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I look deeply on his face—the face who I want to live forever until I'm getting tired of living. I have promised him that, and since that day he also announced to Yae and my father to become my deity guardian.

He is sleeping now with his smooth child face in my lap, I smile to him silently. If only he knows that I always love his sleeping face and it was so pleasant to see it, and surprisingly I never get bored doing that. It's always amusing for see his face, his gentle snore sometimes, and his gibbering in his sleep once a while which commonly happen when he is really tired doing his God duty.

I admire him so much. I'm thankful that he wanted to become the part of my life that I can't live without, and I'm sure that it is the only the life I want. I'm also sorry to selfishly force him to stay in his child form just so I can remember my little brother, and of course it's so cute whenever you see him, besides his dirty act and mind. The important point is that I can't stop thinking about the fact that I love him, honestly really love him more than anything.

My smile is getting wider and softer, I touch his gray hair caressingly and smile never leaves my face. I'm surprised when I feel a gentle hand caressing my soft cheek, I turn at the hand who touched me then back to his face again. He's already awake, and his golden eyes are staring at me right now. His gaze is really intimidating and made me nervous. I can feel that my heart is pounding fast clearly, and my face is also becoming redder and redder.

"What's going on, Mariabelle?" he asks with a grin in his face like usual. I shook my head.

"Nothing's important." I put back my emotionless face when I answer him.

"Really?" He raises his brow. Obviously he doesn't buy my words. "Let's go to council room, we have another boring meeting." He stands up from his nap and then he put his hand out at me. I look up at him, a bit surprised by his act. I take his hand hesitantly. His grin grows wider, I reply with my softest smile.

Yuuhi Shinatsuko. Do you know that I really love you more than I can show or say to you? Do you know that I want to always be with you? I will never get tired of living as long as you are here with me, you know that right?


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