002:: The Prince and The Contract

To many, he is a young prince with his attire and his air. With his butler, he is known to be a powerful force to be with. But as of why he is with the female, it's for them to ask and for him to just smirk with, replying that they made... a pact.

Ciel Phantomhive admit that Mana is quite a different girl of thirteen; not in his entire life encountered someone who proclaimed to look for a loophole for her to wriggle free from the contract. Already, she made her first move and, he has to admit, there's an intelligence hiding behind that brash personality of hers.

He never would have thought the day that he will become a chess piece to someone who controls the game that is not him.

"If you said you can take my soul once I'm finish with my duty," She proclaimed in her loud voice, arms crossed and eyes blazing with fire as if she is not afraid to take the devil in a match of wits. "Then my duty is something I will fulfill until my last breath. That means as long as I am alive, you will be by my side, serving me and taking care of me."

Amazing, Ciel pondered as Sebastian stood beside him like a butler that he is, amused at her proclamation. Certainly, he has never met someone as bold as she is in the entire life of his as a demon.

"Until I die," Mana bellowed as the contract takes its place. "You will serve me; Treat me as an equal, but know your place. Until I die, you will be my prince, my knight in shining armor, and I will submit to you."

Of course, what Ciel doesn't realize, upon agreeing to the contract, is that she is quite the female one would not expect in his time; for you see, Mana, before she became one of the richest and youngest heiress of the Phantomhive household, lived in the slums and her personality were tempered by the hardship and trials of her survival. So you couldn't expect his dismay when he found out that what she actually meant is that 'Be my boyfriend and I will love you but follow as I say or you'll be sorry'. What in the world did he come into? The last person he had contract with didn't act this way, but she's... she's...

She's unrefined, brash, and boorish even!

"Well," Salem, the ten-year-old brother of Mana and his only confinement asides Sebastian due to his child-like wisdom, sighed as he listened to the Phantomhive male complain about her. "That's twenty-first century for you, most females in this period are more head-strong and domineering than before."

At least her little brother understands, despite his age. So this is why Mana wanted to protect the only family she had left, now he understands a little bit about her.

Ciel, at first, thought Mana wanted revenge or wanted power for her to fulfill her duty. Unfortunately, what Ciel doesn't realize is that Mana, unlike the rest of the souls he made contract with, decided to put the odds against her and actually used her head for something else.

Yeah... antithesis or whatever you call it, Mana just want to find a way out of the contract. Besides, there's no such thing as perfect so, good luck Mana...?


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