Sadly, They're Not Mine.

"Somebody's waiting for me?" he asked, not waiting for an answer. He'd sprung back out here as soon as he heard that news. Again, he wasn't expecting the dear girl but a little part of him couldn't help but hope she'd suddenly be out there.

"Ah, sir," one of his flunkies tried to butt in. Boyd just waved him off, continuing on his way.

He had to fight to hide both his disappointment at his guest and his amusement. She really was something.

"You don't really love muffins, do you?" Amber Hargrove asked, her body slithering about in that red dress she'd changed into, her hands making a show of that wine she mentioned earlier.

"Look at this," she laughed a bit, "this town is really welcoming."

She obviously didn't pick up on his tone. "Some of more than others."

'How true,' he thought of the pathetic little creature.

They went back and forth some, mostly him listening to her flirt, inviting him to a party. There was a promise of "wild things" to go down.

He made a crack about skinny dipping. She countered.

It still wasn't his idea of a good time, this back and forth with her.

He decided to let her know, to make it a little more interesting for him.

"Are you planning for us to have sex now?" he asked after taking a few steps around her. She was silent, a pull downward came pouring from her. He crossed to the other side of her. "Or later?"

She had the nerve to both be embarrassed and saddened. It made him want to laugh. She braved an awkward smile and laugh though. "Um, wow," she finally said, still gathering what was left of her bearings, "You just get right to it, don't you?"

He looked at her for a moment, then took another step or two, coming to stand back in front of her. "I guess we could." They stared at each other for a beat. Then, the real fun began.

Lucas went into a speech about how expected this move was, about how he didn't mind "older women," how he liked a little mileage on them... which wasn't exactly true but she didn't need to know that, least not yet. That wasn't the point, his desire for Christina, not even the lie. This was about getting under Amber Hargrove's skin, finding out what made her tick. One look at the woman gave him all the high points to hit, and he was pushing those buttons now.

He hit home with every word that tumbled out of his mouth, he could feel it. And it just egged him on more.

When the tears were about to come, he lost interest. He got what he needed from this little exchange and knew there would be more in the near future. He had plans for that woman, and this was all part of them.

She was fighting her emotions, not wanting to break down in front of him, he found it almost cute. He gave her one last home run, topped off with one of his signature smirks, then simply walked away.

He could practically taste the tears winning out, falling from those do-me eyes of hers once he was out of sight. He turned, folded his arms across his chest and watched as she exited his home.

All in all, this was turning out to be a pretty good day.

And it wasn't even over yet!