Hey everyone, Channy4Ever343 here otherwise known as Chasity! I've been on FF for over a year now and I've always wanted to hold a writing contest but never got the chance to. Guess what? The time has come and I'm excited to announce my SWAC writing competition!

Here are the rules:

MUST be a one-shot.

It HAS to be Channy (Chad/Sonny) related. Whether it is before they are together, during, or after is your choice.

You can choose between these 3 topics to write about:

-A broken down car

-A California earthquake

-A terrible thunderstorm

I've left them pretty open for you so that you can interpret them whichever way you want.

Ratings: K, K+, T. No M stories, please.

Genre: Any

Language: English, please.

You can write whatever summary you want for the story but you MUST have "entry for Channy4ever343's contest' in there somewhere.

ALL ONE-SHOT STORIES MUST BE IN BY MARCH 10TH, 2011. If you are late posting yours, you will be disqualified from the contest.

Please REVIEW or PM me if you want to compete. :) I will post a list of those competing when I get enough entries. You have until the night before the due date to enter.

Now, for the fun part, the prizes! :D

1st: You get to create a character for my multi-chap "I Think She's Back". This character plays an important role in the story and you get to decide how they look and act. :) I will also favorite you as an author.

2nd: I will review 3 of your stories and favorite you as an author.

3rd: I will review 2 of your stories.

So please REVIEW or PM me if you want to enter this competition. I am looking forward to reading all of your amazing one-shots!