There he was. Running through the streets like a school boy, a bright grin plastered on his perfectly toned face as he ran through the streets of Germany, his blonde hair blowing in the breeze as his ponytail bobbed up and down. His white button up was also being blown as his brown vest hugged his body. His brown pants and loafers did the same as his vest, hugging his now average sized and muscular form.

"Brother! Slow down!" Alphonse screeched, trying to keep up with the older Elric brother.

Edward let out a haughty laugh and picked up his pace. "Try and catch me, Al!"

"Brother! You're twenty-one years old!"

"And feelin' great!"

"You're acting like a child! Slow down!"

"Aw! Come on! You're just jealous I can run faster than you!"

"Brother, look out!"

"Uh?" Ed turned his head to notice a car coming for him when he quickly and skillfully jumped out of the way, earning a few honks and a "Watch it!"

"Sorry!" he laughed, slowing his pace. Alphonse's feet came to a gradual halt next to Edward as breaths and gasps escaped his mouth. His brown eyes snapped upward to his older brother in a glare.

"And that's why you don't go running in the middle of the street!"

"Oh, relax! You're not mad at me are you?"

"You should know why I'm mad at you, but of course, you don't!"

"Oh, don't I?" Ed let out another hyena-esque laugh and ran toward a nearby store.

"Edward!" Al's feet suddenly snapped back into motion as he sprinted after the former Fullmetal Alchemist yet again, both of their ponytails swaying in the breeze. "Edward! Get back he-"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALPHONSE!" a crowd cheered as Edward Elric, Maes, Gracia, and Elysia Hughes, and a few other friends lifted their hands into the air.

"Y-you remembered?"

"C'mon, Al. You don't think I'd forget my little brother's birthday did you?" Ed winked, throwing back his head in laughter.

"Ed? Just how much did you have to drink?" Maes chuckled, lifting his flashing spectacles closer to his nose.

"Uhmmmm..." Ed thought, looking at his hand and lifting a few fingers, mouthing numbers until he reached five. He then blinked his golden eyes and began shifting on his feet from heel to toe. "Not that much..."

Maes shook his black-haired head in disbelief as he looked up at the twenty-one-year-old man, a grin on his face. "You just turned the legal drinking age last month and you're already turning into a drunk."

"Guilty as charged," Edward replied, a giant idiotic smile lighting up his face.

Later that day, the two brothers were walking down the streets together, bloated off of Gracia's homemade food and triple chocolate cake. The sky was a pale orange, swirling with mixtures of pink and a soft shade of purple. Two sets of golden and brown eyes looked upward, peeking at the masterpiece stretching over the sky. They both sat on the vacant sidewalk and leaned against each other's back until night fell.

"See that one up there?" Ed whispered, pointing to a constellation in the sky. "That's Orion's Belt..."

"Found the big dipper..." Al grinned, his finger pointing up and tracing the lines of the star group.


"Remember when we used to come out here with Mom? We'd do this every night... And compete to see who could find the most..."

A light chuckle came from the blonde haired boy as he watched, head tilting. "I remember..."

They sat in silence, watching the lights twinkle in the sky, the expression of awe painted over both of their faces. About fifteen minutes later, they helped each other up and began to walk to a hotel where they could stay when they peered at a familiar building. More like a castle. Made of gray brick with few windows. Ed gulped slowly, remembering just what had happened in that place... The gate opening, but they had closed it... Right?

"Brother?... Do you... Wanna go in?..."

"I don't know, Al... Should we?" The younger Elric shrugged. "Come on, you're the birthday boy," Ed smiled, trying to loosen the tense situation. Al's light brunette head nodded.

"Yeah. Sure."

"C'mon..." They stepped in time together, careful of the way they stepped, as if they could set an alarm off if they did any differently. Finally, they reached the castle and slipped in, looking around and absorbing the memories that had been left behind merely three years ago. They stepped to the middle of the castle where a large yet faded transmutation circle was spread across the floor.

"Here we are..." Al breathed.

"Guess so... Amazing how we closed the gate without using alchemy..." Ed added, sitting on the transmutation circle.

"Careful, brother. You don't want to set anything off..."

"Yeah, I know..." He began to stand slowly when suddenly, the sound of Wooooshhhhh came overhead. "What was-" Ed's blonde, pony-tailed head tilted upward as he noticed a large pink portal like thing.


"Al! What is that!"

"The gate! It didn't close!"

"But-! How!"

"I don't- BROTHER!"

Suddenly, Edward's form was slowly lifting, his body being flipped in the air so his feet were facing the portal, his form upside down, ponytail hanging. "AL!"

Al quickly ran to his brother, jumping upward and grabbing a hold of his hand.

They both landed with a thud on a rooftop, both groaning incoherently. Al's head lifted and he looked down, sighing in relief.

"Good. Something broke my fall..."

"That would be me!" Ed groaned.

"Oh! Sorry, brother." Al slowly got off of his older sibling, brushing off his vest. Ed sat up and looked around at the city. They were back in Central...

"How is this possible?... Colonel Mustang was supposed to close the gate from this side!"

"We didn't either, brother... Maybe all three of us thought we did, but..."

The pair of hands covered Edward's face as he peeked at his younger brother through the cracks of his fingers.

"Brother... There's nothing we can do... We've tried... Looks like we'll be here for a while..."

"I guess you're right," Edward sighed, a smile slowly spreading across his face. "You know, I've missed this..." His hands clapped together as he placed them on the room and a large staircase appeared on the edge of the building. A sweatdrop appeared next to Al's forehead.

"Um, brother... We could have just gone inside and went down the stairs..."

"And what would be the fun in that?"

Al let a suspiration escape his lips. "You haven't changed a bit..." They both set off to walk down the series of steps until they finally walked down about five stories and onto the streets. Ed walked quickly, letting the wind hit his face. Al followed behind him, keeping a respectable distance. They continued walking until Ed bumped into a petite figure and his eyes fluttered open.

"Oh, sorry..." He looked at the girl, his eyes blinked once... The girl's hair was black, down to her waist, her side bangs were swept to the left. She was in a short black skirt and her shirt was long-sleeved, black at that and had a white collar and button. The only thing he really recognized was her tear-filled blue eyes and facial structure. "W-Winry?..."

Her head lifted as her blue eyes widened at the familiar faces. "Al? Edward?... Edward..." Her head dropped as her body shook, racking with sobs. She trembled as the tears now cascaded down her face. "Why did you come back! Why!"

The twenty-one-year-old's heart stung at the girl's words, as if she wasn't happy to see him after three years. Al stayed silent, watching it all play out, guilt filling his gut. "What do you mean, Winry?" Ed whispered, his voice shaking.

"Don't you get it? You left and- And now it's too late!"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm-..." She picked up her left hand, a diamond ring sparkling in the sunlight. "I'm engaged..."

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