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Damn it. Why were women so complicated? Well, it may not have been that, more rather Edward did not know how to deal with them. For heaven's sake, he could barely speak to one without becoming flustered… That was unless he was drunk, of course. But, why was that? He could never say just what was on his mind in front of them.

He had to think of all the times his tongue twisted and he instantly grew nervous in front of a woman. Well, for one thing, whenever Winry was involved. Honestly, whenever her name was brought up, it was as if someone else took control over his mind, causing him to stutter incoherently and crash into something through an act of clumsiness. He remembered just three years ago when he and Alfonse Hedrick were in a wagon filled with gypsies headed to a festival of some sort. As Edward helplessly tried to flirt with one of them, leaning in and asking 'So where you ladies headed?', he got in return a woman leaning toward him. In response, Edward's cheeks flushed and he began to slowly back away. Yeah, real smooth.

How was he supposed to deal with Winry? Not that he didn't love the woman, and it's not like he didn't want to deal with her, but how was he supposed to get himself into a relationship when he couldn't even spit out the words "I love you". Three simple words. That's all they were, right? Wrong.

Groaning to himself, he realized it. He couldn't do this on his own, and he knew exactly who he was going to have to turn to. It had been two months and he had managed to avoid that face, but there was no questioning it anymore. He needed an expert. He needed Central's number one Casanova.

He was going in. He could do this. He was only facing—Walking away from the door now… No, no. He could do this. Taking in a deep breath, he turned sharply on his heel and stood, opening the door and stepping in. Obviously, the man was there.

Ed's head turned, eyes training on him. There he sat, raven hair cropped yet shaggy, sitting behind his mahogany desk in that blue uniform, a black patch covering one of his charcoal eyes and that wicked smirk plastered over his face. You guessed it; Roy Mustang.

"Edward Elric? Is that you?" the Flame Alchemist asked. A dark eyebrow rose on the man's face.

"Uh huh." Ed's head nodded. He walked forward, sitting himself in the plush chair in front of Roy's desk.

"No luck closing the gate then?"

"Oh no, it closed. I just appeared here with my magical teleporting powers," the blonde scoffed sardonically, honey eyes rolling.

Mustang chuckled. "You haven't changed a bit, have you, Fullmetal?"

Ed took a breath, trying to calm himself down. He didn't know just what it was, but something about the air Roy had just made him generally pissed off. Squinting his eyes, he remembered his mission. He wasn't here to quarrel with Roy Mustang. He was here for advice. Like a son to a father in some senses. "Maybe not. Look, I didn't come here to argue."

"I wasn't looking for an argument either."

How the hell was he supposed to talk to this guy? He was probably just looking to embarrass himself! Then again, this was Roy. He had seen Fullmetal at his best and at his worst.

"Listen, Colonel—"


"Oh… General, then… I need your a-a-advice."

"I'm listening…"

Ed immediately looked down and to his lap, fiddling with his thumbs which were resting in it. His erubescent cheeks felt as if they were on fire, spreading and reaching his ears as his irises flickered off to the right. "Well… I… Kinda need you help in the, ehm... Ladies department…" He spoke quietly, like a timid school boy.

And that distressing sneer once again took its rightful place upon Mustang's facial features. Obnoxious chuckles were heard from inside his throat as he was soon looking up at Ed with his good eye, trying to contain his laughter. "You of all people come to me for help with—"

"Yeah, yeah! I get it, okay? Just help me out!"

"Hm… Fine. What's troubling you?"

"I can't talk to any of them!"

"Is that so?"

"No. I'm amazing at it. That's clearly why—"

"Alright, enough with the sarcasm. I'll be right back."

Upon walking out the door, the General bumped into just the person he wanted to see. Smiling at his luck, he was quick to catch her attention. "Hawkeye!" he barked.

"Yes, sir?" the woman asked, turning to him with the utmost obedience in her eyes, hand held firmly to her forehead with respect.

"I need you to do me a favor…"

Back in the room, Ed had his arms folded over his eyes, looking up to the ceiling until the door opened. "Oh hey, Riza," he smiled lightly, looking up to her and sadly not suspecting a thing.

Riza's chocolate irises flickered to him, blinking and growing a look of what appeared to be surprise. "Wow. Edward Elric, is that you?" she asked in a sickly smooth tone.

"Mmm… Hmmm…" Ed said slowly; hesitantly even.

"My, my, my…" Riza went on, stalking toward him and setting her hands on his knees, cocking her head to one side.

Blushing furiously, Ed soon began to blink somewhat erratically. "Wha- Uh- What're you…?"

