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Hi guys... I finally was able to start writing again... This is my Valentine tribute.

Love isn't always perfect... The pain teaches us lessons... makes us strong and be a better person... The course of Love isn't always smooth... yet the journey towards true love is worthwhile despite all the hindrance... Happy Love's Day Guys! Mwah!

This compilation of stories serves as a tribute for my favorite anime characters... The hottest anime men that ever graced the anime world (in my point of view, that is)... The gorgeous Uchiha Itachi... and the ever handsome Uchiha Sasuke... ^0^

Everything in this fic (the plot, scenes, food, places etc...) is a figment of my *perverted* imagination...bwahahahaha... XD



From the pages of Itachi's diary

Dear Diary,

I need help... like, big-time!

I made the biggest mistake of my life...

And the price that I need to pay is Sasuke...

I can't... I don't want to loose him...

I can't go on without him...

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Chapter 1 : Disturbances

"I love you Sasuke..." Itachi whispered into Sasuke's ear. The young man opened his eyes and smiled "And I love you as well..." Sasuke replied. They just woke up, they were staying at the Venetian Hotel... it was Valentine's day and they were celebrating their first anniversary in Macau. Itachi heard that the place was beautiful, due to it's Portuguese ancestry. Sasuke was ecstatic when Itachi told him where they would spend their anniversary. Itachi got off the bed and went over to take a look outside... he took a peek from the drapes and smiled at what he saw.

The room they got was at the 25th floor, so one can see the aerial view of Macau in the morning. Itachi looked back and Sasuke still had his eyes closed... he went back to sleep. Itachi smiled, Sasuke looks like a baby when he was asleep. He moved away from the window and went to the coffee table to check the time from his wristwatch. When he got the time, he took his cellphone from the table... he narrowed his eyes... he had a message. He opened it and found that he didn't recognize the number, 'Happy Valentines Day' was all it stated.

Itachi frowned... who would text him that? He then remembered that on New Year he got an anonymous message that greeted him. Itachi wondered who was playing a prank on him. He deleted the message, but made a mental note on the last three digits... just in case the person will text back, at least he will recognize it right away. He then placed the phone on the table and went back to join Sasuke under the covers. He slowly sat on the bed and snuggled close to Sasuke. He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep with his beloved.

That afternoon, they toured around some more... they visited some of the famous casinos in the place. It was one of those normal trips the lovers always had. They walked around the city holding hands... they were carefree and happy... Itachi did a couple of goofy poses along as Sasuke snapped his digital camera away. "I feel thirsty..." Itachi announced as they walked around. Sasuke nodded "Yeah.. me too..." he agreed. Itachi led them both to a cafe. He ordered a tall glass of iced coffee while Sasuke got himself a passion fruit shake.

They walked around, sipping their drinks as their eyes feasted on the beautiful buildings and the gorgeous scenery. Sasuke was busy looking at some displays when Itachi tapped his shoulder. He looked up and saw Itachi smiling... in his hand was a beautiful necklace with a green jade pendant. "For you my love..." he whispered as he placed the necklace into Sasuke's palm. "It's really pretty nii-san..." he stated as Itachi nodded. He took the necklace off Sasuke's hand and placed it on his neck... "It's perfect..." Itachi commented and Sasuke smiled widely.

Sasuke excused himself, explaining that he needed to get some steamed buns. Itachi waited for him by a bench. As he waited, he took his mobile phone out and noticed that he had several unread messages. Some where from Konan... but what bothered him the most were the anonymous messages that he received. They were again from that unknown number... just nonsense messages. Itachi frowned, he hated the situation he was in right now. He texted the number back, demanding the other party to stop this futile texting.

Sasuke came back with a steamed bun package in his hands. Sasuke was all smiles, his eyes were literally sparkling. He took a bun and gave it a big bite. Itachi chuckled "You look so cute koibito... you look as delicious as those buns..." he commented as he touched the tip of Sasuke nose. Sasuke laughed "Nii-san, you always tell me things that are obviously not true..." he pouted as he teased his brother. "Oh, you don't believe me when I tell you that you are delicious?" Itachi commented as he tried to grab Sasuke who was now running away and laughing hard.

They stayed in Macau for a week... and during that whole stay, Itachi was disturbed. He tried calling the number, that never failed to ruin his day, everyday without a miss... he would receive a text of greeting... a simple message of salutation... Itachi was really getting very annoyed... he tried his best not to show Sasuke his frustrations. He didn't want to hurt Sasuke or start having a fight just because of a childish text issue. He tried his best to take his mind off the issue he hoped that this insane person would answer his call and tell him what his issue was.

Days passed and they were back in Tokyo. Sasuke would occasionally visit him at the office. He would even send Sasuke to attend some out of town meetings with Konan. Everything was okay... Itachi was starting to make small plans for his wedding with Sasuke. Once he has a solid plan, he will open the topic up to Sasuke. He only hoped that he will get to the bottom of this without making Sasuke notice anything. Itachi had to be very attentive since his brother is very observant. He must not get too affected... Itachi scolded himself... he was getting too paranoid.

In the office, Konan went to Itachi's room... She needed to ask permission on something. "Konan..." Itachi said as she walked in. "Itachi... I would like to ask permission..." she said as she smoothed her hair. Itachi nodded "What is it Konan?" he asked as he took his glasses off and looked at Konan. "Itachi, I would like to take a leave... for a week... if I may..." she asked. Itachi looked at Konan "Is something wrong?" he asked. Konan shook her head "No... it's just that, the doctor ordered me to rest for a week..." she said with a knowing smile.

"You are pregnant?" Itachi asked. Konan laughed "You really are smart Itachi..." she said and Itachi smiled. It was his first smile that day. "You guessed it Itachi... I want to surprise Pein..." she added excitedly. Itachi nodded "Why of course... make arrangements for your one-week leave... rest well Konan... and congratulations..." he added as the woman gave him a small bow. Itachi was happy for Konan and Pein... he would ask them to make him the godfather of their first child. He smiled at the thought of having a small replica of Konan or Pein running around in time.

His happy thoughts were cut off when his mobile phone vibrated. Itachi sighed '...not again... please, not again...' he chanted to himself. The heavens were really teasing him... it was the unknown number again. He angrily texted the number in capital letters. 'STOP BOTHERING ME!' was his message and sent it out several times. He frowned and began tapping his fingers on the table. 5 solid minutes passed... everything was silent. Itachi took a deep breath... success... he thought... but as soon as he faced his computer, he received a message... he angrily looked at it... it was a smiley face.

Can you guess who Itachi's stalker is?

A giant cookie for the first one to guess it correctly...