Howdy ya'll. I'm going to say something that you'll probably hate, but I am not continuing my multi-chapter I Think She's Back so I can't come through with the prizes for this contest. However, I can favorite all of those who placed and write a bit about the person who got first.

Out of 12 participants, only 4 actually wrote stories, which disappointed me a little, but what can you do? Anyway, without further ado, here are the winners:

3rd place: Bieber Broke My Baby by alexatheknight

2nd place: Our Song by FranDS44444

1st place: The Lying Devil Wears Calvin Klein by 24QueenMo

I honestly loved reading every single one of these stories, and I will be happy to favorite you all as authors (if I haven't already).

24QueenMo, here is my little ramble about your story;

I absolutely adored the way that Chad used Sonny as his slave to try to get her to come back to him. I find desperate Chad very fun and great to read about. I also found it really amusing how he lied about practically everything to Sonny and she still took him back. Finally, I thought it was awesome how you typed out exactly what every fan of this couple's dream make-up would be. Overall, it was a very nicely written piece. :)

Thank you to all who entered!