Smirking and pulling the clip from her hair, she took a seat on his lap, causing the young man's hands to grip onto the sides of his chair.

"You've grown…" Her long finger began to trace his jawline.

"Uh- Duh- I-Um…"

"Alright, Hawkeye, I think the kid's had enough," Roy chuckled, walking in through the door.

"Yes, Sir." Riza soon became straight-faced again, standing and walking to Roy's side.

Wait. That was all a set up? Mustang had set that all up just to embarrass him? Ugh, the humiliation! On the other hand, Edward never knew that Riza was such a good actress. Well, being in the military can definitely partake in that aspect. Often times you have to put on a character to fish out information on a rival military.

"You bastard! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Listen, Fullmetal, if you want to get a woman… Well, this may take all day… Hawkeye, cancel any appointments I have."

"Yes, General."

Later that night, nerves twisted in the chamber of Edward Elric's stomach. He stared up at the ceiling, thinking through all Mustang had said. 'You can't back away. If she wants it, give it to her'. How the hell was he supposed to do that? Easier said than done, right? Besides, the Colo- er, General—he wouldn't be getting used to that anytime soon—had so much experience. It probably came so much easier to the military man.

Sighing through his nose and allowing his form to sink into the mattress, Ed closed his eyes in what was a poor attempt at sleep.

"Hey, um, Ed?" he heard in a quiet voice from beside him. "You awake?"

Honey eyes flickered to it, noticing Winry was standing by his bedside. A smile twitched onto the young man's face as his thick, tired voice rung out, "Yeah. What's wrong?"

"I- Um… I kinda had a nightmare… I was wondering if I could… Um…"

"Oh, yeah, sure." Scooting over toward the end of the bed, the alchemist made room for his childhood friend, patting the mattress and giving her the cue to lie down.

With a thankful smile, Winry slid next to him and placed her head on a plush pillow. She was in a long cotton gown, the light pink reflecting on her face from the moonlight peeking through the window. It gave her face a romantic, blushing affect which made Ed's own cheeks flush. Each strand of hair was golden like the wheat grown in Resembool, thrown across the cushion in twisting waves.

Grinning gingerly, the girl let out a soft chuckle. "I'm kinda cold," she admitted, looking into the chamomile eyes Mr. Elric had, putting her under his spell.

"Uh, here." His hands reached out for the comforter, pulling it over her shoulder and then moving closer, arms snaking around her waist and holding her to his chest.

She took in a breath, giving her nose a chance to catch his lovely scent. He always smelt warm, like a summer's night with a sense of dew from the morning in the spring. Peering up to him with a dimpled smile, she set her chin atop his pectorals and craned her neck upward. Something about that moment just pulled her into a trance and soon Miss. Rockbell found herself leaning into those thin, skin-colored lips.

For a short moment, the man found himself leaning in as well; about to meet her lips when suddenly reality hit him like a cold slap in the face.

"No!" he finally snapped, turning over and burying himself in the sheets.

"Geez! If you don't want to kiss me, you don't have to freak out about it!"

"That's just the thing!" he groaned, slipping off the bed and standing. "I do want to kiss you!"

"Then why don't you? We're not teenagers anymore, Ed!"

"Because you can do so much better!" And as soon as the words were said, silence hung densely in the air above them. Taking a deep breath, Edward then went on to explain. "You… You save lives, Winry. You have a plan, a job ahead of you, a future… You should be with someone successful who will be able to support a family with you. Someone who doesn't destroy everything he touches…"

Winry frowned, stepping in front of him and holding his face in her hands. "Edward Elric, I never want to hear you say those words again. You are amazing. Why can't you see that? Everyone else can… You don't destroy, you reconstruct. Isn't that what alchemy is all about?" She began to tuck his wild bangs behind his ears, gently stroking the sides of his head in attempts to calm him. "Do you know how many people you've saved, Ed? A lot. I'm not going to let you sit here and think like that."

"I just thought that you—"

"Well you thought wrong."

Caressing his jaw, Winry leaned forward, placing her lips against his, twisting her head and taking in his scent once more. Ed's eyes slowly closed, lips pushing against hers as they moved in perfect harmony. His hands set on her sides, traveling up and down in gentle massages.

He tasted of cinnamon, strong and powerful with just the slightest bit of honey added in. Perhaps even a pinch of sugar to top it all off.

Winry, on the other hand, had a light, sweet flavor like the nectar of a honeysuckle.

Pulling away and setting their foreheads together, Winry set her elbows on each of his broad shoulders. "I love you, Edward…"

"I love you too, Winry."