skin.

"So, who wants to go first?" He asked as he stood up and put on a wild smile looking around at all the possible victims.

You shifted uneasily as his gaze landed on you. His smile grew wider as he spoke, "Well if no one obliges to go I choose you, _."

"Aww come on Koga! That's not fair!" You yelled.

"What do you mean it's not fair? What, are you scared or something?" He said raising his eyebrows.

You knew you couldn't back down from his challenging stare and so without a word and only a small sigh, you reached into the soft pelt skinned bag and grabbed the first thing that touched your fingertips. It was soft and furry and when you pulled it out you sighed in anger.

"Wow, a piece of wolf's fur. Real original guys. Now who was the dumb ass that put that in there?" You asked as you stood up and threw it on the ground.

"That would be me." Said Koga kind of giving you an angry glare.

'Crap!' You thought.

'He's the last person I want to be stuck with inside a dark cavern.'

Of course you knew that wasn't true. You were only telling yourself that because you wanted your heart to stop beating so fast. You had always had a thing for Koga, but you never could find the courage to tell him. Besides, he was the pack leader, what would he want with a mutt like you? You slowly walked into the cavern with Koga as you heard whistles and woos from outside and then they got quieter and quieter as you went deeper and farther into the cavern. As soon as you could no longer hear the others you leaned up against the cavern wall and sighed.

"What the hell you sighin' for?" Koga asked as he leaned on the opposite side of the wall.

"I don't know." You shrugged.

"Maybe it's because I didn't want to play this stupid game in the first place."

"Hmm? And why's that?" He asked.

"Because I was afraid that I would end up with you, and look what happened? I ended up with you." You said rolling your eyes.

"Ha-ha that's funny. What's so wrong with me, huh? Do I smell like a dog or something?" He asked giving you a funny look.

"No, no. It's nothing like that. I mean... Koga... Honestly... I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Your perfect to me. As a matter a fact, your too perfect... To perfect to be with a mutt like me..." You mumbled turning away.

"What did you just say? Too perfect to be with a mutt like you? _, this is the whole reason why I set up this game, it was the only chance I had to ask you to be with me, you know, to be mine. I mean I thought I was the mutt. You always avoided me when I tried to talk to you and besides that, you could never be a mutt. Your just too beautiful." He said as he started getting closer to you.

You looked up at him shocked that he even said such a thing.

"The only reason I avoided you is because I was too scared to talk to you...Oh... Koga... I..." You were cut off by him slamming his lips into yours and he started kissing you passionately.

You started kissing him back and before long he pulled away leaving you breathless and wanting more. He smirked at you as you heard footsteps pounding towards you two.

"Times up!" It was one of the grunts of the pack. Koga took your hand in his as you two began to walk back to the den.

"Remember babe, your mine now and wolves mate for life." He said smirking at you.

"I wouldn't have it any other way Koga. I promise to stay by your side always." You said smiling back as you two entered the den.

I know this was kinda short but I really can't imagine anything else with Koga. Reviews are much appreciated!