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From the pages of Itachi's diary

Dear Diary,

I need help... like, big-time!

I made the biggest mistake of my life...

And the price that I need to pay is Sasuke...

I can't... I don't want to loose him...

I can't go on without him...

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Chapter 11 : Love Will Keep Us Alive

Sasuke looked at Shisui... the man's features were soft as he told him his tale. "Where did Itachi find a donor?" he asked. He guessed Itachi was busy with the paperwork. Shisui gave a soft laugh "I heard about your accident, I came here and found Itachi looking like a nervous wreck outside the hospital..." he said as he touched his jaw. Sasuke noticed that it was bruised. "He lost control, Sasuke... he hit me... blamed me... yelled..." Shisui continued. "He blamed me for your accident, I'm really sorry about that..." he said as he looked at Sasuke.

"Then Itachi saw me bleeding... he came to his senses and realized that he only had a few hours to look for a donor for you..." Sasuke blinked. No wonder he felt so weak and numb. "Luckily... we have the same blood type... I offered myself... a peace offering of what I have caused both of you..." Shisui said, his boyish smile was genuine. Sasuke didn't know what to think... but he felt good. Itachi did love him... Itachi was afarid of how he might react if he told him the truth right away. "Where is Itachi, Shishui?" Sasuke asked the brunette.

"I'm here, koibito..." Itachi's weary voice filled the room. Sasuke and Shisui darted their gaze on the door's direction and saw a tired looking Itachi bearing a smile. His hair was disheveled... his eyes were red and puffy... from all the crying he did. He was paler than usual. Itachi walked towards Sasuke's bed and buried his face on Sasuke's neck "I'm sorry... I'm sorry for everything... I never meant to lie... Sasuke I was just waiting for the right time to explain..." Itachi sobbed. Sasuke felt his neck moisten from Itachi's warm tears.

"Sasuke... I was so afraid... I thought I'd loose you... I don't know what I'd do without you..." Itachi's voice quivered as he held Sasuke tightly. Sasuke felt his eyes moisten, he slowly moved his bandaged hand and ran his exposed fingers through Itachi's hair "Ssshhhh... I'm alright... stop crying, nii-san..." Sasuke comforted Itachi. Shisui was silently watching... his heart was overwhelmed with what he was witnessing. It was a once in a lifetime love... no matter what package it came with... Itachi and Sasuke's love was one of the rarest kind of love ever to be found.

Without any word, Itachi pulled up and placed his lips on Sasuke's lips. Not even the hose in Sasuke's nose could hinder the kiss Itachi wanted from Sasuke. Sasuke felt warm all over... it felt really good to kiss someone you love so much again... tears flowed freely as he wrapped his arms around Itachi's neck. "Sasuke... my Sasuke..." Itachi murmured in between kisses. Sasuke sobbed "Nii-san... don't leave me..." Sasuke whimpered as he buried his face on Itachi's neck. "Never my love... it will always be you... no one else but you..." Itachi assured his lover.

"Sasuke... listen to me..." Itachi said as he looked right into Sasuke's tear-stained eyes. "To put all your doubts aside... and to end all future accidents like this..." Itachi continued as he wiped the tears off Sasuke's eyes with his hands. The young man listened attentively "Marry me Sasuke, now... I could bring the judge here... just tell me and I will call him..." Itachi said half-sobbing, half-smiling. Sasuke smiled... a smile that reached his eyes. "Nii-san... let me recover first... I can't marry you with all these bandages..." Sasuke commented as Itachi kissed his hands.

"You will always be beautiful... and no one dead or alive can ever compare to you..." Itachi said, his voice husky that it brought back the shiver in Sasuke's body. "I love you..." the elder raven whispered as he kissed Sasuke again. Sasuke gave a contented sigh "I love you too..." he whispered back. They suddenly heard a slight clearing of voice. They have forgotten all abut Shisui. They both looked at the brunette who was chuckling "You two... have you always been this touchy and flowery?" he asked. Itachi smiled "... ever since day one, Shisui..." Sasuke smiled and nodded his agreement.

A few hours later, Shisui was discharged from the hospital... he already recovered from the extraction. Itachi walked Shisui out of the hospital "Thank you Shisui... I will be in debt to you forever..." Itachi said as he gave the brunette a small bow. "Nah, don't worry about it..." Shisui smiled as he held his hand before Itachi "Friends?" he asked. Itachi smiled "Of course... friends..." he said as he shook hands with Shisui. They parted ways... Shisui went to his car feeling light and good. He started the engine and waved at Itachi... the raven waved back... everything went out well for both of them.

Itachi went back to Sasuke room. The young raven smiled as he saw Itachi come in. "How's my princess?" Itachi asked as he kissed Sasuke's bandaged forehead. "Sasuke..." Itachi said as Sasuke looked at him "Yes, nii-san?" he asked. "I always planned on confessing everything to you... before we get married..." Itachi said. Sasuke smiled "You can start now..." he urged the raven. Itachi smiled "Let's see... you now know about Shisui..." he thought. Sasuke laughed "You better tell me everything... I might get shocked one day over someone claiming you as the father of her child..." Sasuke teased.

Itachi chuckled "Well... I did have a couple of girlfriends... but they lasted only for weeks... Shisui was my longest... we reached 5 months..." Itachi said as he sat on Sasuke's bed. "That Hatake guy... did you have any connection with that man?" Sasuke asked. Itachi laughed "Kakashi? Why no... he kept inviting... but I can't... he wasn't my type..." Itachi chuckled. Sasuke smiled "So what is your type?" he asked as thier fingers intertwined. "Well... I think you know what I like... fair complexion... dark hair... dark eyes..." Itachi said. "Yeah... The Uchiha trademark..." Sasuke commented.

"Sasuke, I saw father..." he said. Sasuke looked at his brother "What do you mean?" he asked. "The day moment I was informed that you were dying and that you needed blood... when I was outside while Shisui's blood was transferred to you... he came to me..." Itachi said as he smoothed Sasuke's hair with his free hand. "What did he tell you?" Sasuke asked. Itachi smiled "He told me not to waste anytime... he told me to let you know how much I loved you..." Itachi said as he leaned over and gently kissed Sasuke on the lips.

"And one more thing..." Itachi added as their lips parted. "What is it?" Sasuke asked, looking perky and alive. "Father said to love you for him..." Itachi said with a warm smile. Sasuke smiled... they had their mother's blessing and now their father's..."I'm so happy nii-san..." Sasuke whispered as he reached up and gave Itachi a hug. "Sasuke, I could never live without you..." Itachi cooed. "Get well soon, so we can legalize everything..." Itachi said as he gently nipped Sasuke's lower lip. "I love you Sasuke Uchiha..." Itachi stated "I love you as well, Itachi Uchiha..." Sasuke responded as Itachi sealed their declaration with a kiss.

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